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Cherry Lips (Negan x Kimi)

Word Count: 2,762
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Kimi (Original Female Character)
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10910652
Warnings: Language. Confrontation. Firearms. Shooting guns. Near car accident. Inappropriate erections. Writing on skin. Oral sex. Blowjob with teeth. Vaginal Sex.

Summary: Written for Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge. Negan picks up a haul from Alexandria and is then held at gunpoint by a rival group. He meets his match in their bold red-lipsticked leader, Kimi, who demands a private meeting to negotiate a naughty trade.

Negan and his men were headed back to the Sanctuary from Alexandria after a very successful pickup. Negan didn’t need to be there but he went along to indulge in his favorite pastime of antagonizing Rick. Driving along the wooded path, his truck first in the line of vehicles, he smirked to himself and tapped the steering wheel to the beat of a song that only he could hear.

“You’re in a good mood today,” Simon said, side-eying the boss man a bit. Of course, while there was respect between the two men, Simon didn’t think of Negan as his boss, but more of an equal. For the most part, Negan felt the same, and that was why their relationship went on so smoothly compared to the way things were with the other Saviors.

Negan whistled and slapped the steering wheel. “You’re damn fucking right I’m in a good mood, buddy boy! There is nothing I love more than getting under Rick the Prick’s skin.” He laughed, picturing what the scene back at Alexandria must be like after he left Rick emasculated once again. “Did you see him squirming back there? Fucking priceless.”

“That I did, boss. That I did. I think we got ourselves the ideal whipping boy.” Simon nodded his head with satisfaction and took a swig from the can of orange soda that he had pilfered from their haul, wiping the neon liquid from his thick mustache. “Goddamn, life is good.”

Just as Negan was about to agree with him, the front tire of the truck was shot out. The truck skidded and came close to wrapping itself around a tree before Negan could get the brakes to do their job. “What the shit? Lucille, give me strength!”

In front of them, partially concealed by the dense growth of the woods, was a band of survivors outfitted with a respectable arsenal. Negan’s men were already out of their trucks and aiming their weapons at this new group when Negan stepped out and commanded them to hold their fire.

“Weapons down,” he said assuredly, directing his words to both his men and theirs, approaching these newcomers without apprehension. “If you wanted us dead, you would have shot us by now. I’m a man who likes to negotiate. What is it that you’re after?”

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heyo i'm currently in unsolved hell so heRE'S MORE HCs: shane does the thing where he hugs ryan from behind and sits his chin on the top of ryan's head; whenever ryan is really Spooked, he'll immediately clap his hand over his open mouth bc he has a fear of something or someone getting into his body that way; shane has attempted two (2) musical instruments, the piano and the violin, but when ryan saw him with a violin he laughed himself silly bc "it's so TINY shane you're so TALL PFFFT" [k]

my headcanons consist of shane actually being related to bigfoot and painfully in love with ryan tbh

okay but seriously pls consider:

  • the ghosts like to chat about how cute shane and ryan are
  • the banging they hear is spirits hitting the wall in frustration as they shout ‘JUST KISS ALREADY’
  • shane’s takeaway coffee cup is actually full of beer
  • after spending the night at a location shane’s hair is always super messy in the morning and ryan has to fight not to run his fingers through it
  • additionally, ryan’s sleepy gaze is shane’s Favourite Thing
softly goes the night || siren au, travlyn

title: softly goes the night
dedicated to: My wonderful friend who cheered me up with a little siren au, so ofc I returned the favor >:3c @pecado-obscuro

a/n: it’s small and simple and cute but I’m happy to write this,,,

warning(s): sappy travis, flustered katie and my tears


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Gendrya modern au: fixed marriage

(I’m not entirely sure if you were going for arranged marriage or fake marriage here so I kind of wrote both of them?)

They were really, really bad at this.

“Newlyweds! Oh, how did you meet?” asked the president of the homeowners’ association.

“We met through a friend, and it was just love at first sight!” Arya gushed to their next-door neighbor, putting on her best dreamy grin and thinking of all the rom coms Sansa used to watch as a teenager.

