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Happy birthday, Kent Parson! 


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I want crazy (Zach Dempsey x reader)

I did a little something, is pretty short but I love this song so, that happened, I hope you like it. Once again, english is not my mother lenguage so im sorry if theres some mistakes, please let me know.

Word Count: 893


Hannah Baker’s death was difficult, for everyone. At school, because teachers thought that they actually had the ability to understand you, with all problems and all the drama; it seems like parents thought the same so they usually forced you to talk of things that you dont want to talk or simply they dont actually understand, so yeah, Hannah Baker’s death has been problematic, specially for some people at school, like your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey.

When the tapes that Hannah Baker left became public everything went to hell. You knew about those tapes, you had countless conversations with Zach about them, about how bad he felt and how stupid and selfish he was – its ok babe, you have become a better person because of that and I love you for that- you usually told him, but in some way it wasn’t enough and everything was a mess. Bryce Walker left the country and was finishing his education in Europe, some left the school or were transferred. The ones who stayed at Liberty High had suffered the shame looks everywhere they went. That’s why she did it, that’s why Zach’s mum took him away so he could do his senior year anywhere else, away from all this mess, away from you.

So, it has been a pretty rough year for you without him, of course you had your friends, you had Clay too, who has been like a brother, but you needed your love, you needed Zach, because you had all this plans together, to run away, to study together, but now he was in Virginia with his aunt, studying there, playing basketball there, making a life without you even when you two tried to talk as much as you can.

Being away from him has been difficult, they were good days, really good days when you were totally happy ‘cause, beside the distance you talk a lot and you knew you had a guy that completely loves you, but some other days weren’t that good, you felt like if he doesen’t want the same things, what if he knew someone? If he doesen’t love you anymore?

-hey Y/L/N are you with us??- your teacher asked you – yeah yeah, sorry- you said and hurried beside your classmates. You were rehearsing quickly you positions for the graduation ceremony that was about to start.

Boring like all events, the ceremony went slowly as possible but at least it was the end, only this and you can say goodbye to high school, your parents were there so happy and proud, and your little sister was taking photos with her new instant camera like crazy.

After the ceremony everyone stayed at the school entrance, all talking,  taking pictures even some girls were crying and hugging each other. You were talking with clay, about his plans for the summer and everything when you two notice people talking in hushed tones and looking behind you. With your questioning look, Clay noded towards the street, so you turned, and you saw him. Zach Dempsey was across the street, leaning on his audi with the roof off. Why was he there? Why he didn’t tell you??, you looked at Clay who smiles at you an then to you mother who stood right beside you, she gave you a hug and a kiss – go, everything is ready- she told you. Your little sister gave you her instant camera – take this- she told you, you smiled and looked for Zachs eyes who was smiling there, waiting for you. You gave one step and Clay told you – Come on Y/N! GO! – giving you a reassurance push , and then you went running to him. Zach was waiting for you with open arms picking you up and spun you around, you put your arms around his neck and kissed him while he slowly stops spinning.

-hey babe- he told you looking for your eyes- Hey.. why.. didn’t.. you.. tell.. me.. you..were.. coming- you said giving him quick kisses. He put his hands on your cheeks so you were looking at himg right in the eyes- because i needed so see you, i need your kisses, yor warm, your love. I don’t want to feel good away from you, i wanted to take risks. I want this feeling of not knowing how to breathe when i see you, i want to be with you, everyday- he told you just before he kisses you with all his love and passion – Lets go – he told you pulling the door open for you – what?!- lest’s go Y/N, lest get crazy! – he told you taking away your gown and throwing it on the back sit of his car, leaving you with your dress and heels, and then you saw there were two backpacks- we’re runing away?- you asked him – yeah, everything is ready. You turned your head to see your parents who were smiling and saying goodbye so you entered the car and went away with the love of your life.

Once you two were on the road by the sea, you looked at him and took his right hand – where are we going?? You asked him, looking at the sea.

-I don’t care as long as I’m with you- he said smiling you and you gave him a quick kiss. With this man you could go to the end of the world.

anonymous asked:

34. *Pushes other into pool*

Levi should have known better than to go to a party.

