I hope people realize how respectable group leaders are. Leader has so much things to do, like keeping the group together, providing a good relationship between the group and company, taking responsibility for group actions etc. So. Many. They have so much burden to carry so I hope people will appreciate them more. I have so much respect for N, Yongguk, Suho, Sunggyu, Leeteuk, Rapmonster and all group leaders because they all work so hard, managing not just their but also members idol life.

Exo reaction to seeing a selfie with a boy hugging you from behind


“Who the hell is this peasant touching my girlfriend”


*not very happy as he see’s the photo, but distracts himself with food*


*pouting staring at the photo*
“i don’t like him”


*satansoo mode*
“Another boy to add to my list”


“who… what.. is this?”


“and she said I couldn’t talk to those girls”


*triggered af*
“what is she doing”


“what is she doing.?… I’m her boyfriend”


*crying for eternity*
“she’s leaving me… it’s over”


*so done with life*
“another guy?!”


*frustrated and jealous*


*knew it was your brother, and was pretty chill with it*

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{Intro: Boy Meets Evil} - vocab list

이름 n. name
날 n. day
밤 n. night
손 n. hand
숨 n. breath
피 n. blood
입술 n. lips
꿈 n. dream
길 n. road, path
빛 n. light, sparkle
죄 n. crime, sin
칼 n. knife, sword
갈다 v. sharpen (a knife)
눈 n. eyes
감다 v. close [shut] one’s eyes
미래 n. future
현실 n. reality
악마 n. devil, demon, evil spirit, Satan
욕심 n. greed, avarice, selfishness
야망 n. ambition, aspiration
독기 n. virulence, venom
양심 n. conscience
지옥 n. hell
나팔 n. trumpet
비극 n. tragedy
오르골 n. music box
포기 n. abandonment, resignation, surrender
연애 n. love
주위 n. surroundings
시선 n. one´s eye(s); one´s sight; one´s gaze
기적 n. miracle
달콤함 n. sweet
중독 n. poisoning, toxication
병신 n. stupid person, fool, idiot
지뢰 n. land mine
매일 adv. every day, daily
다르다 adj. different
날카롭다 adj. sharp
붉다 adj. red
달콤하다 adj. sweet
매섭다 adj. fierce, severe, strict, sharp
미치다 adj. crazy, insane
좋다 adj. good
뒤틀리다 adj. twisted
울리다 v. echo, reverberate / adj. famous
어두워지다 v. darken, become dim
잃다 v. lose
참다 v. bear; endure; put up with; tolerate; suppress; repress; control oneself
알다 v. know
잡다 v. hold, take
외치다 v. shout; cry (out); yell; shriek; scream
저버리다 v. go back on; turn one´s back on; back down; break (one´s promise) 
느끼다 v. realize; see; feel; find
취하다 v. get drunk/intoxicated
버리다 v.  throw away, discard
깨어나다 v. return to consciousness, come to one’s senses, sober up
건드리다 v. touch
부르다 v. call
잊다 v. forget
생각하다 v. think
찢기다 v. get torn
놓치다 v. let scape, lose