himym lol

  • Hanbin: Up until now everything with Bobby has been great.
  • Hanbin: The first time we said I love you.
  • June: oh yeah, I was there for that.
  • Hanbin: The first time we made love.
  • June: Yeah...i was there for that too.
  • Hanbin: Sorry...we thought you were asleep.
  • June: It's physics, Hanbin. If the bottom bunk moves the top bunk moves with it!
just a friendly reminder that the ending of how I met your mother was total crap

What bothers me the most is that Tracy died and Ted came crawling back to obviously totally egocentric Robin. And the kids where ok with it? Like what’s so hard about a happy ending. I spent 9 seasons on finding out how Ted finally becomes happy and the THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE DIES???? And the ENTIRE last season was just about Robins and Barneys wedding and Ted finally letting her go and then they spontaneously divorce??? I know it’s just a show and I respect the writers work but I’m honestly so mad right now.

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