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Creating Your Perfect Altar/Witchy Workspace

My Tips and Tricks that Helped Me Create My Own Witchy Workspace

Since I got a few messages and asks about my witchy workspace seen here, I decided to share my tips with all of you!

Ask yourself if you want a functional altar or a more of a museum display. Do you want to be able to do spells, tarot spreads, etc on it or do you want it be just a place you go to light candles/incense and chill at?

Once deciding that figure out what colors you want included in it. You can base this off of the type of witchcraft you do, any colors associated with any deities you may worship, or even colors that fit your “aesthetic”

Then you need to start picking items to put on in based on what your want your altar for like crystal displaying shelves, incense holders, Himalayan Salt lamps, crystal display pieces, candle holders, etc. Thrift shops, consignment shops, and antique stores often have neat finds for a lower price.

From there on you need to arrange the items based on what you feel is right.  I decided to make a triangle shape with how I placed things. The widest part of the triangle is in the back and the point of the triangle is the front of my witchy space. You can use basic shapes like I did to place things or just place things randomly.

Top signs that your Himalayan salt lamp is a fake include:

1. Poor Return Policy

Real Himalayan salt lamps are made of salt so it’s not surprising that they’re fragile objects. A good manufacturer knows this and has return policies that are flexible since there could be some damage in transit. If a salt lamp’s maker is extremely strict (like a “NO RETURNS” policy), then it makes you wonder if it’s a scam operation. This might not necessarily be the case, but some fake retailers have been known not to permit any returns because they know they’re not giving you the real thing.

2. Highly Durable

As I just said, Himalayan salt lamps are inherently fragile. Once you own one, you definitely need to be careful not to drop it or bang it into other solid objects because the salt crystal can be damaged very easily. This is actually a rare time when durability is not desirable. If your salt lamp is unaffected by a collision, it could likely be an imposter.

3. Very Bright Light

If all you’re looking for is a bright light source, a salt lamp is not the way to go. Due to its high content of numerous minerals, a Himalayan salt lamp gives off light in an irregular and muffled manner. A true salt lamp does not give off enough light to completely illuminate a room. If yours does, then it’s most likely not the real deal.

4. Inexpensive White Crystal

You’ll typically find Himalayan salt lamps that give off a warm pinkish or orange hue. There is such a thing as a white Himalayan salt lamp, but it’s extremely rare and a lot more pricey than the colored ones. So if you find a white salt crystal lamp that’s not substantially more expensive than the pink/orange versions, steer clear because this is likely an imposter.

5. No Mention of Pakistan

Deep underground mines in Khewra, Pakistan, are the only source of true Himalayan pink salt. If you’re questioning whether you have a real Himalayan salt lamp, look for mention of Pakistan as the salt crystal’s country of origin. You can also ask the lamp’s maker about the salt’s origin, keeping in mind that it may list the country of origin as the location of the lamp’s assembly.

6. Moisture-Resistant

By its inherent nature, salt is an absorber of water. If your salt lamp has no problem being near a moisture source (like a shower), this is a good sign that you own a fake. A true salt lamp is prone to some sweating when exposed to moisture.

7. Not Experiencing Any Benefits

If you’re sure that you bought the appropriately sized salt lamp for the space you’re using it in and you’ve also been exposed to it on a regular basis and don’t see any positive effects whatsoever, then you may not have a real Himalayan salt lamp.

anonymous asked:

Do you use your 7 altars for different things?

I sure do! Here’s what purpose they all serve:

Spell craft altar: This is where I keep the majority of my witchcraft tools including incense, essential oils, crystal chips, spell candles, various herbs, salts, a besom, my athame, my wand, powders I’ve crafted, mortar & pestle, and some other random magical items. I have my lunar calendar positioned above as well as some spiritual art prints.

Cleansing and charging altar: This is the altar where my most high vibe crystals hang out, as well as my himalayan salt candle holder that I use to cleanse my pendulums and talismans, and a large heart shaped piece of himalayan salt to cleanse crystals I use daily. It has photos of sacred geometry and contains an overflow stash of essential oils and incense that don’t fit in my spell craft altar. As the name of the altar states, this one is used mostly for cleansing and charging. 

