Analysis: Astro as Boyfriends...

To the anon that requested this: I sincerely apologize about how ridiculously long this is;;; it’s like rly long i’m so sry but once you get me started on Astro as BFs, I could go on for hours, okay? like they’d be the best boyfriends EVER don’t fight me on this <3 T~T


  • literally the softest boyfriend in the world
  • always wants to make sure you’re happy and comfortable
  • if you’re not though
  • he becomes like this unstoppable pillar of emotional and physical reassurance and support <3
  • he’ll always snuggle you until you feel better
  • or until you’re ready to talk about whatever’s bothering you
  • loves to bear-hug you from behind
  • and just totally wrap you up in his arms
  • SUCH a good listener
  • incredibly patient!!
  • loves showing off for you but gets embarrassed about it easily
  • buys you little presents all the time
  • just lil things
  • like “i saw this and thought of you” type of gifts
  • bc you’re always lowkey on his mind
  • lowkey what am i saying?? ur highkey on his mind


  • let’s talk about skinship =u=

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Mini Series: Staying Up With NCT


  • He’s staying up late to finish off some projects and write some lyrics
  • So you join him
  • and end up staying awake for hours
  • he’d want to show you all the raps and lyrics he’s writing
  • but also is shy 
  • so you have to encourage him 
  • and wait till he gets more tired and easier to persuade
  • eventually shows them to you
  • and they’re good as expected
  • He starts showing you all his favourite songs and where he gets influence/inspirations from
  • Would spend hours just swapping your favourite music 
  • you’d probably find out so much like 
  • you’re both tired and less reserved so you tell each other all the little details and thoughts about things
  • even if you don’t know a thing about music
  • just hearing what a certain song reminds you of or memories you have about it would be enough for Mark
  • might get kind of deep 
  • like he’d trust you enough to tell you any of his problems and burdens
  • but you support him and reassure him
  • by now his project is basically forgotten 
  • you’re just sitting on a bed with a laptop looking up music
  • gets kind of weird as you stumble into some random genres
  • probably finds one of those “firetruck but everytime they say firetruck a wild johnny appears” videos
  • so you’re laughing your asses off to memes
  • tbh Taeyong or someone would come in and be like “children you should be asleep” 
  • you stay up anyway because teen rebellion or something
  • so you’d probably continue laughing at dumb videos since your tired and everything is funnier when you’re tired
  • but you’ve gotta be quiet 
  • stifling laughter and doing weird silent seal laughter
  • just gets to spend time being yourselves and being together 
  • which is nice
  • even if you don’t pull an all nighter you end up staying up late 
  • wake up half dead the next morning and get scolded by mom Taeyong

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“poe would be a terrible spy if he were actually a nice guy, because…”



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Can i request (as friends) shimada bros, mccree , soldier 76 and reaper their reactions when the s/o who they thought were dead came back but with something different like they have no arm or their personality is much colder?


  • The ordeal changed you and when you return from the dead you’re no longer the person he once knew. You left something behind and now when he looks you in the eye he’s not sure who looks back

  • You speak like a stranger and when he prepares for the old routine he stumbles because it’s no longer what he remembers.

  • Neither of you knows if this can work again, if you can still be the friends you were but you have both missed this too much

  • Hanzo isn’t easy company, he knows that. After you went missing he’s become isolated without anyone to really talk to.

  • It’s hard, getting to know each other all over again and he hates it some days, remembering how long it took the first time

  • He doesn’t want to spend months breaking through your shell like you’ve once done with him, he wants the safety and comfort back and trembles at the thought that this time around he might make the same effort but the outcome still won’t be the same.

  • But day after day he keeps at it, talks to you, listens, drags you out of your room to socialise. You might be different, scarred by what happened, but you still understand each other and eventually you fall into the same easy back-and-forth that worked so well the first time.

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IMAGINE: the reader is Klaus’s first born daughter and acts almost like him

By the time you turned fourteen, you reached insanity. You were already manipulating your family members and showing your friends nothing but sarcastic and charismatic sides of your personality, while deliberately being the one they go to for a good revenge tactic. You were a very serious child which Klaus blamed on your uncle Elijah while he took care of you as a toddler. 