The host isn’t even anyone he knows. It’s just some professor at the university Hanji works at. Hanji claimed they needed a wingman, but that was a lie. Hanji never needs a wingman. They just wanted to coerce Levi into socializing. And for that, Levi’s going to kill them.

First, though, he’s going to kill the grad student that’s been making fun of his height all night. Some tall, brown-haired guy whose idea of flirting alternates between making thinly veiled inappropriate comments and mocking Levi’s size. He’s sleazy and gross, and probably used to people who don’t talk back when he’s being sleazy and gross. Well, that’s changing tonight.

Levi weaves between party guests as he makes his way around the crowded edge of the pool. A handful of people lounge on floats in the water, but most are drinking and eating barbecue in the yard. Levi has just exited from a conversation with Hanji’s friends that this sleazeball had butted into. But the more he walks away, the more he thinks that he should just turn right around and tell that guy to fuck off. Loudly and colorfully. And maybe push him into the pool for good measure.

A tall man bumps against Levi, then settles his hand on Levi’s shoulder in a manner that feels much to familiar. So the sleazeball followed him. Well, he’s going to get what’s coming to him. Levi’s only a foot away from the pool, and it only takes one good shove to send the man toppling in.

The people immediately around him gasp. Levi crosses his arms and stands by the side of the pool, satisfied. He’s satisfied for about half a second - until the man he pushed into the pool comes up for air, and Levi sees blond hair instead of brown.

It’s the wrong man.

Levi just pushed a stranger into the pool.

Levi stares, shocked.

The man also stares, significantly more shocked.

His eyes are blue and at the moment they’re very, very wide. Levi sees himg glance around, taking in his surroundings and trying to figure out what happened that warranted such treatment. After a moment, he turns his gaze back to Levi, as though waiting for some explanation. Levi doesn’t give him one. He doesn’t know what an adequate explanation would be. Does he just tell him the truth and look like a crazy person with anger management issues? Is there a lie he can come up with that wouldn’t make him look like a crazy person with anger management issues?

“I … beg your pardon …” the man in the pool says eventually.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“You … didn’t mean to?”


“That was quite a firm shove for an accident.”

Levi grimaces, and then reluctantly says, “I thought you were someone else.”

“Ah. And what crime has this someone else committed that would warrant being pushed into a pool?” He’s treading water comfortably, and an amused little smile pulls up the corner of one lip. So at least he has a sense of humor.

At the man’s question, Levi’s eyes flick up to see if the sleazeball has noticed his embarrassing mistake. He has, of course. He’s on the other side of the pool, and his phone is out, snapping pictures. Levi scowls, and the sleazeball laughs.

The man in the pool glances over his shoulder to see what Levi is looking at. “Ah,” he says. “Him. I know all about him.” There’s disgust in his voice. “Would you like some help in getting him to leave you alone?”

“I don’t need your help.”

“I don’t doubt it, but I offer it anyway.”

Levi crouches by the pool. “What kind of help?”

The man swims to the pools edge. Then, with an impressive show of strength, he presses his hands onto the deck and lifts himself high enough to plant a kiss on Levi’s lips.

It doesn’t last long, but time seems to slow down while it does. His lips are wet and soft. His breath smells clean. There are definitely muscles outlined by his wet t-shirt.

Levi barely hears it when the man says, “He won’t bother you if he thinks you’re here with someone.” His heart is beating a bit too loud. When Levi looks at the sleazeball, he’s turning around with clear disappointment on his face.

“Thanks,” Levi deadpans.

The man floats to a spot a couple feet away from Levi and lifts himself out of the pool, and yup, those are muscles. Definitely muscles. He drips water all over Levi as he exits, and Levi’s pretty sure it’s on purpose.

“My pleasure,” he says.

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Can you do A-Z with Isaac if you can??

