Qestion:  What was the main message of this episode:

(X at about 20:22)

Steven:  Suppose it’s that Sherlock finally understands that he is stronger and smarter than Mycroft in a way  And not because he actually is ….

Mark:  Wait … what?

Steven: But not becaues he is actually smarter. He is less smart. But he is …. because his emotions, his connections to other human beings … the wisdome he has gained from the connections he has made in the world make him stronger. He sees that partly because the extreme of Eurus, who has no connections to anything, is just pure brain, not understanding anything about what it is to be human … makes him realize that everything that he has worked towards, everything that he has tried to step away from himselves, tried to deny about himself, is what makes him the strongest one. He isn’t as smart as Eurus, he isn’t as smart as Mycroft, he‘s just always gonna win against them because he is better and stronger. That is him becoming the Sherlock Holmes of Basil Rathbone, of Jeremy Brett. The one we‘re used to. The wise old man of Baker Street. Who is still terrifying, who is still cold but has a heart that you never doubt. That.


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The Ellen Show Master List

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“Mom?” You called out after leaning away a little more, she called back right away. You looked up at Shawn with a look of complete disappointment and rolled your eyes in annoyance.

Shawn looked just slightly disappointed but he quickly then shrugged and kissed you on the forehead before detangling from you. Both of you stood away from one another and you reached up and quickly smoothed out your hair and shirt. Shawn didn’t appear to realise his hair was a bit of mess too, so you reached up and gently smoothed it out. His hair was much curlier and full, having not been cut in a while. You liked how it looked.

He smiled as you fixed him before he placed his hand your back as you left the room. You noticed how his hand expanded over almost your entire backside,

You called out to your mother once more as you came out into the living room.

Your Mom was at the front door bringing in bags of groceries. “Hey.” She answered. “What time is your frien..?” He stopped as she looked up and noticed Shawn standing just behind me.

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Kaidan and Grief

I have always HC’d Kaidan as being very emotional and feeling things like anger, grief and loss intensely. Not because he’s an angry person, but because he *is* so emotional and he feels things deeply. When he lashed out at Vyrnnus defending Rahna - that was those emotions.

So for me, Kaidan is bitterly emotional after he loses Shepard over Alchera. Angry, despairing, unable at first to move past those horrible feelings. He doesn’t fall into drinking or drug use, but instead loses himselves in despair and functions on autopilot. Kaidan throws himself into his work with a desperate abandon that worries Anderson - it’s clear he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. He accumulates vast sums of credits from danger pay from taking on these missions. He gets new scars, new skills, maybe even a tattoo.

The bleeding wound that is the loss of Shepard never quite heals because what if? What if he’d disobeyed their orders and stayed? What if Joker hadn’t stayed behind? What if Shepard hadn’t gone back for him What if? WHAT IF?

After a time his life becomes more normal and the agony of missing Shepard isn’t quite as keen. So he tries to move on … but he never quite can. There is always a face in the crowd that looks like theirs, or that damned Shepard VI telling him he looks like a varren person, or their face on Memorial posters and Alliance advertising - “Remember Normandy”.

He can’t forget.

He won’t.

He hates it and loves it. The pain becomes something that he clings to desperately, bitterly, ferociously. Because it’s all he has left. The gap Shepard left in his life is one he doesn’t want to fill; he needs to feel something, even if it’s pain.

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"I read your diary" Jimin :))

❥ jimin, ‘i read your diary’, he 100% seems like the type to holy shit wow, slightly nsfw

you’ve seen his look before. it’s suggestive; it’s a way of park freakin’ jimin alerting you to the fact that he know something which you do not. well, to some likeness, because the last time you’d come home to him sitting on your bed smirking with like a maniac he had found your collection of fifty shades of grey stowed away (because why read poorly written novels when you have tumblr?)

 and lets put it realistically – that wasn’t exactly something you didn’t know about. you knew that you had that collection of books and it did bring a heavy feeling to your heart because you should have thrown them out. 

 ‘baby,’ jimin calls tormentingly. he’s watching you from the same position on your bed with wide eyes that are meant to make you fear him like usual. when you freeze dead on the spot, he gives you a half smirk and adjusts his shoulders to make it very clear he was hiding something behind his back. ‘so i was cleaning today and found a few things…’

 you raise your eyebrow and hum. ‘well, it’s a first i guess. why were you cleaning?’

 ‘because i felt productive,’ jimin tells you. he seems a little frustrated that you easily brush away his remarks to get your attention since it’s part of his personality to crave the attention of those around him. 

 ‘yeah, but why? you never clean? did jin help?

 jimin almost scowls (he can never quite do it because he’s too pretty and perfect to do it to the best of his ability) at your words. ‘why is that the issue? no, jin didn’t come over! i wanted to help you out so started cleaning your room and i found something!’

 you could probably play around with him for ages since you never fully went out to him and said that yes, you knew he was trying to make you pay attention to whatever he needed to show you. but, seeing as he was pouting now and that was pretty hard to resist, you smile and play along anyway. 

 ‘what did you find, jimin?’

 ‘oh, nothing really, just this really cool book that caught my attention under some folders under your bed,’ jimin says. he giggles a little, seeing how you’ve just frowned at his words because they really don’t make any sense to you. ‘here, would you like to see? i read it too!’

 there’s still confusion clouding your mind from all of this, especially when jimin pulls out a pretty plain book that you wouldn’t have really recognised compared to others. ‘uh… jimin, i don’t quite understand what you’re getting at?’

