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ALSO! When your married couples have a kid, the kid inherits the top listed skill from each parent as well as some of their stat proficiency. Min maxers try to turn the game into some kind of weird breeding program for best stats but I just ship what feels right. Also don't forget to level your Donny. He may start weak but when you put work into him he becomes a beast.

oh ty for the tip

but also………………………………..i let donnel die dude

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to be honest i'm just very bad at requests (i don't wanna bother you). i was also curious since i've only ever seen Viktor being delirious in his native language. i'd love if you could draw it but you don't have to (sorry i'm so awkward) ~ graceless-fever

22. delirious/crying because they’re feverish


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(promptathon) What would have happened if Obi had actually succeeded in taking Shirayuki's hand That One Time.

Fate is a funny little thing isn’t it?

At time it’s a comfort, a knowing; a certainty you wrap around yourself like a blanket. I am meant for more, you say, because you know, you know in some deep place inside you that there is a greatness you can achieve. A greatness you will achieve. All you have to do is walk on this path, never wander, and you will never know worry greater than the depths of your own self-doubt.

(And sometimes that comfort is cold. You lay on a dirt floor, battered and broken, and you say, oh, this cannot be my end, for what is waiting for me is so much worse than this)

At times it is a cage, it is the kudzu. It grows and it grows, vines twisting up your ankles, rooting you to the spot. You do not pull away – it is too much effort to fight against your nature – but the longer you stay the closer it holds you, reaching up, up, until it wraps around your neck and chokes you, until it twines into your mouth, into your lungs, and there is no more breath to scream.

(But sometimes you need to be held still, don’t you? Drop a coin before you cross the street, narrowly miss being trampled underfoot by a carriage. You look onto the cobbles and see a bird crushed under the wheel. That could have been you, baby girl, that could have been you)

And sometimes it is a thread. A red thread, let’s say. A thing that binds. A thing that holds. It does not strangle, it just tangles, becomes complicated at parts and easy at others. A thing you can ignore until it tugs on you saying, this way.

(But that’s the thing is it not? Thread is so fragile; all it takes is a hard tug, all it takes is a blade’s edge, all it takes is a thrown shoe and



s n a p s)

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sheenalgernonstjames replied to your post “Okay, but what if Kakyoin and Kira were on the same side? “Kira, can…”

tbh I can’t help but feel kak would get sick of kira’s shit real quick though, and just strangle him to death with hierophant green one day, tear him apart, and then dump the body parts in the sea

@badlydrawnk4kyoin what do you think of this

HELP FUCK??? I just came out as poly to my dude friend who I’m sure has a crush on me and I told him I have a beautiful gf and I think he hates me now criesssss

As I said, I may be ever so slightly obsessed with Louis and the bunny filter…

traveling the wilderness is a lot safer with a 10 foot tall sharp toothed buddy