him not knowing what to do with his leg though

anonymous asked:

Please recall the entire experience in as much details as possible :) even down to your feelings and expressions! (It's okay if you'd rather not)

1. He remembered @storiesaboutvan from when they met a few months ago.

2. He had pimples.

3. He is very antsy and awkward like he doesn’t ever know what to do with himself so he stands there and shifts weight between legs and rocks around and touches his face and moves his hands about weirdly. It’s the cutest thing ever.

4. Vampire teeth when he smiles. Can confirm.

5. When he hugs he splays his hands out flat on your back and presses - his hugs are very personal? He didn’t hug as though we were strangers to him.

6. “Van McCann is a stare-bear” - @storiesaboutvan. He stares really intensely at you when he makes eye contact or when you’re talking and he really focusses on listening.

7. His jeans didn’t fit properly and they were too baggy on his butt.

8. His hair has grown out a lot and it curls/flicks upwards at the back.

9. He nods a lot when he talks (small and accidental nods, he is not aware he does it).

10. His fingers are not as skinny as I thought they would be.

11. He’s very soft and gentle. Totally different person to who he is on stage and I love it.

12. Loves a good thumbs up and nod while waving.

13. He touched my hands a lot.

14. He seemed a bit nervous but not scared, just excited and jittery? He went quiet a few times when he realised I was shy and he didn’t want to freak me out. He adapted to mirror my behaviour almost? He’s so so considerate and caring. You can tell he doesn’t want to let people down.

15. I underestimated how pointy his nose is.

16. His accent is a lot stronger in person.

17. It was clear he was having down time so we didn’t ask for a photo and he seemed to appreciate that.

As for my feelings, I have a lot of them and I’m definitely still processing. I mostly just feel like an idiot for not saying more but I was quite stunned to see him out of the blue like that and at all. But yeah it was wonderful and I’m so so happy! Glad I could share it with one of my best friends too

I’m such a sucker for a slowly developed drarry relationship.

They don’t do the whole “let’s go on dates and gradually get together.” Instead, they get roomed together and after being furious about it for a while, they get used to it.

It just hits Harry one day that Draco makes his bed with a flick of his wand every morning, because Harry always forgets.

It hits Draco one day that Harry always brings him sandwiches when he misses dinner because he’s studying or too overwhelmed to go.

Harry realizes that he hasn’t been waking up from nightmares as often because Draco has started patting his hair when he’s going through it in the middle of the night.

Draco realizes that he and Harry just randomly started sharing the box of chocolates and sweets Mother sends him and without knowing he started placing the box on his desk so Harry could find it easily if he ever wanted one.

And then one day Harry walks into their dorm drunk off his arse and collapses on Draco’s bed instead of his and knocks out. Draco, much to his own horror, finds that he doesn’t mind and falls as sleep as well.

Harry never sleeps again in his own bed.

And then Draco wears Harry’s muggle band tee to bed when the house elves misplace his laundry one night… which yes… it’s a bit short for him, but “it’s comfortable, Potter.” “But Malfoy, they already found your clothes.” “I said it’s comfortable.” (And it smells like you, too… he doesn’t say that though).

And it just becomes natural to sit next to each other in the common room and do their work, or go watch the stars when they both can’t sleep.

They hold hands absentmindedly now, when they’re both working and focused on their essays. At some point boundaries at bed time are lost and tentative legs tangle beneath the sheets.

Hermione questions him about it, Harry pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Too scared to question it and lose what he has. Too scared Malfoy will push him away.

(It’s okay though, because one day during the Christmas hols, Draco kisses him after the unwraps his gift and Harry kisses back, just as fiercely).

Truth or Truth

Requested anonymously: A one shot where the reader has never been able to orgasm through masturbation. When Dean finds out, he offers to help.

Warning: smut, masturbation

Word Count: 2300

A/N: Hope you enjoy, anon! XOXO

“Truth or truth?” Dean asks, grinning a little sideways in that way that lets you know he’s just the right amount of drunk.

Truth or truth is the game you play when you’re both feeling a little wound up, needing to blow off some steam. You’re too old for stupid dares and too nervous for dares that might actually make you touch each other, so you settle for sticking to truths. It never amounts to anything, but you both enjoy the sexy words said in the dark as you lie together on one bed, a bottle being passed between you, like you have a life and a personality outside of monsters.

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27 Dress Code Violations

@jilychallenge 04/2017 | @bantasticbeasts vs @anxiouspotter

Muggle AUs | “i get dress coded so you give me your jacket and we protest unfair regulations for girls together/you sass the teacher about how distracted you are by my shoulders”

Word Count: 2500

special shoutout to @jiilys. solidarity, sister



She walks into English fifteen minutes late, wearing both a deeply unflattering smock and a scowl. Neither are an especially new look on her.

“Vector,” she says under her breath, as an answer to Mary McDonald’s unspoken question. It’s the answer to every question in the room. Ms Vector is notorious among them all for her very strict adherence to the school’s dress code.

“Yes, Miss Evans’ entrance was very exciting, but I’ll have your attention back to the lesson now, please,” says Ms McGonagall. James snaps back to attention. It’s for the best.


“Here,” James says, shrugging off his jacket and thrusting it toward Lily. She gives him this look like, fuck off, and James has to bite his tongue to stop from aggravating her. “They’re doing uniform checks up the hall. Just put it on.”

Evans gives him a very strange look, and it takes him a second to realise that it’s neutral.

She looks good in his jacket.


Every third dress code violation results in a lunch time detention. It’s only October, and Lily’s already had six. She doesn’t look at James as she takes the seat three ahead and one to the left of him.


There’s a thump from somewhere in the back of the classroom, and McGonagall isn’t planning on looking up - it sounds like it came from the general vicinity of Potter and Black, and that’s certainly not a situation she wants to engage with - but the entire class is already turned around to see what the fuss is.

She strides down the aisle between the desks, and is about three years past surprised to find James Potter lying on the floor, gazing at the ceiling, glasses knocked aside.

“Am I boring you so much that you decided to take a nap?” she asks, and James gives this wicked smile, and here we go–

“Sorry, Miss, I can’t get up. It’s Evans’ shoulders - they’re overwhelming me. I simply can’t do anything until she covers them up. Sirius, tell me when it’s safe.”

He’s a funny boy, she’ll give him that. “Potter, get up. This is hardly the time for foolishness.”

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To the couples of Beacon, (White Rose, Bumblebee, Arkos, Renora, Crosshares), what's your favorite thing to do with each other? (Asked by shadowalex2000)
  • Ruby, with a bright smile: Weiss loves to go out and shop, it isn't really surprising is it?
  • Weiss, grumpily: Hey!!
  • Ruby, with the same bright smile: But I just like spending time with her. So I don't mind.
  • Weiss, covering her blushing face: RUBY JUST STOP TALKING.
  • ~~~
  • Yang: I like to take Blake out, a bar or nice restaurant depending on how much lien I've saved up from our missions. Althought recently I've been taking her to this bookstore that has this huge fishtank. I've never seen her that happy.
  • Yang, with daydreamy smile: It's great...
  • Blake, shrugs a little, using her book to cover her cheeks: I guess I just like doing anything with Yang really.
  • Blake, bringing her book down, her face serious now, with a furrowed brow: EXCEPT THAT COMEDY CLUB. THAT WAS STUPID!
  • Yang, awkwardly rubbing the back of her head: Aha....yeah...
  • ~~~
  • Jaune, smiling with his hands on his hips: Honestly training with Pyrrha is the best, it's spending time with her, and bettering myself as a huntsman. What more could I want?
  • Pyrrha, giggling a little: I personally like best what we do after training.
  • Jaune, his eyes widening with a blushed face: Ah, y-yeah me too.
  • ~~~
  • Ren, lifting his hands in a full shrug: Believe it or not. I truly do enjoy cooking for Nora. Especially when she helps. Though she may make a mess, we make that mess together. And that's what I love most.
  • Nora, pondering: Hmmm, what do I like to do with Ren the most? Hmmmmmm....
  • Nora, jumping up: I like poking fun at him!
  • Nora, whispering loudly: Especially when he sneaks peaks. Sometimes I let him though.
  • Ren, his face boiling in embarrassment: N-Nora!!!
  • ~~~
  • Coco, sitting cross legged at a cafe, drinking a cup of coffee: Oh me? Well, I spoil Velvet, and that's something I love. Getting her whatever she wants, whther she knows she wants it or not.
  • Velvet, sitting across from Coco: Lately I've gone as far as stop saying things like, "Oh that jacket looks nice", to make sure Coco won't spend all the proceeds of our missions on me.
  • Coco, scoffing: I'm not THAT bad!!
  • Velvet, shamefully: I know...and to make it worse...I enjoy being spoiled....
  • Coco, pointing victoriously: I knew it!!!
  • Velvet, laughs a little and smiles: But me? I really like just being by Coco's side. We've been through a lot together, and I can't wait to go through more.
Save A Life


