Hey guys! I did a few illustrations for an up and coming card game called Himaya. If you like the Sid Meier’s Civilization games, you’ll probably like this. The game is just about complete, but it’s running a Kickstarter to help get it manufactured. As of right now it’s already halfway to meeting its goal!

Here’s a little bit about the gameplay from their page:

Himaya is a history-based card game that lets you test your skills in empire building as you quest to develop the most vast and cultured kingdom in all of history. Each player is the emperor of his or her own personal civilization. Advance technology, commission great works of art, build grand structures, and capture the jewel cities of enemy nations. 

Himaya is a casual card game meant for 2-6 players designed for 30-40 minutes of play. It can be enjoyed by players ages 10 and up.

Come check it out!

The Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1563097709/himaya

The developer’s website: http://imperialsealstudios.com/


Introducing Hector and Himaya! They are two Fallout ocs I came up with recently. Hector is a ghoul who has had many bad runs through the Commonwealth which is when he eventually met Himaya. He hired her as his bodyguard as they both traveled. Himaya was actually adopted by a super mutant and was trained by the mutant so she’s decent on fighting. With the two traveling eventually they both got a thing for each other and ended up dating.