GOT7 reaction to their child looking like their wife.

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How would got7 react if their child looked like their wife (I baby sit a little boy that looks a lot like his mom and its the cutest thing ever)

Omg how adorable!! thats the sweetest thing ever!
Thanks for the request :) i hope you like it 
~ahgase Omma


is simply smitten over the both of you, he stares and stares hoping that she doesn’t change.


loves it so much, he would walk around with her all the time thinking of his wife


only makes him even more excited to have more kids!


he’s not even mad that they don’t have he’s eye wrinkles.


stares at her as she sleeps, whilst she eating, just constantly staying by her side


loves to make her laugh because she laughs just like you do.


would insist that the child actually takes after him

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