A/N: So I’ve spend the past three days writing this (for) my friend Nat, because she really wanted a story to foucs on this, because well, she’s been in a situation alike this. Babe, you know I’m proud of you. I’d love some feedback on this. 

Word count: 4,271

Toronto, Canada – 2017

“Okay, wish me luck” Shawn stuttered, running his shaking fingers through his curly hair.

Why was he so nervous? He was so used to big crowds.

You pulled Shawn into your arms, before planting a tender kiss on his already burning lips.

“You don’t need any luck” you whispered into his ear, softly stroking his flushed cheek.

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I lost my sock

A/N: Well, I have a small Sam crisis and I’ll appreciate all the feedbacks on this one since it’s my first A/B/O. I hope I got everything correctly, I really look forward to write more in the future. :)

Words count: 1700 ish

Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader

Warnings: no plot, unprotected sex (use condoms IRL), A/B/O dynamics.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“That’s not mine”

You stare at the long, grey sock like it is some kind of new discovery nobody has done before you. Honestly, you feel a little like a chicken who found a toothpick and you keep observing it as if it is going to move and run away from your fingers.

You breath in the faint smell that is still on the sock even after being cleaned. You tremble a little as the scent triggers something deep inside you. No doubt an alpha owns this. But why does it make your stomach burn this way?

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Ladykiller (M)

Anon requested: Can I please request a scenario where Taehyung is the resident fuckboi at ur university(it’s a College AU) and you’re the only girl he hasn’t banged yet so when he sees you at a party he makes it his mission to get you out of your pants and into his room annddddddd he accomplishes his mission of you know what I mean😉

I changed it a bit but I hope it’s still okay!

Word Count: 6.7k words

You believed in destiny when your acceptance letter into your top choice came to your house. You believed in destiny when you managed to get a perfect mark with one of the hardest professors in your program. You believed in destiny when you met your best friend in that same lecture hall. Despite your unwavering belief in destiny, you knew it was anything but destiny when the biggest playboy in your university moved across the hall from you.

You vaguely remember seeing a little old lady taking groceries there once but a week later, there he was knocking on your door.

“Hello, I just moved here and I thought I should introduce myself and–” he looked up, smirking when your eyes met.

“Today must be my lucky day.” You answered the door in shorts and a long sweater that covered the emerald green pair. His eyes scanned your body like a bar code and you almost shut the door when he stopped it with his foot.

“Piss off, Kim.”

“If you’re into watersports, give me a few minutes. I can quench that thirst with a golden shower.”

“I really hope you drop dead.”

“That’s so hurtful, petal. I thought you liked me?”

“Like to kill you in your sleep.”

“What I’m hearing is that you’ll get into my bed, right?”

“Wow, deaf too. Goodbye.”

“Selective hearing, petal.”

“Go away, you stalker.”

“For your information, gorgeous, I live across from you now. Might need some sugar later if you catch my drift.”

“Drift away from my door, asshole.” You spit out, the third time you told him to leave and shut the door successfully. He was probably stupidly smiling, now within arm’s reach within you.

The infamous Kim Taehyung, his playboy reputation consists of a swarm of girls that attack him, angry girls that want to get revenge and girls who are proud to sleep with him just once. You, on the other hand, didn’t fit into those three categories at all. You had no interest into Taehyung, finding that he thrives on attention and popularity to make a mark. He was an empty shell that filled itself with alcohol and painting a girl’s walls white with cum.

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A Muggle?

Word count: 2,081


Y/N’s parents had been divorced when she was three. Her mother, feeling the need to do something drastic, moved to England, while her father stayed back in America. They decided to share custody, switching off every six months until she was 11, and got accepted into Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- completely surprising both of her parents, but the small girl had seen it coming. When she stayed with her mother, there was a shy boy next door, a boy with a love for chocolate, and an odd family. The two became fast friends around the age of five, when their parents began to let them play outside. Y/N found herself intrigued by the boy, who seemed to be able to do extraordinary things, and disappeared for a few days every month, always giving strange reasons as to why.

By the time they were seven, he had told her all about his abilities as a wizard, and that he suspected that she might be a witch as well. He explained to her how his father was also a wizard and his mother was a muggle, just like Y/N’s parents- following with an explanation of what a “muggle” is. As soon as Y/N embraced the thought that maybe he was right, maybe she was like him, it was as if her powers were heightened, ready to be accepted and ready to grow. He taught her small things that his father taught him, and the two became even closer over this secret they shared.

When they were eight, he had a long conversation with her about the condition he had. He shared all of his feelings with her about being a dangerous monster. He told her he understood if she never wanted to see him again, if she thought he was a horrible, horrible monster, but she just hugged the boy and told him that he was her best friend, and that she loved him no matter what. They grew even closer through that. After every full moon, she came over with chocolate snacks and several books, and she would read to him as he recovered.

At age 11, they each received their letters, his from Hogwarts, and hers from Ilvermorny, as she spent just a bit more time with her father in America as she got older. The two began their separate schooling, but never drifted apart. They wrote each other every day. During her fifth year at Ilvermorny, she decided to move in with her mother permanently, due to disagreements with her father about her abilities as a witch. Shortly after the school year ended, she was invited to further her education at Hogwarts, which she gladly accepted, excited to be able to spend more time with her best friend.

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Even Bech Næsheim prides himself on being generally pretty decently calm about things. There is one thing though …. he isn’t that calm about.

They are laying in bed, legs tangled and facing each other when it happens. Isak’s eyes shift the slightest bit from Even’s face and seem to focus on something behind him for a split second, then return to Even.

Even knows this. It’s the exact same way his mother had looked his entire life when she contemplated how do break those horrible news to him, whats behind him and at the same time not wanting him to panic.  

Even’s eyes widen and he - with a quickness he didn’t know his sleepy and lanky body was capable of - turns and at the same time scoots away (read: more than half on Isak, who let out an indignant little hmpf).

There it was. Dangling in the space just right behind the spot his head had been a second ago. A freaking Spider. Making a strangled noise Even scoots even further away (read: climbs over Isak) and jumps out of the bed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” his voice is whiny and breathless. Eyes focusing on the little fucker he misses the disbelieving look his boyfriend gives him.

“Babe,” Isak starts, but Even shoots him a scared looking glare. “Don’t Babe me! Kill it!”

Isak raises both brows and opens his mouth. Obviously contemplating if he should continue this conversation or just commit the first degree insect murder. Well, he decides on a compromise. He reaches over and takes it in his hand and-

“OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Isak almost lets the spider go when he jumps at Even’s booming question.

