As a tomboy, I always loved Amber for being herself, but I feared that she might not stand a chance alone on a stage since she was part of a girl group (which did concepts far away from her tomboy image) for so long. But then I saw her live solo performance at the 2016 KCON in Paris being the exact opposite of whatever a kpop female artist would do. That moment I knew she was born to be on stage; she fills the stage alone. There are solo artitsts that can’t do that and that’s sad. SM needs to give her more solo songs+albums. She is my cup of tea.

A Bangtan Boys Huddle #SEVENTEENisMovingIN??

A/N (GAHHH I was legitimately asked by everyone and their mother to bring BTS into this crazy mix, and I have finally decided to heed the requests and let BTS and Seventeen be roommates. I hope you enjoy the utter pettiness and shade of this Kpop crack. WARNING I’m not responsible for any side effects of the consumption of this post. Ask your doctor before reading.)

Rapmon:  Okay guys now I know this isn’t our usual style to have meetings like this but I there’s some news that you all need to know. 

 Jungkook: Text it to me *leaves room* 


Jin: What is it? For there to be a meeting it must be pretty big. 


 Rapmon: No we’re not getting a dog that would be stupid. We’re literally never home. Gah I’m just trying to tell you that Seventeen is moving in with us for a few days because they had flooding at their dorms. *Door bell rings* 

 Rapmon: I think it’s them now. *opens door*

 S.Coups: *Seventeen trails in* Hello everyone! 

 Seungkwan: *enters* This place is even smaller than the Exo dorms. Why can’t our company just pay for a hotel?? 

 DK: *enters* Um I think I left a bag in Chen’s room. Does anyone have any extra underwear I can borrow? 

 Suga: You’ve gotta be kidding me.

 Taehyung: So let me get this straight. We are definitely not getting a puppy?

 Rapmon: Tae. Shut up… Hey Seventeen! Welcome to our dorms, we don’t have much space, but we’re all willing to make room for you all. 

Suga: I’m not.

 S.Coups: It’s cool, we know that we’re kind of a bother right now and we appreciate you agreeing to take us.

 Jimin: Lol but we didn’t. 

 J-Hope: Yeah we just found out about it as soon as you came.

 S.Coups: Rapmon you told me that your whole team knew about it.

 Rapmon: Do you honestly think that anyone in their right mind would agree for 17 people to move into their dorms if they knew about it first?? 

 Hoshi: Actually we’re 13 members in 3 units and together we are One. That’s where the name comes from.


 Suga: Did anyone ask?

 Woozi: *whispers* Father.

 Jungkook: Hey I’m just coming to get my headpho…..Woah why is Seventeen here?

 Rapmon: Check your texts from me. 

 Jungkook: You actually think I have your number saved? Lol that’s funny.

 The8: Sorry to interrupt but where are we going to stay? This place is really tiny.

 Rapmon: We’ll make room, don’t worry about it.

 Jin: Woahhh woah wait a minute who’s suppose to be doing the cooking for 17 more people?

 Hoshi: Actually we have 13 membe– 

 Suga & Woozi: SHUT UP! 

 Suga: Son? 

 Rapmon: Anyway I’ll assign rooms so that this will be a smooth transition. So J-hope you’ll room with DK and Hoshi. 

 J-Hope: I only have one bed so you’ll have to both share the floor.

 DK: Can we go back to the Exo dorms?

 Hoshi: Nahh I’ll take a cold floor over D.O. and Woozi trying to murder me everyday. 

 Woozi: We almost got him too. 

 Rapmon: Jimin I’m going to pair you wi– 

 Jimin: Jungkook?! 

 Jungkook: Oh God no. 

 Rapmon: Um no you’re taking Joshua and Jun.

Jun: Did you pair us just because we have J names?


Rapmon: Maybe.

Suga: Are any of you from Daegu?

Seungkwan: No but I’m from Jeju and I would love to share ro–

Suga: Pass.

