Spinning through the Universe

Facing North towards Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam: Khumbu Valley, Himlayas, Nepal.

Here is a snippet from my journal written two days after this photo was taken, having spent 23 days hiking through the Himalayas:

“After the first week you lose track of the days, and without a watch, you lose track of time. Your days instead become dictated by the rising and setting of the sun, the iciness of the wind, and the predictive patterns of the clouds. Time begins to stretch into an infinite line that takes the form of a winding dusty path from where you’ve come to where you’re going. Your muscles propel you onwards down that path, leaving your mind free to expand into the extreme landscape that surrounds you. The mountains open your thoughts, sharpen your senses, and reawaken your spirit. It’s like hitting a reset button on yourself. You are finally able to see everything in uttermost clarity, having distilled away everything that isn’t important.

There is a reason that ancient Buddhist monks built their monasteries in high places in the highest mountains. They remember something that we sometimes forget: that there is value in appreciating the slow passage of time, that we are just small parts of a world unimaginably vast, and that peace can be found in silence.”