“Jesus Christ, Even! I’m putting it outside! Would you fucking chill?”

Isak moves out of the bed and when he passes Even to get to the window, Even scrambles out of the way and almost out of the room. Isak rolls his eyes when he opens the window and places the spider outside.

“How can you even touch that thing?” Even shivers. He feels phantom spiders all over himself. He shivers again. Bc YUCK!

Isak scoffs “I’ve lived in an actual basement, Even. I lived among them” He seems to get an idea because he grins when he turns around and he raises his eyebrows in a dramatic way. “I am the Master of spiders!” He spreads his arms wide as he says that.

Even can’t help but snort at his silly boy. He is still remaining frozen at the bedroom door, though - arms driving over every part that somehow suddenly feels like little eight-legged things move around on it - so Isak crosses the distance between them.

“All good now. The spider is gone, Evi. Let’s go to sleep.” He says and tugs Even toward the bed.

“Ok, but ….” Even pulls his lips in and stares at the bed. Isak looks between his boyfriend and the bed.

“Uh,… want me to search it?” He asks, shrugging with one shoulder. He really expects Even to say no, of course not but Even’s head snaps to him with a relieved look in his eyes and face and he quickly says “Yes!”

You deserve better

Jughead x reader

In which the reader starts crying because of how great Jughead is.

(aka me)

It was raining outside. It was hailing earlier, harsh and cold, with a concrete-like-sky and an unrelenting chill, but now it was soft, tentative, and swirling. It was one of those unsettling situations in which it was raining, but the sun was also bright. The tarmacked ground outside was wet, but shining. Raindrops were settled on my windows, but the light was shining through them, making my room even brighter than if they weren’t there. I saw him cross the road, his hands in his pockets, and his eyes squinted against the rain. I noticed he had his backpack on his shoulders, which was never good. I took out my headphones and rushed down the stairs, opening the door for him. He walked in, shaking out his hair like a wet dog and I laughed.

“I need a place to stay.” He said, his eyes pleading. I smiled.

“Of course, Jug, whenever.” His face relaxed in relief, a grin spreading across his face. This was not the first time Jughead had had nowhere to go, and had come to stay with me. The first time he had tried to hide it from me, attempting to sleep at school, but of course I had not allowed that to continue. My parents weren’t around anyway, so there was no one to tell him no.

“Maybe you should just come and live here all the time.” I joked, and he laughed as he kicked his shoes off, but then he looked up at me, and suddenly that suggestion seemed all too real. I followed him into the kitchen and lifted myself up onto the side as he leant against the sink. I didn’t ask what had happened to make him, once again, homeless, but instead started an entirely unrelated conversation, for which I know he was grateful.

My studying was abandoned, and we ended up sprawled across the sofa watching movies, as per usual. We each leant with our backs on one arm of the sofa, our legs entangled in the middle. I looked over to him as the credits rolled, surprised to find him fast asleep, his head slumped down onto his chest. Jughead never really slept, so I felt as though it was a privilege to see him do so. His face seemed so much more peaceful, the seemingly constant furrow of his eyebrows smoothed out, and his mouth relaxed. I stared at him for so long, his face now only lit up by the faint light of the white lettering on the screen. I thought about how rarely he looked calm, peaceful or content, and how much I wanted him to be. This seemingly gloomy, angry teenage boy, who had turned out to be so gentle and good. We had been friends now since third grade, when I moved to Riverdale. I didn’t really have anyone before that, and then Jughead strolled into my life with his stupid hat and satirical humour and made everything good. He deserved so much better than what he was given.

Suddenly there were tears in my eyes and a swelling in my throat as I desperately wished Jughead Jones happiness. I let out a silent laugh as tears ran down my face at the absurdity of the situation. I was literally sitting next to my sleeping friend, crying at how great he was. I shifted my legs, moving to stand up, but froze as Jughead’s body stirred at the movement. His eyes opened slowly, looking around blearily as his legs shifted. They met mine and widened in alarm as he noticed the tears on my cheeks. He sat up quickly.

“Y/N?” He asked worriedly, his hand reaching for mine. This movement, paired with the concerned look on his face, seemed to intensify my emotions, and I let several more tears leak out of my eyes as I looked at the wonderful boy in front of me. He frowned even more, distressed by my sudden onset of emotions, moving towards me on the sofa.

“Hey, what is it?” One of his hands took mine, while his other rested on my leg, rubbing up and down. He was just making it worse. “Y/N, what is happening?”

I wanted to laugh at his obvious confusion, but water just kept trickling out of my eyes. I chuckled weakly, attempting to wipe the tears off my face, but they were just replaced. I brought my legs up and off the sofa, shuffling along it towards him and leaning into his ready arms. My cheek pressed against the side of his chest as I continued to cry. It was just getting embarrassing at this point, I didn’t even know what I was upset about anymore. His arm came around my shoulders, the other one moving to grip my hand as he rested his cheek on top of my head, obviously realising I just needed a hug.

“Shh, Y/N please stop crying. Or at least tell me why you’re crying, I mean I really have no idea what’s going on.” He said, rubbing his hand up and down my shoulder in a desperate attempt to comfort me. I let out a weak and watery laugh, the occasional tear still sliding down my face.

“You’re just really great.” I mumbled into his shirt.


“You’re great okay, Jughead, that’s why I’m crying!” I said a bit louder, almost annoyed with him. There was a moment of silence before he started laughing, as I knew he would. I rolled my eyes,

“Yeah, go ahead, laugh it up, I’ll just sit here and cry.” I grumbled as he continued to laugh. He leant back to look down at me, smiling.

“You’re crying because… I’m great?” He asked, frowning and chuckling. I huffed,

“Yes, Jug, I’m crying because you’re great.”

“Okay, I’m gonna need some clarification.”

I sighed, leaning further into him, his arm still around me.

“Well I just started thinking about how much you have improved my life,” I started quietly, half into his chest, embarrassed to be confessing this to him. “And then you were asleep and you looked so peaceful and I wish you could be like that all the time because you deserve to be happy, and you don’t deserve anything bad to ever happen to you.” I rambled off, shutting my eyes as another tear slipping onto my cheek. There was silence for a moment, before he removed his arm from me and turned around to face me, his eyebrows furrowed and a small, bemused smile on his face.

“Y/N, I am happy, you know that right? Especially with you.” He looked me in the eye.

“Sure, I have a pretty shitty home life, but doesn’t everyone? There are plenty of people who have it worse than me, and I count myself lucky for what I do have.” I smiled up at him, and he moved his arm back around me, looking forward. “I think you underestimate how happy you make me. Don’t think it’s just you who’s all grateful, Y/N, that’s not fair. Sure, I may not cry about it,” I laughed, “but I have you, and as disgustingly cheesy as it sounds, that’s pretty much all I need. You know, I think the reason I looked so peaceful when you were watching me sleep, which is creepy by the way, is because I was here, with you. This is the calmest, safest place for me. Right by your side.” He pressed his lips against the top of my head, and I tried very hard not to cry again. Why does he do this to me?

I thought about what he had just said, and a small smile spread across my face. The best thing I could do for Jughead was just to be with him. To be there for him, and to make him laugh, and let him stay at my house, and watch movies with him when I’m supposed to be working. To be his friend.

I took his hand as we pressed ourselves into each other, enjoying the silence, the darkness and each other.

Okay so this is a bit of a weird one but perfectly sums up how I feel about Jughead.

@ riverdale writers make him happy pls


Hello you lovely people! Here’s another one for you guys, based on this request:  OMG you should totally do a shot where Harry has some trouble getting it up….

Hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think, love B xx


Originally posted by yves-saintharry

He’s tired. He is so tired.