Your teen years had already set off a good amount of anxiety to the people around you and not so much to yourself. Klaus didn’t really know what to do with you because it was like looking and speaking into a mirror. “I’m going out with my friends tonight,” you told him one day while he was in his artistic mood and painting on a canvas. “You will not unless I allow it. What friends are we speaking of?” he questioned. “Rachel and Genevieve from the Quarter. We’re taking the train to Baton Rouge to that big park where we secretly rejoin with our girl cult and do drugs,” you said cynically. “So then you’re trying not to convince me?” he said as he turned to you. “Or I could break a whole new china set in protest and sneak out when you send me to my room. You pick. I’m going either way,” you said sharply. “Ah, then I’ll see to it that you are kept under supervision before this night ends in another police visit, angry witch mob or—yes, your new favorite—internet strangers looking for a twenty-two-year-old ‘in need of a drink’,” Klaus retorted. 

“Y/N, go with your friends before we change our mind,” Elijah said from the doorway. You smiled smugly at your father as you left the room. “I’ll bring back a number one dad t-shirt,” you teased. Elijah looked to Klaus who looked back at him angrily. “Must you undermine my power over my daughter?” Klaus growled. “Niklaus, the more you keep her from going off on her own, the more troublesome she will become. She hasn’t always been this large of a delinquent,” Elijah advised. “I didn’t ask for an opinion. She’s very calculating and paranoid and-” “Like you?” Elijah interrupted. Klaus was silent. “All the more reason to trust her. Because she trusts you to be her father,” Elijah finished as he left.

You came back late that night and your father was still in his room looking out over his balcony. “They had these in a store my friend went to,” you said from behind him. Klaus turned to you and looked to your grip, holding several fresh paint brushes. “Yours are looking sad,” you told him, “And it’s proof there’s no girl cults or internet strangers.” He gave you a loving half-smile as you did the same to him. “Night, dad,” you said before you returned to your own room. 

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Haha, of course I can! Thank you!~


Song: Bed by J. Holiday

  • it was a normal day at Jumin’s penthouse
  • you guys were really just chilling out and doing some old karaoke
  • but Jumin, which was rare, leaned over and spoke
  • “amuse your boyfriend” he told you
  • deal
  • you actually really wanted to test v’s tolerance
  • so you stand and take the mic from Yoosung who just shrugs
  • you play the song and V can’t see what it is
  • so you turn and slowly creep up to him
  • by now his senses are active
  • you climb on his lap and begin to toy with his jacket, tugging it a few times close as you speak
  • “wanna put my fingers through your hair,”
  • at that, you moves your fingers through his hair lightly, and this boy is blushing s o h a r d
  • you’re 55% certain he’s already getting a boner
  • you tug his hair a few times as you sing again
  • “and love you till your eyes roll back”
  • being dom, you knew this was true
  • he loved it when you rode on his needy cock
  • you shift on his lap, and you know he’s horny due to the way his hips buck
  • jumin is trying not to laugh so hard
  • but he’s also now hiding a boner
  • everyone is
  • he’s feeling your sides and you know you have him hooked
  • “then I’ma rock your body, turn you over~”
  • no more hesitation
  • he stands, coughs, and grabs your hand
  • “well. this was nice. gotta go, bye!” and soon he was tripping walking to the door
  • when you got home he pinned you against the wall and starting grinding into you
  • he was definitely needy and you knew it
  • “let me take care of you, V~”
  • you’re gonna kill the smol baby


Song: Dance For You by Beyonce

  • you guys were at seven’s house
  • and as usual you and your boyfriend were just leaning on each other
  • he barely showed much affection rather than this
  • but yoosung had texted you
  • “put on a sexy dance and sing for Saeran!”
  • you smirk at Yoosung
  • you were gonna have fun
  • you stand and he watches you with a bored expression as you take the mic
  • you scroll through the songs and click it
  • then turn to Saeran
  • his eyes are curiously looking at you up and down
  • and then you s i n g
  • “tonight I’m gonna dance for you~”
  • you bend your knees quickly, and then stand slowly and graze your hand across your body
  • he isn’t gonna make it
  • he’s already blushing and trying so hard
  • this boy is dom as fuck
  • you walk over and move your leg to where it’s by his side, but not touching
  • he grins and runs a hand down it
  • everyone has been forgotten
  • “tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body~”
  • he grins and you crawl on his lap, pressed against him
  • the mic has somehow disappeared
  • you lean and whisper
  • “boy I like it when you watch me~”
  • he’s lost it
  • he grabs you and pins you against the couch, and everyone gasp
  • zen is screaming
  • you stare at him as everyone eventually just goes “blegh” and hurriedly leaves
  • even seven laughs and goes to his room
  • saeran grins and stares down at you as you feel his hard erection against your core
  • “you wanna put on a show for me, baby?~”

Well, that was definitely fun. Thanks for asking me lovely anon!~

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Today sucked so can I get some fluff headcanons please? I need some happiness in my life ~Emoji Anon 🐰 P.s. I love your writing!

we hope you’re not having a bad day anymore and we sincerely hope this will make your day even when you’re having the best day of your life! 
and thank you! we wouldn’t be writing anything if it weren’t for everyone’s request!
you didn’t specify who you wanted so we’ll go with our default line-up!


