Soooo…I guess I do technically have a lineup for Katsucon, though it’s only a partial one! I’m only going to have cosplays for two days, with the third day being a very casual Hyperion Rhys “closetplay” while my bae @hyperionheroism and our buddy @shimadagans are in their Overwatch cosplays!! I’ll be going as Newt Scamander (fbawtft) and Conrad Achenleck (hinabn) two of the days though!

I’ve never really had a genuine con experience and I’m going to be having my first one with some awesome people!! I’m super excited!

And for the record, this is my most viewed deviation…

…guys I have better pics than that…really… But I am still happy it’s Veser because woohoo HiNaBN love! 8D  

still idk it makes me want to show people “hey look I can actually make costumes look at something besides my face why do you want to look at that anyways what”

or something