There’s not enough sleep in this world that’ll help him get enough energy to get up and leave his house.

Harry’s been running himself ragged with all the studying and working he’s been putting in for this new role he’s got lined up.

Night after night, you find him with his face buried in books and scripts that look ratty and old from how much he’d fussed with it and scanned page after page with tired, sleepless eyes so he can prepare himself as much as he can for when they start shooting.

Add that to all the catching up with friends and visiting family and the time he tries and spend with you, his best friend, and that’s enough to have him dragging himself around, barely any energy to get up and make himself something to eat.

You’ve watched him neglect the gym shoes that are left in a corner of his bedroom way too many times for it to be healthy and you’re starting to worry wether or not this acting career of his is really worth it if it’s going to wear him down like this.

Expressing these concerns every time you walk through his door after running an errand for him because he’s too tired to function had become a routine. His only response now is to tell you he’ll “sleep when he can”, but you don’t see that happening any time soon.

“When was the last time you got out of the house?” You ask him, after a quick trip to the nearest Waitrose down the road, resting a bag full of ingredients so you can make him a decent meal.

“Dunno.” He shrugs, heels of his hands rubbing tightly against his tired eyes to push away the blurriness in his vision. “Can’t remember.”

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Have Some Patience

“josh is trying to get your attention while you’re on your phone and you ignore him too much so he started teasing you and eventually eats you out”

Originally posted by jcsephsdun

This was so much fun to write because Josh just ruins me. I might write a part 2 for this just because I got a little carried away haha (oops). Requests are open x

Word Count: 1,860
Requested: yes
Smut: yes

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Kiss me (Vernon scenario)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Vernon/ Reader

The room was filled with heavy panting and slurping. You bobbed your head until his cock hit the back of your throat and he released a breathy moan, tangling his fingers in your hair and accidentally thrusting into your mouth. You somehow managed not to choke and swallowed hard around him, hearing his soft moans.

Shit” you heard him say when he felt your hands caress his belly under his shirt while circling the head with your tongue, his legs shaking and almost collapsing. You sucked around the tip and then swallowed his entire length in one go scratching his abdomen until you reached his hips. That made him lose the little self-control he had left. He held your head with both of his hands and fucked your mouth roughly, cursing under his breath.

“N-noona” he called you.


“Ooh-fuck! Noona… Haa-Look at me” he pleaded.

You looked up and met his lidded eyes. That was all it took for him to come undone, pushing your head down and releasing his load down your throat. This was the first time you saw him cum that much.

“So pretty…” you heard him murmur while you struggled to swallow all of his seed. That’s when you noticed his eyes never left yours. He was still watching you in awe. He really was acting strange today.


You were about to give up and let your friend go back home by herself but it wouldn’t be fair considering how many times she had taken care of your drunk ass before so you continued looking for her in each available room of the house, ignoring the random guys trying to dance with you and the stoned people trying to make you join them. The party was out of control and you heard the neighbors complaining so you were sure the cops would arrive anytime. You went up the stairs, knowing that you would probably find people banging but it was the only placed you hadn’t searched for her. You opened two doors and saw exactly what you were expecting before continuing your quest. When you reached the third door, you recognized her voice mixed with somebody else’s. You didn’t want to cockblock her but you needed to be sure she was ok so you opened the door carefully without them noticing and that’s when you saw something that completely ruined your night: She was having sex with the man she knew you had a crush on. Slowly you closed the door and kept on walking until you reached the next door, opening it, getting in and locking it behind you. You were trying to process what you had just seen, thinking that you could convince yourself that the alcohol had made you imagine things… but you hadn’t drank anything at all.

“Y/N noona? Are you okay?” said a shy voice. Your eyes snapped open and you saw Vernon sitting on the bed.

“Oh- Sorry, I didn’t know there was someone here” you said with a monotone voice. “I’ll leave you alone now.”

“You can stay, I don’t mind.” he said shrugging “A friend told me I could sleep in this room but…” he stopped awkwardly and you could hear the loud moans coming from the room your ‘friend’ was in “…I don’t think I will be able to sleep anytime soon.” He said drinking some vodka from a bottle.

“…Can I have some of that?” you asked deciding that you could use some alcohol. He offered you the bottle and smiled. Had his smile always been this beautiful? You took three long sips as you felt his worried eyes on you.

“Hey, easy…It’s pretty strong.” He warned but you ignored him and took one more sip before giving it back to him. He seemed to be about to ask something when you two heard the loud banging of the bed’s headboard against the wall that separated the two rooms, followed by screams of pleasure.

“Well,” he said moving around uncomfortably “at least someone is having fun.”

Instead of replying you went to reach for the bottle on his lap again but you accidentally touched his groin and he gasped. You looked down and saw that he was half hard, which made sense considering the show they were putting on next door. You looked up again and saw his eyes, darker than usual, looking at you with uncertainty. You pressed the palm of your hand against his pants and his eyelashes fluttered, his perfect teeth biting his lower lip.  He was gorgeous. How come you hadn’t noticed how handsome he was before? There was a literal angel there, his cock hard against your hand willing to let you touch him. Fuck your friend. Fuck your crush.

You slowly opened the zipper and palmed him through his boxers, squeezing until there was a dark stain of precum on them. His chest was already rising and falling heavily when you pulled his cock out and started jerking him off slowly. He sighed and took another sip of vodka, offering you the bottle. You gladly drank some and moved your hand faster. He rested his head on your shoulder whining and thrusting up until your hand was sticky with cum and he was trembling from head to toes. You didn’t have time to say anything because you heard loud noises coming from the first floor. You cleaned your hand and he put his soft dick back into his pants when you heard a loud bang on the door.


You looked at each other and left the room running, getting lost in the crowd and going separate ways.

You never talked about what happened but, after that night, there was something like a secret agreement between the two of you. Whenever you met at a party, you would act like nothing happened between you and then you would find a place to be alone so you could jerk him off or go down on him. None of you said anything afterwards. You didn’t have anything to say, you simply enjoyed seeing his angelical face twisting in pleasure but that was it. He didn’t say anything because he never had the time; you always left as soon as he reached his orgasm. He had tried to touch you or return the favor a couple of times but you always told him it wasn’t necessary before saying “I’m leaving first.”

Jeonghan was the first one to notice the way Vernon looked at you and he asked you what was going on.

“Nothing” you said honestly.


He caressed your cheek softly and continued thrusting into your mouth weakly until his cock softened completely and you released it coughing a little. After putting his cock back into his pants, he kneeled in front of you and cleaned the corner of your lips, smiling sweetly before leaning in for a kiss but you backed off, looking at him confused. You had never kissed before. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds before his hand caressed your thigh, making his way under your skirt.

“You don’t have to, really.” You said understanding his intention and standing up but today he didn’t seem to be in the submissive mood. He grabbed your hips and pinned them against the door, holding your skirt up, kissing your thighs very close to your panties.

“Hansol, really-“you tried but the only thing that left your lips after that was a loud gasp when you felt him giving an open kiss to your wetness.

His teeth grazed your clit and one of his hands reached the hem of your panties, pulling them down but you quickly held them in place with both of your hands. He looked up, his eyes full of defiance.

“You’re soaking wet, noona.” He said.

“I’m fine.” You lied. You wanted him badly but something in your mind kept telling you it was a bad idea to let this become a mutual thing. He tried to pull them down once more but your grip was strong.

“Fine.” He said before moving your panties to the side a little and flattening his tongue against your clit. You couldn’t help the loud moan that escaped your lips. One of his hands made its way to your entrance slowly pushing one finger inside of you. He kept thrusting it in and out at a torturing pace, his tongue drawing small circles over the sensitive nub.

