himchan you are thoughtful when you try


- you get very jealous


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He doesn’t seem like the type of person to like being too close or being touched by people he doesn’t know extremely well so without hesitation, because it’d be uncomfortable for him, he would just try to get away from the situation quickly without your jealousy being in thought. Once you got involved though he would probably just let you handle it, only making sure you don’t go too far with it since he knew how you got. When the situation subsided he would hold your hips and kiss you gently, just calming you down and reassuring you that you’re the only one he has eyes for, he would say it with a smile though due to him being kind of shy and liking that you care that much about him.

“Calm down, jagiya, you’re the only one I have eyes for.”


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Himchan would give the person flirting with him an odd stare as they touched him, he seems like he’d be clueless on the touchy feely thing, but once they started flirting verbally he tried to get them to back off fast.  Once you came over and gave him and whoever his was with that look he’d take a deep breath, knowing that when you get jealous - you get jealous. His main thing would to be to get you away from the person who had made you upset but you could do that by yourself and you most certainly would let that person know who he belongs to. He would just look at you and play along with you, wrapping his arms around your waist trying to be playful to lighten your mood.

“You are something else…”


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Daehyun doesn’t seem to be the most confrontational person so I think he would attempt to distract you from the obnoxious flirting from the stranger. He would definitely hug you and tell you how beautiful you are but if that didn’t work out he would try to get you away from the situation or get the flirt to give you two some space. I feel like he would be a bit touchy as well, holding your waist and hips, hugging and kissing you, just doing anything to get your focus solely on him. He is also probably going to tease you about you jealousy once you’ve calmed a bit.

“Babe, you’re so cute…you’re so protective over your handsome oppa.”


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This one is kind of hard for me. He comes off as someone who might get annoyed with jealousy, especially if you jealousy was very strong. He wouldn’t see the point in you getting so worked up about a person that meant nothing to him so he might just wave you off. If you got really worked up he would gently touch on your thigh or a sensitive part of you and whisper how much he hated when you got upset.

“Aish, calm down you know they aren’t anybody important.”


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Another tough one…I kind of feel like he would find jealousy attractive on you and kind of liked when you got railed up. When you got mad with the person touching and flirting with him he would have to hide a smirk as you told them off about how he was yours and so on. He would back hug you and make the person walk away or be another one to get you away from that person.

“Jagiya, let me show you who I belong to…”


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Zelo, Zelo, Zelo… This boy would not know what to do with himself from the moment that person started flirting until the moment you made that asshole run away crying. He would just let you do what you felt was necessary for that situation. He would watch carefully always ready to pull you away if a fight were to break out. He’s the type to just let you do you and then go up to you and ask if everything was okay or what he could do to make you feel better.

“Jagi, you want a hug?”

Zelo - Homecoming

Anon request for football player Zelo confessing to you at the game! The requester also asked he have the blond curls. This could apply to college or high school (but was written more with high school in mind) I hope you enjoy this fluff! - Admin Em

Warnings: None

“_________________!” A cheerful voice says as someone settles in the seat in front of you.

“Hey Junhong,” you muse as you close your book and look up at him. “Finish your reading or did the guys drag you away for homecoming rituals?”

He chuckles at you. “We don’t have rituals.”

“So you just naturally spring one of your curls ten times before every game? Daehyun naturally has to pat Jongup’s butt four times? Yongguk and Himchan always have to chest bump?”

A small blush creeps up his face. “You’ve seen that?”

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Youngjae: Once when I was little, I claimed it was a teachers’ work day so I wouldn’t have to go to school but mom’s not an idiot so of course it didn’t work, but when we got to the school, we found it WAS a teachers’ work day and that made me think I had superpowers so I started trying to kill classmates with my mind to confirm the theory.

Himchan: You thought you had superpowers, so you immediately attempted to murder everyone?

Youngjae: Go big or go home.