  • mama jaehee knows how to take care of you. come here bby i mean cmon, she works for jumin, bad days are basically everyday 
  • she knows how you feel man, she’s got you
  • tiem for cuddles and soft kisses
  • would you like tea or coffee or hot chocolate to go with that?
  • she’ll advise you to talk it out, if you need it she’ll give you some advice
  • if you don’t wanna talk about it, she’ll let you cuddle up against her and put on some chill music


  • this boi is ready to fight anyone and anything
  • treats you even more like a princess because how  d a r e  someone hurt you
  • makes you food and tries to hang out with you all day the next day 
  • takes you up to the rooftop so the both of you can look at the stars all night long
  • tries his best to distract you from your bad day by singing and acting for you 
  • makes you dance with him too because he’s a sucker for ballroom dancing around the house with no music on


  • omg. if you cry, he’s gonna start tearing up 
  • yandere!yoosung coming out, who tf dares hurt his one and only. he will obliterate you
  • takes a break from LOLOL because he can’t play games when you’re sad!! Y OU N EE D I  MME DI AT E CA RE
  • will shower you with hugs and kisses and cuddles
  • tries to make your favourite dessert or dish to cheer you up a little
  • lowkey wishes he was like zen or jumin so he “protect” you properly and stuff


  • who does he need to sue
  • what do you mean that’s unnecessary. you’re having a bad day. tell assistant kang-
  • honestly, he doesn’t know how to react because mr. no feelings over here can’t relate
  • you’d have to find a way to tell him about your feelings by linking it to when he’s feeling shitty 
  • boy are you gonna have a hard time explaining Emotions™ to him
  • by the time you’re finished you aren’t feeling that bad anymore tbh (smh jumin one job)


  • gives you heelies to let you escape from your feelies
  • i mean he isn’t the best at comforting people but he still tries so that’s something right?
  • he’s all flustered and doesn’t know what to do and he’ll try literally anything to get you to feel less bad. ice cream? memes? cuddles? wanna talk it out over tea? a day out? he just wants you to be less sad qAq
  • when he finds the trick that works best with you, he’ll remember it and from time to time will switch it up a little so you won’t ever feel it’s repetitive. 
  • if someone is directly involved in making you sad he’ll destroy them through his god-like hacking skills. rip their work, image and social life
  • he’ll try to pay more attention to you and your surroundings so he can prevent you from being hurt again


  • doesn’t look like it but is soooo ready to punch someone
  • he’ll try to take your mind of off things too. and he knows exactly how to cheer you up and stuff because he’s actually pretty observant
  • if he ever comes across the poor soul that hurt you he’ll be lowkey salty about it but not so much that they would know he’s being salty towards them
  • wants only the best for you, he’ll pamper you so much like everything you want he’ll do everything and anything to get it for you
  • plans like surprise dates for you because he knows you need this
  • he doesn’t believe in destroying someone but he’ll be very cautious around them and a few other suspicious people


