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In your marichat comics esp the recent sin one.... does Mari know his true identity? I'm imagining Mari and Adrien just .... really chum buddies at school Mari unaware Adrien was the one who went down on her. Or him just secretly checking her out.

Yeah, she knows his true identity here (they both do), I actually added “post reveal” tag uwu”” (X)

But not that your ideas are not good! :3

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Can you do 53 and 33 for Montgomery de la Cruz?

Hell yeah I can! Also bless your soul for requesting something and giving me something to do ily 💕

33. The door’s locked.

53. Take your shirt off.

The door’s locked,” Montgomery relays apprehensively, his head turning to glance at the girl standing behind him. 

“The fuck you mean it’s locked,” she hisses, pushing past him to see for herself. Sure enough the handle jingles tightly in her hand but does not completely twist. The music is too loud for anyone to hear them pounding on the door. She had come upstairs to take a breather from the party, not to get locked in Jessica Davis’s bedroom with Montgomery De La Cruz. 

“You gonna talk to me now? Ya know, since we’re kind of stuck in here together. Or are you gonna continue to avoid me?” he asks, leaning against the door with his arms crossed over his chest. 

“I’m not avoiding you,” her eyes drop from his face to the floor, voice wavering. Lying has never been her strong suit.

They had been partnered together for a project in biology, and much to her surprise they got along great. She was cold towards him at first, since her prior interactions with him had been him checking her out in the hallway and her rolling her eyes whenever she caught him, or when she would stumble across him getting aggressive with someone who did or didn’t deserve it. 

She didn’t want to like him. He’s a dick of the douchiest variety. But not always, not all the time. After many late nights of doing research he got comfortable around her and relaxed. He would crack stupid jokes and make lame puns that made her laugh in-spite of herself. He would randomly ask her questions like “what do you think about multiverse theory?” and “What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?” He would let her nap on the couch if she got tired while he continued to search for articles and would wake her up when he came across something that he found particularly exciting. He could be endearing when he wanted to be.

They got close. Closer than she could have anticipated. One night the previous week they were making final edits on the project, laughing about this and that. She can’t remember what he said, but she playfully shoved his chest in response and he nudged her shoulder back and she kicked at his leg and then they were rolling around on the floor when he quietly mumbled, “come here,” and she teasingly responded with, “I don’t think I can really get much closer,” to which he whispered, “I think you can.” And then he kissed her.

She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t wondered what it would be like to kiss the infamous Montgomery De La Cruz. He was a prick, but a gorgeous one at that. All of the eye rolls and shit talking in the world couldn’t change the fact that given the opportunity, most of the girls at Liberty High would sell their soul to kiss the devil himself.

It was sweet. He had pulled her flush against his chest and let his hands play at her sides while she climbed onto his lap, resting her one hand at the side of his neck and letting the other run down his arm. It wasn’t what she would have expected. But he wasn’t what she expected either. 

That was all it was. Just one kiss. Nothing more. He didn’t push it further and neither did she. When she pulled away he had this soft smile on his lips and a serene look in his eyes that she had never seen before. He looked so calm, so at peace. And it made her heart melt. 

But he was still Monty, and she knew what everyone in the school thought of him, and what they would think of her if this progressed into anything more than a one time kiss. It was hypocritical, to desire someone but damn anyone who actually got something. Nonetheless, she pulled away. Avoiding him since then. She didn’t want to be the type to care what other people thought, but they could be so damn cruel, and she had kept such a pristine image so far. 

“Seriously?” Monty snaps, pulling her out of her thoughts, “I’m literally the only other person in here and you’re still pretending like I don’t exist.”

“I’m very much aware of your existence,” she quips, sitting on the edge of Jessica’s bed. She notices a variety of colored sharpies on the nightstand.

“You’re just choosing to ignore it,” he rolls his eyes.

“I’m talking to you right now, aren’t I?” she raises an eyebrow, feigning casualty. 

He snorts, running a hand through his hair. “I’m all you’ve got right now, so it doesn’t count for much.”

“Didn’t think you’d care all that much,” she shrugs, leaning over to grab the colorful assortment of sharpies.

“I kissed you and then you started avoiding me like the plague. How could I not care?!” his voice raises in exasperation.