Drowning In Him // Himchan

Request: Can you pls write a himchan drabble/one shot about a night when him and his gf cuddle /make out and she has a pretty rough time but himchan is sweet and greasy? Ty soooo much, love and kisses!!!!!!

Author’s Note: I know you asked for a drabble/one shot, but once I got into it, I couldn’t make it short. I’m sorry! I hope you still like it anon!

Word Count: 2,132

Rating: Fluff and really light Smut

Scenario: Himchan x Reader

“There’sthis spot on that hill over there that has the best view of the sunset over thecity. We have to end the date watching it. It’d be perfect, don’t you think?”

Himchan was staring up at the sky talking before gently rolling his face to the side to exchange glances with you. Walking hand and hand through the nearby park, it seemed like a perfect end to your date. The whole idea of having a boyfriend was still fresh in your mind and even though you and Himchan had been in a serious relationship for almost a year, he was putting all his efforts into making you as comfortable as possible while you were with him. Not being one that showed affection easily, Himchan never forced love from you too much, especially in public, but the past few hours leading into the evening seemed different than they usually did. He was constantly reaching for your hand to lace his fingers with yours and grabbing your waist to pull you closer. It was like he was signaling to everyone that, “This girl is mine.” It felt like a declaration of love and for some reason, these small gestures weren’t bothering you at all.

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B.A.P Reaction: Their crush/best friend walk in on them masterbating

Thank you for the request, hope you enjoy(:


He would quickly cover himself up. In his struggle of trying to cover himself up he might fall off the bed and injured himself.

“Are you okay?” You would ask

“Fine, I’m fine. Can we please forget this happened?”


He’d freeze, and so would you. He would turn as red as a tomato though.

“I can explain.”


He’d quickly pull up his pants, blushing like a fool.

“That wasn’t what it looked like!” He would claim as you hear the moans from the porn he was watching. “Okay, maybe it was.”


He’d cover himself up with the nearest thing possible, looking rather nervous.

“Haven’t you ever heard of knocking? I mean, it’s rude to just walk in on a man.”


He’d basically scream when he sees you walk in, throwing himself off the bed to his his lower region.

“What are you doing here?”

You’d be covering your eyes. “I thought tonight was movie night. I’m so sorry!”


An awkward silence would fall between the two of you, both unsure of what to say. You were frozen in place at the door. Eventually he’d find his voice.

“I-Uh.” He’d pull the blanket over himself, trying to hide his boner. “I’m sorry. Please don’t tell the guys. This is really embarrassing”

B.A.P Youngjae 'The Things He Wants'

Anonymous asked: When you fall asleep for Youngjae!

A/N: Not gonna lie, I’m a bit rusty at drabbles peeps, for reasons. But hopefully this won’t be too bad until I shake the rust off. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here

It didn’t hit him until you were quiet during one of the funniest parts of the movie that something might be up. You’d been snuggled into his shoulder since the movie started so he’d made a conscious effort not to flail about as much when something amused him. Glancing down he saw your eyelashes resting on your cheeks, face relaxed and showing no emotion. You were asleep.

And on the inside Youngjae squealed like a 12 year old girl getting a pony for her birthday.

His breathing picked up. There was no room in his chest for air because his heart had swollen to fill the whole space. At least that’s what it felt like anyway. His face and ears warmed and he bit his lip to keep quiet. Not wanting to wake you he tried to calm himself and assess the situation.

This was a first for him. Yet something that had been much longed for, even if he would admit it to no one but himself. During long nights away on tour it had practically become a bedtime ritual to daydream before drifting off. Showered and drained from the show, but unable to sleep, he’d lie there thinking about all the things he wanted when he’d finally be able to be in a relationship. And yes, he knew he’d idealized things but that was the romantic in him. He couldn’t help it.

He wanted to spoil someone. He wanted to give flowers and trinkets and ask about their day. He dreamed of being the perfect, charming boyfriend who always looked out for his love and kept them from harm. And in that vein he wanted them to feel safe and comfortable with him. He needed to be trusted. And what could show more trust than letting yourself sleep next to someone? It made Youngjae really feel for the first time that you two were actually together. A couple.

