I did an art trade with the talented and loverly Jessie! It took a while to decide on who to draw since all of her characters are super awesome


I was suckered in by big blue/green bear claws

and swirly eyes


and poofy hurr


Design trade with Emily! \o/

She wanted something with wings and I wanted to draw something tropical and colorful so THERE YA GO

I’m sorry the position I put her wings in hides a lot of her body but all it’s really covering up is her yellow tank-top and her brown skirt. The feathers under her tail are the same colors as the inside of her wings. 

I refer to her as a girl and drew her to resemble one but, she’s your character now and you can change her gender or appearance as you see fit!

I don’t really have any idea what she is species-wise though sorry jdfbhfvhjsvdf

Anyway! I hope you like her, Emily! c:

art and concept © Red-Hime (me)

(by the way if you aren’t following Emily you totally should because she’s amazing and her art is amazing just sayin’)

Okay here we go I’m actually finally giving this speed-painting thing a try

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now so I’m gonna try and do at least one of these a day

because I really really need to practice backgrounds more (among other things)

For my first one I’m…actually fairly pleased with the outcome c:


Work, the holidays, and exhaustion has put me out of commission for the past two months but I’m back and here are those finished sketch requests! I apologize for the wait!

Toothless for spookyscaryspoopy


Magical Witch Girl Grape/Lupe for grapealicious

(Everyone should check out their blogs if they haven’t for they are cool peeps. Just sayin’)

There are two slots left for anyone who might still be interested!

Also, it’s belated but I hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! \owo/ 

WIP of BurstWave’s ref

I am really super happy with how this is coming out so far! I’m putting a lot of effort into it and it’s taken several days and I’m trying really hard to be more patient with myself and add more shading and highlights and details and I think I’m doing pretty okay so far!

I really want to finish this but I need to sleep I’m opening the store tomorrow jsdbfhsdvf