“Because you’re you,” her tone is serious as she looks him straight in the eye.

“Yeah, yeah my reputation sucks. I’m awful,” he glowers.

“Only sometimes. You can be sweet when you want to be,” she offers.

“Not sweet enough for it to matter apparently.”

Take your shirt off.”

“What?” he asks, taken aback. This conversation has taken an abrupt turn.

“I’m gonna draw on you,” she shakes the sharpies in her hand, “Gotta pass the time somehow.”

He’s somewhat startled and confused by the request, but his shirt still comes off as he makes his way over to the bed. He lies on his back as she straddles his lap, dragging the tip of a green sharpie down his side. She draws twisting vines with sharp thorns that could tear your skin if you got too close. But she also draws blooming roses that smell so sweet you can’t help but drift closer. It’s dangerous and beautiful, terrifying and inviting. It’s a lot like Monty.

“You’re sending out some mixed signals you know,” he looks up at her as she shades in a petal. One minute she’s ducking around corners to bypass his gaze and the next she’s straddling his half naked body.

“I’m sorry,” she mutters, her lip stuck between her teeth in concentration, “I like you, but your reputation is hard to swallow.”

He nods in understanding, watching her use him as a canvas. “Can I draw on you?”

“Sure,” her eyes widen a bit in surprise. “Where?”

“Your back,” he explains as she rolls off him and he sits up, switching places.

She turns away from him, sliding her shirt off and unhooking her bra before laying chest down on the bed. He picks up a sharpie and she feels the cool ink on her skin. A shiver runs down her spine at the sensation. It’s a large design that takes up a majority of the two sides of her back. It feels like he’s drawing wings. 

“Angel wings?” she asks, twisting her head at an attempt to get a look at him.

“Good guess,” he grins, nodding in affirmation. 

“Why?” she laughs, “Cause I’m so etherial?”

“Something like that,” he laughs, his one hand gripping her side tightly to keep her still. She likes the feeling of his skin on hers.

“Can you keep a secret? she asks, biting her lip as she waits for a response.

“What kind of secret?” he asks, sitting back so his weight isn’t holding her down as much.

She rolls over so she’s facing him, reaching up to place one hand at the back of his neck. Her lips press against his in the most inviting way, making his eyes shut instinctively as he leans into it.

“Yeah,” he breathes out heavily, moving to hover over her as his arms wrap around her back to press their bare chests together tightly. “I can keep a secret.”

*Sorry that turned out to be way longer than a drabble, I got a little carried away*

Want a drabble?

Having noticed a whole new element to this gif when rewatching the interview I need to break this shit down.

Lilis gaze falls to his lips then start to drop lower checking him out as her tounge darts out and she bits her lip that bit I had noticed and I’m sure everyone else did.

But I’ve finally really taken in Coles actions here. He turns just as her eyes have dropped and she starts to lick her lip, his hand which was simply making a gesture as he spoke stills for a second as he notices her and falls to her arm waking her from her little lustful eye fuck, her eyes widening as she realises, while he does it all without breaking flow of what he’s saying at all.

Talk about good boyfriend with a smooth as fuck. “Babe snap out of it there’s cameras.”

I’m sure someone may have noticed his side already but I was so thrown by Lili being the one so lost for once I didn’t really take in his reaction at all

In conclusion this is the gif that keeps giving

to count the stars

seven times james and lily meet on the train, and one time they don’t

ie, this is me skewing the jily week day 1 prompts a bit because i am the trashiest of trash.



It’s a bleak September morning the first time she sets foot on the Hogwarts Express.

Lily sniffles, glancing over her shoulder, not at her parents whose grins were so wide that she feared it would split their faces, but at her sister, her Tuney, who pouted and frowned and whose eyes had a strange sheen over it. She’s only seen it a few times, when they got into fights that lead to broken dolls or hair tugging.

Petunia Evans was a cold type of sadness. She would pout and sulk and her lip would quiver, but she would never, ever cry.

Lily was the opposite. She was an explosion of feeling, a forest fire too big for her body that left its confines in wet, noisy sobs that had the whole house shaking.

A lone tear made it’s way down her sister’s cheek and she was ready to jump off the train and back to her if it meant stopping the impossible.

