himalayan salt crystal lamp


Aries: Buy something that reminds you of their personality; loud, flashy, exciting, and colorful. Tickets to a concert, extravagant jewelry, the newest gadgets, or a knife set for cooking.
Taurus: As lovers of pleasure and luxury, shopping for them isn’t difficult. An aged, expensive red wine, gold jewelry, fine chocolate, or anything cashmere would make them happy.
Gemini: Easily bored, you’re going to have to work a bit more to keep their attention. Books on travel and languages, cameras, or cell phone accessories would be ideal.
Cancer: They are very appreciative people, but they’ll love the extra effort you put in. Anything homemade, perhaps a bit of memorabilia such as a photograph, silver jewelry, cooking sets, or a spa kit would be lovely.
Leo: Leo’s need to feel special, but they’re also very gracious recipients. Gold jewelry, vibrant clothes, makeup, and gourmet foods have their heart.
Virgo: If they can’t use it everyday, then it’s probably not the best gift for them. Anything practical, or makes their life easier, would keep them happy. Mystery books have a special place in their life as well.
Libra: When picking something, think beautiful. Some foolproof choices include candles, LUSH products, flowers, and designer clothing.
Scorpio: Never one to get visibly excited for gifts, it’s easier to shop for them than you think. Among their many pleasures include cult classic movies, dark jewelry, lingerie, perhaps incense.
Sagittarius: Their biggest pleasure comes from the surprise and tearing open the wrapping paper. Other hits besides wrapping paper and bows include anything exotic, books, tickets to art museums, and anything unusual.
Capricorn: Literally anything but a surprise party. However, you could also get them something simple and nice, like earth toned clothing, a homemade dinner, or a monogrammed bathrobe. They love personal touches!
Aquarius: Try to avoid anything plain. They enjoy special, one of a kind gifts, such as artwork, a telescope, metallic clothing, literature, concert tickets, or maybe even a pet fish.
Pisces: Anything having to do with the arts, the metaphysical, spiritual, and intellectual will be appreciated. Try selecting something creative and unique, like canvases and paintbrushes, a Himalayan salt lamp, crystals, or vinyl music records.

anonymous asked:

okay! I've been meaning to ask you this for weeks; but I keep forgetting. Do you know if I'm able to charge sigils / crystals with a himalayan salt lamp? I've already charged my sigils, but every night I make sure to circle them around my salt lamp to make sure they're nice and strong. Is this even helping them, or does that not really work?

Salt is mainly used for cleansing & protection. I’d see it more as cleansing them of past uses, but if you feel like they’re charged that’s really all that matters. 🌿