D-30: Countdown to Himchan’s Special Day - The Musician

“The high school I wanted to enroll in had a major for percussions, so I changed my major. If I think about it, the amount of practice I put into preparing for enrollment was equivalent to the practice I did prior to B.A.P’s debut. Each day, I’d just practice for ten hours. It wasn’t an easy task changing majors (laughs). For six months in my third year of junior high, it was a really difficult time but I had no thoughts of quitting traditional Korean music. Although it was difficult, what got me through it was the thought of being able to repay my parents in being able to get into a good university.” ©


D-23: Countdown to Himchan’s Special Day - The Filial Son

“Mom and dad, do you remember the letter I wrote to you 2 years ago? Although I don’t find right now to be that time, I know that it’s a start and I will show you that side of me I promised so please wait for me. It’s because this mischievous son of yours wants to do something good for you. I love you, and I love you." 


D-6: Countdown to Himchan’s Special Day - The Chef

“I’m in charge of being the ‘mom’ of the group. Since I was younger, I learned cooking when I would look over my family’s shoulders so I have a bit of cooking skills. With the ingredients we have in our dorm, I’ll cook for the other members often. I made a jjigae (stew) that was similar to soybean paste jjigae by tossing in ingredients like peppers, ssamjang (a mix of hot pepper paste & soybean paste), tofu, zucchini, etc. and the members said it was my best cooking and it made me happy to see them eat it so deliciously.”

Credits: BAP-IN-MOTION @ TUMBLR (SOURCE) ; Translation by HEODANG @ TUMBLR ©