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In Another Life

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: AU
Genre: Mostly fluff/comfort.
Prompt: 5 times Linstead met before Jay joined the unit

A/N: I realize this might not be what you meant with this prompt, but hell, I had fun with it. I hope you enjoy it too!

P.S: Reviews make me happy, and when I’m happy, my muse is happy, and when my muse is happy… You all know what happens. More fics ;)

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A tiny snippet inspired by the filming spoiler pics from today. Hope you enjoy:

“’M sorry ‘bout Denise,” Daryl whispered after a long silence while they leaned against the railing of the bridge.

Tara looked up at him. “You don’t have anything to be sorry for.”

He sighed. “He shoulda shot me.”

“Hey,” Tara said. “It’s not your fault okay? Dwight shot the arrow, not you.” 

He looked down at the ground and chewed on his thumbnail before nodding. “She loved ya.”

Tara gave him a watery smile. “And I loved her… so so much.” 

Daryl pulled her in for a hug and she cried softly on his shoulder, nodding her head in appreciation as he told her how sorry he was she was gone. 

When they pulled away from each other, Tara let out a dry, almost angry laugh. “Just… god I wish I had the balls to tell her when I could have.”

He huffed. “She felt the same… told me to figure out my shit too.”

Tara laughed and wiped the tears off her face. “Sounds like her.” She then eyed him sideways. “Have you?”

“Have I what?”

“Figured out your shit?”

His smile faded slightly and looked down at the ground again, kicking the pebbles off the bridge. “Don’t got shit ta figure out.”

“Well that’s bullshit if I ever heard it,” Tara quipped. His behavior reminded her of a school boy with his first crush. “Why don’t you?”

He looked up at her nervously and he was about to say something when he glanced over and shut his mouth before standing straight, clearing his throat to remove whatever evidence there was of their conversation. Tara looked over and saw Carol and Morgan walking towards them with their Kingdom armor, and she smirked at the sudden realization

“Rick says that they’ll be in position in 10,” Carol said, her rifle at the ready.

“Tell ‘em ta hurry his slow ass up,” Daryl said with a huff.

Carol chuckled. “I did, he told me you’re a bad influence.”

He chuckled and looked down from self consciousness, and Tara grinned mischievously as she thought up a plan. 

“So Carol, like your new badass outfit,” Tara quipped. 

Carol laughed. “I know I know, it’s strange. They’re football pads from a local high school locker room.” She looked down at herself. “I look ridiculous don’t I.” She then looked sheepishly up at Daryl who was biting his thumb, looking at her through his bangs.

But before he could say anything Tara cleared her throat. “Well actually Daryl was just telling me how hot you look with the armor on.”

Daryl’s eyes widened and he was rendered speechless as he nervously glanced between her and Carol. He looked towards her with a “how could you do this?” look but Carol’s reaction grabbed his attention.

“Really?” Carol asked, her corners of her lips twitching up. “You think so?”

Daryl looked at her and cleared his throat before leaning on the rails, and after a minute, he nodded his head. “Yeah.” 

He chanced to look up towards Carol through his bangs and his cheeks reddened instantly, for she looked like he just made her day. “Thanks, I’m glad you think so.”

He grunted and gave her a smirk but his eyes widened again when she came up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Both of their faces were flushed this time, and Carol pulled back and looked at him nervously, awaiting his reaction. But once he pulled himself together he gave a little laugh and a smile before ducking his head down again, and Carol smiled in relief.

Tara was nearly swooning at this point as she and Morgan slowly shimmied away towards the end of the bridges. She was hoping and praying for a kiss when their radio suddenly went on. 

“Time to go guys,” Rick’s voice came through.

“Goddammit Rick,” Tara hissed, grabbing the radio as Carol and Daryl started walking towards them. “Fine, got it.”

She and Morgan led the way as they walked down the stairs in pairs, with Daryl and Carol behind them. 

“Did you plan on doing that?” Morgan asked, just loud enough for her to hear.

Tara shrugged her shoulders. “Nah, spur of the moment.”

Morgan looked at her with surprise. “So you don’t know if Daryl thinks she actually looks hot in that?”

“Oh he does.”

“How do ya know?”

“I saw him checking her out earlier. If there’s any to describe what Daryl isn’t, it’s subtlety,” she said with a laugh. “Besides, who wouldn’t think so. She looks fucking badass with the armor but damn, those skinny jeans make her ass look fine.”

