him spooning with the dog is literally me

I present for your consideration the mental image of FitzSimmons sleeping/cuddling after the Framework and Jemma guarding Fitz like -

Maybe Fitz insists on sleeping alone because he has a lot of trouble/is very fidgety but Jemma checks on him and when he stills, makes sure he has blankets etc

Or Fitz finally reaches the level where he’s so exhausted he physically has to sleep so Jemma curls up sort of on his chest like a guard dog, literally guarding his heart and waits for him to fall asleep

Or Jemma Simmons is the big spoon and she will fight you for it

Okay but like can you all imagine Yoongi pouting in the corner of the living room because the first time Yoongi brings Taehyung home to meet his family Holly literally trots past him and into Taehyung’s arms. Like this is Min Holly his precious  furry baby and the puppy literally ignores him for Taehyung, even going as far as growling when Yoongi gets too close to Tae. 

“Why are are you pouting you big baby?” 

“Fuck off and go marry Holly for all i care.” 

Okay wow Yoongi that sounded dumb but he’s not budging. How dare Holly pick Taehyung over him when he gave the puppy his favorite kumamon plush. WHERE WAS THE LOYALTY?!! Taehyung thinks Yoongi is actually the cutest ever and lets holly get down so he can walk over to cuddle Yoongi into his arms. 

“Hyungggg~~ i love you~~~” 

“Fuck you, dog robber.” 

Min Yoongi is pouting and has his arms crossed over his chest and looks so SMOL Taehyung literally mentally squeals. 

“Would it make you happy if i rubbed your butt?” 

Yoongi really loves butt rubs. He lifts an eyebrow. “Butt rubs and you have to let me be the big spoon tonight.” “Deal!” Taehyung giggles and kisses him on the lips as they both smile. 

“I guess it’s okay if Holly likes you better. You’re cute.”

Sickies Stick Together (Liam Dunbar)

anonymous asked:

Liam gets a cold and you take care of him and get it too and a bunch of cute and fluff

Imagine: Liam get’s sick and you have to take care of him.

Word Count: 1317

Trigger Warnings: None

(Hope you enjoy! I had a fun time writing this haha. Stay tuned for a Derek Hale imagine tomorrow!)

Text from:

Hey babe, I’m sick today so I won’t be at school. I’ll see you soon. Love you❤️

You frown at your boyfriends text. You text back:

Hey guess what? I’m not going to school today either. I’m *cough* *cough* sick. 😏

You tell your mom you are going to walk to school today but really, you are going over to Liam’s to take care of him. Don’t worry, puppy dog eyes will help you not get into to much trouble. Liam’s house is only a block away from yours.
Once there you don’t even knock you just walk in.
“Liam? You here?” You hear sniffling from the living room. You close the door and walk over to the couch. There, your boyfriend sits with about a million blankets wrapped around him and a box of half used tissues on the coffee table. He was watching some cartoon on TV. You stifle a giggle. Startled Liam turns around.
“Oh my gosh. (Y/n) you scared me half to death. What are you doing here?” He says in a nasally voice.
“Did you not read my text? I decided to skip to take care of you.” You say and walk around the couch so you could sit next to him. You place your hand on his forehead to take his temp.
“Oh my gosh Liam you’re burning up!” You exclaim. He smirked.
“I know I’m pretty hot. Thanks for noticing.” You roll your eyes.
“Whatever. I’m going to get you some Tylenol.”
“First cabinet-”
“I know on the left, beside the microwave.” You say. You could sense his smile from the other room.
“Okay, I could only find the liquid form, so-”
“No. I’m not taking it.” He says. You groan and march over to him.
“Liam it is literally just a teaspoon of it.”
“It’s grape. Your favorite fruit.”
“NOPE! (Y/n) you know that those taste NOTHING like the actually fruit!” He exclaims while pointing a finger at the culprit. You sit next to him.
“Liam. I am going to pour this medicine onto a spoon-”
“The, I’m going to tell you to drink it-”
“Then you’re going to drink it and feel 10x better.”
“No. I’m not doing it.” He refused. You fling yourself into him.
“Please Liam! Do it for me!” You exclaim and give him the puppy dog eyes. Those always work. He tried to look away but he couldn’t.
“UGH! Alright fine. But I’m going to hate you for this afterwards.” He grumbles. You smile and shake up the purple liquid. You grab a spoon and pour the medicine to the rim of it.
“Okay Liam. Three, two, one!” You say and shove the spoon into his mouth. He makes a disgusted face and swallows it. He breaks out of his cocoon and grabs his glass of water and downs it in one sip.
“You need more water?” You chuckle. He leans back and nods. You put the Tylenol back and refill his cup.
“See now your fever will go down, and it will help clear you up a bit. You’ll be better in no time.” You put the glass on the table and sit right next to him.
“Would you like to join me in my cocoon of warmth?” He asks and opens up his blanket shield revealing his pajama clad body. You nod and scoot closer to him. He wraps the blankets around the both of you and you rest your head on his chest. 