A = Aftercare 

Isaac is sweet and gentle, lovingly tending to any discomfort before wrapping you up in a cuddle

B = Body part 

Your mouth, he’s fallen over his own feet watching you chew a pen

C = Cum 

Isaac love to watch you swallow, it turns him on so badly his head spins

D = Dirty Secret
You could laugh and Isaac would get turned on! His fantasies about you are his dirty secret

E = Experience 

He isn’t the most experienced but he a quick learner

F = Favourite Position

Holding you in his arms while you ride him

G = Goofy

Sometimes Isaac’s playful and sometimes he’s not, it really depends on his mood

H = Hair 

The curtains most certainly match the drapes… curls and all ;)

I = Intimacy

Isaac is incredibly intimate, there isn’t an inch of skin that isn’t kissed or caressed once he’s done

J = Jack Off 

You’d been sent upstairs to see where Isaac had gone while the pack argued over dinner, you found him in his room with the door open a crack. You gasped when you realised what he was doing, locking eyes with him but neither you moved nor did he make any indication that he was going to stop. He came quietly to the sight of you watching him masturbate while you rubbed your thighs together and nibbled your bottom lip

K = Kink
Isaac has a praise kink, plus he’s a little partial to your hands running through his hair.

L = Location

Literally any place but a closet

M = Motivation 

Jealousy and sometimes possessiveness, other times he simply wants you to know he’d do anything to make you feel good

N = NO 

Small spaces, anything that requires small spaces is a definite no

O = Oral 

Isaac loves giving oral almost as much as he loves receiving it.

P = Pace If he’s in a bad mood or he’s stressed his pace is quick and a little rough, but if the moment is intimate he’s so slow you’re begging for more

Q = Quickie 

You and Isaac are forever sneaking off for a quickie, the bathroom, under the bleachers, empty hallways, you name it you’ve done it

R = Risk 

Isaac prefers to play it safe but if you ask he’ll give almost everything a go

S = Stamina 

There is very little that could tire this one out ;)

T = Toy

Isaac doesn’t have a toy, his hands are good enough, his fingers know exactly what to do.

U = Unfair 

Isaac likes to tease until you’re both desperate although more often than not his teasing leaves him hotter and more bothered than you.

V = Volume Isaac moans, pleads, bargains and howls so there is literally no hope of keeping your hook ups a secret

W = Wild Card 

Isaac accidentally discovering one of his kinks is tiying you up with his scarfs

X = X-Ray 

Therers a lot you can do with what Isaac’s got, he’s proven that :P

Y = Yearning 

He could go until he passes out and then probably a little more

Z = ZZZ 

If you only had one round he’ll stay up and cuddle you but more than five and he’s out for the count

Imagine your favorite turtle realizing that he’s in love with you. You’ve been friends for a while when he starts to feel differently.

Leo never really thought about relationships.
It has crossed his mind from time to time, but would never think about it too much. It’s hard to imagine anyone loving you when you’re a giant turtle who lives in the sewers.
But then he met you. And he truly felt that he had found someone who understood him completely. Someone he could relax and be himself around. Someone he could talk with for hours and never be bored with. He had just hung up the phone after making plans with you to meet up later. He leaned against the pillows and thought about the conversation when it hit himg
He was in love with you.
You were everything he had ever considered in a special other, a perfect match. He’d smile, feeling really happy and really nervous as well. Love was an entirely new thing and he wasn’t sure how to handle it.

Raphael had thought about love.
He has thought about getting married and having a little family. But every time he thought about it, He’d start to doubt himself. Who would marry him? Who would ever love a giant, angry turtle? He’d frown and feel stormy for the rest to the day.
You weren’t like anyone he’d ever known. You knew how to calm him down (gently or firmly) and make him feel safe. He’d could be goofy with you and vent if he needed to and you would listen. It was amazing, you were amazing.
He’d be on your balcony talking to you at night when he realized that he loved you. His smile would get all big and he’s be unable to look away.

Donnie doesn’t believe in love at first sight.
It just doesn’t make sense to him. But he knows that he felt something the moment he met you, something that made his heart race and his smile wide. At first, he assured himself that it was only a crush and therefore not a big deal. But after a while, he would start to doubt that theory. Asking himself questions and considering his feelings until he finally came to a conclusion:
He loved you. Of course he loved you, it made perfect sense. But did you love him? Where you sweet because you care or because you were only a friend? Or because you felt sorry for him?
He’d be nervous and would panic around you, trying to keep his cool and failing miserably.

