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Music Auditions are open!

We’ve had a lot of people ask us about music– whether we’d eventually be auditioning for musicians, if auditions were opened/closed, etc. Due to all the interest, we’ve decided to open music auditions a little early!

Audition requirements:

For those who can COMPOSE music: 

We would like to hear you compose an alternate piece of music for Aradia going god tier. Think anime transformation sequence. A minute+ of music should cut it. When you’re finished, please export it as an MP3 (because that takes up a lot less of our file space) and send it in, either to our email (preferred) or to our submit box.

For those who can PLAY music (but don’t necessarily compose it):

We’ve actually had several people tell us that they can play an instrument in particular, but they don’t generally write music. Since it would be awesome to include actual instrument work in our score, we’re opening an audition for all of you too. What we need you to do is prove to us that a. you have an instrument that you can play fairly well and b. you have a way to record yourself playing and have it sound good. Send us the files in the same way.

Feel free to send in extra examples of your work if you wish, but you must include an audition piece to be considered. Thank you very much, and we’ll be excited to hear your work!

(When we have a deadline set, we will post it here. Thank you!)

We're finally getting some concept artist emails sent out!

This is proving to be a little difficult because a lot of auditions were submitted to the group and we’re having a hard time finding them. The delay in getting to this point didn’t help, and that’s our bad and we don’t want anyone to miss out on their response due to that.


If you submitted an audition via the tumblr, please send us an email at homestuckanime@gmail.com and remind us of who you are. We can easily get back to you then!

If you’ve sent us an email back in the day stating your interest but never got around to sending in the audition, we may still be interested in seeing those. While we’ve filled our quota for this position the time being, we’d still like to see the work of those who took the initiative in contacting us. Thank you!