A boyfriend. He was a boyfriend. He knew it was irrational to quantify your relationship by such ambiguous actions. But the grin splitting his face as he peered down at you begged to differ.

His legs started to bounce from excitement and he wanted to get up and run around the room yelling at the top of his voice. Pulling a ‘Dae’ as he called it. But that wouldn’t do. He wanted this moment to stretch as long as possible. His only regret was that his phone was in his back pocket and there was no way he could get to it without disturbing you.

He wanted a keepsake. Something to remember the moment forever. Most importantly he wanted proof to rub in Dae’s face. He knew his best friend was going to be so jealous. He couldn’t wait to tell him even if he got mocked for it. It’d just be proof that Dae was bitter, anyway. And currently didn’t have someone using him as a pillow. No, Himchan didn’t count.

So when the movie he was no longer paying attention to ended he started it again in an attempt to make the moment last. Settling back into the deep couch he gazed at you while you slept, trying to etch your image into his brain for those nights he was gone. Memorizing the slope of your nose, the softness of a cheek, the fullness of your lips. He wanted to spend hours kissing those lips…

Abruptly he realized that chain of thought wasn’t going to do him any favors. So lightly he kissed the top of your head, made himself as comfortable as he could and thought of how to make Daehyun’s life miserable as he gloated over the next few days.  

When He's Jealous of Another Member (Zelo)

AN: Requested by miyhang, I am really really really sorry for the long wait and this is probably not what you wanted. When you said Zelo as the oppa, I totally forgot that girls call their older brothers oppa too and I didn’t know which one you want so I just went with him being your boyfriend.

If you meant it as Zelo being you brother then please tell me and I’ll write another scenario for you, sorry again ><

He doesn’t know how long he can take this anymore.

You’re his girlfriend. His girl.

And yet, here you were, laughing your ass off with Daehyun.

Zelo sat there beside you on the couch with his arms crossed over his chest and a frown on his face as you continued to talk with Daehyun, completely forgetting that the reason you came to the dorm was to see him, your boyfriend.

“______, let’s go out. It’s been a while since we went on a date.” He said, poking your shoulder but he didn’t receive any response so he decided to poke you again. “______.” Another poke. “Baby.” Poke. “Yah, don’t ignore me.”

You sighed and looked at your whiny boyfriend, “What is it Jun Hong?” he tried not to show his annoyance that you haven’t been listening to him at all and put on a smile. “Let’s go on a date! We can go watch that new movie you’ve been dying to watch!”

Biting your bottom lip, you looked up at the ceiling. “About that…I kind of, watched it already.”

Zelo blinked, “What?”

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B.A.P reaction when you try to scare them

Yongguk: *Probably would get scared, c’mon look at this* 

Himchan: *Would get scared but would act like nothing happened* Nice try, maybe next i will get scared

Daehyun: *Would get scared and then he would laugh at himself*  “I didn’t expect that from you”

Youngjae: *Nope, he probably wouldn’t get scared*  “You thought this can scare me?”

 Jongup: *50/50* “But why would you that that, it’s not funny to scare people*

Zelo: *He would* “Hey, I’m watching you right now, so you can’t scare anymore*

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Can you do a YoungLo/BangJae fic based off this gifset? yasuis(.)tumblr(.)com/post/77933176381/its-like-yongguk-calling-youngjae-cute-and There are so many ways this could go, so I'm just gonna leave it to you wonderful, talented authors to decide where to take it. Thanks in advance! :D

Admin Feathers told me it is your B-Day today, so I moved your request to the top ^_^ I really hope you like it and THANK YOU so much for the amazing compliments >///< Hope you like it~! <3

Ah! so the gif set this is based off of for everyone: , umm also maybe this one? 

Consequences of a Bad Habit

                Zelo was making his way from the kitchen to the living room after grabbing a quick snack. He was slightly dancing to the music flowing from his earphones and when inspiration hit he stopped walking to do a more complicated dance movement. Once the section was done Zelo smiled and was about to continue on walking but Youngjae was now blocking his way.