“We’ve known each other since we were kids, and it just kind of happened,” said Gendry to the real estate agent.

“We worked for the same company,” Arya told the barista.

“We went to the same college,” Gendry confided in the mailman.

At home, Arya flopped down between the stacks of moving boxes. “We need to sort out our cover story.”

“We have a cover story,” Gendry reminded her, irritated.

“We need a better cover story.”

“By all means,” he said, “make one up and we’ll use it.”

Go undercover, Dondarrion had said. Just pretend to be married for a few weeks. It’ll be easy, Dondarrion said. The problem was, Detective Arya Stark and Detective Gendry Waters, despite being the two best investigators in the Riverlands, had never gotten along.

Gendry glared at her and grabbed one of his boxes, carrying it towards the spare bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Arya demanded.

“I thought you would appreciate me having my own room,” Gendry said drily, pausing at the doorway.

“What if someone comes over? What if they want to see the house?”

“You didn’t even want to take this assignment and now you want to share a bedroom?”

“Are you committed to this or not, Waters?”

“You’re insufferable,” Gendry told her, but carried the box to the master bedroom anyway.

It didn’t get much better from there.

“We’re not acting couple-y enough,” Arya hissed out of her corner of her mouth. “Kiss me.”

“What?” Gendry stood stiffly, one arm awkwardly around her shoulder as they made small talk with the neighbors at the community picnic. She smiled up at him widely, but the hand draped around his waist was digging painfully into his side. Gendry leaned down and pressed a chaste kiss to her lips, fighting the urge to blush furiously.

“Young love,” sighed Charlene the florist, and he wondered how much longer this investigation would take.

“No funny business,” she had warned him the first time they got into bed together.

When she woke up wrapped in his arms three mornings in a row, they shuffled out of bed awkwardly and avoided eye contact for the rest of the day.

At day six she stopped taking the wedding ring off when she walked through the front door.

“How’s it going?” Chief Dondarrion asked over the phone.

“He snores, and buys the wrong kinds of cereal, and has an aversion to public displays of affection.” Arya compained. Across the table, Gendry raised an eyebrow, but didn’t look up from the newspaper.

“I meant the investigation,” said Dondarrion tiredly.

The front door banged open, and Gendry staggered inside with his arms full of groceries. Arya looked up from the paperwork at the dinner table.

“Hey babe,” he greeted her without thinking.

They both blushed horribly, and he dropped the milk on his foot.

They kiss a lot in public.

“When my sister got married, she and her husband couldn’t keep their hands off each other for months,” Arya informed him authoritatively. “We’re newlyweds, remember?” She pitched her voice up like Charlene the florist. “Young love.”

Shockingly, he didn’t argue.

The blue flashing lights were beginning to fade out in the street as Gendry handed the case files off to Dondarrion and saw him out.

“Are we done?” Arya leaned against the kitchen counter, exhausted.

“We can head back to Harrenhal tomorrow,” Gendry confirmed. He walked across the kitchen to her. “Hey. I know this wasn’t easy for you, but you did good work. Seriously.”

“I guess you weren’t awful,” she admitted, then grinned up at him slyly. “I think we made a pretty good pair.”

Her grey eyes sparkled in the dim light, and Gendry found himself suddenly aware of them. “Yeah. I think so.”

Five weeks ago they had been ready to kill each other, fighting at every opportunity, and now…

Arya looked away, biting her lower lip. Before he was aware of what he was doing, Gendry leaned forward, kissing her softly as his hands came to rest on the countertop to either side of her. It was a slow, gentle kiss, unlike the quick ones they shared in public. He pulled back slightly to take a breath.

“Nobody’s watching us,” Arya whispered.


“We’re not pretending for them.”

“No.” He met her gaze uncertainly, suddenly terrified in a way that had nothing to do with the spate of arrests he had just caused.

Arya gave a small smile and captured his lips again.

