Boyfriend Guanlin

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  • !!!!!!
  • my boyfriend 
  • would be extremely shy while trying to confess to you
  • plays with his fingers, sweats, blushes, stutters, gets his words mixed up
  • just a complete mess while trying to tell you how he feels for you
  • but once he finally lets those 3 words out and you accept him, life takes a wonderful turn
  • s w a g g y boyfriend
  • “y/n, do you think i look swaggy today?” he asks every time you guys go out
  • makes you listen to his mixtapes
  • constantly makes you watch pentagon vids with him
  • dies over pentagon, especially wooseok, more than you
  • you could catch him dancing to ‘gorilla’ in his room
  • cold to other girls but a sweetheart towards you
  • helps you study
  • gets distracted by you while you guys are studying
  • “ugh y/n how am i supposed to help you study when you’re being this beautiful!”
  • relay races
  • you’d be running in front of him, about to win, but he’d grab you from behind and pull you into a tight hug
  • but that’d be his way of distracting you from winning before he eventually cuts in front of you and wins your guys’s little race
  • falls asleep while you guys are texting/calling
  • eats 6 meals a day
  • forehead kisses
  • sneaks out of his house at 12 am just to buy you snacks from the store 
  • can’t cook to save his life
  • you’d have to teach him how to cook
  • it’d be a struggle though, he’s difficult to teach
  • most of his gifts for you are diy
  • makes you a bracelet that’s made out of gummies
  • makes you a scrapbook of all of the photos you and him took together
  • burns himself with the hot glue gun while trying to glue the photos in
  • learns how to cook just so he can make you meals everyday
  • would lose in an arm wrestling contest between you two
  • not the strongest guy to ever exist lol
  • he’d be really insecure and ask you if he’s even good enough
  • you kiss his dimples
  • and eyebags !!
  • and ofc lips
  • g u m m y smile
  • laughs awkwardly
  • scratches the back of his neck when he’s nervous
  • cries when you don’t text or call him back
  • clings onto his pillow while he waits for you to text/call him
  • the type to scroll through your old messages and smile at all of them
  • matching pink sweaters
  • matching sweats
  • looks tired all the time
  • fights any guy that tries to take you away from him
  • or at least tries to fight
  • he’s not very strong but he’ll at least tell the dude to back off
  • doesn’t say how he’s feeling
  • but when he does, he’s an emotional wreck
  • lies his head on your lap while you play with his hair
  • has over 1,000+ songs on his phone but only listens to 5 
  • shares earbuds with you
  • takes you to taiwanese restaurants
  • makes you try all of his favorite taiwanese foods
  • is always confused
  • lost
  • never understands what’s going on
  • poker face
  • you have to explain the same thing to him over 10 times before he gets it
  • if he doesn’t understand a question that you’re asking, he’ll just shrug and change the subject
  • memes memes memes
  • eskimo kisses
  • awkward hand holding
  • you guys would be such a weird couple-
  • ship linlin lmao

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Hi, could you do headcanons for Sidon with s/o who's seems aloof but is actually quite shy and sweet and finally opens up to him, please? :)

Headcanon; Sidon and his clam-S/O who opens to him

  • He doesn’t understand why you’re so reserved
  • So sweet in his eyes, but so hard to read
  • He wants to know everything
  • Won’t tell him
  • Spends all the time in the world working on you, to get you to open up
  • “You can tell me anything, just so you know”
  • Realizes/finds out S/O is a sweet little cupcake but SO SHY
  • Finally does it
  • Is like a happy puppy to FINALLY have you be open and honest with him
  • dying over kindness of S/O
  • “I did it! I did it!”
  • He’s proud of himself and S/O

~Mod Zelda

Sansûkh dictionary

So because I’m a huge fan of @determamfidd‘s fic Sansûkh I’ve been trying to keep an accurate record of all the Sindarin, Khuzdul and even Black Speech that has shown up in the fic so far in order to have an easily accessible dictionary on hand at all times. Which is what this is.

Still, do tell me if I’m missing some word and/or phrase because there’s a lot of them and I have no doubt that could happen. Also I am exhausted. This was a lot of work plus emotions from the most recent chapter so I’m just gonna drop dead now, if you don’t mind.

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