Am I the only one who thinks that Solas DEFINITELY WOULD NOT HAVE TOLD THE INQUISITOR (PARTS OF) HIS PLAN if he wouldn’t plan on giving them a chance to proof him wrong and find another way?

Solas is not good at asking for help - he almost never asked for anything, which the Inquisitor remarks at the start of his personal quest. 

But at the end of Trespasser? Think about it …

He could have removed the mark without telling them anything.

He could have just let them die.

He could have chosen to kill them himself.

He did nothing of that. Instead, he took the time to TELL THEM. 

Solas is not stupid. Why endanger his plans like that, if not if he wouldn’t want to give the people of modern Thedas a fighting chance, if not for the Inquisitor to look for and maybe find another way?

Solas sets the Inquisitor up as his adversary on purpose. 

And if you befriended him, and tell him that you want to redeem him, he says that he would treasure the chance of being proven wrong again.

If the Inquisitor truly managed to find a better way, Solas would listen. He would take that option, if it were preferably to his original plan.

I cannot see him actively oppose the Inquisitor in their endeavors. (Well, maybe if the Inquisitor is looking for a way to kill him, but otherwise …?) He would certainly not tolerate the Inquisitor sabotaging his plans and would take counter measures, but trying to actively kill and harm the Inquisitor? No.

He set them up to stop him, either by lethal force or by finding a solution he can’t see.

There is a fair chance that the Inquisitor won’t succeed, sure, but Solas obviously sees the Inquisitor as his best chance to find another, a better way, and he would not sabotage that part of his own plan by trying to get rid off or activaly hinder the Inquistor. 

Thanks to Netflix I am now halfway through my Hawaii Five-0 marathon. 

It is the perfect soothing balm to my destiel burns. 

I have decided my head canon is that Steve and Danny got together in season three. right after Danny stayed over to watch the Notebook with his daughter and he and Steve actually cuddled on the couch together. 

Not sat together, but Steve’s arm around Danny, Danny’s head pillowed on Steve’s bicep, body tucked into his … cuddled. 

I noticed Danny kept turning up at moments that would effectively cockblock Steve and Catherine and I’m thinking, that’s so not accidental. Given what happens in later episodes, I’m thinking that Danny confessed his feelings to Steve after that and that they’ve secretly been doing the frick-frack ever since. 

In these last couple of episodes, they are taking Grace to events together, Danny bringing Steve along on a girl scout trip he was supposed to to chaperone…Steve telling Danny to behave himselves around the models…

I swear, I can’t wait until a criminal walk into my room & thinks that he is the big man because he has a pistol with himself, but that I will say ’ you think I’m scared of dying? Go ahead and shoot me.’ I swear I want to see his face.

[HideKane] Nagachika

Hide knows exactly how to point out his lover out of himselves.

Also available in AO3


Hide decided that he liked Kaneki.

Yes, he decided to do just that. To like Kaneki. Every part of him.

Including this one.

“Heya, Kaneki.”

“Ah, good morning Nagachika!”

This was how he knew that this wasn’t his Kaneki. But he kept his smile and went over to the pantry to take one of the apples Kaneki hadn’t touched. “Mornin’! Where’s Kaneki?” He asked casually. The man smiled and hand over a plate of sunny-side up to Hide. “Asleep. He pulled an all-nighter last night and wouldn’t wake up no matter what I do. I’m Haise, by the way.”

Ah, he was in luck. Hide wouldn’t know what to do if it was Yami or Shiro.

“Oh thanks, Haise-san. Tell Kaneki that I’d be working until late night, will you?”

Haise-san smiled.

“Will do. Have fun at work, Nagachika!”

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