Morgan laughed and nodded but kept his mouth shut when he heard Daryl’s gruff voice. “What are ya too gawkin’ at?”

“Nothing,” they both said in reply before quickly making their way down the stairs.

Tara was beaming by the time they got to the trucks, very proud of herself for what she was able to accomplish as she watched Daryl and Carol walk close together, catching quick glances of each other. She may not have had the chance to say I love you to Denise, but at least she could help one of the two few people in this world who still can. 

Our Song

Tokyo Ghoul Idol AU 

Summary: Hinami is a normal college student leading a normal, happy life. Ayato is an idol drowning in fame and fortune who suffers from sleepless nights and unforgettable nightmares. They meet through a variety show that gives Hinami the chance to sing with him. Initially bitter that she wasn’t given the chance to sing with her bias, Kaneki, Hinami starts to warm up to Ayato and sees the real person beyond the sexy bad boy he appears to be onstage. (Relationships: Ayahina + Kirishima family)

A/N: It’s finally here! I hope this turns out as well as I imagine it to be in my head. Please do reblog this if you enjoyed it! It will really mean a lot to me if you do. I know I’ve said this before but also, special thanks to @breakfast-at-anteiku​ for helping me out a lot with this. She’s played a big role in building this world along with him. Check out her blog for beautiful art!

Index: Masterpost Information sheet | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Hinami’s given a chance to sing with an idol on national television during a variety show. She’s nervous and worried that she’ll make a fool of herself. And to make matters worse, the person who’ll be onstage with her is none other than Kirishima Ayato, the main dancer and rapper of the idol group Goat. Guys like him are always never a good thing, right? (3.3k words) 

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If There’s No Objection
Rated Explicit

Prompt-verse: Belle & Gold are rival attorneys with benefits. When one attorney wins a case against the other then the loser must give pleasure to the winner.


Parts Two started with a tumblr ask (link)

How did this happen from the start? Who brought it up? Why did you go along with it?

Part Three will be posted for @rumbelleorderinthecourt​ on April 11!


“It was a pity about that break-in case, I suppose. If I didn’t know better, I’d have said the perpetrator had an honest face,” Gold smirked into his glass, tipping it back to drain the last few sips.

Beside him at the bar, Belle narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips. She genuinely liked Mr. Gold, respected his work even if they sometimes disagreed ethically. But there were times she was dying to slap that smugness right off his handsome face. Or perhaps kiss it off. Swallow his taunts and give him something else to grin about, instead… She flushed and looked back down at her drink, fiddling with the twin straws.

“Twenty dollars says they overturn it and he walks,” she threw back, at last.

Gold lifted an eyebrow, “I’d never have pegged you as the betting type.”

“Hmm, clearly you don’t know me very well…” She teased, closing her lips over one straw while keeping their gazes locked.

“Clearly…” he murmured, Adam’s apple bobbing.

Belle felt a little thrill run through her, centering at her core. She crossed her legs, pressing her thighs together. Gold smiled, gaze flicking down to where her stocking tops were just barely visible at the slit of her skirt. He took a breath before averting his gaze, cheeks tinged pink.

She’d allowed the skirt to hitch up as they sat, hoping for just such a reaction. The better to gauge his interest. She’d caught him checking her out more than once, recently. Despite the copious cleavage of many of his associates, he never seemed to look at them like that. With darkened eyes and that half-hidden smile. It wasn’t the first time she suspected her little crush might be mutual, just the first time she’d felt bold enough to do something about it.

Maybe it was the freedom of being out of town on a conference, away from most of those they knew in the legal world. Maybe it was the big empty bed waiting for her in the hotel room upstairs. Maybe she was just feeling brave.

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I'm new, but can you explain to me why Gruvia is bad? Thoughts on NaLu as well?

The issue with Gruvia is 99% Juvia - she’s a stalker and a satellite character that receives little to no development because everything she does is connected to Gray in some way. She follows Gray everywhere she can, wraps her life around him (check out her bedroom in the 413 Days omake), gets ridiculously jealous of his female friends and is unfriendly towards anyone she sees as a “love rival” (including Frosch the cat) and tends to prioritise her feelings for Gray over her own safety and success, and that of her guild (the S-Class arc as well as the GMG spring to mind). She’s clingy, ignores Gray’s discomfort and disinterest (I spent awhile on this, so here), ignores what he has to say (e.g. the time Gray explicitly rejected her and she ignored him), she admitted she tried to sleep with him without permission… the list goes on. 

