himalayan lamp

iwouldbemerry  asked:

So I'm assuming traditional gifts to new roommates include those wicked old iron scissors, bottles of coffee creamer, flats of instant ramen, and OOH those pink himalayan salt lamps! Unless they want you gone, in which case they give you potted plants and twinkle lights...

Elsewhere students have a reputation for being really, really welcoming to transfer students. Really welcoming. Why are they watching you so closely. You don’t need scissors. Their eyes aren’t smiling.

They had Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders at Ross’s so I changed up my studio window. Maybe I should stop calling it my studio. My creativity has taken a vacation and apparently it knew Trump got Kinged and decided to just fucking stay gone. This is my favorite place anyway you cut it.

Will I ski tomorrow? Odds are high but so am I so who’s to tell for sure. I ordered a chaise from Wayfair and they cancelled it on me. Boo. It was clearance so it either over sold or was caught as damaged on its way out. Still, boo. Right now would be so much more zen on that chaise.

We are supposed to be going to a party tonight. He’s had a rough week and he was angry and zonking. I hope the kids keep quiet. My youngest will wait for you to fall asleep and then ask you a question. What an asshole.