I just love this serie’s endcard, like:

Himuro is surronded by little girls

And, obviously, Kise too

And Moriyama is soooo jealous, even children prefer those two ikemen

Miyaji-senpai and Izuki seem to be successful with little girls too

This two idiots are keeping their one on one match, i wonder how it will end

Shin-chan is doing the megane thing, the kid next to him is imitating him and Takao is pissing himself

Classification of KNB characters

The “bastard and fucking sexy….BOOM PREGNANT !” ones (and “dark” too…so emo)

The “angry” ones (my eaaars ;_; )

The “excited and lol lol lol” ones

The “showing an emotion can kill me” ones

The “smile who can cure cancer” ones

BONUS : The “my eyesbrows are fabulous” ones