“Liam, if you don’t mind, I might try to sleep. I’m kind of tired…” You say trailing your sentence.
“Fine by me. I might try to sleep as well.” He readjusts your position so that he is leaning against the side of the couch. This makes it to where it is easier for the both of you to stretch your legs out.
“I love you Liam.” You mumble into his chest.
He kisses your head.
“I love you too (y/n)" 

A few hours later you wake up to a phone call.
"Ugh-it’s your phone.” Liam groans. You groan as well. You look at the caller ID.
“It’s Stiles.” You say and answer it.
“(Y/n)? Finally you answer! I’ve tried to call you and Liam like 5 times each. Where are you guys?” He asks. You roll your eyes.
“I’m at Liam’s. He has a cold so I came over to help him out and keep him company. But we ended up falling asleep.” You explain.
“Okay good. Scott was just freaking out a bit. He thought the Doctors got you guys.” He says with relief in his voice.
“Right. Scott was freaking out. Bye Stiles.”
You rest your head against Liam’s chest.
“What did he want?” Liam asked as he played with your hair.
“He was worried about the dread doctor stuff. He thought that we got taken by them or something.” You say.
“Oh. I see. Well, should we go back to sleeping?”
“Yeah. I would suggest make out but, that won’t be on my list of fun things to do with you for a few days.” You grin and close your eyes.
“What’s that suppose to mean!” Liam grumbles before falling asleep too.

You awoke again a few hours later. Liam was playing with your hair.
“Sleep good babe?” He asks you. You nod. You sit up and stretch.
“You hungry?” He nods.
“I’m going to make you chicken noodle soup.” You say.
“From scratch?!” You laugh.
“Haha no. From a can. I’m not that good at cooking!”
You go into the kitchen and get a bowl to put the can of soup in. After heating it up for a few minutes, you grab a spoon and head back to the living room.
“Okay Liam, here’s some-ACHOO!” You sneeze.
“Did you just sneeze into my soup?” He scoffs.
“No. But I was close too. Sorry.” You grin sheepishly.
“Good. Because I’m really hungry. I hope I didn’t get you sick.” He chuckles. You roll your eyes.
“Yeah I hope so too. Hey I have to run babe. My mom will be home here soon. I’ll come over tomorrow. I love you.” You say and give him a kiss on the forehead.
“Okay, I love you too (y/n)” he said as you left his place.
Once home you explained to your mom what happened and she was fine with it. She realized you only wanted to help him. When you went to bed, you started to sniffle a bit but didn’t really think that much of it. The next morning you wake up with a pounding headache and coughing. Your mom tells you to stay home from school. You don’t even bother with clothes or hair, and head over to Liam’s in your pj’s and flip flops.
“Liam,” you say in a nasally voice.
“You got me sick.” He see you and laughs.
“I’m sorry babe. Wanna join me? In watching Adventure Timeee” he says. You smirk.
“Hello? We tried knocked but decided just to come in. How are you feeling- HAHAHAHAHAH OMG (Y/N) IS SICK TOO!” Stiles laughed. 

Everyone else stifled laughter.
“Ha. Ha.” You deadpanned.
“I’m so sorry, but this is just the most adorable, and funniest thing in the world. I have to get a picture.” He said. Lydia rolled her eyes.
“We decided to come over and figured (y/n) would be here with you. We wanted to help her take care of you. And I guess, now the both of you.”
Stiles took his pic. This was a great moment with your friends, even if you and Liam were both sick. 

“You guys are Sickies!” Stiles exclaims, thinking he came up with the most cleverest thing in the world.
You and Liam grab hands.
“Sickies Stick together.” He whispers to you.
“Together, forever.”

(GIfs arent mine Creds goes to creators)