alright so i hope that got your attention -chuckles-

the name is Himchan and the thing is that i’m new here. I’m looking for someone to talk to and hang out with. I’m a crazy person who loves coffee and music also I’m the visual in B.A.P. If you don’t want to talk to me i understand but please reblogg this so people will notice me. thank you for your time bye! -blows kisses and waves-


I think I should’ve had done this a while ago. Do any of you guys know how hard the idol life is? How we get judged at anythin’, at any mistakes. I’m tired of it. Aha, yes “the loof” thing was funny at first, but now it turned into a joke, so unbearable that I had to re-record my part in Hurricane. Yes, I’ve misspelled somethin’ on Instagram, but please do understand english is not my mother tongue, and who doesn’t inverse two letters when they write sometimes? We’re humans, not machines. We aren’t perfect. I hate bein’ made fun of. I take a selca, people call me a “white trash girl”, I say somethin’ then people misinterpret it. It’s tiring. 

Another thing I’d like to point out is how I’ve been lately called useless. People even said that my group would be better without me, that I don’t have any lines anyway and it’s not like presence really matters. Those comment hurts, I read them all. How would if feel if we rip one of your limbs? It would hurt right? It’s the same thing if we remove one of our member. We are a group. B.A.P consists of 6 people, and it will forever be. I am a multi-instrumentalist, a loud mouth and the back bone of B.A.P. I am the naggy eomma who cares for his dongsaengs and his hyung. I make sure everyone’s in a good mood, I try to make everyone laugh, even if inside I’m broken beyond belief. I often replace Yongguk in his leader role when he’s too tired. I make sure Jongup get screen time durin’ interviews and make him talk, allow him to express himself.

Lastly, the last subject I’d like to discuss, is how people automatically assume that we, I speak on behalf of all of my twins, are all vain and sassy. That we care ‘bout our face more than anythin’. I’ve talked with a few, and most of them told me they’ve never got any compliments, why? Because again, people assume that we get those kinds of compliments everyday or comments like “Oh, but you already know that”. No, we don’t know, no we don’t get those often, if not at all. I’ve only been told sweet things by my noona and the one I care the most 'bout. Please try to get to know us, before assumin’ things. Of course I can joke 'bout my face and be a sarcastic fucktard and say “Oh yes, isn’t my face the prettiest of them all?”. But I’m jokin’. -sighs- I bet most of you won’t even read this…

Usually, I’m never in this kind of mood, but it had to be said. Thank you for those of you who took the time to read it all. -bows-.

Opposites Attract || Song Juhee & Kim Himchan

It has been a while since Juhee could just do nothing. Even though her job was relaxing and didin’t require much physical exercise, having to focus on one cake or pastry was tiring, especially for her brain and her eyes. Now that there were a few employees who she trusted enough to leave them in charge of the bakery for a short while, she had more time to do whatever she wanted, which, in her case, meant doing nothing productive.

She wandered around the city, walking as far as her feet would take her. She liked going to random places and looking at the things she had never encountered before. Each day she went to some place new, there was always more to learn.

A cozy-looking cafe caught her attention. It wasn’t extremely big, but it gave a warm feeling. There were a few customers in there, which, in a way, proves that the stuff isn’t terrible.

She always found her bakery similar compared to some cafe’s. It was probably why she liked to go around to see the nearby cafe’s– she could learn how to improve the taste of the food of her own little store.

She walked towards the clean glass door and pushed it open slightly before walking in, stepping aside so that other customers could walk in while she was waiting to be seated.