                Before Zelo could ask if he needed anything, Youngjae got on his toes to give Zelo a peck on the cheek.

                “Hyung!” Zelo clapped his hand to his cheek.

                Youngjae laughed. “You are just too cute sometimes. Just be thankful I’m not biting you!”

                “You wouldn’t actually bite me, would you?” Zelo asked feeling skeptical.

                Youngjae put his hands up, acting like they were claws. “You better run Zelo or I might just attack you.”

                “Youngjae Hyung…” Zelo took a step back, not sure if the older boy was teasing him or not.

                “Too cute.” Youngjae chuckled. He feigned a jump forward and Zelo stumbled back and started to run towards the couch. “Now I have to chase you!” Youngjae groaned, but ended with a smile.

                They started running around the living room, into the kitchen, and around the dining table. Zelo’s long legs kept him ahead of Youngjae, but Youngjae was clever enough to always block the hallway that led to the bedroom. Zelo was calling out for Youngjae to stop, but Youngjae kept replying that Zelo’s cuteness was too much so he couldn’t stop.

                They were rounding the dining table once again when Youngjae felt something encircle his waist. He yelped as he was pulled back.

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How do you think bap would react to their gf being an insomniac? Say they live together and because she can't go to sleep at night all she does is watch tv in the living room until she crashes on the couch.

Yongguk - Yongguk would be the gentleman to prepare you a warm cup of milk. He’d bring you a blanket so you don’t get cold and he’d reluctantly go back to bed. He knows insomnia isn’t an easy thing to tame, so he’d let you go back to bed on your own schedule. 

Himchan - Himchan would be the one to hover. Overtime you get out of bed Himchan would stir awake and immediately ask where you are going. He’d follow you to the living room and beg you to go back to bed with him. When you refuse to go back to bed, Himchan would be the baby to whine until you go back with him. He’d try to pull you to the room and when that doesn’t work he’d opt for duckling with you on the couch until both of you are tired. 

Daehyun - “Baby noooooooooo,”. Daehyun would whine for you to stay in bed with him. He’d want you to be next to him the whole entire night. If you thought Himchan was bad, Daehyun is ten times worse. He’d whine so much that you’d have no choice but to go back to bed in order to get him to shut the heck up. 

Youngjae - Sweetie pie Youngjae would follow you to the couch. He’d try so hard to stay up with you. He’d be the one to have a conversation with you in his arms and then five minutes later he’s out cold and lightly snoring. 

Jongup - The chances of Jongup noticing you leaving the bed is very minimal. As soon as his head hits the pillow it’s lights out for Jongoup. But on the rare occasion where he does notice, Jongup would lift his head all drowsy and very confused. He’d mumble incoherently to ask what you’re doing. And when you tell him you can’t sleep, Jongup would just nod his head and fall back on to the bed. Don’t count on him remembering this encounter in the morning. 

Zelo - Just like Jongup, the chances of Zelo noticing you getting out of bed is very low. On the off chance that Zelo does notice, he’d sit up and watch you with tired eyes. He’d quietly ask what’s wrong and he’d join you on the couch. He’d be the cutie to fall asleep with his head resting on your lap as you watch TV.


B.A.P Your Blind Date

When their crush gets set up on a blind date with someone else.

Yongguk – He’s had his eye on you but he’s been burned a few times in the past so he wanted to observe you for a bit and get to know you. When you drop this bomb on him he’d go into self-sacrifice mode. Burying himself in the studio as a distraction, he’d say it’s for the best due to his busy schedule. Himchan would call him ten kinds of stupid but it wouldn’t work. It’s when he tries to shut down his feelings for you that he realizes every song in the last two months he’s written has been about you and you’re really kind of everything he’s been looking for. He shows up on your doorstep at three in the morning, exhausted but unable to wait and you’re freaking out thinking someone died. But he just lays his feelings on the line for you, too afraid you’ll slip through his fingers if he’s not completely honest. Mind blown by his confession you ask him to come in and talk so you can get everything figured out.

