Nicky convincing the team to go to a gay bar to celebrate before they drive back home after an away game:

  • Nicky thinks it’s the greatest idea and looks like he expects Neil to be on board
  • Allison and Renee think it’s a great idea and Matt and Dan enthusiastically jump on board
  • Kevin is indifferent at first, but then they get there and Jeremy is there so he chats him up all night
  • “Kevin, he’s hitting on you.” “No, he isn’t.” “We’re in a gay bar.” “He came with Laila and Alvarez.”
  • Guys keep staring at Kevin and hitting on Andrew and Aaron
  • Eventually Aaron hides behind Nicky and makes him play interference
  • Andrew just glares up at guys and if they don’t take the hint that he’s not interested he’ll tell them “Fuck off, I’m not interested.”
  • One guy mentions his luck that they’re twins and Andrew fucking decks him
  • Guys also approach Neil while he’s sitting at a table with Andrew
  • Neil doesn’t always realize he’s being hit on until Andrew goes all tense
  • Andrew tells them “Fuck off, he’s taken.”
  • He gets more hostile about it the more guys try it
  • At one point Andrew and Neil are supposed to be guarding the table with Dan and Aaron, but Andrew gets up to go outside for a smoke and of course Neil follows
  • They come back forty minutes later with mussed up hair and Neil’s lips look chewed up and everyone is pretty sure those are hickeys on Andrew’s neck, but they’re afraid to ask
  • Renee and Allison spend most of the night dancing together with some stops to drink and sit together
  • Matt dances with Nicky extendedly and Nicky looks so happy
  • When they’re trying to go get more drinks, guys keep trying to stop Andrew and Neil and approach them at the bar
  • So the next time they go to get another round, Andrew sticks his hand out and gives Neil a questioning look
  • Neil moves his hand even with Andrew’s, but a few inches from touching because they’ve gotten to the handholding thing with no one else around, but this is a crowded place and he wants to make sure he’s reading the signals right
  • Andrew takes Neil’s hand and guides Neil through the crowd and sometimes maneuvers them so that Neil is between him and strangers that are standing too close

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I love Chris but I wouldn’t put this past him

guys send me more of these they’re great

sense8 s2 wishlist
  • the gang busting sun out of prison
  • lito wearing a backwards baseball cap again
  • sensates introducing to / telling their irl friends about the gang
  • this
  • sensate inside jokes
  • individual sensates slipping into plural pronouns when talking about themselves
  • more scenes with riley’s dad please
  • will wearing jeans that actually fit him
  • guys vs. gals game of laser tag/mini golf/bowling/beach volleyball
  • someone taking capheus to a demolition derby
  • kala teaching wolfie how to dance
  • release date of next week

Guy messages girl, girl is not interested so she does not respond

Guys: Ugh chicks why don’t you reply?!! It’s just common fucking decency, stop being such a stuck up bitch, how much of your time does it really take to just reply to a message, we’re not asking much here

Guy messages girl, girl is not interested but replies in order to be polite, tells him no if he pushes for anything more… frequently guy gets bent out of shape and proceeds to stalk and harass the girl for rejecting him

Guys: Ugh chicks why do you lead guys on, why bother replying if you’re just going to be a fucking tease?!! It’s not his fault if he keeps messaging you after you reject him, he’s not creepy or anything, it’s your fault for replying and leading him on! Just ignore him if you’re not interested, ugh! Stupid bitches!