S.Coups: I’m from Daegu

Rapmon: Okay S.Coups and Vernon with Suga….Where’s Vernon?

Mingyu: He’s still in the car. He took leaving Chanyeol kinda hard.

Taehyung: Understandable.

Rapmon: Fine whatever. Tae, You have Mingyu and Wonwoo.

Taehyung: Do you guys like dogs?


Mingyu: Um we really could just stay in the living room or something.

Wonwoo: Yeah I have a bed with my name on it reserved at the local hospital.

Rapmon: I don’t really care what you people do okay?? just let me finish these room assignments.

Jungkook: I don’t want any roommates. I just bought 12 new white t-shirts and my closet space is gone.

Rapmon: You have Dino and Seungkwan.

Seungkwan: Hey it’ll be fun, I like to meet new people and do fun thin—

Jungkook: Say one more word to me you rookie scum and I’ll make you sleep next to the toilet.

Woozi: Please let me stay with Jungkook too!

Rapmon: Sure. Now Jin you’ll take Jeonghan and I’ll take The8.

J-Hope: I have some issues with this.

Jimin:  Me too! Why do you both get to have one roommate while the rest of us have two?

Jungkook: and three!

Rapmon: It’s simple, do you wanna know why?

Jimin: Yeah!




Dino: *whispers to Seungkwan*  I think he may be a little stricter than Suho.

Seungkwan: Duhh you think??

Rapmon: Now that that’s done, you can go do whatever you want. I’m going into the studio and work on some songs on the computer. *leaves*

Joshua: Is he really going to work on songs?

J-hope: If you count watching dirty videos and infecting the computer as “working on songs” then sure that’s exactly what he’s doing.

S.Coups: Um good meeting guys, thanks again for letttin-

Suga: Just cut it Egg Scoops, Rapmon already left and I don’t want to pretend to care about you kids anymore.


Woozi: *tears up* I knew that I would find you again one day. Can I have a hug?

Suga: No.

Woozi: That’s what I always dreamt you would say! I think that this may be exactly where need to be.

Jungkook: If anyone needs me I’ll be in my room changing the locks and my telephone number. Bye.

We international fans can’t really support our groups in a way korean fans can; financially. We can’t buy a lot of their stuff because it is much more expensive. We mainly support them by listening to their songs and watch their videos. It’s sad that I can’t really be of help, their music and they themselves bring a lot of happiness in my daily life, I can’t even help them get their daily paycheck.

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Shownu: Cuts down palm trees with bare hands to make a log cabin. Makes a filtering system to make the ocean water drinkable. Found a way to get back home on week 2 but decided that island life was better.

Wonho: Searches the island for apes so that they’ll adopt him into their family. Gets hit in the head with a mango and is convinced that he is Tarzan. Spends the day practicing his animal calls.

Kihyun: Uses his last match to set a tree on fire in hopes of a plane seeing it. No plane comes. The whole island burns up. 

Minhyuk: Mind breaks in the first 5 minutes. Survives the loneliness by talking to his imaginary friend Lola. Eats berries he finds on bushes. Lola tells him the berries are poisonous. He tells her she’s not even real.

Hyungwon: Stumbles upon a supply of coconuts. Uses the milk as a facial moisturizer.  After the last coconut is drained realizes he probably should have drank it instead. Has to try and catch rain water with his shirt to survive.

Jooheon: Figures that he’s more than likely going to die. Lays out on the sand on his back and waits for the seagulls to eat him. Gets nibbled to death by a turtle instead.

I.M.: Tries to swim off the island and gets a cramp. Almost drowns trying to swim away from a shark. (Shark was actually a dolphin the whole time.) Decides to proclaim himself ruler of the island to see if that makes him feel any better. It doesn’t.

“Directioners are the best fandom!@!@! and we will end ur idols.”

“ wHat is a kpop?!!?!”