“H-hansol!” you tried to push him away but whenever your hand left the hem of your panties he would try to take them off so you decided to keep your hands where they were, stomach contracting feeling the pleasure building inside of you. “Oh my god- Hansol… HANSOL!” you almost screamed when he pushed two fingers inside of you sucking on your clit and humming. You tried to move away from him but he growled and used his forearm to pin your hips against the door again. His fingers moved faster and you soon reached your climax shaking uncontrollably, your legs finally giving in.

He caught you right before your knees hit the ground and lied you down. You didn’t have time to react before he was burying his head between your legs again. You screamed out of pleasure and oversensitivity.

“Wait! I- Aaah… I can’t, Hansol.” You sobbed but he only licked faster, holding both of your legs around his head and moaning against you like he couldn’t get enough of you, driving you crazy. Soon you found yourself praising him and encouraging him with words like “Yeah, just like that. Right there…” and “Mmh you really know what you’re doing.” Your hands grabbed his soft hair when you felt your second orgasm hitting you, moaning so loud you were sure everyone heard you even though the music was incredibly loud out there.

You couldn’t move for a few minutes after that, feeling him kissing your thighs and then your left knee, looking at you tenderly.

“Why did you do that?” you finally asked.

“Why not? You’ve made me come many times.”

“Yeah, but I do it because I like it.”

“Me too.” He replied while one of his hands moved back to play with the hem of your panties. “Next time I’m ripping them off.” He said his voice dropping an octave.

You looked at him shocked but he only stared back expressionless before standing up.

“I’m leaving first.” He said fixing his clothes and going back to the party.

You sat up and looked at the wall in front of you and then suddenly the realization hit you. You were always the one in charge but now that he had stopped following your orders you understood how dangerous the situation was. You never let him touch you because you knew you were starting to fall for him but were in deep denial. You tried to relax and think rationally: it hadn’t been more than a couple of months since you had started this ‘secret encounters’ so all you had to do was find someone else to hook up with and you would forget about Vernon.


You started going to random clubs instead of the typical parties at your friends’. You needed to find someone new and avoid seeing Vernon. You had had a few one night stands the last few weeks and they were ok… but no one had made you cum as hard as Hansol. You even said his name while sleeping with a random guy but you weren’t giving up tonight, you were going to get laid.

You were dancing sensually with a tall handsome stranger while he was kissing you and his hands wandered under your clothes. You were about to invite him to your apartment when you heard your name.

“Y/N noona?” said a familiar voice. You turned around to see Dino, barely standing up. “Noona, thank god-Please h-help me…”

“Dino? What are you doing here? What’s wrong?” you asked reaching for him right in time. He was so drunk his legs didn’t even work properly anymore.

The man behind you was getting impatient because you were in the middle of something but you eventually told him to fuck off. You could get laid any other day but you needed to get Dino out of there.

“Hey, Dino. Come on, let’s go outside. You need some fresh air.” You said but he was so heavy that it took you at least 10 minutes to take him outside. He sat on a bench, hiding his head between his knees but never letting go of your hand while apologizing to you.

“It’s ok. I’m glad I was here to help you. I’m calling S.coups, ok?” you said caressing his hand but he raised his head so fast he felt dizzy and begged you not to call him.

“Dino, I have to call someone. I can’t carry you by myself.”

“Y/N noona?” called someone behind you and now you definitely wanted to die because you knew exactly who it was.

“Hansol…” you murmured.” What are you doing here?”

“Dino called me and he sounded drunk as fuck so I came to find him… What are you doing here?” he asked suspiciously.

“I was…dancing.” you said.

“…Did you come alone?” he asked glaring at you but you couldn’t answer because Dino groaned and you both turned your attention back to him.

“Hey man, I’m taking you back to the dorm. Let’s go.” He said gently but Dino just squeezed your hand and said he didn’t want to.

“S.coups hyung is going to kill me.” He sobbed.

“We can’t just stay here forever. You need to sleep.” Said Vernon pulling his arm to make him stand up.

“Noona, can’t I stay with you instead?” asked Dino.

You and Vernon looked at each other.

“Don’t you think they’ll get worried-?” you started but were interrupted by Vernon.

“I’ll text them and tell them that we were visiting you but it was too late to go back home.”

“…You’re staying at my apartment too?!”

“Is there a problem with that?” he asked looking into your eyes.

“No, of course not.” You replied before Dino hugged you.

“Thank you…” he said relieved.

Once you got to your apartment, you made Dino eat a sandwich and drink some water before he apologized again.

“Dino, I told you it was fine. Stop apologizing.” You said petting his hair.

“But I interrupted something important, noona. You were about to have a great night and I ruined it” he said drunkenly. You felt yourself blush and tried to make him lie down on the couch.

“What are you talking about?” asked Vernon curiously.

“It’s the alcohol.” You said quickly taking Dino’s shoes off but Dino continued talking.

“The dude who was kissing you. His hands were inside your jeans and I ruined everything. He should be here instead of us.”

There was a dead silence in the living room, only interrupted by another apology by Dino and then he finally fell asleep. You put a blanket over him and gave Vernon another blanket and a pillow before going to your room, quickly taking your pants and bra off and sliding under the covers and pulling them over your head and falling asleep.

In the dark of the night you heard your name and opened your eyes to see Vernon sitting next to you on your bed, staring at your face. When you finally understood it wasn’t a dream, you sat up immediately.

What are you doing here?” you hissed.

“We need to talk.” He said simply.

“About what?” you played dumb.

“About giving each other mind blowing orgasms and then pretending nothing happened, for example.” He replied. He looked tired and not willing to deal with your mind games.

“Hansol…it just happened, there’s nothing to say.”

“It just ‘happened’” he repeated. “Just like the guy Dino mentioned, right?”

“I don’t owe you any explanation. I met a man at the club and I’m an adult so I can do whatever I want.”

“So that guy and I…Are we the same?” he asked.

“Yes.” You lied… but you didn’t get the reaction you were expecting from him. He smirked and caressed your face.

“You’re lying.”

“Excuse me?”

“Dino said he saw you two kissing.”


“You have never let me kiss you.”

“I don’t see your point.” You said but you did see his point. You just wanted to make him believe he was wrong.

“You let a random guy you just met kiss you and touch you because it doesn’t mean anything to you… However you know if you let me do those things it will mean something. It will mean everything.”

“Hansol-“ You started.

“Why are you afraid of kissing me?”

“I am not afraid.” You said defiantly.

“Prove it.” He whispered against your lips and wow…when did he get that close to your face?

“Just one kiss.” You told him.

“Just one kiss.” He repeated and crashed his lips against yours. His lips were incredibly soft and warm, specially his tongue licking your lips trying to open your mouth. “C’mon” he whispered when you refused to let him in. He bit your lower lip and held the back of your head with his hand, making you gasp which gave him the perfect opportunity to slide his tongue in. You moaned and buried your hands in his hair eliciting an approving purr from him. ‘How could a simple kiss feel so good?’ You wondered without noticing he had crawled on top of you and imprisoned you under his body, his hands all over you.

You felt his hard on only covered by his boxers pushing insistently against your clothed core, his fingers tracing figures over your belly and his mouth now on your neck.

“H-Hansol…it was just one kiss.” You reminded him feeling yourself lose your will already.

“I know. I haven’t finished.” He replied taking off your shirt completely and massaging your breasts before pushing them together and lick your nipples alternately.

“Aah-“you tried to conceal your moans but he noticed and one of his hands found its way into your panties, teasing your entrance.

“Mmh…You get wet as soon as I start touching you.” He sounded satisfied running his finger over your arousal before pushing two fingers inside.