  • he doesn’t really get your sadness and stuff but he can probably relate since he was locked up in mint eye for so long too. (i mean his bound to yknow feel sad sometimes too you know.)
  • if he ever finds that person who made you sad he’ll death glare them to the death
  • brings you your favourite ice cream because that’s one of the few comforting things he knows how to do
  • he really wants to hug you and just hold and/or cuddle with you but he’s too shy and doesn’t know how to initiate the contact. it’s still a weird concept to him but if it makes a huge difference he will try 
  • he doesn’t exactly know how to comfort someone too, he’s not used to being comforted so of course, he doesn’t really know how to comfort someone
  • he’s trying his best so all the intimate things will take time
What Dating Tao Would be Like:
  • Tao probably would have used a pick up line on you to get you to go out with him like instead of him saying “You’re a nine out of ten, and I’m the one you need” he’d say “I think I’m a nine out of ten and you’re the one I need”
  • and you were like “excuse me I’m a strong 11/10 tf”
  • after that failure, he would drop the ‘cool guy’ image
  • he would hang on to you a lot, especially when he was excited
  • the two of you would be out shopping and he’d see a hat that he thought would look good on him so he would grab your arm and smile that smile where you can see his teeth
  • he would try on about three hundred different hats before he would buy the first one he tried on
  • he would probably want to get something for you too, like a shirt, purely so that he could follow you into the dressing room…
  • you watched one scary movie with him
  • you would never again watch a scary movie with him
  • by the end of the movie there was popcorn spread across your floor and Tao was clinging to you and insisted he stay the night just so you wouldn’t be sacred
  • after that night, Tao ended up staying the night every other night
  • finally the two of you bought a flat together
  • Tao would get super jealous when you spent more time with his dog than you did with him and he’d eventually grab you and pull you onto his lap saying “Jagi, why don’t we do something else…” and you’d be like “I’m a little busy”
  • Tao would roll his eyes at most of your jokes but occasionally he’d bust out laughing and you’d get to hear his adorable laugh
  • he’d spend a lot of time at the studio, so much time that you would end up bringing some spare blankets to the studio and leaving them on the couch so that Tao could at least nap
  • sometimes he would call you over to the studio and he’d be laying on the couch and when you came close enough he’d pull you onto the couch with him
  • he’d hold you close to him, arms wrapped around your torso, his fingers lightly grazing your skin, and place his head on your shoulder
  • cooking with Tao would be crazy like he would have to have everything be perfect and if it wasn’t he’d be like “I am done with you” and he’d try to cook without you
  • you’d stand to the side because eventually he’d look at you and be asking three hundred questions like “Does this look okay? Can you taste this? Does this taste okay? This looks okay right?”
  • the first time he told you he loved you he would be super shy about it
  • he’d mumble it and you’d just have to hope he said what you thought he said 
  • when he heard you say it back he would smile that smile that makes his eyes crinkle and he’d pick you up and hug you so tightly
  • sex with Tao would most likely be rough with him always dominant
  • Tao would show the quieter side of him and he’d really care about you even though the two of you would joke all the time at the end of the day you would always know that he loved you so much and he was very serious about your relationship

idk if it actually snows very much (or at all) in south carolina so don’t tear me apart for weather inaccuracy but imagine it snowing a couple of inches at palmetto state

  • the upperclassmen + nicky are immediately outside starting a snowball fight
  • neil has never played in the snow rip
  • but he, andrew, and kevin go outside to watch anyway
  • the vixens show up soon which leads aaron outside
  • aaron throws a snowball at kevin which leads to matt doing dramatic dives in front of kevin to take the metaphorical bullet for him
  • allison and renee are making snow angels or as i like to call them: snow allisons and snow renees
  • matt and dan are having a “stuff as much snow down each other’s pants as possible” fight
  • nicky tries to throw a snowball at andrew BAD IDEA NICKY
  • andrew stares at him for a solid five (5) seconds before running and tackling/pushing him down and pelting him in the face with snow
  • nicky is screaming
  • someone help him
  • neil helps him
  • by throwing a snowball and hitting andrew square in the back
  • andrew turns around in slow motion to glare at neil before taking off at full speed smh still can’t catch neil andrew should really know better by now
  • that doesn’t stop him from chasing neil around the building while they throw snow at each other until they’re red in the face
  • neil is LAUGHING!! can. you. imagine.
  • they’re all havin’ a grand ol’ time fuckin wrecking each other and they’re all wet and red and cold bc none of them know what proper snow attire is
  • they go inside and put on dry pajamas and drink hot chocolate (andrew gets extra marshmallows in his) and watch christmas movies while sharing blankets

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RFA + V + Saeran, reaction to an MC with very intimidating parents, and theyre meeting them by spending a whole day with them? Like, their professions or previous knowledge are definitely good enough to know how to commit the perfect murder, and since MC is their only child they're a little over-protective. They try to intimidate all night until it's time for them to leave, where they suddenly get all cheery and approve of the relationship? Srry it's so specific lol

Don’t worry! Its kind of better when its more specific actually ^_^ 

(sorry if this is kind of long)


