D-30: Countdown to Himchan’s Special Day - The Musician

“The high school I wanted to enroll in had a major for percussions, so I changed my major. If I think about it, the amount of practice I put into preparing for enrollment was equivalent to the practice I did prior to B.A.P’s debut. Each day, I’d just practice for ten hours. It wasn’t an easy task changing majors (laughs). For six months in my third year of junior high, it was a really difficult time but I had no thoughts of quitting traditional Korean music. Although it was difficult, what got me through it was the thought of being able to repay my parents in being able to get into a good university.” ©


D-7: Countdown to Himchan’s Special Day - The Driven Trainee

“Truthfully speaking, I did Korean traditional music ever since I was younger. And during that time, I started liking African-American music, but whenever I was casted on the streets when I was younger, I would immediately say I wouldn't do it. However, I suddenly thought, ‘Let’s experience various things and have fun living because it’s a life you only live once with’. That’s how I was also able to go through with my trainee life.”

Credits: Blue Hyun (SOURCE) ; Translation by: hyejin @ TSUndercover

 D-19: Countdown to Himchan’s Special Day - The Unmasked

Q: “Your flaw?”
Himchan: “You can see it right in my face and that’s being honest. Although I do think that I want to remain as an honest person, I just wish at times I can maintain a poker face. There are times where my emotions show exactly on my face.”

Translations by YUMI @ TS-ASIAN (Jap to Kor) & HEODANG @ TUMBLR (Kor to Eng) ©

D-27: Countdown to Himchan’s Special Day - Idol in the Limelight

“They say that in order to succeed, you have to lose just as much, and essentially I did have to give up a lot. First off, I can’t go to school and how hard it is meeting up with friends. Before I was in preparation to become an idol artist, I honestly thought that celebrities had it easy but experiencing it for myself, it was truly a difficult task.”

Credits: BNTWNEWS (SOURCE) ; Translation by HEODANG @ TUMBLR ©