him so nice

  • When people draw "gender bends" of the Dream Daddy guys (especially of Damien): 😓😥
  • When people instead just create original mommy characters for a dating sim: 😚😊

More shiki Matoba. He loves humans and wants to protect them, so he wishes he could be an exorcist. But he can’t use spells without hurting himself because he’s a youkai! T_T In fact, that’s how he got the same scar on his arm as canon Matoba. X’3

EDIT: LOOK GUYS one of the Nyanko-senseis in the border is trying to play with shiki Matoba’s ponytail and I just now noticed. X’3

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Ash I've just read CH's adulatory words about Danai and I laughed so hard because I remembered when you dragged his fake ass to hell. lmao you tried fuckboy

Every time I see him talk to or about Danai, I just wanna be like, “Keep her name out ya mouth.” Like, why was he even hosting the Marvel panel? He does not deserve good things!

Anyway, what’d he say? 👀 


Proud dads


Sean Pertwee gives advice on how to treat people at Toronto Comicon ‘17 (x)

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