Best kiss in town. He never smiles but he tastes like nectarines and menthol. He likes girls who climb stripper poles and so do I. So when we come through and the girls get high I like to throw down for them like I got it made and he doesn’t like girls he didn’t pay for but I don’t go out of my way to make love to him like I used to anymore. I just pout like a sour raspberry. Bat my eyes like a weeping starlet. He likes my lips painted scarlet cos he likes everything wet & hot.We don’t stop cos we’re both addicted to the frost between soft breasts and he detests when I resist him so I kiss him with a mouth full of nectarines and menthol. I’m his little baby doll forced to sit on his iron lap. He’s got God inside his mind but it’s snapped like strawberry gum. I’m a rose gold gun in the hands of a blue blooded killer. I’m the last sweet thought between his soul and the trembling trigger. Bang.

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for the send you a character: cuisinier

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: His passion for cooking.  Also the fact that he has a booming voice full of happiness 24/7.

worst quality: Despite his best quality, people don’t know of him that much.

ship them with: no one.  He’s married to his cooking dream, I guess.

brotp them with: Chapeau.  The two are insanely good friends and understand each other on some other level.  Cuisinier has his kitchen, Chapeau has his violin, and sometimes they don’t even need to speak to each other to…y'know…speak to each other.

needs to stay away from: People who think he’s too loud, or doesn’t cook well, or isn’t fit for the kitchen at all.  Haters gonna hate, and he needs to stay away from them and do his own thing, because it’s beautiful.

misc. thoughts: I honestly don’t know why they didn’t make him a bit more pronounced in the remake.  In 1991 he had an actual voice actor–Brian Cummings–and yet they chose to add a little more character to Chapeau…who doesn’t talk at all.  Not that I’m saying they shouldn’t have; Chapeau is an excellent character that deserved what he got.  But if they were gonna do Chapeau, then why push Cuisinier to the side like they did?  To me it doesn’t make sense.  They put so much detail into this movie–why not at least keep the scene where he saves Froufrou from the lasses?

Fan account of B.A.P’s LOE2016: Dallas 4/21/16

After spending the day collecting my thoughts, I will now share my experience of B.A.P’s concert in Dallas, and what occurred that really touched my heart. 

Let me say that I have been to almost 30 concerts in my 22 years of all different genres and sizes, but this concert was hands down the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. What happened at the end of the concert was really the cherry on top. This is really long, so if you don’t feel like reading all of it, I do ask that you read the last paragraph.

My boyfriend and I arrived at the Verizon Theatre around 5:30 p.m. and queued up (we had pretty good spots in line). We were both super excited as this was our first k-pop concert of any kind. The Babyz around us were all super friendly! Two of the girls behind us picked up their pre-ordered CDs and both won hi-touch along with several other fans that passed by, which prompted many of us to become nervous about getting a hi-touch at the merch table. The doors opened, we made our way inside, and I bee-lined straight for the merch line. I picked a short line and waited anxiously for my turn. My boyfriend and I were watching the people ahead as they bought their merch and no one seemed to be getting a hi-touch. I hadn’t hyped myself up on the possibility of getting a hi-touch so I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get one. A girl that pre-ordered 4 albums won 2 and my boyfriend actually went over to her and asked if she was selling the extra lol (she wasn’t). Soon it was my turn and I asked the lady for an album and a matoki lightstick. She placed both down in front of me, and I just stared at the album while she processed my payment. I couldn’t bare to look!! So my bf grabbed the album, snuck a look, and his jaw dropped and his eyes got wide. I just stared at him, screaming in my head “No no no, there’s no way! He’s lying!” I finally opened my mouth and said “Are you kidding? I really got it?!” I snatched the album from his hands and squealed when I saw that little yellow sticker. I couldn’t believe it! The girls behind me were the same ones behind us outside so they asked if I got it and then congratulated me, telling me to enjoy it. As I left the line I could see the other fans looking at my album and I really wished that more could’ve won.

Then I went to check out my seat. Since my ticket was a birthday gift and I bought my boyfriend’s ticket, we were in different sections. I was in 101 H (5th from the stage to the right side) and he was in 205. I sat with him until about 15 minutes before showtime then went back to my seat. There were only 4 seats in my row; two of the girls came together, and the girl next to me was by herself. Her bias was Yongguk too, so we promptly spent the rest of the night crying over him, as well as Himchan and Daehyun lol. 

