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Tbh? Daryl is such a useless character now. The only thing he does is run off and cry, like he helps with nothing. The only use the show has for him now is putting him on the merch... 😒

they’re too scared to kill off their money marker that’s literally what it is like they’re surely not keeping him around for compelling story lines


there’s new official undertale merch on fangamer! now you can preorder:

check out all of fangamer’s undertale merch here!


hello! so i designed this shirt for tyler and gave it to him at vidcon :) a lot of people have told me they want it, and it’s my dream to make merch for youtubers, so…

reblog if you think tyler should let a fan design some merch for him! ;)

Imagine General Hux merchandise, like wow, what a wild concept

another phone wallpaper for my phone

doing small things like this really is therapeutic. this should be my official meditation method or something.