You know what’s really sad tho. It’s how more than half of the bleach fandom failed to see how beautiful Orihime’s love for Ichigo really was. She loved him so gracefully and so honestly. It was the pure and innocent love of a teenage girl. It’s sad to see people say that she was obsessed or had a ‘hero complex’ for him. They just ignore the time when he actually didn’t have his powers and how she trained hard(even tho combat was somehing she did not prefer) so she could protect him until he got his power back and loved him all the same. She never stalked him and didn’t ask him any questions even when she felt something was wrong with him. She was so happy when he finally let her help in his fight against Ywach. She never wanted to depend on him. Only to help him. Also this is not just for Ichigo, she loved all her friends so much. How her knees gave up when Ulquiorra showed her projections of her friends getting injured. How she beat the door when she felt Rukia was hurt. This girl even though soft natured, molded herself to react according to the situation. Carried her dying older brother to the clinic at just 12 years old. Slapped someone for probably the first time in her life because he insulted her friends. Kept trying to heal the love of her life even when told that he was dead, all the while shielding Uryuu. Injuring Ginjo because he wouldn’t let her finish healing Ichigo, but healing the same wound she gave him later on. In short, ORIHIME HAD A HEART OF GOLD. Orihime was Orihime. She was not Masaki, Rukia and most definitely not her mother. So it’s not fair for her to be compared to other women and the best part is Ichigo knew that. He knew it all along. He might not have let his feelings for her get to him since he was a stupid grouch LOL but there was no one else he would have chosen to spend the rest of his life with. It was all there. The way he looked at her. Softly with his puppy eyes. Triggered at the thought of her being hurt. Extra cautious about her feelings. So please don’t twist their characters and make them into people they’re not e.g. cheaters and manipulators.


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