Himchan – This would start a whole series of miscommunications. He’d actually confront you about it when he heard the news and be a little miffed. He thought you were aware of his feelings for you. Himchan has been flirting with you the whole time he’s known you but he flirts with everyone so you didn’t realize you were special. When you tell him that he thinks you’re just using that as an excuse to turn him down politely. Gathering up his tattered pride he’d leave. You’d have to be the one to chase him down with an Americano or his favorite snack and start a dialogue again. You’d convince him that you truly weren’t trying to give him the brush off and you canceled your blind date. You’d ask him if he would go out with you and to your amazement he’d say no. Stunned and more than a little pissed off you’d try to leave but he’d grab your arm and with a blush and a cheeky grin he’d say that he wanted to be the one to do the asking.

Daehyun – Oh, this would blindside him. He’s so into you and you’re like his sun, you make him so happy and bouncy and how could you not know? He’d be crushed his emotions hadn’t reached you. Daehyun wouldn’t tell you how he felt though. Acting like a supportive friend he’d just secretly hope the blind date was awful and he’d have another chance to prove himself. If you had a nice time and were going out again he’d be a miserable, mopey mess around the dorm. With lots of crying. Everyone in the group would be encouraging him to just tell you but he wouldn’t do it. Next time you saw them the other group members wouldn’t outright betray Daehyun’s confidence but they’d be dropping some pretty big hints to try and make you aware of the situation.

Youngjae – Another one who’s flat out flabbergasted you didn’t already know. He’d be shocked at the news of your upcoming date and mentally retrace his steps to see where he went wrong. He’s always hanging around you when he can, trying to make you laugh, doing things for you and giving you little gifts from when he’s on tour. What more could he do? Needing answers he’d come to see you and for once he wouldn’t be all bubbly and cheerful when he saw you. Serious and genuinely hurt he wouldn’t want to make a big production out of it but he needs to know. Earnestly, he’d ask only one question, “What was it about me you didn’t like?” Cut to the quick by his words everything would suddenly snap into place for you. Feeling horrible you’d grab his arm as if scared he’d leave and ask him to talk things out. Expansion

Jongup – Pretty blunt and the type who goes after what he wants, if he’s into you the only reason he hasn’t said anything yet would be the timing wasn’t right. Maybe he’s about to go on tour and wanted to wait until he got back. Regardless, once he heard about your upcoming date he’d feel like the earth dropped out from under his feet. It wouldn’t matter what was holding him back before, he’d be terrified of missing his opportunity because you get him and not many people do. Blushing and shy, he’d approach you and ask for some of your time and take you to an alcove in the building or just anywhere you could have a few minutes of privacy. Pouring everything out, nervous and flustered but determined, he’d tell you how he felt and why he waited but he’s really into you and would you please give him a chance before going on your blind date? Floored by his confession you’d nod and he’d beam the biggest smile at you. Expansion

Zelo – Junhong has been quietly, unobtrusively slipping himself into your orbit so he could work up the nerve to ask you out. It’s been slow going but news of your blind date would shatter any illusions he had that you might be aware of his feelings. Not sure what to do he’d ask Bang for advice. After listening to Zelo talk for months about how special you are, Yongguk would encourage him to pursue you even if it doesn’t work out. Life is about trying. Fortified by his talk with his leader Zelo would track you down, flowers in hand, and stammer out the most awkwardly cute confession ever. Like if it had been filmed it’d go viral. Shocked at his declaration and knowing just how hard that was for him you’d readily accept him and go talk for a few hours.

B.A.P  Himchan 'Serenity'

@juritzy asked: Hi I recently found your blog and I want to say your kpop reactions are amazing and leave me smiling all day! I was hoping that you could do a little drabble expansion of A Walk in the Woods with B.A.P for either Himchan or Jongup? I can’t make up my mind but I would be happy with either! Thank you for always making my day when I really need it with your writing/ideas!

