himym s4

You guys DO realize that TV series are products and we are the buyers, right? I mean, we pay for the damn television licence, tv bills and the damn DVDs. (well, most of us do, though all are supposed to pay).

A tv series is not a gift given to us from the bottom of their loving hearts. It’s a product that sells, and it sells because we watch it. It’s been made for us, the audience, and it’s not any kind of a privilige that we are supposed to be grateful for. 

When you buy a shirt, you expect it to has a certain quality, and the shop assistant promises you that it will be comfy and easy to wear, but it turns out to be a piece of useless rag instead, you feel cheated and you want your money back. You have every right to go back to that shop and return it. 
Same thing goes for a TV series that keeps up with a great quality content for some time and builds up for something big and satisfying, but the writers and producers back up in the very last minute and you end up watching an episode, or even worse - a finale - that leaves you disappointed for years. You are allowed to feel unsatisfied and you have every right to complain. You don’t have to be “grateful” because it aired - you are the customer and the actors, writers, production workers earn their salaries because you want to watch it, and if they don’t deliver what the audience wants to see, ergo: doesn’t watch it, they lose money. That’s how the business works.

So if you pay for something you except to have a good quality, and you end up watching a nightmare that doesn’t follow up with the rest of the story, has a hundred plot holes, queerbaits, discriminates or God knows what else, you are not a spoiled brat for writing a complaint letter, demanding a fair follow-up episode or whatever. 

Surely everything depends on how you express yourself - there’s a huge difference between constructive criticism and plain hate, and you still have to remember that there are real people out there working on those episodes, but I can see that a lot of people have a real hard time understanding this concept and they act like the writers, producers and actors are generous gods who want us to be happy and therefore work for free, so we should just shut up and accept everything that comes up, even if it’s an utter shit that ruins the whole story.

Seriously guys, it’s a simple seller-buyer relationship and feeling unsatisfied/disappointed because you’ve been queerbaited, discriminated or simply got a shitty episode/series finale out of the blue and you openly don’t like is not being a little spoiled brat, so stop telling people they’re an embarrassment, because they honestly (but politely!) state their opinion.