so… recently my sister came to visit. my 7 yr old niece had given her a sealed envelope to give to me. inside was a letter that she’d written for me, along with her life savings. 60 cents. LOL SOO CUTE.

“Dear Cau (cau means uncle in vietnamese)

I realy miss you so much and I hope to see you soon and I hope you are having fun in vancover and I realy want to see you soon. I love you and I keep thinking of you.

Love, Shay”

Seriously my heart melted when I saw this. I almost cried in public. Gifts like these are real treasures. <3

So I drew her a picture of us. She likes it a lot :) !!! She’s gonna bring it in for “show and tell” tomorrow! I wish I could be there to watch her present it to her classmates… They grow up too fast. 


My friend Courtenay turned 37 today.

We’ve been friends for 8 years and our 11 year age difference proves that age is just a number. She’s one of the truest friends I’ve ever had.

I wanted to make her feel pampered and beautiful, so I gave her a facial, and makeover. Then I took her out for dinner at Joey’s.

I met her when I was 19, working at McDonald’s. She took over as restaurant manager at the store I worked at. She was the best boss I ever had and she contributed plenty to the person I am today. Even though our lives have led us in different directions and we now live in different cities, we always make the time and effort to see each other now and again. I love her. To many more good times and many more years. ~ *

So I made it another year!
I’m 27 now! Woop de doo!

27 feels the same as 26 but tired-er.
26 was a really good year actually. And 27 is going to be the best yet. I can already feel it.

I had fun last night. Maybe too much. I was crying all morning. Out of my mouth. Tears of last night. Seriously getting too old for this shit.

Hi. My name is Steven.
I’m 27.
I’m really hung over.
I really need to clean my mirror.

I hope everyone has an extra gay day today. Gayyyyyyyy~