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I wonder why Chara actually agreed. If they killed Frisk, the kid would reload and they would be back on time, so Chara wouldn't have to give any explanation to Asriel to why they killed them because it would be like it didn't happen. Unless Asriel remembers reloads?

It’s important to remember what Chara is after, and also their strategy:

At this moment in Snowdin Forest, killing Frisk would probably lead to Frisk reloading again, taking the two of them all the way back to the Ruins save point. However, there is a chance that Frisk would not reload. If Frisk gave up here, Chara would get the soul, but with Asriel so against it, he may cause difficulties for Chara.

It’s a risky move.

Ta-da! My entry for 2017′s @undertalesecretsanta !!!

This year I started planning this since the moment I recieved my secret santa. I started with a few ideas but they never seemed to work so I, like last year, just waited until a week before. Today is the day I go back to school too so I had a bunch of things to worry about. 

Anyways it’s done! I hope it doesn’t look too bad! I used a mix of watercolor pencils and watercolor paints to do this, but the most challenging part was finding a way to get the drawing in the watercolor paper, since I decided to color it with watercolor pencils after I finished the lineart digitally. I spent a few days on it, so I hope you like it.

And this gift was made for… Nia! aka @himyhairisonfire! Que con una mirada a tu blog me di cuenta de que también hablas español hehe. Pusiste mucha información en lo que querías y por eso se me dificultó un poco encontrar qué hacer, total me base mucho en lo primero que dijiste (chara′s character haha) y pensé que podía hacer una pelea de bolas de nieve como un tipo fluff, realmente Frisk sólo está ahí porque sobraba espacio y no confío en mis habilidades para dibujar a Asriel sorry. En fin, espero hayas tenido una época de felicidad y un muy feliz año nuevo. Mis mejores deseos para tí de ahora en adelante!