Death magic altar: I use this altar for all things related to death witchcraft. It houses the grief vessels I’ve made for my mother and father (they have both passed on), some herbs that correspond to spirit work and the dead, some photos of my dead relatives, candles, crystals, and ethically sourced animal bones. It’s sort of a joint altar for the psychopomps I work with, as well as where I leave all of my ancestor spirit offerings. 

Nightstand altar: I have PTSD, so this is my ‘self-care’ altar. It has an essential oil diffuser, a himalayan salt lamp, various crystals that help with tranquility, a candle, homeopathic supplements that assist with my symptoms, an herbal meditation eye pillow/mask, and essential oil blends that are soothing. I struggle with hyper-vigilance, insomnia, and intrusive thoughts, so that’s why this particular altar is on my nightstand. I need it to be as accessible as possible. 

Venus altar: This is my devotional altar where I honor Venus. It has a statue of her, a photo of the path of Venus, crystals, candles, other sacred items, and basically just a bunch of stuff I love. There is a place by the statue to leave offerings and it also has my manifestation box placed on it as well. 

Working altar: This is where I cast the majority of my spells. It faces north and has a large ritual candle on it, a silver pentacle, various crystal specimens, my mini cauldron, some ethically sourced animal bones, and an incense burner. I use my spell craft altar to craft the spells and this is the altar where I cast them.

Bathroom altar: My bathroom altar is pretty simple and contains various crystal specimens, as well as my spelled rosemary plant. I suppose it’s a glamour magic altar of sorts, but it mostly just makes me happy, so that’s why it’s there. 

Like I said, I’m a little altar obsessed (≧◡≦)


Aries: Buy something that reminds you of their personality; loud, flashy, exciting, and colorful. Tickets to a concert, extravagant jewelry, the newest gadgets, or a knife set for cooking.
Taurus: As lovers of pleasure and luxury, shopping for them isn’t difficult. An aged, expensive red wine, gold jewelry, fine chocolate, or anything cashmere would make them happy.
Gemini: Easily bored, you’re going to have to work a bit more to keep their attention. Books on travel and languages, cameras, or cell phone accessories would be ideal.
Cancer: They are very appreciative people, but they’ll love the extra effort you put in. Anything homemade, perhaps a bit of memorabilia such as a photograph, silver jewelry, cooking sets, or a spa kit would be lovely.
Leo: Leo’s need to feel special, but they’re also very gracious recipients. Gold jewelry, vibrant clothes, makeup, and gourmet foods have their heart.
Virgo: If they can’t use it everyday, then it’s probably not the best gift for them. Anything practical, or makes their life easier, would keep them happy. Mystery books have a special place in their life as well.
Libra: When picking something, think beautiful. Some foolproof choices include candles, LUSH products, flowers, and designer clothing.
Scorpio: Never one to get visibly excited for gifts, it’s easier to shop for them than you think. Among their many pleasures include cult classic movies, dark jewelry, lingerie, perhaps incense.
Sagittarius: Their biggest pleasure comes from the surprise and tearing open the wrapping paper. Other hits besides wrapping paper and bows include anything exotic, books, tickets to art museums, and anything unusual.
Capricorn: Literally anything but a surprise party. However, you could also get them something simple and nice, like earth toned clothing, a homemade dinner, or a monogrammed bathrobe. They love personal touches!
Aquarius: Try to avoid anything plain. They enjoy special, one of a kind gifts, such as artwork, a telescope, metallic clothing, literature, concert tickets, or maybe even a pet fish.
Pisces: Anything having to do with the arts, the metaphysical, spiritual, and intellectual will be appreciated. Try selecting something creative and unique, like canvases and paintbrushes, a Himalayan salt lamp, crystals, or vinyl music records.