“Oh…Ha-aahnsol. Wait, Dino is in the living r-room.” You remembered and tried to grab your panties but he wasn’t having it. Just like he promised last time, he grabbed your panties and ripped them off before taking off his shirt and boxers.

You couldn’t believe this boy. He looked like a lost puppy most of the time but apparently he had a dominant side, which was turning you on more than you wanted to admit.

He looked down at you, admiring your naked body and conflicted expression before he cooed and went for another kiss. This time you didn’t complain and just kissed back while he pushed his cock inside of you. You moaned, your head falling back and he sucked on your neck and collarbones, mumbling words like “so beautiful”, “perfect” and “my girl” before pulling out and slamming back in. He fucked you slowly but hard, circling his hips and holding your legs against his shoulders. You had never felt this good before and you thought it couldn’t get any better until he increased the pace, bending you over the bed and his forehead almost touching yours.

“I can’t do this.” He suddenly said. “I can’t stand-fuck!…I c-can’t stand knowing you let o-other men touch you like mmh this.”

“Hansol w-we ooh…we were never exclusiveaah!” You tried to explain but his cock reached so deep inside of you that you suddenly couldn’t breathe.

“We are now.” He said fucking you harder and making you hit your orgasm, clenching around him and making him release inside of you with a soft moan. You were so tired you almost fell asleep before you felt him manhandle you and put you on your hands and knees on the bed.

“Hansol?!” you asked confused and then you felt his still hard cock slamming against you again. How could he still be hard after coming like that? Where did all that energy come from?

Sorry,” he said next to your ear. ”please bear with me. I know I can make you come twice…again.”

“Aahh! Hansol… Ooohhh I don’t think I- I can.”

“I know you can, babe” he said before fucking you so hard the headboard was banging against the wall and a painting fell off.

Your arms gave in and your head was left buried against the pillow, your ass up while he held your hips and shoved his dick inside of you roughly. You were screaming so loud you knew your neighbors would complain and Vernon was not quiet either.

“Ah..aah…Nngh yeah, baby- FUCK…. Oh fuck yeah…-OOOHH FUUUCK!” he moaned when he came, reaching your clit and rubbing it fast, making you come while his cock was still jolting inside of you before you both collapsed on the bed.

He pulled out and rolled both of you over so you were lying on your sides, looking into each other’s eyes.

“…You like me” he said after a moment of silence.

“Yeah, I think I do.” You admitted since lying after all that had happened was pointless.

“Good because we’re having a date tomorrow.”

“I don’t think we’re doing this right.” You said laughing.

“But it feels right” he said and kissed your shoulder. “Just remember: no more random dudes at the club from now on.”

You just smiled and said “Kiss me.”

“Finally.” He said before kissing you hungrily. He stopped before it turned into a full make out session and added “Let’s stop now. You need to be able to walk for our date.” To which you laughed, letting him hug you. You were about to fall asleep in his arms when he said:

“Poor Dino.”


Kim Yehyun a.k.a Another angel in produce 101:

* He arranged the line distribution of their song, “If its you”, in position evaluation. He gave the other members the most parts

* Even though he is the one who distributed the lines, He gave most parts to Yongguk, Jinwoo, and Seongri, while he only has 1 PART

* He was last (4th place) in their preformance because HE HAS THE LEAST LINES AND HE COULDN’T SHINE MUCH

*He helped alot of F trainees in dancing “nayana” despite him getting 0 screentime

* He was injured during group battle, yet he still preformed “Be mine” with his group even though he has an injured leg

* He boosted Yongguk’s confidence to sing. He told Yongguk that he can do well


kim yehyun: I’m not popular with national producers so I will help the others out while I can.


Already Occupied

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where reader is Chibs’ niece and she really likes Jax even though he’s with Tara. Includes Tig x Reader friendship too :)

Originally posted by nikitassoul

“Do you think he’ll ever see me as more than just a kid?” You sip your glass of whiskey as you sit cross legged on Tig’s bed, one of your late night chats taking place.

Tig was one, maybe the only one, who knew of your gigantic crush on Jax. You could tell your best friend anything, and he knew you too well to be able to miss your feelings for the blonde biker. But all you seemed to be to Jax was Chibs’ kid niece, young and childish.

“I don’t know, sweetheart.” Tig says honestly as he leans against the head board, his legs outstretched as he nurses his own glass. “What I do know, though, is that you’ll never get your answer unless you tell him how you feel.”

You smile warmly in response, the gesture not meeting your eyes. Sighing deeply, you shake your head, taking a gulp of the amber liquid. “No point, Tiger. He’s loved Tara all his life.”

“Maybe, but the cracks are showing baby girl, and now is your time to shine if there was ever one.” You deliberate the statement in your mind as you’ve done many times before, even though deep down, you know you’ll never tell Jax how you feel.

The door to Tig’s room gets thrown open, the action catching you off guard as you jump. Your eyes widen as you see Tara standing there, the look on her face telling you she’s heard the whole conversation.

“I fucking knew it.” she seethes, you pushing yourself to stand up, ready just incase she tries to attack. She storms towards you, your empty glass dropping onto the bed. “I’ve been trying to warn him about you for months, but he just can’t see it.”

“Are you for real right now? If there’s anyone he needs to warned about its you.” You see Tig get up out of your peripheral vision, giving you space to stand up for yourself but also ready to stop the two of you from clawing each other to pieces.

Her anger turns to humour as she laughs in your face, the cocky smile on her lips something you’re just itching to scratch off. “I’m only gonna tell you once, so listen up. Jax is mine, he loves me. You’re just a desperate, worthless bitch.”

You don’t even realise you’ve slapped her until you feel the sting on your palm, her hand flying to her cheek to cradle her reddened skin. Your eyes flicker to Tig, a proud look on his face as he winks at you.

You can’t rest for long before Tara delivers a slap of her own, you swinging a punch in return as she falls to the floor. Before you know it, you’re both on the floor, the two of you shouting in anger as you fight.

You’re too busy seeing red to notice Tig come behind you, only realising he’s there when he drags you off of Tara, Jax pulling her roughly off the floor as you both try to escape from your captors. “What the fuck is going on?!”

You stop resisting Tig as Jax shouts, a stressed and confused expression on his face as he looks between you and your opponent. You place your hand on top of Tig’s as it rests on your waist, knowing you’re going to need his support before Tara even speaks.

“She’s fucking obsessed with you, that’s what!” Tara shouts, shoving Jax away from her. You feel like you might puke as you stand there, your big secret out in the open. “I questioned her about it and she attacked me!”

“I wouldn’t say calling me a worthless bitch is questioning me, but whatever floats your boat.” you spit sarcastically, ignoring Jax’s burning gaze. She lunges for you again, your clenching fist unneeded as Jax grabs her swiftly, yanking her backwards.

“Out, now!” he orders, leaving no room for refusal. Tara stares at him in shock, unable to comprehend that he’s talking to her. She scoffs, shrugging his grip on her away.

“Fuck you, Jax. I’m too good for this shit.” You look down at your feet at her words, feeling guilty for being partly to blame for their argument.

“Give us a minute, Tig.” You swallow nervously at Jax’s request, Tig removing himself from you. He looks at you for reassurance, not wanting to leave unless you’re okay with it. “I’m not mad, (Y/N).”

Relief floods you, your attention flickering to Jax’s pleading eyes before you nod at Tig, squeezing his arm as thanks before he leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Is it true?” Jax asks, breaking the tense silence. You stare at your feet as you nod in confirmation, a sigh leaving Jax’s lips. You watch as he sits on the edge of the bed, his hands running over his face as he tries to take in the new found information.

You shuffle on your feet awkwardly as he stares at the wall, brow furrowed as he thinks deeply. He shuffles over, tapping the space next to him, you complying as you shuffle over and sit down.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You roll your eyes, chuckling humourlessly as you pick a loose thread on your jeans.