  • He was ready™ for the day you were going to spend with your parents
  • He had everything planned out: they were going to arrive early in the afternoon, as planned, and he was going to be as polite and gentlemanly as possible. Pulling out the chairs for them, pouring them the wine, the whole thing. 
  • What he had NOT planned though, was how to react when your parents were so intimidating and judging. He was used to people fawning over him and loving him, so he was very nervous when your parents seemed to judge his every move
  • He tried to hide how intimidated he was with his °˖✧natural charm✧˖° and confidence, but it was getting pretty hard when your parents eyed him so suspiciously and basically mentally stepped on him
  • By dinnertime, he was getting tired from keeping up the pleasant attitude while your parents only replied with judgement. Still, he smiled at them and tried to be as calm as possible
  • Your father however, kept talking about how if he dared to hurt their only child, he would have to face the consequences
  • This, of course, terrified Zen. Were they actually past assassins or something? It honestly wouldn’t even surprise him at this point
  • When the day was almost over, and it was time for your parents to leave, he was exhausted. He was about to lose hope, thinking your parents would never accept him, when what he though to be a miracle happened
  • Your parents both genuinely smiled, and your mother took his hand while telling him to be true, before wishing you luck on your relationship
  • He was stunned, but he grinned and waved at them as they left
  • “I think they liked me”


  • He was already nervous to meet your parents, but you had still agreed to invite them over for dinner
  • It wasn’t anything fancy, but he still wanted to do his best to impress your parents
  • When they arrived he had everything prepared, but he was still a nervous wreck. You just smiled apologetically at him, knowing how your parents could be with things like this
  • As soon as they locked eyes with him, you could feel the tension in the room grow by the second.
  • He awkwardly started to initiate some small-talk, but everything he started talking about just became threats and warnings from your parents about how if he dared to hurt you, they would make sure he could never hurt anybody ever again. He tightly took ahold of your hand, and looked at you with tears forming in his eyes
  • At this point he was terrified, and he started mumbling incoherently before leading then to the dinner table
  • He was no master chef, but cooking was one of the things he was proud of. He ate in silence while eyeing your parents who judged every inch of the plate they were served
  • As the hours went by, it was time for them to leave. He politely followed them to the doorstep, still holding your hand tightly.
  • Your parents then looked him in the eyes and smiled. They told him he seemed like a responsible young man, and they looked forward to seeing their relationship bloom
  • He gave you a tight hug after they left, and all he could do was sigh in relief 


  • He had arranged a very fancy evening with a three-course meal
  • He made sure his best chefs made the food, and that everything was as it should be
  • He was hardly nervous really, he knew that he had the ability to charm people if he wanted to, and he intended to be as polite as he possibly could
  • When your parents ringed the doorbell, he had to admit to himself that he was actually a little more nervous than he thought
  • He greeted them both nicely, but he recognised the judging look in their eyes as they shook his hand. His butler then lead them to the table with their already served dinner
  • Your parents couldn’t help feeling impressed, but they still maintained their intimidating aura.
  • Jumin was getting more and more nervous. Did they not like the food? Did they not like him? Did he forget something? Were they suspicious of him because he was the heir of a large company?
  • By the time the desserts had arrived, they had managed to intimidate him so much he was certain they must have been mafia-leaders or something
  • He had to convince them three times that he was not dating their child for the mere purpose of profiting his company
  • As the evening went on, the two of you followed them to their car. Jumin was still upset at the thought of your parents disliking him, as family had always been really important to him
  • He kept up his polite demeanour though, and when your parents finally gave him a smile and accepted his as “part of the family” he was shocked, to say the least. But he was mostly just happy that your parents approved of him


  • He was scared of what your parents would think of him, since he wanted to make a good impression. Still, he decided to meet his fears, and spend the day with you and your parents  
  • He was not prepared. Nothing could prepare him
  • When he finally met your parents, he expected them to be nice and accepting (They are your parents, after all), but oh no
  • They constantly looked him straight in the eyes, and they did not exactly look ecstatic. They seemed to be analysing everything he did, and he was so scared to do something wrong
  • He hardly believes you accept him for who he is, how can he expect your parents to! Especially with the way they look at him… It was as if they knew he was afraid to be judged
  • They managed to intimidate him alright. You thought he would be more joking and chill, but he had so much respect for your parents, and he was so scared they might be against your relationship
  • The day went on like that; Your parents kept up the intimidating act, trying to scare him (smh) while he tried to be as nice and polite as he could. He couldn’t live with himself if your parents hated him, he told you
  • When it was finally time for them to leave, he thought they were going to say something against you two being together, but they just smiled
  • He was very confused. He whispered a silent “What?”, before your parents walked over to him and told him that they trusted he would take good care of you
  • He was so happy, he hugged them both while exhaling in relief. Your parents luckily just found it charming, and they waved their goodbyes before leaving