NAME :   Cassy
NICKNAME :    Well that is the nickname
FACECLAIM :    It was Phoebe Buffay, but I don’t really use that anymore
PRONOUNS :    she  /  her
HEIGHT :   5′6″ (and a half apparently but I don’t believe it)
BIRTHDAY :   February 3rd
AESTHETIC :   Ugh idk, I say things are my aesthetic as a joke LOL. I guess Christmas lights, Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, coffee, fall leaves, flowy clothes
LAST  SONG  YOU  LISTENED  TO :  Um some song that was in my daily mix on spotify and it was too hardcore for me!!! I’m not that hardcore anymore!!! Now it’s a song called “6 Months” by Hey Monday (the lead singer went to my high school, fun fact :) )
FAVORITE  MUSE (S)  YOU’VE  WRITTEN :    They all hold a special place in my heart because every muse that I have RPed as for an extended period of time have been OCs. It would probs be between two male OCs I had– Rueven I made up when I was 12/13? and Anatole I made when I was 13/14 and I played them regularly probably until I was ~18. 


WHAT  INSPIRED  YOU  TO  TAKE  ON  THIS  MUSE :  I think it initially started with me being Adlock trash and wanting them to have a spicy daughter. I made the decision to make the muse and made the blog really quickly. This has been my first account dedicated to a single muse. 

WHAT  ARE  YOUR  FAVORITE  ASPECTS  OF  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE :  Idk I like her. LOL. I like that she is complex. She acts all tough and bitchy and open, but when people start trying to crack open the surface she retreats and is super insecure about connecting to other humans. It’s an interesting dichotomy. 
WHAT’S  YOUR  BIGGEST  INSPIRATION  WHEN  IT  COMES  TO  WRITING : For in the moment things– music. I like to use music to set a tone. For new plots/verses, and even new threads, it’s often films and television that inspire me.
FAVORITE  TYPES  OF  THREADS :   ALL OF THEM!!! 💯💯💯💯 But really, I am game for just about any threads. However, I feel a bulk of mine are either angst or fluff. But I want all! 
BIGGEST  STRUGGLE  IN  REGARDS  TO  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE :  My biggest struggle has less to do with my muse and more to do with interactions. I have a few people that I interact with frequently and it’s great, but since Lacey is an OC (and a child of a cannon character, nonetheless), I think people are hesitant to interact with me. I often get a reply or two, and then nothing.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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magicallycaffeinated  asked:

Oooooh time for witchy asks! What do you keep on your altar/sacred space, if you have one? I'm working on a travelling altar and I feel like it's not ~complete~ but I don't know what else to put in it.

I have an altar! Right now I have a Himalayan Salt Lamp, a few dishes of crystals, a basket of crystal and flower oracle cards, an abalone shell, a couple of containers with incense, palo santo, and some lighters in them, some jewelry that is sentimental, pine cones (I don’t know what I’m going to use them for yet), and I like to keep coins randomly all over it. I also have crystal elixirs I’ve made, some essential oils, and some sprays.

I keep a semi travel altar too, mostly just little satchels of crystals and coins. I keep one in my purse and one in my wallet. However, I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and the basket of cards, my BoS/grimoire (it’s kinda a hybrid), a couple crystal elixir/essential oil spray mixes, my mini crystal bags and the abalone shell have been serving as my altar on the go. 

I also use this tumblr as a digital altar/BoS/grimoire, and I use it in conjunction with all my other work (e.g. I don’t burn candles very often right now, so I’ll reblog a lit candle gif when I’m working and reblog a candle that’s blown out gif when I’m done or a closing spell (or at least I intend it, sometimes I forget))

I’ve had a lot more stuff on my altar in the past but I’ve minimalized it through time

I am so happy with this purchase. It’s bigger than I expected, but I’m fine with that. I’ve wanted a Himalayan salt lamp for over a year now, and finally own one. While unboxing this, my parents called me a “hippy” until my mom read the benefits, and now they want one for downstairs. 

The lamp is made of natural salt crystal from the Himalayan mountains, and works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air. It can also be used as light therapy to reduce stress, and increase energy. The lit salt crystal clears the air naturally of allergens such as smoke, pet dander, and pollen while diluting odors. There are claims that it has numerous health benefits, like migraine relief, enhancing serotonin levels in the blood, and increasing immune system support. Regardless, it’s a beautiful lamp that is unique, and offers a soft glow to my room during the nighttime yoga.