“What would’ve been the point?” you ask quietly, not being able to look at Jax as he sits so closely, his eyes watching you as he waits for you to continue. “All I am to you is Chibs’ niece. Plus, you have Tara.”

“Had. I had Tara. I ended it just before you went all Jackie Chan.” he teases, nudging your body with his. You smile, shaking your head as you nudge him back, enjoying the closeness.

“I hope you’re not expecting me to say that I’m sorry to hear that. No offence but I kinda hate her.” Jax laughs at your honesty, his sparkling eyes meeting yours, your lungs feeling empty at the little distance between the two of you.

You force yourself to be realistic, smiling sadly at the biker. “Don’t worry, you can save the whole ‘I wanna be friends’ speech. I wasn’t expecting you to return my feelings.”

You stand up quickly, walking over to Tig’s chair and retrieving your jacket, tears prickling at your eyes as you try to resist breaking down. “I should be going anyway.”

You spin around, your eyes wide in shock as you see Jax lean down, his hands grabbing your face as he kisses you. You don’t respond at first, not sure whether you’re dreaming, until you realise this is real life and oh my god Jax Teller is kissing you.

You let your eyes flutter shut as you kiss him back, his lips feeling nothing short of incredible as they move against your own. Your jacket is forgotten as you drop it to the floor, your hands moving to grip his biceps as his tongue slips into your mouth, your core tingling at the feeling.

Only when you’re completely breathless do you pull away, Jax resting his forehead against yours as the two of you struggle to breathe. You grip his shirt between your fingers, not wanting him to move and ruin the moment.

“We should do that more often.” you say, Jax smirking before he places his lips to your forehead, his arms wrapping around you as he hugs you.

“Sorry it took me so long.”

A/N - Wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about this but I’m pretty happy with how it came out!!! Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated ❤

The Roommate Swap - Lip Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by lip-gallaghers-bae

Word Count: 3125

Warnings: Swearing, strong sexual content

Note: Pretty much this is just really long and really sexual

The sound of yet another muffled giggle pulled you away from the notes you were studying for what felt like the thousandth time. The bed behind you creaked louder than before this time. A long sigh escaped your lips. Yet again, your roommate had brought her boyfriend back to the room when you really needed to get some studying done. You had forced yourself to ignore it in the past, but you were being pushed over the edge this time. 

“Fuck, I really need to get some studying done,” you called out, putting your face in your hands. If you had it your way, you would’ve been at the library. Unfortunately, it was well after midnight and your desired location was closed for the night. 

“Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N,” your roommate responded, followed by another fit of giggles. 

“Fuck, sorry. I didn’t even realize,” her boyfriend apologized, the bed squeaking as he sat up. “Not to sound rude or anything, but could you maybe go to the library for a bit or something?”

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Every time - Sherlock Holmes (BBC) x Reader

Hey ! Let’s take a little break from writing about the batfam and give Sherlock some love. So here, number 44. “EVERY TIME I SAY THAT YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE SAME PUN” for @whovianayesha, it wasn’t an easy story to write, I hope I didn’t mess it too much, like I hope the characters are not totally out of character, like that it’s not just PLAIN FUCKING BAD and that you’ll like it :s : 

(My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


John and Mary Watson enter yours and Sherlock’s shared apartment, and discover you laughing loudly on John’s ex-chair, in front of a very confused Mrs. Hudson. 

Your boyfriend, Sherlock Holmes, is no where to be seen. 

John, being the genius detective best friends understands immediately what was going on, and isn’t able to hold a little chuckle in, under the curious gaze of his wife. 

Mary turns to Mrs. Hudson with a questioning look, and the older lady answers : 

-I’m not sure what happened. They were being cute in the living room. He was trying to solve a case, sitting on the floor in front of her, she was playing with his hair oh it was so cute you should have seen it ! …And then all of a sudden, he stood up, quite annoyed, and left to go lock himself in his bedroom and she has been laughing ever since ! That happened over half an hour ago ! 

John smiles at the confused landlord, and approaches you. He lays a hand on your shoulder, and finally, you notice him. Your laughter finally subsides, and you look at everyone in the room. 

-Oh hey guys. How long have you been there ? 

-Mrs. Hudson, since half an hour apparently, us ? Only a few minutes. 

You smile mischievously and none of them can stop themselves from smiling back at you. Before Mary can asks further questions, because she’s still quite…disconcerted as to what is going on, John continues : 

-Did you say it again ? 

-I have no idea what you’re talking about John. 

-Oh come on, was he stuck on a case ? And you said it right ? 

Your smile broadens even more, turning almost sly, and in a breath you say : 


-What was it this time ? How did you annoy him ? 


-Puns ? 

-Yup. Puns. Terrible one at that. 

And without any warning, you start to chuckle lowly, but it rapidly turns into a full on laughter ! 

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My Professor. (1/?)

-Hanbin x Reader (Professor!Hanbin)

-It was universally known that friend with benefit between best friends would be a chaotic ride from the start till the heartbreak of either one or both party. No one says anything about being in one with your dear professor…

-What is this? I don’t know what this is… hahahaha 🙃🙃🤔😏 Read it and decide for yourself. (then maybe let me know what this is haha…Sigh, I need help.)

-Rated M for language, mention of sex (secretly rated B for bullshit 😏)

-S/O to @7n13bang for being MVP AF for requesting and read through 2 (soon 3) novel sized pieces of my shitty ass writing. 


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jolting awake from a sudden thunderous bang in the pin drop quietness of the lecture hall, you raise your head up angrily and stare up still in a daze. Your hands rub your eyes sluggishly to rid them of the leftover blurriness of sleep before trying your best to locate the source of the disturbance. Looking around the room, a few frustrating expressions pair with the scribbling sound of pencils on exam papers, you concluded that you had for once not slept pass the ending of the class. Finally, your eyes land on a boy 5 rows in front of you who’s nervously picking up his textbook, apologizing profusely to the 20 pairs of eyes glaring daggers his way.

Fucking Brian, always with his clumsiness.

A low grunt escapes your lips as you glare down toward the flustered boy nervously pushing his textbook underneath the ugly blue plastic chair of the rundown lecture hall with his foot. Now, normally you’re not so uptight that you’d be cussing someone out for an accident. It happens, especially during a high stress period like midterm week. However, what he did just now cost you one of the most amazing dream ever, or dirtiest… or maybe you need holy water kind of dream, depends on who’s talking. 

Dozing off in class wasn’t a rare occurrent for you. Math has always been one of those subject that comes to you without much struggle which leaves plenty of time for day dreaming about nighttime activities. Actually, what is a rare occurrent would be you attending class. Sign up for a late class, your best friend had said, it’d be easier to get to class since you’re already awake, he said. No chance of being late to class from oversleeping. Well he was right about the not being late to class part. You can’t technically be late if you never bother with showing up to begin with. What a load of bullshit. If anything, the tiredness built upon itself and by 4 o’clock, your body physically give up. Regret welcomes you in its cold embrace every single time you drag your feet across the grossly worn out, stains filled carpet of the 100 years old math building. If it wasn’t regret, it’d be the constant stress to your poor heart every time it creaks from the settling cold of dusk. You wouldn’t be surprise to see it completely in ruined one of these day. Honestly, how is the building even in function still. 

Having nothing better to do after finishing the exam early, you resorted to your usual activity during class time. As much as you enjoy the thrill of solving problems, sitting through a 2 hours lecture just isn’t your thing, even worse when there’s nothing to do after an exam. You lost count of how many people that had asked why you even bother showing up to class just to fall asleep 5 minutes into the lesson.

