himym lol


Sometimes I picture the Squip singing this

  • Chanwoo (to doubleb): You two share a toothbrush? That's so weird.
  • Jinhwan: No, the weird thing is that they keep it in their room.
  • Hanbin: No we don't. It's in the bathroom.
  • Jinhwan: No, because there is only one toothbrush in the bathroom and that one's mine.
  • Hanbin:
  • Bobby:
  • Jinhwan: wait.
  • Chanwoo: omGAWD! *can't stop laughing*
  • keith, talking to pidge: let’s be clear. I don’t love him, okay?
  • pidge: mhm
  • keith: I just miss him when he’s not around, I think about him all the time and I imagine us one day running towards each other in slow motion while I’m wearing a black vest