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Torque’s Self-Love Motivation Jar

Another Spoonie-Friendly spell for those who wish to have a little bit more confidence, energy and passion in their daily lives.

Step 1 - Ingredients

  • Pink Himalayan Salt (use food coloring with reg. salt if you want)
  • “Passion” Tazo Tea (rose hips or petals, lemongrass, hibiscus)
  • Pink Glitter (or that of your choice)
  • Piece of Rose Quartz

Step 2 - Piece of Paper for Your Intentions/Goals

The phrases I personally used are as follows -

“I am confident in my abilities.”

“I am passionate about my endeavors.”

“I am motivated to be successful in my goals.”

Step 3 - Knot Work/Sealing Your Intentions

Grab some thread. It doesn’t have to be pink, but I chose to do that to fit the color theme. Cut it to be about three feet long. Wrap the cord around the top a few times and leave some room to work with.

Now, knot the thread where you have just stopped. This knot represents your first statement. Say it out loud or in your head while tying the knot. Leave some space and do the same with the rest of your statements on the paper. Then tie a bow. By this bow, you have sealed your intentions. I made knots on the end of each remaining thread to further seal the intention and statements into the thread.

Leave the jar somewhere where you will see it - a workplace, altar, desk, etc. Make sure the paper inside is visible so that it reminds you of what you want to accomplish. Decorate as you see fit! I did not personally seal the jar with wax in case I want to use it again, but you are free to do what feels right. Charge it under moonlight if you feel it needs a little boost!

- Torque -


It’s Filipino Food Monday in my house and I just finished cooking these Filipino home cooked staple dishes side by side.

Chicken Adobo in Coconut Sauce with Pineapple (chicken thigh fillet chunks braised in soy sauce, cane vinegar, worcestershire sauce, garlic, bay leaves, black pepper, pineapple chunks and coconut cream)

Tilapia Fish Paksiw (fish poached in white vinegar, water, olive oil, ginger, garlic, green Serrano chilies seasoned with black pepper and Himalayan pink salt)

And these are eaten with nothing else but fragrant boiled Jasmine rice.