Imagine your favorite turtle realizing that he’s in love with you. You’ve been friends for a while when he starts to feel differently.

Leo never really thought about relationships.
It has crossed his mind from time to time, but would never think about it too much. It’s hard to imagine anyone loving you when you’re a giant turtle who lives in the sewers.
But then he met you. And he truly felt that he had found someone who understood him completely. Someone he could relax and be himself around. Someone he could talk with for hours and never be bored with. He had just hung up the phone after making plans with you to meet up later. He leaned against the pillows and thought about the conversation when it hit himg
He was in love with you.
You were everything he had ever considered in a special other, a perfect match. He’d smile, feeling really happy and really nervous as well. Love was an entirely new thing and he wasn’t sure how to handle it.

Raphael had thought about love.
He has thought about getting married and having a little family. But every time he thought about it, He’d start to doubt himself. Who would marry him? Who would ever love a giant, angry turtle? He’d frown and feel stormy for the rest to the day.
You weren’t like anyone he’d ever known. You knew how to calm him down (gently or firmly) and make him feel safe. He’d could be goofy with you and vent if he needed to and you would listen. It was amazing, you were amazing.
He’d be on your balcony talking to you at night when he realized that he loved you. His smile would get all big and he’s be unable to look away.

Donnie doesn’t believe in love at first sight.
It just doesn’t make sense to him. But he knows that he felt something the moment he met you, something that made his heart race and his smile wide. At first, he assured himself that it was only a crush and therefore not a big deal. But after a while, he would start to doubt that theory. Asking himself questions and considering his feelings until he finally came to a conclusion:
He loved you. Of course he loved you, it made perfect sense. But did you love him? Where you sweet because you care or because you were only a friend? Or because you felt sorry for him?
He’d be nervous and would panic around you, trying to keep his cool and failing miserably.

Mikey liked you the moment you met.
You were funny and cool and super cute. He’d be his normal self, flirty and silly. You’d hang out a lot and he’d love it. He’d start to notice how he felt pretty early on. He’d think about holding and kissing you a lot and feel excited.
He’d act a little more flirty, a little more attentive. He’d sit close to and cherish the affection that you would show him. It wasn’t until he saw you hanging out with one of his brothers that he realized he was in love with you.

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