 ‘i read your diary! the one where you say how much you love me in and how you say very clearly that although he might be crazy, i could see a life with him in the page for our year anniversary, and how you write that when jimin sleeps he has conversations with himselves about i don’t know what. by the way, they’re about you most of the time.’

 you could have really expected that. ‘my diary?’

 ‘yes. there was also a very important page where you described something in very close detail.’

 ‘there was?’ you ask. your mind really does go blank until you remember a very specific part that you wish you would have ripped out but it seems you were too late. jimin has beaten you to it. ‘what part? i only really wrote my thoughts down.’

 jimin gives that smirk again. another look you know all too well. ‘oh, you know. just that part about what you imagine it would be like if i was to have you sat on my thigh with nothing but one of my shirts on. wanna try it out for real, babe?’

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Your blue vs red comic has so much potential like I love it so much. Like Anti-Caboose bursts one of Caboose's friends and caboose actually gets really mad at him. Ahhhh I love it so much

Thank you! 

If that happens I can imagine Caboose* being all surprised about it! Caboose* is really narcissistic and loves himselves so be apologizes to Caboose.

(more Blue vs Red AU)

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What do you think would happen if tony tony chopper could clone himself infinitely?

Now see, that’s so interesting. In, like, a medical way or in a devil fruit/ruble ball kind of way? Or in a Naruto kind of way?

Honestly he’d probably mostly use it in the infirmary, to get extra hands when someone is hurt? He could have an army of himselves to fix people!

Oh, but what if–

What if he can spawn clones, but they’re not temporary? It started back at the castle on Drum Island; a handful of Choppers to run around, doing the chores and gathering the raw herbs and researching, and in an environment that big it’s easy.  But something happens one day–I dunno, maybe a gathering Chopper gets attacked, maybe they make a Chopper ladder to clean something tall–and there’s a lot more Choppers all of a sudden.

Too many, in fact, so a few Choppers leave, to go outside and help the villages, only again, Drum Island, so it’s practically a death sentence. They’re careful to keep their numbers down after that, and any extras are immediately exiled, and only one Chopper goes along with Luffy.

It’s probably the original. He thinks he’s the original, but so do two others and it hardly matters anymore.

Only you’ve got to be careful on a ship. Limited space, limited food, limited water; there’s no need for the army of himselves he’s gotten used to. Still, it’s so much better; there’s the sense of community and the diversity is staggering–he gets to talk to people who aren’t him! How exciting!

And the best part is, if he does have to pop a clone? That one can wander off to stay on whatever island, or go with a different crew if they really need a doctor, or go explore inhospitable places. It’s no longer a death sentence, and the Grand Line fills with rumors of a kind little reindeer doctor who’s everywhere and ever so helpful!

(alternatively and much darker, there’s a story in there about a Chopper used to killing off clones when they’re no longer valuable, or clones who commit suicide after a certain length of time in order to send back memories naruto-style or simply to limit the choppers.)

So, uh, that’s probably…not at all what you were thinking, but honestly, Chopper is one of the most adaptable characters. He’d take any skill he had and learn to turn it towards being helpful, any way he could. He’s a precious cotton candy child~

Fixfic: Rogueknight of Timeheart (1/2? IDEK it depends)

Written in the past few hours on my phone with no editing or second-guessing or critical thinking, please be kind.

Rogueknight of Timeheart


The juju comes out, and starts to get – gravitational, and suddenly you understand why you needed to be here. You thought it was to fight Lord English, you couldn’t understand why you couldn’t defeat him, but you get it now.

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[HideKane] Nagachika

Hide knows exactly how to point out his lover out of himselves.

Also available in AO3


Hide decided that he liked Kaneki.

Yes, he decided to do just that. To like Kaneki. Every part of him.

Including this one.

“Heya, Kaneki.”

“Ah, good morning Nagachika!”

This was how he knew that this wasn’t his Kaneki. But he kept his smile and went over to the pantry to take one of the apples Kaneki hadn’t touched. “Mornin’! Where’s Kaneki?” He asked casually. The man smiled and hand over a plate of sunny-side up to Hide. “Asleep. He pulled an all-nighter last night and wouldn’t wake up no matter what I do. I’m Haise, by the way.”

Ah, he was in luck. Hide wouldn’t know what to do if it was Yami or Shiro.

“Oh thanks, Haise-san. Tell Kaneki that I’d be working until late night, will you?”

Haise-san smiled.

“Will do. Have fun at work, Nagachika!”

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Thanks to Netflix I am now halfway through my Hawaii Five-0 marathon. 

It is the perfect soothing balm to my destiel burns. 

I have decided my head canon is that Steve and Danny got together in season three. right after Danny stayed over to watch the Notebook with his daughter and he and Steve actually cuddled on the couch together. 

Not sat together, but Steve’s arm around Danny, Danny’s head pillowed on Steve’s bicep, body tucked into his … cuddled. 

I noticed Danny kept turning up at moments that would effectively cockblock Steve and Catherine and I’m thinking, that’s so not accidental. Given what happens in later episodes, I’m thinking that Danny confessed his feelings to Steve after that and that they’ve secretly been doing the frick-frack ever since. 

In these last couple of episodes, they are taking Grace to events together, Danny bringing Steve along on a girl scout trip he was supposed to to chaperone…Steve telling Danny to behave himselves around the models…

I swear, I can’t wait until a criminal walk into my room & thinks that he is the big man because he has a pistol with himself, but that I will say ’ you think I’m scared of dying? Go ahead and shoot me.’ I swear I want to see his face.