him taking control and telling ppl what to do


Y'all be complaining about Jeffrey making people swerve lanes. Y'all be telling him to control that tongue™. Y'all be telling him to stop anything he’s doing because he’s causing your infidelity. Y'all be telling him to stop being a nastie. Y'all be telling him to stop wrecking your bias list. But lemme tell u something: it is NOT Jeffrey’s fault that you are susceptible to bias wreckers. It is NOT his fault when you start feeling something. It is NOT his fault because you have a weak heart. He is not to be blamed when you’re being a hoe™. He is not to be blamed for your unloyalty. Blame yourselves for being unfaithful. Jeffrey’s not at fault. Y'all keep up this slander on my mans and I WILL NEVER STAND IDLY BY. MARK MY WORDS.

anonymous asked:

what's the one NON physical aspect of Jensen and of misha that Ur most attracted to? I think u already answered the physical one a while back...

i cannot answer with just ONE thing so instead i will make a bulleted list for each of their personalities/stage personas and perhaps maybe that will explain why i love both of them and why i love their relationship. 


  • [is introduced at a panel] [walks out on stage] [holds microphone in both hands] [stares at crowd] [says nothing for one whole minute] [tells a story about how he bought six chickens]
  • has no filter and yet is a great storyteller. can make any story seem like the most interesting story you’ve ever heard in your goddamn life.
  • talks about how unhealthy this food is and wow this is so terrible for you i can’t believe people eat this stuff look at how processed this is……as he’s stuffing his face with it
  • it’s not just with food, either. he used to judge “washed-up actors” who did nothing but conventions all the time, and now he does conventions all the time. he used to judge his friends for moving from LA to washington, and now he lives in washington. he is a parody of his pretentious nature.
  • looks like he’s totally in charge, in reality has no idea what’s going on. (it’s in his eyes. if u ever see him up close, look at his eyes. the man has no clue what he’s doing. he has no idea what’s going on. ever.)
  • if ur offended by the previous bullet point, might i mention that he’s wildly popular on twitter despite posting a tweet then deleting it then posting it again then deleting it then post
  • he doesn’t half-ass bits. if he’s doing a bit, he’s going to do that bit for at least five minutes. or write a five-paragraph essay.
  • can i reiterate that he always holds microphones with two hands 
  • doesn’t watch television, is able to drop references to news stories and pop culture events without breaking a sweat
  • definitely a trait learned from his wife, but he has no idea how to say “no” to something. if he wants to do something, he will find a way to make it happen. even if it’s a fuckin disaster, he will do it.
  • will proudly and repeatedly tell a story about his farts making a man pass out………is embarrassed when someone points out how often he says “um.”
  • how does so much kindness fit into one single person


  • please don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying jensen hates fans - but i have a weakness for men who are in the public eye but don’t like being in the public eye and they obviously don’t like dealing with the public in general………unless the “public” is a small child. i could listen to fifty million stories about jensen turning into a ray of sunshine when introduced to children at conventions. 
  • no seriously, let’s focus on this jensen-as-a-grumpy-asshole thing. listen. i love when famous people openly hate the system. i love when they are so tired of answering the same questions over and over again that they just stop answering after a while. i love that while others give answers that they know the audience will want to hear, jensen simply says, “how the hell should i know?” and moves on.
  • ….which is weird when jensen gets stuck on a topic or a story that he’s actually interested in, and he talks slowly and clearly like every word he’s saying is super important and you must listen to what he has to say
  • i made a post about this after jaxcon, but quite possibly the most attractive thing about jensen is how physically sure of himself he is. there is not a clumsy bone in his body, and he knows it. keep flipping your mic, jensen.
  • he’s a very serious person. even when doing a bit, he asks, “oh, we’re doing a bit?” [switches into work mode] [comedy elbows] [adjusts his stance] “jacket on.” like, everything is a job to him. he is so serious.
  • he’s so “normal” and has such a boy-next-door personality and yet the people he surrounds himself with are fuckin weirdos and he’s just like “yeah i can roll with this, let’s go to a renaissance festival”
  • unlike misha, he knows what’s going on. i mean, based on photo ops alone, i can tell that he’s the type of person that you never have to tell him something twice. once he understands what he’s supposed to be doing, he fuckin does it. he doesn’t have to say anything or ask any questions. like dean, he is a man of action.
  • (it’s interesting that jensen is the one who know’s what’s going on while misha often seems lost. but the thing is, jensen is very good at taking direction. he’s very good at handing over control and saying, “you just tell me what to do and i’ll do it.” this gives ppl like misha the confidence they need in order to figure out what they’re doing. this is very hard to articulate. my point is that i believe jensen leads by following.)
  • huge nerd, thinks golf is cool

i’m going to pretend like the reason why i just spent literally an hour answering this ask is because i’m doing “research” to correctly characterize jensen and misha in fics and not because i’m……..obsessed with them.