30 Day Gemsona Challenge Day One: Introductions. Meet the space pirate Captain Sard-Onyx. 

A fusion of the stoic intellectual Onyx and chaotic creative the pair formed a perfect partnership and deep friendship before escaping home world and taking to the stars aboard “The Cursed Hand” (which may or he not a hand ship that generally can be spotted causing havoc in Gem-space and surrounding territories in the form of a particularly rude hand gesture) 

 While initially the pair meet with friction their endeavor together leads them two realize that sometime two Gems are really two halves of the same whole. They’re balance is power.

 I’m a little new to the whole Gemsona bit/SU Fandom and feel it would be far more interesting for this challenge to involve others–if you like what I’m doing or if you just like the idea of your Gem being a Space Pirate and a rebel against homeworld feel free to message me as in my eyes he is currently floating about the cosmos flipping everyone the bird by himselves. So the crew is currently open to Gems of all types.

 By the by I assume its obvious but Onyx and Fire Agate or (Aga) are pictured together above as well as Captain Sard-Onyx and their flag. Onyx is the chubby black skull kid and Fire Agate sorta looks like a pirate punk dock brown rock.

Internet Famous.

                                   Kylie Jenner Challenge

The Kylie Jenner Challenge is a viral trend where teenagers post photos or videos of himselves with the hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge. This challenge consist in suck their lips with a technique called “The shot glass effect”. The teenagers do this to imitate the celebrity Kylie Jenner know by her voluminous lips. The idea of this challenge came from a video of a youtuber called Jenna Marbles. The video is a parody where she show and suggest use a shot glass to do your lips bigger. (x) <—– Jenna Marbles Parody.

                                        Buzz and the Dandelions

Buzz And The Dandelions is a video from a youtuber and singer called Tom Fletcher. Tom fletcher upload this video in April 25 of 2015. In the video you can see Tom and his son Buzz strolling. Tom show to his son a dandelion, then, he blow it. Buzz laugh everytime that Tom blow the dandelion. At the end of the video both do a highfive. The video of Buzz and Dandelion had 13 million of visits in 24 hours. (x) <—- Buzz and the Dandelios video.

Opinion: In my opinion the internet sometimes can be good for famous virals. We can have a good time whatching this videos or laugh of the funnies things. But sometimes this virals just is used to make ciber-bulling to a persong for any reason. We can make the internet a nice place just sharing the virals that we thing that is a nice viral. 

The capable man doesn’t speak of his worth, he expresses.
The incapable, speaks too much of himselves and fails to achieve his desires.

The one who does achieve what he wants, is the one that knows how to please the person in question.
Being the sell-out of all three.

—  Freedom says.