Now the concert itself was phenomenal. The opening was just the drummer and the DJ but holy hell they killed it (this section was right by the bass so I felt every beat throughout my body) lol they definitely got everyone pumped up. My seatmate and I commented that we would totally go see them in concert if they ever do their own thing haha. Then the boys came out to ear-splitting screams. I was in total awe. It wasn’t until the second song that I started to take pics and videos. About 2/3 through the show, after JongUp’s solo, my entire rown had moved down in front of the stage (we were literally resting our selves on it and I’m glad the staff was ok with it lol) The boys are SO handsome in person! Pictures do not do them justice! I was really happy to see how playful they are with each other on stage. Especially the amount of fun Dae & Jae had with the airhorn sound effect haha. Just six cuties having fun and loving what they do. They truly gave 110% for every single song, while still throwing in cute side antics. The solos were amazing! Himchan was incredibly sexy during S.N.S. His voice is so smooth and wonderful. I was really proud of him! Daehyun was a sweetie during Shady Lady, telling us all to sit down. He drank some water, removed his jacket, then picked up the water again, saying “sorry” and flashing that cute smile of his. Jongup slayed Now, the choreo of which was incredible. It was really nice hearing his voice for an entire song, it really is beautiful and I hope he gets more opportunities in the future. Also, a gold sticker for those remixes, shizz was lit. 

The next events are what really killed me lol Daehyun walked over to my side (can’t remember what song) so I reached out my hand but was only able to touch his arm and he had a jacket on T^T He came back a little bit later and I was finally able to touch his hand (SO SOFT OMG). What I really noticed about Dae throughout the entire show,and especially up close, was that his eyes literally SPARKLE. He would look towards the fans, smile and cue the frickin’ sparkles!!! It was stunning to see up close. Himchan came over several times and I was able to touch his hands (SO SOFT TOO). He had such a happy smile the entire time and it was nice to see him that way. Boy is super handsome as well! Zelo wandered over a few times but I was never able to reach him lol he is so tall! Like please stop growing! Then, Bang Yongguk happened and ruined me forever. So I wasn’t able to reach him the first few times simply because he didn’t come that far over. Then I managed to skim over his arm (SOFTEST ARM I HAVE EVER FELT). He had the most precious, gummiest smile on his face, just full of love, and it made him a million times more attractive (if that’s possible). When he came over again, I was determined to touch his hand lol I was the second to last person at the side of the stage, my seatmate being the last. He walked over towards us and I stretched my arm up as high as possible. I locked hands with him and he HELD ONTO IT! He reached across himself and used his right hand to touch my seatmate’s fingers then started to turn away while STILL HOLDING ONTO ME. He didn’t try to toss my hand away or anything like that, instead he let it slide gently through his enclosed hand and then, right before we parted, HE SQUEEZED MY FINGERS IN THE MOST GENTLE, LOVING WAY. My soul left me right then. My seatmate and I freaked out together. R.I.P me. Then this boy walked back over a short time later, grabs onto my hand and my seatmate’s, she screams “I love you so much” he pauses, says something (either thank you or I love you too) AND THEN BENDS DOWN TO KISS THE BACK OF HER HAND!!!! LIKE THAT ROMANTIC MOVIE STUFF YOU SEE. He smiles and runs off, leaving us to turn to each other. She’s crying and I’m holding her screaming. That man is too smooth for his own good. 

There was one part during their second? talk I think, where Yongguk was having a problem with his mic or in-ear (he had a problem with his mic pack during the first talk and went offstage which prompted Daehyun to lead us all in a chant of “Bang Yongguk!”) so he walked over to the curtains on my side and maaaaaaaaan did he look amazing! He was in all black and sweaty and I could hear him yell something to someone in that beautifully deep voice of his. After the encore they were talking, mostly in english, then Jongup asked if it was okay if they speak Korean (so adorable) to which we all said yes. When it was Dae’s turn, he started laughing then ran to the side of the stage and grabbed the translator lol they kept him there, with their arms around him, until they were done talking. We tried singing happy birthday to Himchan when he talked but Youngjae, I think, motioned for us to wait, then he and Dae led us in singing to him :) Himchan’s face after was priceless. He looked so thankful and bowed. I have a video of us singing to him. 