You’ll find that most “Gruvia moments” are either Juvia being herself, or Gray acting in a way that is fairly typical of Gray, except towards Juvia. I wrote about Juvia’s role in Gruvia in detail in a couple of essays I did last year (1, 2, if you’re interested). Honestly it’s just… not a good or well written ship? Lol

NaLu isn’t as bad - it does have a lot of issues, like Natsu constantly invading and not respecting Lucy’s privacy on multiple occasions despite being told off for it constantly, and that whole “abandoning her for a year without apologising” thing. Honestly, removing almost all of Natsu’s “funny pervert” and “funny home invader” moments would eliminate the most consistent issues with the ship.

Marichat May Day 1 - Milk

Marinette thinks she’s really funny when she brings Chat milk in a bowl to drink after they watch a movie together. He doesn’t think she thought he would actually except it though based on her shock.

Rated T || 1,339 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF 

Milking the Joke

He really wasn’t surprised when he looked up to see what Marinette brought him to drink after her asking him is he wanted anything once the movie they were watching on her laptop was over. They were curled up together on her lounge in that completely platonic way friends cuddle. She had untangled their legs, which had been entwined together in a completely platonic way, and sat up. He had seen the mischief in her eyes and the grin that kept pulling on her lips. “Do you want something to drink?” It would have been an innocent question had he not seen that look in her eyes. Of course, he said yes. How could he say no to his princess?

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Everything's Fine

Fandom: Marvel x Star Wars Crossover Modern AU

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Poe Dameron x Reader

As requested by (I’m sorry, I forgot who mentioned this to me): Sam, Bucky, Poe crossover of them interacting with each other.


Getting a house with your three best guy friends probably was the best and worst decision of your life. Best because they were your best friends. They made you laugh and took care of you. Worst because they’re always bickering with each other…like now.

“Okay, you know what?! No! You cheated! You obviously cheated somehow!” You heard Sam yell as you made your way downstairs.

“How the hell did I cheat?! You can’t cheat in Street Fighter! You just don’t want to admit that you suck at this game!” You heard Poe yell back.

You landed at the bottom of the stairs to see all three men sitting on the couch facing the tv. The Street Fighter game showing on the screen. The couch and their backs were facing you. Sam and Poe sat next to each other while Bucky sat on the far right.

You sighed making your way over and wrapping your arms around Bucky’s shoulders, “How long have they been at this?”

Bucky looked at his watch, “A couple minutes.” He craned his neck to look at you, “There’s some left over breakfast for you in the kitchen.”

“Mk. Thanks. But before I do that,” you walked to the other side of the couch and grabbed the remote off the coffee table. You switched tv off and Sam and Poe immediately noticed.

“Heeey,” they whined in unison.

You put one hand on your hip, “Your arguing is ridiculous.”

“He cheated!”

“He’s a sore loser!”

You rolled your eyes, “And you’re both idiots. Anything else, you guys have that you could share with the class?”

Poe looked you up and down. You were wearing a black tank top with pink sleep shorts that had bunnies on them. He smiled, “I like your shorts.” He said with a goofy smile. You took a nearby pillow and threw it at him. He screeched, “Not the hair!”

You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen. Poe’s eyes followed you, zeroing in on your ass. He then felt someone slap the back of his head. He looked to see Bucky glaring at him, “Stop checking her out. That’s our best friend.”

Poe pouted rubbing wear Bucky hit him, “What? I can’t appreciate how beautiful Y/N is? Besides, don’t act like I haven’t caught you checking her out either.” Sam snickered and Poe turned to him, “Or you Wilson!”

The three men glared at each other. You came walking into the room and saw that they were giving each other mean stares, “Hey g-whoa. What’s going on?”

The three men looked at you and said in unison, “Nothing.” Then looked at each other.

“Uh huh…” you said suspiciously.

Sam cleared his throat, “Ahem. Uh, everything’s fine, baby girl. Anyway, were you gonna say something?”

