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Why I love Hetalia

• Its historical humor that keeps away from touchy subjects

•  A lot of the fandom is aware of events going on around the world, and generally takes more interest in international events (even without bringing Hetalia into the picture)

• Building an OC requires actual research, and you can learn a lot from it

• There are huge AU fanbases (Nyotalia, 2P, Nekotalia, Transtalia, etc.)

• There is no consistent plot, and it lets the fandom be more creative with RPs and other fan works without disregarding canon events

• A lot of diverse fanart (fluffy, dramatic, historical, etc.)

• Pretty much no one has gone through all the official content, and you can never stop learning about canon things; there is SO MUCH MORE than just the anime (manga, Hima’s blog, drama CDs, etc.)

• Lots of official and fanmade music/songs 

• Flawed, yet good-hearted characters (they only want what is best for their people, even when their bosses don’t or when they are oblivious to something)

• Generally a friendly and caring fandom (I get so many hugs at cons when I cosplay Hetalia, but when I cosplay from my other fandoms- A:TLA, SnK, SU, GF, etc.- nobody even bothers to say ‘hello’)

• Its how I’ve met some of my closest friends (and my girlfriend!!)