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-1. What is your favorite scene from any manga/anime?-


-2. What is your


-3. Who is your least favorite character and why?-

Sakura, her personality did not please me much :(

-4. Which character is most like you?-

I’m a bit like Karin, but I’m not in love x3

5. What is the first thing you think of when it comes to your OTP?

love and protect

6. What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to your favorite character?

oh my god, she’s /he’s perfect!

7. What song(s) remind you of your OTP?

bring me to life and lies of evanescence reminds naruhina.

8. What is the number one reason to ship your OTP?

they are made for each other haha

9. If you have one, which anime is your least favorite?

I still have no

10. What is your favorite RP blog?


11. What fanfic would you rec for your OTP?

at the moment is “Esposa de Mentirinha”
NaruHina :)

excuse-me my terrible English 

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What are your OTP’s?
2-what are your favorite scenes from your OTP?
3-What’s your favorite AMV?
4-which character from any anime / manga you hate?
5-what is your favorite villain?
6-Which country do you live in?
7-which phrase that matches your otp?
8-What is your anti-OTP?
9-what is your favorite book?
10-what is your favorite color?
11-what is your favorite song?

anonymous asked:

Theres this one IHs that is anti nar///uto ending and every excuse this weeb makes contradicts everything about the canon side of IH. This person says that the novels in naruto is not canon while shoving the WDKALY in our faces. This person hates Hina/ta and callsnher an obsess stalker and slut shames her because she has big boobs. I want to know your opinion on this...(she has an anti blog dedicated on hating hina.ta)

First of all – that’s pathetic. People who are more anti over their NOTPs/faves than for their OTPS/faves bother tf out of me. GET A LIFE. I have said it before but I will say it again: KEEP NARUTO AWAY FROM BLEACH. Two different manga. Tbh, two very different endings. People always say ‘Waahhh I wanted to see Naruto be the Hokage, not Naruhina.” The Hokage does paperwork and dishes out orders. When they do fight, it usually means war. A war had just ended… When people say this, they either hate Hinata, are pro NS or both. 

The Naruto novels are a part of a series that is still thriving and in a spinoff era. Bleach is fucking dead as a doornail. This person doesn’t have to think the Naruto novels are canon, but they should apply that same thinking to WDKALY. The difference is Naruhina has a wealth of meaningful content – canon, filler, novels, etc. Ichihime does not so I understand the need to cling to WDKALY. I get it, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. 

Hinata is a stalker, but Orihime isn’t? In what universe? 

This is admiration from afar that made a girl a better person… 

(Hinata found confidence in watching Naruto and she came out of her shell and he noticed her as more than this “weird”, nervous little thing).

That eventually led to this… 

This is straight up fucking stalking…

That immediately led to this…

Ichigo said he had a goddamn nightmare. Sip on that.

ANYWAY… Naruhina had development. Period. Their development began at the Chuunin exams when she faced Neji. That’s where they began. 

A fundamental difference between Hinata and Orihime in regards to these boys they love… Hinata’s love for Naruto comes from a genuine place. She values his integrity and his ability to keep getting up no matter how many times he’s knocked down. 

Orihime was infatuated with Ichigo because he wore a salty ass look. The funny thing is, at the beginning, though they’re both kids, Hinata is way younger than Orihime but she is more mature. 

Hinata resolves to be stronger from the beginning and genuinely gets better. Orihime starts awful, has her moment defending Tatsuki, and just gets worse until the bitter end of the final battle. There is no comparing the two to be honest. Hinata gets movies being the coveted Byakugan Princess and a flat-out love confession from Naruto and Orihime gets the status of a college drop-out and some weak clipart of Ichigo saying “can you make time for me?” after he watches the girl he fought heaven for get married. I mean… I wouldn’t even shame myself comparing them, anon. 

The Significance of the Names of the Hyuga-Uzumaki Clans

This all totally just blew my mind, and I can’t believe I didn’t realize any of this before.

Minato, Kushina, Naruto, Hinata and Hanabi all share one syllable in their names: “na”.

Minato. Kushina. Naruto. Hinata. Hanabi.

Naruto’s “na” syllable is at the beginning and Kushina’s “na” syllable is at the end. Minato’s “na” syllable, Hinata’s “na” syllable, and Hanabi’s “na” syllable are in the middle.

Minato and Hinata both share the same four letters in the middle of their names: “inat”.

Minato. Hinata.

Kushina and Hinata both share the same four letters in their names: “hina”.

Kushina. Hinata.

Kushina’s “hina” is at the end and Hinata’s “hina” is at the beginning.

Hiashi, Hizashi, Hinata and Himawari all share the same syllable at the beginning of their names: “hi”.

Hiashi. Hizashi. Hinata. Himawari.

Minato, Naruto and Boruto all share the same syllable at the end of their names: “to”.

Minato. Naruto. Boruto.

Finally, Naruto and Boruto both share the same four letters at the end of their names: “ruto”.

Naruto. Boruto.

Kishimoto did not fuck around when it came to naming certain members of the Hyuga and Uzumaki clans.

NOTE: I’m fully aware that Minato is a Namikaze, but the Namikaze clan is extinct due to Minato’s death and because Naruto’s surname is Uzumaki, not Namikaze. Hence why I didn’t mention the Namikaze clan. Also, officially, there never was a Namikaze clan, for reasons that I am not sure of and can’t remember. If anyone could help me find out why there’s never been a Namikaze clan, that’d be much appreciated!


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Hello all! My name is Vana and I’ve been roleplaying as Hina.ta for about 3 years now, and I just recently came back from a 3-month hiatus.  A lot of mutuals left Tumblr during my absence, so my dash is quite dead.  OCs, crossovers, and canon-divergent muses are all welcome!  Please give a like or reblog to signal boost me and so that I may check out your blog! Please read my rules before interacting!
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(For fun) What if... Menma The Last Movie!

I was thinking… It would be funny if they do: Menma The Last Movie !

- When the fan girls are given gifts to Menma

Hinata: WHO do you think you are?! Don’t touch MY Menma !!!!!!!!!!

*kick the ass of the fan girls*

- When she saw the new scarf of Menma

Hinata: WHO??? Menma… who have give you this?!!!!

*strip Menma and force him to wear her scarf*

- When Tonori appears at the park

Toneri: bla bla bla come with me bla bla bla waifu!

*Menma appears*

Menma: Hinata? Hey! You d*rk! What….

Hinata: AaaaaaH??!!! Who do you think you want to marry ???!!!!!!!

*kick the ass of Tonori*

- When she is dressed in the black dress

Hinata: B*tch please… Don’t you have something better ?!!

Toneri: … hn … nooo ?…

*Hinata cut the dress shorter, kick the ass of Toneri and wait for Menma*

- When Menma arrives at the Moon (or at the hideout of Toneri)

Menma: Hina…. ta?!!

Hinata: You are LATE!!

Toneri: Help… me… why… She is CRAZY !!

Oh! And she would force Menma to kiss her and she would rape him and marry her!

And the movie would end… THE END!

What a beautiful story… OR NOT!


I’m happy Hinata is not like that… and I hope I can see soon the movie !

(with is beautiful romance - kyaaaa~)

For the lucky people who can watch the movie, good viewing! ;-)

(sorry for my English ^^“ )