Now the hi-touch! The order was Zelo, Jongup, Youngjae (why is he so stunning in person?), Himchan, Daehyun (Damn Dae, back at it again with the sparkly eyes), and Yongguk. I just told them they did a great job and of course I had to let Yongguk know I love him lol. 

This is the cherry of top of everything to me: my boyfriend had managed to find himself in the hi-touch area on accident but what he witnessed made my heart swell. The hi-touch took place right outside of the doors to the lower sections. He had gone over there to wait for me, not knowing that was where it was being held. He was standing next to a family with a girl with a disability in a wheelchair, and being the friendly person he is, struck up a conversation with the dad. Then Yongguk entered the room “just so cool and full of swag” (my bf’s words lol) followed by the rest. He realized what was going on but then the dad said “you’re my son now, stay here” so he did. A staff member commented on my bf’s shirt and then Youngjae spoke up and said he liked it too. He was shocked and said thanks, noticing that Yongguk was now staring at him. So my bf sticks out his hand and asks if he can shake his hand. Yongguk immediately agrees and cue the internal fanboying. Then it was time to start the hi-touch. The mother starts to push her daughter down the line, each one of the boys smiling and thanking her. Yongguk was standing with his arms braced on top of the table looking down. Once he caught sight of the girl, he reached across the other members and held her hand in both of his, guiding her closer to him. My boyfriend said he had the biggest smile on his face and was constantly talking to her and saying thank you. Then the girl and her family made their way outside, where my boyfriend would introduce me to them when I finished. I looked over at the girl and noticed she was crying (happy tears) so I smiled and bent down to her, asking if she had fun. She smiled back and said “yes, it was amazing” then continued to brush the tears off her cheeks. I smiled again and told her I was glad she had fun. We said goodbye then walked to our car. My boyfriend recounted his story to me on the way home and I was in total awe of Yongguk’s actions. I know all the work he and the members do for children and those with disabilities, as well as seen how sweet his is with kids in videos, but hearing this just sealed it for me. I am so proud to be a fan of a group of young men with such huge hearts. Yongguk is an amazing leader and does well to set good examples. The concert was remarkable, but his actions towards that young girl are something I will never forget. Thank you, B.A.P, for working so hard in all that y’all do, but even more so for having such warm, loving hearts, for all your fans, no matter what. Y’all truly make us feel like we are one big family.

Without the Dark, We’d Never See the Stars

Big Bang 2015 Challenge entry with my partner and crime: the ever lovely and talented @rchanscandy:

Preview image permission granted by @rchanscandy - see the full artwork here.

Without the Dark, We’d Never See the Stars
Pairing: Eren/Levi
Rating: M
Summary: Link to A03

Eren paints the midnight sky on Levi’s chest and calls him beautiful.

“I wanted to paint something beautiful,” Eren whispered nervously in his ear when Levi remained quiet, his eyes fluttering up and down his face and chest. 

“It is beautiful,” Levi gasped, low and quiet, and sudden, like the words had been building in his throat for hours.

“Not the stars, Levi.” Eren stroked the side of his face and then wound his fingers in Levi’s hair, turning his gaze up to meet his own in the mirror. “You. You’re beautiful.”

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First Playthrough Romances...

Initial: You’re the love of my life, gimme your babies now!

Final: Broke up with me after Landsmeet. Sobbed uncontrollably in corner for days… spent every free moment playing again and again till relationship was perfect.

Initial: He’s cute, my type, loves cats; I’d tap that.

Final: Killed him after he went crazy and blew up the Chantry. (Realized I banged a psycho murderer) Went into denial and refused to replay for half a year. Convinced I was destined for a life of eternal loneliness.

Initial: I can’t go for the awkward cute blonde again, sorry Cullen. But hey this Solas guy is handsome and smart, likes that I ask tons of mind numbing questions, and hot damn what a kisser!