Your face lightened up, “Oh yeah! You guys wanna check out that arcade that opened up at the mall?”

Bucky smiled, “Sounds good, doll face.”

“Great! I’ll go get ready after I’m eating.”

“Take your time, sweetheart.” Poe said giving you that heartwarming smile.

When you left, the three men started bickering again.

“Baby girl? Are you kidding me, Wilson?” Bucky whispered loudly.

Poe rolled his eyes, “Oh shut up, Barnes! You were giving her heart eyes! And what the hell is with doll face? This isn’t the forties, man!”

Sam scoffed, “Look who’s talking, Dameron! Calling her sweetheart and giving you that ‘award winning smile’” He said making air quotes.

All three of them were making shots at each other, but Poe seized them, “Okay! Enough! This has to end! Y/N is our best friend. None of us can have a relationship with her because it’ll ruin this entire friendship we have. So we gotta promise each other that. We do that and everything will be fine. Yes?”

“Yeah,” Bucky mumbled.

“Sure,” Sam said dejectedly.

Everything was gonna be fine. Right??

Save me

Oliver in his whole career hasn’t met with situation like this. He has been a
Police negotiator for about 5 years. He could proudly say he was one of the best this was why he was called for most of the cases.

He thought he has seen everything in his life, man and woman in the middle of the crisis. But this, this was something totally knew for him.

“Hey Oliver, good that you are here.” John Diggle one of the cops that became his best friend greeted him.

“What’s happening?” Oliver asked crouching down next to his friend.

They were on the top of one of the highest buildings in the city. All he noticed by then was a head of blonde hair tied in a ponytail.

“A young woman in the middle of her twenties I believe she refuses to talk to anyone. She’s been standing there for a while and we don’t really know what to do. She didn’t say her name.”

“Okay.” Oliver nodded. 

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Jimin Scenario: Make a Move.

Request:  can i get a jimin scenario? where he and the guys hear music coming from one of the nearby practice rooms and it’s a girl dancing almost perfectly to dope? ^^ the guys notice him checking her out and they push him to talk to her, eventually leading to a date at an am

Genre: Fluff

The music was blasting throughout the building, it wasn’t weird though, at those hours there was a lot of people practicing and creating choreographies, but what caught Jimin’s attention was the song itself. Their new single Dope was so loud Hoseok started to do the choreo without thinking, Jungkook singing his parts as they gathered his things to leave and call it a day.
When they were out of the room the song started to play again, and they couldn’t help but peek at the next practice room just to see who was dancing to their song. It wasn’t a group like Jimin had thought, it was just a girl, and she was performing the choreography so perfectly he wondered if she had learned it alongside with them.

-She’s really good- Hoseok stated breaking the silence and they all agreed.
Jimin stared at you, his eyes following your every move. The way you moved your legs so fast, how your hair fell on your face you had to put your head down, he even tried to put his eyes aside when the hip thrust part came but he watched just a little. Just then he realized all the other boys had started walking and were now some distance afar staring at him with suspicious eyes.

-What?- Jimin opted for faking innocence.

Yoongi smirked, Hoseok and Jin giggled. But Taehyung being him had to say something. -You can blink now, you know that Jimin, right?-

He blushed involuntarily,  He had been staring that much? All the other members laughed out loud and Jimin decided it was better to go and not embarrass himself even more.

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The 5 Dangerous Symptoms of a High school Crush-

Request: Hey I love your blog could you do a request of Rodrick having a crush on the reader, and she to him. Could it be fluffy, have some jealousy, and him checking her out at one point?

Warnings: Jealousy [be gone]..if someone gets that I will love you forever

{Disclaimer} Gif is not mine

Rodrick Heffley was quite..confident in himself when it came to approaching a lady he was interested in. He knew it, his closest friends knew it, even Greg knew it. Unfortunately for Rodrick, that all changed when you came along. His palms would start to sweat and he’d stutter uncontrollably in your presence. But who could blame him? After all, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)  just so happened to be his very first real crush. Having a crush, on you, his first one, in high school, did I mention this is his first crush? Either way, one thing’s certain- it comes with a price. A huge price. Symptoms.

Symptom #1: Checking them out without even noticing it. 

It was a bright Monday morning and Rodrick was dreading the week to come. Nothing could change that.