  • He wouldn’t admit that he was nervous, and honestly your parents could think whatever they wanted about him, and he wouldn’t really mind
  • Because of the way he grew up (for those of you who played the secret ending), he was more worried about what you think of him, and not your parents
  • You had still managed to convince him to spend the day with you and your parents, and they were to arrive that afternoon
  • When they did arrive, ten minutes early mind you, he instantly tensed up
  • Even though he said he didn’t really care about your parents opinion of him, you could see the worry in his eyes
  • Their judging look and intimidating glares did not help his worry at all. He still pretended not to care, and could probably have treated them with a bit more respect, but it was just his defence-melanism 
  • It ended up being more of a staring-competition than anything 
  • After a long evening of what seemed like just tension and awkward silences, you walked them to the door
  • They looked at Saeran, and Saeran looked at them (guys, don’t start this again)
  • Your father then sighs, and tells him
  • “Well, at least you’re not being arrogant or bad, so I guess you will take good care of our child”
  • He was so shocked and confused. He just stood there in silence before mouthing “really?” , and you could all see the hope in his eyes
  • After they left, he was so tired that he just lied down on the couch before he started smiling like an idiot
  • “They don’t hate me”


  • He was prepared to have a pleasant day with your parents, and he was feeling pretty confident
  • That is, before your parents actually arrived
  • He opened the door to greet them, and told them to follow him inside. He started some innocent small-talking, but he noticed the condescending looks your parents gave him. He decided to ignore it though, as he didn’t want to seem disrespectful on front of your parents 
  • He kept trying to be polite, but they were making it difficult for him
  • Their judging stares had already intimidated him, and his confidence was now long-gone
  • They started making comments about how he had better take good care of you, and he had to reassure them several times that he did, and he would do anything to protect you. At that your parents found it hard to keep being intimidating to this poor sweet man
  • He had to hold you hand as your parent kept talking to him about everything from respect to consequences 
  • He was legitimately scared of what your parents might do to him
  • At the end of the day, they had to go home. V and you walked with them all the way to their car, and your parent both looked at each other before nodding and walking over to V
  • They both embraced him in a big hug, ad they told him that he seems perfectly capable of taking care of you, and they both trusted him with your well-being
  • He was so surprised that he didn’t say anything at the time being, but once they left he teared up and hugged you tight
  • “I’m so happy MC!”

(Also, sorry for the wait on this ^-^;) 

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Hello! i love your blog, it's so amazing :D Can I please request the RFA + Saeran + V reactions if they're out with MC and MC is scouted to be an idol?? Thank youu~


  • he’s overwhelmingly happy but also lowkey nervous
  • he is dating a soon-to-be idol. 
  • he is dating a soon-to-be idol and his current biggest achievement is his LOLOL rank
  • still, after the initial surprise passes, he decides that he’ll just try harder to get better grades and cheer for MC
  • talks so much about MC and how his lover got scouted to become an idol 
  • always wants to know about the whole thing, and likes to sit next to MC to listen to their plans
  • he’s just. so happy to see MC shine?? like MC deserves all the spotlights and he is so overjoyed to see MC getting recognition
  • sure, when he realizes that other people will be cheering for MC, calling MC cute and other… less pretty things, he has to clutch his pillow and bite down his tongue to avoid thinking about it more
  • but when MC is home, where he is the only one for them, he doesn’t mind those thoughts


  • internal conflict Time
  • she’s told herself so many times idols shouldn’t date publicly  
  • but now she’s dating MC, who is. an idol
  • honestly, she just fears she’ll ruin MC’s career
  • she can just see them, headlines calling MC desperate for dating a simple and boring woman like herself-
  • MC has to put a stop to her train of thought
    • “What if I cause a scandal for you?”
  • MC talks with Jaehee about it, assuring her nothing bad will happen
    • If anything, the media will love you more than me! Honestly, you’re so cute I wouldn’t be surprised if you got scouted too!”
  • MC sounds so sure when telling Jaehee nothing will happen
  • it honestly really helps her
  • and now she’s free to fangirl
  • can she pre-order MC merch now or when can she start stocking up-


  • oh!!!
  • OH!!
  • This!! This is great!!
  • He hugs MC and lifts them off the floor when MC tells him
    • “Babe! This is amazing! I’m so proud!”
  • He honestly can’t wait to see MC shining on-stage
  • he loves being in the stage, and imagining MC feeling that kind of joy while beaming a smile, with the spotlight on them
  • yes this is perfect
  • he signs and dances too-
  • would it be too farfetched to imagine maybe he and MC could perform together once?
  • also they’re everyone’s OTP because they are famous and an adorable couple
  • he is always giving MC tips he’s picked up with the years for when they have stage fright or something like that


