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Here’s a non-translation in celebration!

…To unite all demons within their nation! To explore the concept of lust without love! To shoot (and miss) for the stars above! Chikage! Sen-hime! Kazama, find Sen in the dead of night! Seduce her now or prepare to fight! Meow, that’s right!

Yeah, case in point: I have no idea why you guys keep me around.

Woho, long awaited, long awaited.

Like before, the cast is Hikaru, Ukyou, Kaname, Iori, Louis, and Fuuto. To be honest, UKYOU is the funnier of all the brothers, I think. Because he is usually so, so sooooo serious in front of Ema, we can never guess that he actually… well, this silly little adorable thing… cough… sorry…

Anyway, there will be a lot of errors so please forgive me

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I definitely couldn’t pass it by.


ore no chi wo nome onna oni
junketsu no chi wo uketore
sono mi ni nagashikomeba
hokori torimodoseru hazu

My attempt at translation:

drink my blood, demon woman,
receive this blood of a pure-blooded,
if we pour it into your body,
you should become able to regain your pride.

graugestreift  asked:

Could you discuss Persona Evolutions, please? I’ve only played P4G, although I know that the IT have regressed back to using their initial Persona forms in P4U2. What is the relation between the initial and subsequent forms of a Persona in terms of the user’s personal development? I’d love to hear your take on the design and mythos here, especially why the Personas transform into what seems like a completely different character (ex. from Konohana Sakuya to Amataseru). Thank you!

Oh wow, this should be a large one… Do you mind if I limit this to just the IT? If I tackled every single Persona User there has been, I’d end up writing a 40 pages paper. X_X

OK, first of all, Personas names and forms reflect  how the Persona User presents themselves to others, how they want to be seen, as well as how others see them. Them being based on figures from stories and mythology is due to these things being encoded into various archetypes, additionally to their Arcana. OK, now, let’s get started:

Yu Narukami: 

Both of his main Personas are Izanagi, the father deity of all of Japan, the primal masculine aspect of Japanese mythology. Aside from this being necessary to the game’s backstory and symbolism, it also plays a lot into the protagonist’s character design: In the Artbook, Soejima stated that the design goal for the protagonist was to design “THE man”, someone very masculine and powerful, contrasting with P3′s protagonist’s design. This is furthered even more with the cod-piece (”Groin Guard”) in Izanagi’s design; Codpieces were frequent symbols of masculinity in European Feudalism. This plays very much into the father archetype in Jungian psychology, which is regarded to be the absolute of masculinity. Yu also plays a father role to pretty much all of his Social Links, listening to their problems and bringing rule and order into them, thus helping them resolve them.

His Ultimate Persona is Izanagi-no-Ookami, which is exactly the same figure as just Izanami… Except with the title “Ookami”, meaning “Great God” added to it. Given that the Persona Evolution happens right after Izanami asks Yu if he was trying to become a god in rage, the symbolism here is pretty clear: Yu has become a rebel to the divine order, placed himself above that which is divine, has become and enlightened with truth and thus “divine” himself. The entire thematic of Persona 4 is aimed towards helping the characters find their place in the world while also not allowing themselves to be stifled and subdued by its order and rules, but rather using them to their advantage. It plays into Nietzsche’s concept of the “Übermensch”, and I think that’s pretty much what adding “Ookami” to the title of Yu’s Persona is supposed to symbolize. He’s the Übermensch, his own god. He doesn’t need to fear the truth, because he can face it bravely and use it to his advantage. 

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(Akagami no Shirayuki-hime) 【Chapter Translation】 Akizuki Sorata - Anime DVD Vol. 1 Omake

A little pause in the midst of their journey…

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Here’s a surprise omake translation, which was brought to me by blue-medley. (Thanks again! :D) This short occurs after their first ordeal with Raji, with the party on their journey back to Wistal. A lovely trip down memory lane, if you ask me. x3

Japanese Raws are HERE.

A single slash ‘/’ sign means that the dialogue is from another bubble that is joint with the previous one. Double slashes ‘//’ refer to dialogues that are from bubbles completely detached from the previous one. The brackets ‘()’ are for the small text that floats around the bubbles or the characters, or their thoughts. The asterisk ‘*’ refers to an action done by the character. ‘[]’ basically refers to my comments.

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Translation of one of Ruki’s scenarios

Yui: “…………”
Yui: (…… Sorry.)
Yui: (If I hadn’t found you, you probably wouldn’t have died…)
Yui: (Sorry……)
Yui: “…………”
Yui: “…………”
Ruki: “…… Why, are you crying?”
Yui: “……… Ruki……-kun?”
Ruki: “Living a life deprived from freedom and in pain instead of dying… Yet you are saying it is better to be alive?”
Yui: “…… I don’t know. But, once you die, nothing will remain.”
Yui: “If you live, there might be hope.”
Ruki: “…………”
Ruki: “…… Crying like this, thinking like this, how can you do that even though you are Eve?”
Ruki: “…… Or―”
Yui: “Ruki-kun……?”
Ruki: “…………”
Ruki: “Stay like this.”

Scan can be found here.

Feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes!



For a day like this, don’t you think you should be my hot-water bottle?

Harada: 「何してんの。 ほら、早く。 手、かしなよ」

What are you doing? quicjky, give me your hand.

Kondo: 「こっちに来なさい。今夜は寒いから、俺がお嬢さんの布団になるよ」

Come here. Because tonight is cold, I will be ojou-san’s futon/blanket.

:Hijikata: 「寒いなら、共に寝るか? 言っておくが、今日だけだぞ」

If feels cold, then how about sleep together? I’ll tell you, its only for today.

Heisuke:「折角だから今日は一日中くっついて過ごそうぜ? なぁ、いいだろ?」

Because already like this, why not we spending together all day? Its good right?

Shinpachi: 「小鳥ちゃん、おいで。ぎゅってしてあげる♥」

Odori-chan, come here. I will give you a hug.

Saitou: 「寒い……。もっと近くにこい」

Its cold…hey come closer.

Yamazaki: 「貴女をこうして抱きしめるだけで、僕は体中が熱くなります」

When hugging you like this, my body become feels warm.

This is a tweet about Citrus, posted by the official twitter account of the Yuri Hime magazine.

Loosely translated, this says:

“A Citrus PV is in production right now. More information will follow when the third volume is released on 18th November.”

I don’t wanna be the one spreading false rumors, but this might be something all Citrus fans have been waiting for.                            Reading something about a PV sounds like something connected to an anime adaptation…
Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but this looks suspicious.