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Okay but all of them being at a team sleepover and getting on the subject of sex, and Hinatas super uncomfortable so he just kinda wanders outside instead of listening to it, and Kei is the only one to notice and pretty much figures it out right away so he follows him out there and Hinata doesn't really wanna talk to him cause he's afraid of getting made fun of for it but Kei's just like "it's okay not to like that stuff. I don't." in his awkward way cause no one should feel bad about that.

[ace middle blocker squad]

  • tsukishima’s definitely done research about this because he’s not the type to let this sort of thing alone
  • so he knows more about asexuality than hinata does
  • he explains that its fine and some people just don’t need that stuff, quit making such a big deal about it. it’s called asexuality. 
  • “you got that? A-SEX-U-A-LI-TY. try not to forget the word immediately, okay?”
  • but while hinata strikes me as mildly sex-repulsed, tsukishima strikes me as the type to just plain not care. totally disinterested. he has better things to care about than sex. so he doesn’t really get what hinata’s going on about, but he sorta gets it? 
  • I mean, he doesn’t see why this sex thing is such a big deal, but hinata makes a big deal about everything so he’ll let it go
  • “why does tanaka-san talk so much about sex anyways? And he’s so loud!”
  • “to repress his big gay feelings for ennoshita-san. keep up, tiny giant.”
  • or
  • “tsukishima, you seem used to that kind of … talk… how do you, you know, get so used to it?”
  • “be friends with yamaguchi tadashi for seven years. the things you’ll hear…”
  • but most of all tsukishima tells hinata to not be stupid and that not wanting sex seems perfectly normal to him
  • (”in fact, it’s like the only normal thing about you.” “listen here.”)
  • and hinata is? super reassured?
  • because tsukishima is like stylish and cool, right? if he says that not uncool to not like you-know-what then it’s fine, right?
  • tsukishima is totally embarrassed about being called cool btw
  • *pats hinata’s head*
  • “good talk. let’s never mention it again.”
  • lol jk hinata totally mentions it again
  • and now he wants to be friends
  • this is what happens when u do nice things…
  • hinata mentions it to lev the next time the meet and lev is so? excited???
  • hinata is like him? tsukki is like him???
  • btw lev is not sex-repulsed at. all. 
  • he’d suck a dick right now but he’d still not get what all the hype about wanting to do it with people is about
  • don’t even get me started about what happens once hinata and lev find out that ‘ace’ is the shorthand for ‘asexual’
  • he regrets life
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Subaki struggles a little with his inherited need for perfection. Hinata tries to help.

20 characters + 20 scenarios dice roll exercise to get my groove back: Prompts here were Subaki and “Im bored”

Maybe next time there will be more smut :-)