 “And then I asked if she could perform at my cousin’s wedding and she actually said yes!” 

Correction: Only one thing could change his pitiful week into a joyful one- you. Hearing your sweet voice for five days a week seemed to be his only motivation to not skip his classes. Even if you weren’t directly talking to him, it was enough. Rodrick couldn’t help but admire how cute you looked in your frisky outfit consisting of shiny pastel pink flats, a floral dress and a jean jacket. He wondered if-

“Rod, dude! Earth to Rodrick?” One of his friends asked, snapping in front of his face. Before Rodrick could react another one of his friends responds. “Maybe he was daydreaming about that girl again, what’s her name? Was it-” “W-what? No, I’m trying to figure out the songs we need to practice for rehearsal today!” This was not good. Others were catching onto his little secret. 

Symptom #2: Thinking everything they do is fascinating.

“Come get this weeks school paper! Our front-page headline: Does the Cafeteria Diet-Pop Actually Respect the Guidelines of a Diet?” you loudly say. To him, your voice overpowered every conversation occurring in the hall.

“Don’t you think this is cool? Students from our own school are smart enough actually write this stuff!” he states enthusiastically to his band-mate. “Weren’t you the one who said it was the dorkiest-” “Yeah that was before their stories actually got interesting.” Rodrick interrupts. “But you only read the stories written by that girl in our English class.” “Jeremy, there are plenty of girls in that class. Be specific.” he says, rolling his eyes. “You know, the one who always raises her hand to answer stuff, she’s-” Rodrick zones out of the conversation as he stares at you recite the school cheer routine perfectly. At least to him it was perfect.

“Oh wait, now I remember her name. It’s (Y/N), she writes the articles you read. I think she’s the girl you’ve been stalking for the past few months, right?” “I don’t stalk her! She just happens to be in the way of my view all the time.”

Symptom #3: You overthink a lot. And I mean A LOT.

“Woah! Sorry, did i hurt your head?” you softly ask. “W-wha-n-no I-um you-my head-” “He’s fine.” Jeremy intercedes.You smile and within the blink of an eye, you disappear. “Dude, keep your calm!” he tells Rodrick. “Yeah, I just you know-” “Sure. Just don’t do it again. It’s not cool.”

He looked like a fool. No doubt about it. What if you thought he was a creep and left so quickly because you got scared? What if you never talk to him again? It was all his fault. He just had to be looking at his phone when you two were about to crash into each other. Did you sniff his shirt? He hoped so. He chose a clean one in case you sat next to him in History class. Impressions are very important to women-according to Greg’s diary-so he wanted to make a good one around you. But what if you thought the material was too rough? Were you as picky as his mom?

“Rod, you were like staring at the same spot on the wall for 5 minutes, you good? Maybe we should call band practice off for today..”

Symptom #4: You’d do anything and everything to get their attention.

As you walked past Rodrick’s lunch table to your own, he couldn’t help but want to make you glance over at his direction for at least a second. For once in his life, he wanted to be noticed. 

“Ben, Al, I was thinking. Me, you and Rod go to that haunted house event this Saturday. It ’s not like we have any gigs-” Rodrick payed no attention to Jeremy’s words. He needed to make a move and quick. He didn’t want you to walk out the cafeteria room without getting even a single look from you.  “Actually, we do have a gig,” Rodrick interrupts, “They want us at some flash mob or whatever to promote how Rock is considered a source of relaxation and can positively impact the lives of teens in this generation.” Hopefully that sounded smart. “What does that even mean?” Al questions. “Who knows and who cares. How much are they willing to pay us?” Ben asks. “Rod? You with us?” Score! He actually got you to listen in on their conversation. Maybe telling that small fib wasn’t such a bad thing after all. “Rodrick! How much mula will they give us?” Al yells as he kicks Rodrick’s chair. 

