him w sehun


— favourite One and Only lyrics (ft. Sehun)

pcy played me last night….. during the whole interview i was lookin at him…. watchin him get playful w sehun…… but it was all a lie to throw us off his trail… pcy and bbh blew kisses at each other last night on live television and i was The Fool who thought he could be flirty with another man……..


• believe it or not, sehun is actually going to be v nervous about asking you for children

• he always asks kai questions like “do you think she wants them ???” “what if she thinks its too early ???//?” are you sURE, 100%, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE SHE’LL AGREE W ME ?/?/////???”

• he popped the question about a year after he asked you to marry him and you’re just washing the dishes when he comes home all like “yo”

• he’s gonna come over and press a kiss to the back of your head and start off as a mess ok he kEEPS STUTTERING

• “jagi??”

• “yes sehun”

• “what do you think about — uhhhhHH ,,, about – being a mom, like, bearing my children ?/ sHit wait let me word this correctly…. like what do you think – about ,,,,, having children ???”

• you’re kinda standing there in awe bc wOw he actually wants children !!!!

• “yeah i want them too”

• and just that statement literally just carries a whole burden of worries off his shoulders bc since he’s not used to getting said no to, if you said that you preferred it to be just the two of you, he’d be like “oh”

• not to mention it’d be hella awkward 

• and literally through that whole nine months through your pregnancy, he will be clueless and a nervOus wRECK // plus he’s gonna ditch his tsundere personality just for the time being, yenno, supporting his wife just like the doctor said

• he really ReaLLY wants a girl to spoil the hell out of

• so when the doctor tells him that your firstborn is going to be a girl, he is so fUKCN IGN excited and keeps asking the doctor if he’s serious and he’s not just kidding w him bc sehun alwAys tells him that a female child is what he hopes for // he will still love the child if it was a boy tho ofc

• so when you’re going for ultrasounds and he comes with you and you see the little fetus, he’s just amAZED

• “thats her ?? thats really her ??? thats OUR child that YOURE carrying that came from US”

• he’s honestly way more excited for this than you are

• and when you do the thing where you put his hand on your tummy and he feels her kick, he just kinda jumps back like oh gOd shE MOVED

• “sehun, theres no need to be afraid. this is your child I’m carrying”

• “yeah but she’s ,,,,,, moving —-”

• if he’s already this nervous while you’re like 5 months into your pregnancy, imAGINE HIM WHEN ITS TIME FOR THE CHILD TO COME OUT

• you’re both just watching tv at 12 midnight when your water broke and you look down like oh shit and he notices you look uncomfortable so he looks down and he’s like oH SHIT 

• he’ll be rushing you to the car and he’ll be getting your overnight bag and fumbling his keys while trying to start the car and you’re just like sEHUN CALM DOWN CHRIST


• so while you’re in the hospital and in labour, he just sits outside the room on the phone with kai for like three hours who finally calms him down and he’s just waiting there and even though he’s composed himself, his knee is bouncing like crazy

• the doctor tells him that he can go inside the room and you’re laying there and your child is in your arms and sehun’s worries are literally just washed away with just one look at them bc thats his child yo and she’s so freaking cute

• when you finally bring your child home, he literally doesn’t want to spend a sEcond away from her

• he’s just gonna be looking at her from her crib smiling like crazy and playing with the baby’s little tiny fingers and his heart absolutely cannot handle it when she sneezes. he literally needs to turn away for a second and hold his heart bc — ouch —

• at her first birthday, he just invites everyone he knows and shows off to every single one of his friends

• “look, its my baby’s first birthday :)))) she’s so cute :)) my wife is so cute :)))) my whole entire family is so freaking cute :)))))”

• but then when she turns four and already learns how to walk and talk, he suddenly doesn’t know what to say bc since he’s her favourite parent, she copies everything sehun says and does bc daddy’s girl :)))

• one time sehun dropped something and said agh shit and his daughter was tailing right behind him

• so she dropped the toy in her hand and said agh shit 

• but you and sehun both heard it and you both just looked at her in horrOR and from then on, both of you always had to watch your mouth around your child 

• she’s scared of monsters under her bed and thunderstorms so she sleeps in your room a lot bc she wants her dad to sleep in her room but sehun is like “no way in hell am i sleeping in her tiny bed by e “ and you dont have a problem w sleeping in it but ur husband is a bitch abt it bc you’re his body pillow and he kind of needs you

• so when she comes padding along to your room, he’s like “why aren’t u asleep” and she says “daddy, I’m scared”

• so he kinda sighs and makes room in the middle but this child wants to sleep at the edge on her father’s side

• he doesn’t want her to fall off the bed so he holds her v close and she falls asleep almost immediately and he kisses her hair and dozes off as well

• you were awake to experience the whole thing but sehun would be embarrassed as hell if he knew that 

• so you dont mention it but when he seems annoyed at his daughter for always sleeping in your room, you just smile bc you know he secretly enjoys it and finds it cute as hell :)))