B.A.P  Himchan 'TLC'

Anonymous asked: Are request open? Can I resquest a expansion for “BAP When he’s sick” with Himchan? 😊 Thank you and I really love your blog and your writing *kisses*

A/N: Aw, thank you so much sweetie! Kisses to you too. ^^ I hope you enjoy!

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Entering the dorm you found your sick boyfriend sitting at the counter resting his head on his arms. Side-eyeing Yongguk you shared a smirk at Himchan’s dramatics. Placing a hand between his shoulder blades and rubbing gently you whispered, “Babe, why aren’t you in bed?”

He raised his head and even you had to admit he looked awful. “Waiting for you.”

Oh have mercy. Your boyfriend felt pitiful and was milking it. “C'mon. Let’s get you into bed.” That he didn’t have a flirty comeback indicated how bad he was feeling. Picking up the tote of supplies you brought you ushered him into his room and shut the door.

Wordlessly you pointed to the bed and he shuffled over. Once he was under the covers you tucked him in and a tension in his face eased. Making a bit of a fuss about getting him comfortable he smiled weakly at you, appreciating the attention. His eyes were glassy and cheeks flushed, dead give aways he had a fever. Rummaging through your bag you found the medicine you needed and some chocolate to get rid of the taste.

While he was taking the cold medicine you had stepped out to the bathroom to get a cold compress. Placing it on his throat and then dabbing at his temples, you finally left it lay on his forehead. He groaned at the coolness against his skin and you laughed. “Watch it, or they’re going to think I’m doing something else to make you feel better.”

Himchan’s lips quirked and your heart warmed that even as obviously sick as he was he still had his sense of humor. Eyelids drooping you encouraged him to sleep. After he drifted off you gently flipped the compress over and frowned at how much his fevered skin had warmed the other side.

Two hours later he woke and the first thing his eyes did was search the room for you. Brushing his damp hair from his forehead you told him you were going to warm up some soup you brought. When you came back he ate every drop without complaint. Jokingly you admitted to liking this docile side of him.

Self consciously his hands clutched at the blankets as he stared at his lap. “I’m just thankful you came to take care of me.”

Little did he know it was these moments of vulnerability that tugged at your heartstrings. Certainly more than any lip rubbing or eyebrow wiggles when he was trying to be charming. These rare instances where he let his uncertainties bleed through his confident exterior to show you the man underneath captivated you. He always felt he needed to be perfect to be loved, but the reality was just the opposite. Taking the soup bowl from him you tossed over your shoulder, “Of course. Just don’t expect any kisses until you’re better.”

He didn’t say anything and you imagined he was pouting dramatically. But when you turned back to him he was watching you with nothing short of adoration. Embarrassed you felt your cheeks get warm. “You’d better still look at me that way once the cold medicine wears off.” You joked.

Voice rough from illness and disuse, nonetheless you heard him croak out, “Always.”