Soooo…I guess I do technically have a lineup for Katsucon, though it’s only a partial one! I’m only going to have cosplays for two days, with the third day being a very casual Hyperion Rhys “closetplay” while my bae @hyperionheroism and our buddy @shimadagans are in their Overwatch cosplays!! I’ll be going as Newt Scamander (fbawtft) and Conrad Achenleck (hinabn) two of the days though!

I’ve never really had a genuine con experience and I’m going to be having my first one with some awesome people!! I’m super excited!

twilightzant  asked:

Do you remember where you got your wig from? Because I can't find a good one for Conrad ANYWHERE.

{Oh man, oh man, I regretfully don’t actually! My sister got a longish wig (It looked a lot like this one) at a con once and let me cut and style it from that. 

But I believe if you get any good quality wig you could style it.

You could more than likely get a good outcome from any of these wigs (please note that I have not bought from these vendors though):

1 2 3 4

If the wig you get is fluffy or has some curl, wash the wig in warm water (If the water is too hot for your hand it is too hot for the wig!!!!) and let in dry on mannequin head or other stand so the water drips down the strands to dry.

I used Regis Powder Volumizer to style, with Got2B hair spray to style the wig after cutting it. I put the powder in to make the hair more textured, then pin the bangs back with a bobby-pin to create an exaggerated duck-butt style, that will relax as you wear it without the bobby-pin in it. 

I you want to include the sideburns in the wig (and not do make up like someothers do) then make sure to cut the wig while you are wearing it!

I’m really sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! I really wish I kept track of where we got the wig! I hope it all turns out for you though! And take lots of pics! <3

Also, don’t be afraid to ask more questions or say if this helped at all or not!}