  • he’s never been big into the idol industry, in all honesty
  • but he can clearly see this is a big deal for MC
  • and this is a big deal to him too
  • he’ll try to get C&R to sponsor MC
  • he really dislikes the idea of people drooling over MC and calling them nicknames, though
  • he’s seen how Jaehee acts towards Zen. will there be people with MC photos in their houses? will people frame photos of MC? … he just won’t think about that. forget about that completely, ignore that, and focus only on MC
  • also, when the media tries to imply MC got scouted only because of Jumin’s influence, he’s quick as thunder to shut those rumors down
  • or maybe shut the whole news outlet down, if he’s really feeling angry at them


  • oooooooh boy
  • on one hand he’s amazingly happy
    • by that I mean probably typing in all caps with “YEAH!!” in the chatroom and in general being super happy for MC
  • And on the other hand he has Existential Crisis
    • like… he knows that when he passes there will probably be little to no trace he existed. even if he stopped everything shady he is doing and decided to live a normal life
    • he is just invisible. literally nothing left when he is gone
    • and MC is now going to probably be immortalized on people’s minds??
  • he doesn’t really know what to do with those thoughts. he never says them out-loud and tries his best to just meme them out of his system
  • still, MC notices, and quickly talks with him
  • by the end, Seven really feels better
    • who cares if the world doesn’t remember him when he’s gone?? like ok cool whatever he has MC right now when he’s alive. existential crisis? more like existential bye-sis
  • makes a triper bot for MC too 
  • also spreads MC’s name the same way he did with Zen’s, effectively drawing attention to MC’s debut


  • so many people will be looking at MC
  • loving MC
  • he really needs to think for a while
  • he trusts MC with his life, but he can’t help but think MC is too good for him
  • MC deserves a life of glitz and glamour and he just feels like he clearly doesn’t fit in that kind of life
  • he’s scared MC will find out they enjoy being onstage more than being with him
  • what if they leave.
  • what if they leave
  • honestly, MC had thought beforehand Saeran might feel like that; and before his thoughts could spiral out of control, made it clear that they’d much rather lose their status as an idol than dream of leaving saeran
  • since he has trouble with crowds, MC gets him seats that are considered premium and away from all the crowd, but still have amazing view, so he can watch their debut
  • he sees MC being so happy he can’t help but smile through the whole thing


  • he’s really happy
  • like really
  • supportive af
  • this man loves MC to death, anything MC accomplishes is The Best Thing Ever to him
  • keeps going on about how MC is amazing, how they worked hard and all that jazz
  • he’s just really proud and happy for MC
  • also, he really wants to photograph MC in their debut, so MC talks with the people organizing everything
  • people are honestly baffled- it’s rising star MC’s debut, and the widely-known photograph V is taking the photos???? the V?? with MC??
  • The debut is really nice and goes amazing
  • but damn V’s photos made it look greater
  • it was as if he had captured the glow of MC’s happiness and the cheering of the crowd in a photo somehow??? how???
  • overall he is Supportive and Proud and really really happy to see MC achieving so much bless him

@mac-noa asked for the foxes at the pool + andreil!

  • sometimes it gets really fucking hot during the summer in south carolina
  • nicky always wants to go to the pool to cool off
  • aaron doesn’t care
  • neil is not keen (doesn’t want to show off his scars and doesn’t see the point)
  • kevin is like why aren’t we playing exy rn
  • andrew just shuts that shit down
  • but one time the upperclassmen get on board with it and they go to the outdoor pool in town after practice

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RFA+V vs. Unrequited Love (Part 2)

Alrighty righty, here’s the second part to this post! Enjoy!!!

Prompt: How would the RFA+V cope with unrequited love?