Mikey liked you the moment you met.
You were funny and cool and super cute. He’d be his normal self, flirty and silly. You’d hang out a lot and he’d love it. He’d start to notice how he felt pretty early on. He’d think about holding and kissing you a lot and feel excited.
He’d act a little more flirty, a little more attentive. He’d sit close to and cherish the affection that you would show him. It wasn’t until he saw you hanging out with one of his brothers that he realized he was in love with you.

2P Ancients React To Other 2Ps

2P America

  • R: 2P america is quite annoying, but he does have good fashion tastes
  • G: I pity him, I mean, have you met his family?!

2P Canada

  • R: He’s too quiet for my tastes, his bears cool though
  • G: good kid, I like him

2P England

  • G: no, just no

2P France

  • R: great at choosing wine, terrible in everything else
  • G: he’s always bumming fags off of me

2P China

  • R: He made that cool wall, but he also is related to that Hun chick… I have conflicted feelings on him
  • G: As long as he keeps the Huns away I’m happy

2P Russia

  • R: I have no clue who he is
  • G: he’s very … sweet… but comes off scary

2P Belarus

  • R: why is she so happy!? Make her stop!!
  • G: She made me a flower crown…

2P Ukraine

  • R: great fuck, not so great person
  • G: what Rome said

2P Lithuania

  • R: how come he thinks he’s so strong? He can barely lift a gallon of milk
  • G: He made Klaus cry, he must be killed

2P Estonia

  • R: I can’t stop laughing at his name, I’m sorry. Egor von Bock! It’s hilarious
  • G: good child, if not boisterous

2P Latvia

  • R: he’s so small, like a puppy… I hate dogs
  • G: he reminds me of Lutz as a child, when he was angry

2P Italy

  • R: My perfect son
  • G: too… Stabby

2P Romano

  • R: I tried to make him a warrior, instead he became a policeman… A FASHION POLICE
  • G: He said I should do something with my hair

2P Spain

  • R: He’s fucking my eldest… If it will shut him up go for it
  • G: He makes good soups

2P Japan

  • R: his eyes creep me out
  • G: I like his tattoos, he actually gave me one

2P Germany

  • R: He makes Italy angry, I think… Italy is always angry so you can never tell
  • G: Where did I go wrong?

2P Prussia

  • R: I would say he is a cry baby but *looks at Germania, with Germany and Austria flanking him and Switzerland glaring from the background* I want to live
  • G: My little angel, deserves the world

2P Austria

  • R: I know I created Catholicism, but seriously… calm down satin
  • G: Roland was a hyper child, R: he ate a piano G: as I said, a hyper child

2P Switzerland

  • R: He makes good chocolate, or at least buys it
  • G: Why can’t he handle money responsibly? WHY!?!?1

2P Norway

  • R: isn’t Lokki the god of chaos? It fits him
  • G: He burned when he walked into a church, Even Austria doesn’t do that

2P Iceland

  • R: is his hair on fire?
  • G: HOW? *stares at the ocean which is now on fire*

2P Denmark

  • R: he’s so smart! he repeated one of my stories from memory!
  • G: Why couldn’t Germany or Austria be like that *slowly petting Klaus’s hair*

2P Sweden

  • R: He makes great muffins, but his husband is scary
  • G: I’m too scared of Lore to go near him

2P Finland

  • R: he shot me
  • G: *left*

lazilybreifhologram  asked:

Headcanon that Keith used to have nightmares while in the shack and he would cry himself to sleep. They came back while in the castle and every time Lance shows up to comfort him, he just climbs into his bed and hugs him while Keith cries, and he didn't even tell Lance about them, he just magically showed up, even on the first night they came back, he just somehow knew, it's like he had a 6th sense (probably because of his multiple younger siblings)


Lance just making it a habit to stay with keith at night so he would be there immediately if keith needed him

g a y