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hetalia world ☆ stars icons part nine

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aph hong kong - hetalia world ☆ stars - chapter 275 & ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

aph macau - hetalia world ☆ stars - chapter 275

aph netherlands - hetalia world ☆ stars - chapter 84 & hima’s blog update: looks dirty

aph romano - hima’s blog update

aph luxembourg - hima’ blog update: tulip fever

anonymous asked:

help my friend said that nordics are just allies, not close friends/a family. what should i say/show to proof otherwise?

*cracks knuckles* Okay, here we go:

When they find out that Iceland feels down about his designs not being as popular as the others, they immediately try to cheer him up as well as find a solution to the problem. (Norway’s solution is not very good but he tries)

They go camping together.

They also throw Ice a surprise birthday party!

And look at all this stuff that Hima has drawn! I think they look like much more than allies :) I hope that I could be of help!

(All art by Himaruya, top 3 strips from @hetascanlations, Birthday pic)

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Bro ok so I've been seeing stuff about the new hairstyles/designs etc. EVERYWHERE, but i have no idea where people found it. Is there a blog run by Hima where he posted it there or something?

Hima does have a blog, but I think these designs were released as merchandise for something?? Like some Hetalia CD or magazine? Which is what I’m taking my comfort from– maybe the new hairstyles are just like ‘fancy hairstyles’ for special occasions? Not permanent changes just like special hair for special times… Dunno, dunno, but yea they weren’t posted on Hima’s blog, they’re like official merchandise releases. I’m 89% sure. 87%.


[[Um… heey. Sorry for the suddenly disappearence… huh, yeah… and look my style is completely different lmao]]

All volume strips have been put up! 

Some are not the published ones, rather the original strips on Hima’s blog hosted on Hetarchive. As Hetarchive is switching sites, some of these links may go down; I’ll check occasionally that the links work, but if a faulty one escapes me, feel free to tell me! 

And some strips, but very few, are not translated. But at least all the material is here.

The big bad wolf

By http://mano-manu.tumblr.com/post/102785538711/from-himas-blog-update-3

Im sorry for my stop of updates of the blog! I’m sorry for all the worries i have caused you all.  Every single time, i’m very sorry, and thank you. 

This time I can finally write an announcement!

Jump + hetalia, World ☆ stars have started! 

countries and historical figures continued comprising several times. 

Roman empires Impressionism, or like, the familiar ‘that person’ will come out too

“put more power to it” “hmm" 

+ germany is strong 

In the past, I drew Emperor Nero with black hair, but from what I read from literature, he was a  light colored hair and pale blue eyed subcultured man. So this time, I drew it like that.  

【Was allowed to draw!】

■ALDNOAH. ZERO Ansology comic First volume will be out on october 11th! 

I drew the front cover! 

Although my manager said some disturbing stuff and i was prepared, it was something more than I had imagined!

■Real horror stories that happened in the school. On sale monday - tuesday! 

By Iijima Senseis new series, the horror stories will be transferred and take place in a elementary school.
I will also be doing the character design and the cover.  
Wednesday had become a member of individualistic people.  
Strange and scary story, the person who talked about it is only going "ahh that was scary”, but if you think about it, theres a lot of  dangerous stories so its very interesting! 

  I will start the notice after the announcement.  

■Scary stories that happened in countryside schools  

Im sorry for the huge wait. 
As soon I am ready, i would say my announcement! 

【I went for an interview in Finland!】
I was allowed to write the powerful cooperation between the scandinavians or like, how Estonia is very good at business. I also met Moomin! 

“Finlands airport greeting moomin! Hellllo!" 

its stinky! stinky is so cool….