I’m so glad the whole Lay vs. Kai thing is dying down. It’s so hard to say who’s really the “better” dancer, because it just depends on what you value. Lay has the precision, and if you look closely you’ll see he hits the moves best, but Kai has the flow and stage presence, and that’s why he’s so fun to watch. Lay’s a dancer; Kai’s a performer. They’re both amazing, just in different ways.

It baffles me that there are so many kpop fans out there spending countless amounts of time and energy to spread hate about a certain group just to make their faves look better, when in reality, they’re doing the complete opposite. By doing this, you’re not only degrading the artists, you’re also degrading yourself.

I’m not a bts stan, but i admire rap monster. he’s a great rapper (yet people say hes worse than chanyeol), he takes great care of his members and most of all, he’s strong. he’s always stressed, cares too much about peoples opinions of him and he probably has some type of depression too. He gets SO much hate all the time for different things and he manages to go through all of it. I think he should be appreciated more! 


Jungkook’s deadass is done with this shit

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