Mama's Boy (2): Like Father Like Son: We Love Her So Much

A/N: Yea the last sentence was just out of the blue since I was listening to A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay while writing it. This was originally for Mother’s Day on my old blog.

Mama’s boy collection: 1/ 2

Summary: In which boruto needs a little lecture on his hate for his mother’s hair ties, which leads to some father and son bonding time. Their topic to bond over: Hinata. 

Boruto was laying down on his bed, his back faced towards the ceiling and his face down on the pillow. 

“What do I do for Mother’s Day?” He mumbled into to the pillow. 

“You can give your Kaa-San more hair ties. They break a lot because she has thick hair." 

Boruto looked back in surprise to see his father, in his tall frame glory, leaning against the doorframe. He looked at his father’s smirk and his brows immediately furrowed together. 

"Like hell I would! You know I hate them! Keeping my kaa-chan’s hair all tied up. Hmph!” He growled out in a irritated and frustrated voice. “Besides don’t you hate them too?" 

Naruto rolled his eyes as he walked over to the bed and sat on it, the mattress dipping and creaking a bit with the added weight. 

"Ah, of course I hate them too. They’re my worst enemies. Keeping her beautiful hair all tied up, it should be considered a crime at times,” he said with something akin to fire in his eyes. 


Boruto groaned. He knew what was coming. The lecture. 

"But, your mom does everything for us everyday and her hair gets in the way of doing that. She does everything for us, Boruto. Let her do that at least.” Naruto lectured as he ruffled Boruto’s hair. 

“I know, I know tou-chan. But I still can’t help but hate it.” Boruto grumbled out. 

Naruto sighed. He wasn’t going to learn quickly, at least in lectures he won’t. In school however, he would soak up information like a sponge. 

“Boruto, you know there are four kinds of love." 

He looked up at his father questionably. What was the old man getting to now? He was surprised to see his father looking out the window as he absentmindedly stroked his son’s head. He had this look on his face that looked as if he was reminiscing over old memories. He started again. 

"There are four kinds of love, Boruto. Romantic love, love between friends, love of family, and unconditional love. Your mother… She completely fits all of them perfectly.” He said as he gazed into the distance with a loving look in his eyes, softening as if she’s standing right in front of him. “Romantic love: between me and your mother…”

“Woah, woah, watch it! That’s my mother, don’t say anything perverted about her dattebasa!" 

A tick mark appeared on Naruto’s forehead. This little brat… "Did I say anything perverted, dattebayo?! Why you little…!” The tall man quickly stood up and after a huge mark was made on Boruto’s head, Naruto sat back down to continue with what he was saying. 

“As I was saying before I was interrupted,” at this he glared at his son who cowered at his gaze. “Romantic love is what’s between your mother and I. The love between friends fits with everyone in konoha 12, especially her teammates. The love of a family is between you, himawari, your mother, and I. Our familial love for each other. Unconditional love is how she sacrifices herself selflessly for the ones she loves." 

Boruto flinched at the last one. He’s heard many stories of how she’s sacrificed herself for others, such as the man she’s in love with, his father, her younger sister, and even the rest of the world. He hoped that he would never have to be put in the same situation like his father was and watch her hopelessly sacrifice herself for him. Although he knew that she would do that if in the situation he needed protection. That’s why he’ll become strong and yet kind just like his mom, so he wouldn’t need to be put in that same situation like his father, and protect himself, so his mom didn’t need to. 

"The point is that she’s important and special to all of us. So she deserves something special for Mother’s Day. But it can be the simplest thing and she’ll be happy. Now I know it may sound cheesy but it has to be something from here,” Naruto said as he poked Boruto’s jacket, over his heart. “From the heart. Then she’ll truly love it. That’s all she cares about. Most mothers would want the whole day off, away from their family, so they can relax. But your mother would want to spend time with her family. Her whole family at that.” He reprimanded himself for not spending much time with his love because of how busy he was. 

Boruto stood up from his bed and walked to the door. Naruto looked at him questionably as Boruto turned around to him. 

“Arigato tou-chan. I know now what I’m going to give my precious mother, dattebasa!” And with that he left to who knows where, to plot something for Mother’s Day. 

Left alone in his son’s bedroom, a thought crossed his mind as he got up. 

They would find something special for her, something from the heart. 

 Because she was their sky full of stars. Their everything.