A/N: Aw, you are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for letting me know I make you smile. (Psst–I’m still going to do the one for Jongup) *Hugs*

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Your eyebrows shot up in surprise when he said yes. “Really? You’d go with me?”

Himchan shrugged but seemed amiable. “Sure. It’s nothing I would have thought of myself but if you want to I’d be willing to try it. Just promise me there won’t be paintball.”

The corner of your mouth curled. “Nope. Thank you for doing this with me.”

Stepping into your space and placing his hands on your hips you could literally see him switch on the cheese as he used his smarmiest voice, “As long as I get to be alone with you, what more could I want?”

You let the comment slide knowing him well enough after two months to see it for the defense mechanism it was. Although Himchan always treated you well, like a queen actually, getting to see his emotions was a different matter. However you got a glimpse of them when he thought he was hiding his sincerity behind greasy charm. You’d figured his system out once you learned to read his eyes. But you played along and rolled your eyes, afraid if you tipped your hand you’d be deprived of those flashes of insight.

In an hour you were parking in the nearly empty lot of a forest. Intimately familiar with the trails in this area you passed by the map without a second glance tugging your boyfriend along. “Shouldn’t I look in case you’re incapacitated by bears or something?” He asked worriedly.

“There are no bears.”

“Rabid squirrels then?”

With a heavy sigh you pulled him away. “C'mon directionally challenged one. Trust me.”

It was an exceptionally bright and clear autumn day. The air held a crispness that could only be felt this time of year. Along the path was a gorgeous array of trees at the height of their color change. The canopy had thinned due to the leaves that had already fallen and you lifted your face to the sunlight that trickled through, closed your eyes and took a deep cleansing breath.

When you opened your eyes Himchan was staring at you in an rather pensive manner. Embarrassed at him witnessing your moment of rapture in the wilderness you looked down and noticed his shoes had gotten muddy. Teasing him you said, “Oh no, you got nature on you.”

Softly he smiled and and held out his hand. “It’s okay, let’s keep going.”

Placing your hand in his you intertwined your fingers and continued along the path. Himchan seemed…different. A little off. He wasn’t chattering non-stop and there was a calmness, almost a stillness about him. Yet he didn’t appear upset. Hesitantly you asked, “Are you enjoying yourself Himchan?”

Surprised he side-eyed you for a moment before putting his eyes back on the trail to navigate. “Of course, it’s beautiful out here. It feels like we’re the only two people in the world.”

A few hours later you stood at the top of a ravine, Himchan at your back with his arms wrapped around you for warmth. The sun was done for the day and rapidly disappearing in a glory of reds, oranges, and pinks. There was another lull in the conversation which was unusual for the two of you but it was comfortable so you didn’t worry about it. Finally you judged that there was just enough light left to get back to the car. After informing Himchan it was time to go he seemed reluctant.

“Can we come back sometime?”

“Of course. Anytime you want.” You were silently pleased that he seemed to have found something he needed out here.

He drove back to the city and surprised you by stopping at a café, claiming he needed to warm up. This was one of your favorite places. It was a great place for conversation, having small round tables barely big enough for two. Himchan set a hot chocolate in front of you and you gave a small snort of amusement at his iced Americano. Warm up indeed.

Now in better lighting you could see Himchan looked tired, yes, but also…peaceful. The tension was gone from around his eyes and mouth. He looked happy, relaxed. Tilting your head you commented, “Being out in nature agrees with you.”

With direct eye contact and the most sincere tone you’d ever heard come from him he answered, “Maybe. But I think it had more to do with being out there with you.”

It was the first time he hadn’t disguised his feelings with a tease or a flirt. Caught unprepared you felt your cheeks warm as you stared at him. His feelings were plainly written across his face and you felt humbled by their intensity.

There was such a beautiful heart within this man. And you had a feeling you’d earned the right to see it more often.