“Oh, they threaten me if i don’t start showing up to class, i’d get academic probation. Plus they say they’re considering kicking me off the cheer squad so you know, sleep here sleep at home… it’s the same shit.”

That was one of those lie you told so often it’s slowly becoming the truth. You could be strap onto a lie detector right now and neither will you sweat nor blink. What choice do you have but to deceive everyone. Plus, it’s not even that important of a lie, white lie even. If you told them the real reasons, probation would be the last thing you’d need to worry about. It’s not as if you can publicly declare your love for the hot professor. Actually, that in itself isn’t really the problem, 70%-99% of his students secretly mentally undress him during class anyways, boys and girls alike. 

Seriously, who wouldn’t. 

Being one of those genius kid that had everything figured out by the time they graduated high school, he’s barely even 4 years older than you with a Master and a Phd. under his belt with a fancy job at a prestigious university. Towering over most at nearly 6 ft, he pretty much stands out in any crowd. Even if his intimidating height doesn’t do its job, his impressive look will take care of the rest. Despite being a professor, he looks anything but with perfectly sculpted face, even better figure, and a fashion sense that shamed even models. He pretty much could be standing there reciting the phonebook and it’d somehow be interesting. 

The problem itself is that you actually acted upon your desire when the opportunities arisen a few months back. Well, that opportunity wasn’t just a simple heat of the moment thing but rather months of intense push and pull, suppressing and wanting to unleash a fury of unimaginable desires on each other. But let’s leave that tale for a later date. 

Staring up at the center of your deepest darkest secret, you muster up a sleepy smile when your eyes meet his. He had been busily grading away at his desk while simultaneously proctoring the exam before now, looking ravishingly stunning under the rare appearance of his oversized brown tortoise specs. A playful smirk rests upon your mouth without your knowledge, tongue breaching its barrier for a slow sensual meeting with the lower lip. He often wears contacts, only busting out the glasses whenever he knew he needed to get on your good side.  

You’ve never meant for this little preference to be made known, much less to Hanbin. Late night spend in his office in reality is much less exhilarating than what one would anticipates of a willing single lady and an open available man lock in a room, wee hours of the darkness with nothing else but the quiet cricket of night as companions. He had been on the 3rd pile of paper scribbling away furiously with a few disappointing sigh. It had only been the first exam of the quarter and already, stress bestowed upon the poor professor. His brows furrowed in frustration of where could he have gone wrong that resulted in such detrimental way to the class learning curve. A soft “God” slipped through his lips like the most dainty of wind rushing through the leaves. Your heart ached for the young professor blaming himself for the lack of the class. Seconds of sympathy turned into minutes of absentmindedly staring at how his hair no longer holding its shape but rather flopping over in evident of a exhausted long day. Even with the guilt of not being able to do more to help him coursing through your blood vessels, you couldn’t stop the primal calling of the pooling heat in between your legs. 

His svelte fingers rubbing his brows vexingly as his head twisted in discomfort. Judging from the amount of red blooming on the page, it had to be one of the stoner kid that’s even worse at showing up to class than you are. When he wasn’t nibbling gently on his knuckles, his teeth would be busy gnawing away at the redden abused lips, rolling and licking them to smithereens. You let your attention engulfed in the slight sheen on those high cheekbones, eyes lingering along the sharp jawline that had definitely had every girl in the department wishing they could trace them with their tongue. His jet black locks messily draped over the peeking undercut, no longer sinfully neat from the constant ruffle of his hand rummaging through in disappointment. A near moan-like sigh escaped your lips when his index effortlessly push the oversized pair of glasses up the bridge of his noise, tugging it gently by the end piece. Hanbin is undeniably handsome, that’s for sure. But God forbid how immorally good he looks with his specs on, playing into his part as a professor so damn well. Unknowingly, your legs less than inconspicuously crossed over themselves, clumsily rubbing hard knocking the underside of his desk a few times, begging for any sort of friction. All from the way his glasses framing his ethereal face so perfectly. You had been so lost within the mesmerizing view that you nearly lost your soul from the sudden rasp of his voice.

“Baby girl, what are you doing over there?” Checking in on you was something he had always done. Even grading get rough and tedious so you provide the right amount of distraction for a quick break.

“H-Homework…” You stuttered out in an almost incoherent mess, chest heaving, breaths steadily rising. Heart rapidly drumming against your ribcage out of shock.

“How’s that going?” He sighed, a slight smirk nestled itself on his lips.

“Uh-Uhm. Good!” You shamelessly stared at the busy man in front of you that was sparing you no glance. He continued with jotting down comments, circling mistakes.

“Are you working on art?”

“Huh? No. Physics.” For once, you wished for nothing more but for him to return to ignoring you, leave  you to your day dream. You whimpered pathetically, losing command over all your senses.

“Judging from the way you’ve been absentmindedly doodling circles on your paper, I’d have guessed it’s a kindergarten art assignment for learning shapes. But hey! What do I know, right?” Not even one single second spared. He didn’t even look up while cooly making his observation. “Then again, I could be wrong. I think your legs are busy doing something else though.” His tone remained as calm as ever. As if he was just making a passing comments on how pretty the night sky was, not the fact that you were pleasuring yourself off the jaw-dropping sight of him hard working. “Or should I teach you some anatomy lesson right now. We’ll start with picking up your slacken jaws off the floor…” Finally, that haughty, mischievous expression graced itself on his features, his eyes glanced upward just enough to witness all the color disappeared from your skin. 

“C-Can you blame me though? It’s late and I-we should be in bed by now” You somehow managed to still be the least bit sassy while throwing down your pen after the mortifying realization that he was right. Atop your free body diagram a jumble of scribbles and circles layered themselves in no particular order. Your hands immediately went to press down your awkward legs in hope of controlling your dampen core. You bit your cheek out of pure embarrassment, physically impossible to look his way. You must’ve looked so stupid drooling over him with your mouth gaped wide open while drawing random shit on your homework.

“Is that so? I did said you don’t need to keep me company when I grade exam. You can go home first…” Clearly amusing himself from watching you suffer, he quipped playfully.

“No… I’ll stay.” You insisted, wincing a bit from a particularly hard chomp against on your own lip.

“You’re way too distracted today. What is it? Is it because I’m ignoring you?” He halted his movement, right hand placed over his left matter of factly. You tried your best remaining still in your seat, eyes glancing around, sweating like a sinner in church.“Hmm, that’s not it. I’ve ignored you for weeks before when my folks came to town. I bet it’s not my clothes either. You’ve seen me in these slacks plenty of times…” You swallowed hard, fingers nervously tapping on your thigh. He eyed you up and down, inside out, left to right with an inquisitive note to his burning gaze. 

“Ah…” Like the devil had just thrusted himself upon the man lost in thought in the mere microsecond it took you to blink. A wave of indiscernible mix of ego and arrogance submerged him in its toxic lake, darkening the light in his star filled eyes with lust. You felt lost gazing in those blown out pool of brown, feeling its seductive calling drawing you closer to losing yourself. You tried to resist but like a spell bound fool, you found yourself wandering further into his embrace. 

The sudden shift in mood had you sinking into your seat as if it could somehow eject you out of the thick tension of the room that was overworking your lungs with harsh gasps. Curiosity burned away and contentment bursting out with life like a phoenix reborn from ashes, his eyes still following you closely, latching onto the way yours darted between the collar bones peek-a-booing beneath the unbuttoned collar of his disheveled button up and his face. An all too familiar grin spread across those plump hot lips of his, a smuggest of a smirk. 

“So. My baby girl got a thing for glasses huh… Why didn’t you said so in the first place.” He leaned back into his chair, legs spread wide as if daring you to perch atop them. With a swift motion of his finger, you hopped out of your seat and straight to his side as if you just won the lottery. 

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