Characters: Zen, 707/Saeyoung


  • you both started from the bottom and had dreams that reached for the stars
  • zen’s director assigned him a new character role for a new script
  • upon reading and re-reading the script, zen immediately notes the writing was a thousand notches higher than the usual trashy plays his director gave him
  • it was passionate. it was fresh. it made zen wondered who wrote it
  • he decided to himself, “if i ever meet this writer, i have to talk with them over a cup of coffee”
  • one week later a rehearsal finally took place for the new play
  • after it was over, somebody came up to zen, around his age
  • zen prepares one of his charming smiles, bracing himself to greet probably yet another fan
  • instead, you stuck out your hand with a confident and professional composure and introduced yourself as a new co-worker and the writer of the new play
  • he raised his eyebrows, charming facade dropping
  • “you wrote this?”
  • “well…yeah.”
  • zen’s interest in the writer - you - piqued even more
  • he takes your hand, shaking it. your handshake is firm and sure
  • “i hope we can talk more in the future”
  • continuing forward, you went to each one of his rehearsals 
  • zen finds himself always searching the dark auditorium for your presence
  • at the end, you two always met up to talk 
  • you actually gave some pretty good critiques and advice on zen’s performance and how he can improve himself as an actor
  • he appreciated this so much. a lot of his co-workers, to be honest, don’t give any advice or critiques. they’d just say, “you looked pretty enough, so need to worry”
  • with you, he felt like an actor that’s taken seriously
  • it was a breath of fresh air
  • soon, your meetings stretched beyond meeting after rehearsals. he finally took you out for a cup of coffee, like he promised to himself when he first read your script. 
  • you went together to see other productions in theatre, browsed through the bookstore to gaze at screenplays, and strolled around the park
  • there were so many times he wanted to hold your hand
  • but he had to keep it professional
  • he finds himself gazing at you a bit too long, day dreaming a bit too much about…a future with you
  • working alongside with you, as you both slowly work towards your dreams - gahh why is he blushing?
  • finally opening night of the first show arrived
  • you were both so nervous. what if the audience didn’t appreciate the show? what if they dont see what you two saw in the play and zen’s performance?
  • five minutes before he went onstage, you grab both of his hands and looked at him straight in the eyes
  • “i don’t care what people say about our play, because i know for sure we worked our butts off for this. i love working alongside with you, zen, and our work’s gonna pay off”
  • he wanted to tell you right there and then that yes, yes he’d love more than anything to be with you 
  • the show ends in a bang, a smashing success
  • he finds that you texted him, can we meet on the rooftop?
  • yes, that’s where he’ll confess to you!
  • he dodges adoring fans and avoids bumping into congratulating co-workers just to get to you
  • when you see each other on the rooftop, you both grabbed each other in a huge embrace, laughing and slightly tearing up with joy that the show ended so well
  • he picks you up and twirls you around
  • holding you close, he declares in dramatic zen fashion
  • “y/n, i not only want to work along side with you as a partner at work, but someone who i will always dearly cherish. i…i want to be with you”
  • you freeze
  • oh god, he’s looking at you with such adoration and expectation - how could you not see this before?
  • “zen - i can’t” your voice cracks
  • his hopeful smile fades 
  • you’ve accepted a job at a publishing company. all the way in america
  • he doesnt want to let go. he imagined a bright future where you will always be there to cheer him on, where you two can spend time together actually holding hands, where he won’t come home to an empty apartment
  • ah. but he shouldnt be selfish. you are chasing after your own dreams
  • he lets go and wishes you, from the bottom of his heart, the best of happiness
  • he walks away so you dont have to see his tears

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anonymous asked:

How would you describe Lance's personality, like I know how to but I can't think of a word to describe it heLP

Oh geez, do you want like single-word answers?? Because that might be hard, my brain is more hard-wired to think in descriptions and snatches of time. I’ll try my best to help you.

  • Sarcastic
  • Will follow you into hell with only minor complaining
  • Would die for a friend but is also the first to backstab in any game ever
  • “I’m going to kill you.” “I understand, just one second.”
  • Steady hands and unwavering loyalty
  • Once he loves you you’re never getting rid of him
  • By the skin of his teeth
  • Jack of all trades
  • An asshole, but he’s redeemable

I’m so… tired.

anonymous asked:

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 milligrams of Sodium intake per day. How have you survived this long?

Originally posted by nurse-peach

Mercy hates him

by using this one trick, oversalt manages to eat fatal dozes of salt each day

the trick? playing lol daily for 6 years at euw before starting at playing overwatch

This is the funniest news of the week

So apparently a Czech guy started his own country

  • he found a 7 km2 (apparently less than 3 sq miles) of no-man’s-land between Croatia and Serbia
  • he declared it as a new country called Liberland
  • when they declared the state they held an election where he was elected President
  • there was an interview with him where he actually wanted to be addressed as “Mr President”
  • he wants other heads of state to acknowledge him
  • by international law you need one pre-existing state to acknowledge you. They found that state in The Kingdom of North Sudan which came into existence last year in a similar way because someone’s daughter wanted to be a princess
  • they expect to have a million people to apply for Liberland citizenship by the end of the week
  • they want no nazis or communists
  • they only want voluntary taxes
  • they want to be neutral like Switzerland
  • there will be no common currency, people will be allowed to trade however they want
  • they are currently writing a Constitution that should take the best out of constitutions worldwide
  • they want the Prime Minister to hold main executive power
  • they want open borders and to be part of Schengen
  • it is not a hoax