 “Huh? Oh, they um-they-” Think Rodrick. Think. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to intrude. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop and I was just curious-are you guys going to perform at a flash mob? Like as a band?” Your shy voice breaks Rodrick away from his thoughts. “That’s the plan. Why do you ask?” Jeremy responds. “Well I was just wondering if you could take on another job. You see, my cousin is having a wedding next Saturday and our entertainment for the night bailed out on us. I’d be so grateful if you accepted but if you don’t that’s fine too! Of course i’d pay you good money and- ” “What kind of audience are we playing for? Löded Diper only plays for people who can really understand the colors of our music” Ben states. Suddenly, a bunch of snaps of agreement and praises are heard from his friends “Preach.” “That’s some deep stuff man.” All Rodrick wanted to do was bury himself in a deep hole to rid himself of such an embarrassing situation. Before you could walk out the cafeteria doors he stops you by grabbing your wrist.

  “Look, i’m honestly so sorry you had to deal with that. My band can be kind of sensitive when it comes to our music but we would be glad to play at your cousin’s wedding.” The blush on your cheeks seemed to only get stronger as he spoke to you. He knew you were embarrassed after the little conversation you had with his friends but why would you blush around him? Maybe the temperature was too high for your liking.  “No, no it’s fine. They’re passionate about music and that’s cool. Umm..by any chance does your band happen to play heavy metal? My cousin is what many consider a metalhead.” He smiles wide, “I think your cousin and my band could get along pretty well.” Your eyes light up, “Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!” Oh dear, he could say the same to you. 

Symptom #5: Your jealousy is not so discreet.

It was the day of your cousin’s wedding and Rodrick couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. You were simply the most beautiful girl in the room, from the sparkle of your doe eyes to the shimmer of your royal blue dress. Once the band finished playing he quickly went looking for you. Rodrick was determined to dance with you at least once tonight. 

“Oh (Y/N), there you are!” he says, “I was wondering, since the band is on break right now..” Her hair is quite pretty styled that way.. “Rodrick are you okay?”   “Huh? Oh-um-i-would you like to dance with me?” Your eyes widen in surprise as you nod, failing to conceal the pink dusting on your cheeks. “I-i’d love to dance with you.” And so you danced, for quite a long time. The band decided to let you and Rodrick have your moment and played their songs without a drummer. Unfortunately, one of the guests-quite a young one might I add-asked you to dance. You being the polite young lady you are, chose not to decline.

What you failed to notice was Rodrick’s envious glare. He detested seeing you in another man’s arms, he needed to break the two of you apart somehow.  “Psst! Little girl, if you do me a favor I’ll give you a dollar.” He whispers. “Make it ten.”  “Five and that’s the highest i’m going.”  “Deal.”  “Go tell that guy over there that you saw a rat and he needs to save you from it.”  “But isn’t that lying?”  “Do you want your five bucks or not kid?” He demands. Instantly, the child runs off to the man, tugging onto his tux coat. Rodrick takes the opportunity to reunite with you by kissing the back of your hand.  “May I have one last dance before my band packs up to leave?” He asks sweetly, you giggle in response. “It would be my pleasure.”

  After the band packed up, it was time for Rodrick to go back home, much to your dismay.  “T-thanks again for doing this for me. I really appreciate it.” You say while blushing. Rodrick softly smiles, “It was nothing. We had a lot of fun actually.”  “W-well umm, I was wondering if after tonight, we could maybe..hang out?” Rodrick couldn’t help himself, your cute stuttering and soft blush was too overwhelming for him, so without a second thought he softly kissed your cheek.   “Yeah, i’d like that.” 

A/N: I hope this was good enough for you! I feel like there wasn’t enough fluff but I’m trying! If anyone has any other requests ask away :)           

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be active: it is so important to always be active! of course you can not always be on tumblr, so it is therefore a good idea to use both queue and queue+. people follow you for a reason and if you do not post, there will not be a point in them following you!

have a nice theme: have a nice clean theme. choose something that suits your blog style, if you have one. do not have a theme that looks messy and complicated.

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networks: networks are a great place to meet new people and do group promos, queue for queue, etc. joining a network will help you gain more naturally. this for me personally, has been the best way to gain.

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Rivamika for command and submission?

“Will you do it?”

“Yes, yes, anything,” he pleads.

“On your knees,” she says through black-painted lips.

He looks up at her like she’s God Incarnate while he is a lowly holy servant, and the muscles of her pelvis clench in anticipation. Mikasa will have him tied up like an autumn pig in ten minutes and thoroughly lashed in twenty, and when the pain is delivered, she’ll open for him the pearly gates and bring him into her heaven.

(check out the lion and the lamb)

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