“ at least we stan talent and our idols aren’t plastic”

 “why would we listen to kpop?? we speak English we can’t understand what they are saying!!!”

“They are irrelevant, I should no bc I asked my friends and no one knew who they were!”

“ go stan ur kFLOPS”

Members as Disney Princes

*Based off of personality*


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Stress Relief (M)

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Pairing: Jackson x reader

Warnings: public, fingering, oral

Summary: You are stressed from studying for exams but luckily your incredibly hot best friend has a quick and painless solution.

Jackson Wang was good looking, smart and popular. He was the guy in school that everyone wanted: You would see both guys and girls physically start to sweat when he walked past. And he was your best friend. You had been best friends since you were kids as your moms worked together and you two were inseparable. Always together, whether you were running around the school halls, pranking teachers or studying, it was always you and him. People knew you two for being loud. Today was different though. Jackson was still his usual carefree, joking self but you were stressed and tired from studying all the time, which had made you cranky.

Heading to the library again for more studying your phone buzzed.

Hey angel face, i’m in the courtyard. Come meet me! :)

You rolled your eyes and contemplated replying. Yes he was your best friend, but you had gotten no sleep the night before and had been studying all day; you weren’t in the mood for his jokes. Deciding not to reply, you locked your phone and shoved it back in your bag. After you walked a few more paces, your phone buzzed again. Sighing, you unlocked the phone and scanned the screen.

wth y/n?! you know i can see you🙄 Why are you ignoring me?? JUST COME HERE!!

You completely forgot that the hallway to the library was surrounded by big glass windows and in direct sight of the courtyard below. After you mentally cursed yourself, you sighed again heavily then looked down to see Jackson waving at you, jumping up and down. You reluctantly waved back and began to walk in the opposite direction of the library, down the stairs, and towards your best friend. “Y/n! What’s up with you?” he said hugging you tight.

You pulled away from him and snapped, “J, you know I’m stressed with exams. I haven’t slept in days. You might not care but I do. I need to pass. I just want to go and study but you’re stopping me!” Jackson looked at you wide-eyed in disbelief because you’ve never yelled at him like that before.

Still not saying anything, he took your hand and began to walk. “Jackson, where are we going?” you say stumbling behind him, trying to keep hold of all your books.

“We’re going to study. You’re stressed with studying so I’m going to help you.” You blinked at him and found your balance well enough to walk next to him. You got to the library and scanned your student cards so you can both enter. It’s the end of the school day so the computer room and desks that are usually filled with students only had one or two doing last minute work. You walked past the bookshelves, take a seat at one of the tables and lay out all of your textbooks.

An hour passed and you are down in your books. Jackson had helped you write notes on sticky pads and quizzed you whenever you read a chapter of the book. You felt you were getting somewhere until you hit a block. For some reason you kept getting this section of questions wrong. It was frustrating; you could feel the anger building up inside you like you were going to explode until you felt a hand on your back. You snapped out of your haze to see Jackson staring at you with a worried look on his face, which caused you to realise that you’re gripping the table so you let go, sinking back into your chair. “Hey y/n i have an idea. I think I can help you relax,” he said as he stroked your shoulder.

You sighed and rubbed your temple “It’s okay, J, you’re already helping me; you’re doing enough.”

He moved his hand from your shoulder, leaned in closer to you and brushed his thumb over your lips, "I can help in other ways,” he whispers with a smirk on his face. You have never been attracted to Jackson like that, but now suddenly you wanted him. You were sweating from one touch. He put his finger to his lips to make a ‘sh’ motion, slowly stood up and kissed your head. You grabbed his hand. “You’re not serious right?! We can’t do anything here. We’re in school and it’s a library!”

Jackson lets out a deep chuckle. "You’ll just have to be quiet then.”

“We are not having sex in the LIBRARY!” you raised your voice slightly at the end, making someone shush you. You lowered your voice to a whisper, saying, “Plus as you can hear, we’re not alone.” Jackson completely ignored you and crawled under the table. "Jackson, what the hell are you doing?!” you say, looking down and panicking slightly.

