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Dating Peter Parker would include...

  • him always waiting for you when school is over so you can walk home together
  • begging him to introduce you to the avengers
  • flying through the city while you hold on to him
  • being one of the few people who actually  knows his secret
  • doing your homework together 
  • forehead kisses
  • cuddling in bed
  • Peter always being worried you might accidently get dragged into something dangerous
  • holding hands while you walk around together
  • sneaking out at night to follow him because you’re worried about him as well
  • his aunt inviting you over all the time because she really likes you
  • talking on the phone the entire night until one of you falls asleep

anonymous asked:

being pan's soulmate would include...?

  • Probably denying it for as long as you can
  • Avoiding him
  • Always getting flustered around him
  • Him being able to turn you on instantly
  • And you can do the same to him
  • Being his only weakness
  • Him doing anything to protect you
  • Him loving to make you squirm/embarrassed
  • Having Neverland become your permanent home
  • Him only taking down his walls around you
I have a question for you:

What takes us closer to a paternity test denial?

  • A) papping Louis every day and writing meaningless articles about him
  • B) writing a headline about him mentioning a paternity test?

I don’t know why people seem to be so keen on A) being the right answer. 

It’s like in a fic when the OTP just gets together out of the blue, without any plot. Call it foreplay.  No one wants to read a plotless story, right? 

It is not a Danfiction, it is actually built from A to Z, and dropped at the exact moment it reaches momentum and TMZ gets the green light.

anonymous asked:

headcanons for liam dunbar having a crush on you?

  • Liam getting nervous around you all the time
  • Cheesy jokes just to make you laugh
  • Glancing over at you from across the room and quickly looking away when you catch him
  • Being protective over you
  • Getting jealous easily when you’re talking to other people
  • Going out of his way to buy you your favourite sweets/cookies/muffins
  • Sitting with you at lunch and asking how your day was
  • Listening to you ramble on and on with a smile because he could listen to you talk all day
  • Helping you study and going to you for help when he needs you to tutor him
  • Standing up for you and defending you
  • Scoring a goal in Lacrosse and looking for you in the crowd because he wants to impress you
Sex With Remus Lupin Would Include...
  • Remus being very nervous when it first happens
  • Always making sure your on board
  • Him being really gentle
  • Until you’re in charge that one time
  • Relentlessly teasing him
  • Being really dominant
  • Him deciding that he wants to be dominant
  • Him loving the way you look under him
  • So much moaning
  • Him having a praise kink
  • Him getting really turned on when you call him Lupin
  • And you calling him Moony makes groan
  • He loves marking you up
  • You mark him up, to make him mark you more
  • He loves eating you out
  • You love being eaten out
  • You being the hornier one
  • Except the day before the full moon
  • The he’s kinky as fuck
  • Restraints, spanking, dirty talk; he does it all
  • You always moaning
  • You being equally as loud
  • Remus always telling you how beautiful you are
  • You usually moaning and telling him you love him
  • Post-sex cuddling
  • Teasing him all day, for him to fuck you all night
  • Swaying your hips more than normal
  • Biting your lip
  • Lingering touches
  • Brushing his thigh
  • Unbuttoning the top buttons of your shirt
  • Him licking his lips when he looks at you
  • But he gets turned on most when you’re studying
  • Your hair is out of your face, a few strands flying around haphazardly
  • You biting the inside of your lip to concentrate
  • Furrowing your eyebrows when something confuses you
  • Scrunching your nose up when you’re really confused
  • Him thinking you’re beautiful and wondering how you could ever love him as much as you did
  • You constantly proving to him you do love him, and always show him that he’s beautiful by always kissing his scars and telling him you love him
  • You both love having sex
  • Basically, you’re both horndogs who can’t keep your hands off each other
  • But you’re horndogs in love

@ anyone who follows, likes or is involved in anything markiplier does

  • be patient with him

  • be kind to him

  • don’t harass him

And most of all keep supporting him. This death really has shaken the guy. To see a man who is normally smiling and laughing break down into tears genuinely hurts. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is it something to mock or make fun of. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about he uploaded a video recently.

Imagine if you will, General Hux is carrying Kylo off the planet and he’s like half walking and half on Hux’s shoulder’s when he just loses the will to carry on. He falls to the ground and tells Hux to leave himb behind. Hux just calls him an idiot and picks him up and carries him over his shoulder all the way to the escape pod.

Reasons To Date Chen

Dance battles together 

And when you win 

The way he looks at you 

Him always being there for you 

Just laughing at each other 

Doing nothing together

Opening the car door for you

Him reading the note you left for him

When he wants you and when he knows you want him

Being silly together 

Outings together 

Him trying to be cute for you 

Him trying to be all sexy 

When he’s frustrated and looks FINE AF

Him singing for you 

Him pouting when you say you can’t make the date