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Singing headcanons for the Hoshidan retainers?

I picked 4 retainers. Also I am not trained in music at all so hopefully this makes sense and works.


  • Kagero has a somewhat high voice and is breathy when she speaks, which tends to translate even to singing so her songs are airy and feel intimate tho her voice deepens heavily in song
  • She did have training, if only because as a ninja infiltrating might be necessary, and so her airy quality was focused
  • She knows lots of songs, in case of infiltration, but unsurprisingly songs she likes tend to be morbid ballad sorts
  • Modern sorts: she also likes heavy rock and metal and her singing doesn’t always translate well to these genres which saddens her because she’d like to sing along sometimes


  • Her family tried to train her, they really did, because they were nobles and she should know how, but Setsuna just never really got into it when it came to formal training
  • It took a special teacher for Setsuna, with unconventional methods, but Setsuna did find she enjoys music- but her singing is still rather poor because Setsuna has a hard time with range and pitch (in that, she has very few and uses them wildly, like her way of emphasizing)
  • She very much enjoys humming along to songs instead of singing and is actually quite good at remembering songs she likes
  • Modern Sorts: she has real problems singing along to songs because she’s so slow and really, a lot of the songs she keeps are instrumental and whatever Asama has put on


  • He enjoys singing but not for the art of it, and he doesn’t have training under his belt, but as a sort of social party aspect
  • He has a falsetto voice that’s a surprise to those that hear it the first time
  • He enjoys up beat songs that are fun to sing and listen to and, while he’s not horrible to listen to it’s easy to tell he has no training but he’s having so much fun it’s hard not to enjoy it too
  • Modern sorts: he’s the guy that has his songs too loud and is singing along and dancing in his car seat as he does it- and has like three work out playlists,  keeps his mp3 player close all the time, and tries to pull everybody into a song during parties (drunk or not)


  • His singing is perfect and did you really expect anything different? He’s been training since he was little to be impressive with his music
  • Subaki has a deep voice but fair range of it and strong clarity or power that he can be the star of the song, over the music
  • Has a range of songs he knows, for any occasion he might be called upon to sing, and he’s proud of his accomplishments in music but doesn’t enjoy it as much as others
  • Modern sorts: he’s a bit of a music snob, honestly, enjoying “real powerful” singers (his genre’s lean towards soft rocks or blue sorts) or classical instrumental and gets embarrassed if you find his guilty pleasure songs stashed on his mp3

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How would Bokuto, Lev, Hinata, and Kageyama react to running up to hug some fluffy mascot character, only to later be told that it was their crush in the costume?



He’d be so ecstatic because “they’re cute and dressed cute!!!”. he’d try to go to all off the events they’re working and most likely would get a photo with them every time.


At first he would register it was them until they whispered his name. Once he realized he’d gush about then with a terminate blush on his face.


He’d be a mess. This child would still want a picture and would talk to them after asking why they were a Mascot.


Dead. He’d be so embarrassed. He was most likely forced to get a picture and when he found out his crush was in the costume he wouldn’t know what to do. He’d probably be like patrick when he was taking a photo with glovey. (but more nervous than terrified)

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