He peeked up at you and flatly said, “Helping out a friend in need.” He slapped your thigh and you jumped from the sting, your head shooting up to look around you. There’s no one in the room with you but you can see a few students in the next room. They aren’t facing you; but if you see them, it means that they can see you if they turned around. “Open up baby,” you heard Jackson say.  You slowly opened your legs and curse yourself for wearing a skirt and socks, giving him easy access. You felt him stroke up your panty-covered folds with one finger, just missing your clit. Up and down, he teased you. You shivered and closed your eyes, just wanting him to touch you where you really needed it.

His finger is soon replaced with his tongue, he licked a slow stripe once up your folds and once down. You squirmed in your seat. Jackson must have felt how frustrated you were as he finally licked over your clit. You let out a gasp before you quickly covered your own mouth. He pulled your panties to the side and picked up the pace with his tongue, sucking and nipping on your clit. You felt your stomach get tight as sweat began dripping down your forehead. You reached down, tangling your fingers in his hair and slowly rocking your hips back and forth in an attempt to ride his face, whilst still trying to watch your surroundings. He moaned softly as you pulled his hair and the vibration pushed you closer to your climax.

You were edging closer and closer. Your legs were shaking and Jackson just wasn’t letting up, he sucked on you harder and gripped your thighs to keep you still. With one last lick through your folds, you orgasmed.  As the waves of pleasure washed over you, he continued to furiously lick up your juices. You tried to keep your composure but it proved difficult so you resorted to biting on your hand to stop the dirty moans from escaping your mouth. Jackson was still under the table coaxing you through your high, smiling to yourself and feeling the stress wash away.

Until you heard someone call your name.. You turned around to see your professor. “How are you Miss y/l/n? Studying hard I see,” he said with a smile. You were still trying to recover, so you just smiles and nodded back.

Jackson is crouched in the same position as your professor continued talking to you. Your professor then sat down at the table to discuss some of the revision points with you. Jackson saw this as an opportunity and suddenly rubbed two fingers over your clit, causing you to jump from the feeling of oversensitivity. Your professor looked at you curiously. "Sorry sir, I thought I saw a bug. You were saying?” You turned your legs away from Jackson but that didn’t stop him. He planted little kisses on your thighs and you absentmindedly opened them again. Jackson slowly slipped two fingers inside of you and you squeezed your eyes shut, trying not to react. He started slow but quickly changed to viciously fingering you, causing you to let out a little squeak. Your professor was still talking to you, pointing out things in your notes but you aren’t listening. The oversensitivity is killing you but you loved it. You knew you should pull away but you couldn’t, you didn’t want to: What you wanted was for him to make you cum again and fast.

You finally came to the realisation that you were being finger fucked in front of your professor, but you’d be damned if you were going to cum in front of him. “Can we d-discuss this a-another time, sir? I-I’m not f-feeling very well,” you stuttered out.

Your professor looked you over, and seeing how you trembled slightly, he said, “Of course, y/n. Let’s meet tomorrow. You go home and get some rest.” You smiled weakly and watched him leave the room, looking down at Jackson who was peeking up at you with a wide smile.

"Ready to cum again baby girl?” he asked as he added another finger. You couldn’t even answer him because you were so close. Your eyes were rolled back, your back was arched and you could hardly breathe. This time your orgasm hit you like a truck: You couldn’t hold it in. As you groaned loudly, your body fell limp and you couldn’t stop twitching.

Jackson finally crawled out from under the table and lifted his fingers–still shiny from your juices–until they were directly in front of your face. “Suck,” he commanded. You grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers, tasting yourself, and he moaned at the sight. He held your head up by your chin, pecking you on the lips before whispering, “I hope you know this isn’t over, baby. You’re still a little tense.”

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