When after a long time searching you finally find a long, well written and interesting fanfic

  • [at a fan meeting]
  • himchan: i don't flirt that much.
  • daehyun: oh no?
  • youngjae [into his mic]: please raise your hand if you think you are dating kim himchan!
  • members: [raise hands]
  • managers: [raise hands]
  • fan-meet staff: [raise hands]
  • camera crew: [raise hands]
  • BABYz: [raise hands]
  • youngjae: exactly. that's what i thought.

{ a beautiful moment captured in time }

just some thoughts after my first BAP concert

 I’m so glad to already see gifs of Junhong flashing Jongup and ramming his head into his stomach

I’m so happy to already see the HimJae clip from Badman

I know there are a ton of fancams out there I haven’t seen yet so who knows what other gloriousness was captured.

But some other stuff happened I don’t ever want to forget–

Yongguk smiled SO MUCH, he looked so happy. During Feel So Good, he and Himchan were doing the dance in the back and were doing their hyung telepathy thing and both started GRINNING and laughing and it was BRILLIANT. Later, Himchan whispered something to Yongguk and it looked like Bbang was gonna try not to laugh. He failed. 

Junhong’s English is so GOOD and his singing is beautiful and holy crap I’m so proud of him. At one point during his solo he went to do a kind of dramatic longing gesture and almost laughed. THOSE DIMPLES, GUYS. 

At the beginning of Body & Soul while Youngjae was doing his part in the front and the others were in the back, Himchan moved over so he and Jongup were NOSE-TO-NOSE, staring each other down, until it was their turn. 

(I have now seen Himup whispers in person and they are magnificent.)

Youngjae was so into all the dances, he had so much energy–like, of COURSE, it’s YOUNGJAE, but he’s seriously a sight to see in person. Amazing. Same goes for hearing Dae hit those high notes IRL. They are SO TALENTED and keep impressing me all over again.

Seeing the six of them perform Skydive, Young Wild and Free, Wake Me Up. It was every bit the ot6 feels I expected, except just kidding it was SO MUCH MORE EMOTIONAL AFJIFJAWEJFAIEJFS x100000000000

The way the crowd went crazy every time Yongguk sang or spoke? Like holy crap, just the huge amount of love you could feel we all had for him–for all of them. It was genuinely moving. I took a friend who’s enjoyed their MVs in the past and is always up for anything. At the end, after they all said their individual thank you’s and started singing B.A.B.Y, my friend nudged me, wide-eyed. 

“I completely GET THIS now,” she said.