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Here’s Shiorin dressed for a photoshoot we had for the July issue of Modern Luxury’s SF Magazine.  After the shoot, we went to the Coffee Bar! Everyone wore a different subset of Japanese fashion. Shiorin dressed in the classic Liz Lisa style with a sweet floral headband. (◡‿◡✿)

❥Hime gyaru (also known as Hime kei) is one of the more over the top and also one of the most expensive style of dress of all of the categories.

❥The Hime style is largely based on the Rococo era.

❥They wear dresses or skirts in pink or other pastels with lots of lace and bows. Rose patterns, pearls and crown motifs are also very common.

❥Headpieces range from large bow clips with pearls to rose accents, while the hair is either bleached, poofed up in a bouffant at the top and curled or a wig/extensions are worn.

❥ The make-up style has even more exaggerated eyes than the typical gyaru with thick eyelashes, heavy eyeliner and the use of jewels.

❥Hime gyaru does not only include clothes, but many girls see it as a way of life and make or buy custom-made decor for their homes.

❥The style blossomed in the early 2000s but has since declined or turned more casual (this version is referred to as hime kajii), even if the old one is still present.

Not to be confused with Lolita fashion.


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