him holding a knife is


It’s time… to stop talking

I have run out of ways to say I am here
so just take my Alien Registration Number: 002
-381-935. I kiss a boy in the bathroom
of a courtroom, he presses me against the sink
like a child, he bends things to break
like any good American, I let every boy hold me
like a knife. I let him coat my throat.
Sometimes I wonder where
outside my body am I today? Even
science cannot prove alien life. The rules
are: All blood is borrowed. All prayers must be saved
for what can be. I pray for reincarnation
as a garden on fire. I pray for fever, the kind of
heat that knows exactly
what parts of you to kill
—  consider me another dead white war poet, kristin chang

Sharing this story because it isn’t going to be covered by the mainstream media and is already trying to be covered up. Four teenagers in Chicago kidnapped and assaulted a special needs boy for supporting Donald Trump, and put the assault on Facebook live.

I couldn’t even watch the whole video. It just made me sick to my stomach. The poor boy was tied up and cowering in fear while these people kicked him and said things like “Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck white people!” There’s more of them doing things like holding him at knife point and forcing him to drink from a toilet but, like I said, I just couldn’t watch it.

This event is completely terrible and needs to spread like wildfire. Tell everyone and share it everywhere.

Kill, ice cream and strippers

“Argh !! I was so stupid! Damn it damn it damn it damn it!”

You throw your punch on the wall, creating a whole in it.

“Son of a bitch!”

Sam, Dean and Castiel didn’t knew what to do, they knew better than to piss you more off when you were angry.

“It is not your fault no one knew he was a demon.”
“Cass’, I’m a hunter! I should’ve known better ! Damn it !”

“Sweetheart, look at me.”

You sigh and look at Dean.

“I have an idea, we’ll hold him down while you knife him, then we all go out for ice cream and strippers!”

You scoff and nods.

“Good idea. Let’s go.”

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Let Me In

Imagine you are Chibs’s ex and he finds out you are dating again

Requested by anon. Thank you and I hope this comes close to what you had in mind

Originally posted by missgreeene

You step out of the restaurant for a smoke while you wait for your date to settle the bill. He’s the latest in a line of blind dates your friends set up for you. They think you need to get back out there after your last relationship. “Just get over him,” as if it was that easy. As if you could just move on from the relationship you called your last while you were still in it, because you were convinced it was going to last forever. Finally you agreed to try blind dates just to shut them up.

In the distance you hear the low rumble of a motorcycle. That sound still sends shivers down your spine.

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Imagine Eugene Fitzherbert falling in love with you and risking his life to save you

“Y/N, thank god you’re alive.” Eugene climbed through the window and raced over to where you were being held.

Reaching out to him, he took your hand and started to check for injuries. “Eugene!” He turned to look at the people coming behind him and got ready to defend you.

“I won’t let you hurt her.”

||❥ at the rink

s e u n g k w a n ! s c e n a r  i o

f i g u r e s k a t i n g ! a u

words; 3.2k

genre; cutesy fluff + stuff that makes u warm on a cold day

request; You know,I’m a figure skater myself so I’ve always wondered what a figure skating!seungkwan au would be like. Would you think of giving it a shot? Your woozi and mingyu baseball!au got me thinking

At first Seungkwan was reluctant to drive his little sister to the skating rink every Saturday, but he just couldn’t protest when his mother would grace him with her pleasant smile while holding up her cutting knife.

“You’re taking your sister to figure skating whether you like it or not, you hear?” She had quipped one evening while prepping supper, the glint off the knife’s silver blade matched with her sickly sweet smile enough to convince Seungkwan to concur. 

Of course his mother would never harm him, yet he wasn’t taking any chances. It really wasn’t that bad driving Yura to figure skating every Saturday, Seungkwan had learned to roll with it.

During Yura’s first practice at the rink, Seungkwan watched with mellow interest from the stone cold bleachers, jacket zipped up to nose while his hands were nestled in the warmth of his pockets. 

He didn’t know much about skating, nor was he very good at it. The ice just looked too shiny and slick, and Seungkwan had to hold back his wince whenever he noticed Yura faintly stumble or wobble in her skates.

The rest of the figure skating class continued to swirl around the ice rather smoothly, though anyone could tell they had a lot to learn before they perfected anything close to a spin. However, it was on Yura’s first day at the rink that Seungkwan found the perfect reason to continue driving her every morning, it was because he got to see you.

He remembered the whole memory clear as day, your form emerging from between two heavy metal doors, pure white skates laced up neater than woven thread with your hair tied delicately in a silk ribbon. 

Seungkwan remembered how his heart raced a little too rapidly at the sight of you, how his lashes couldn’t stop flicking up and down and how his hazy eyes gleamed after your every move. You had on the cutest pair of light wash jeans, a jacket that looked similar to his wrapped around your upper half.

You were Yura’s figure skating instructor, and it was then that Seungkwan realized he was happy to have complied with his mother that one evening.

“The way she skates is really pretty, don’t you think?” Yura bubbled from the backseat, her toothy little grin bouncing off the rear view mirror that Seungkwan couldn’t stop glancing into. He halted the car at a red light, cottony steam brewing into the dry winter air.

“I guess… Why are you asking?” Seungkwan knew he shouldn’t have posed that question the second it left his lips, instant regret foaming away in his stomach. Yura had caught him staring after you on the ice, his eyes just peaking above the collar of his jacket as you elegantly brushed from side to side to swiftly stop at the rink’s exit.

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Imagine: Meeting The Joker after he crashes the fundraiser and being kidnapped. 

“Do you know where I can find Harvey? I just need to talk to him about something. just something. little.” He turns his head. “no.” He swallowed some champagne. “You know, I’ll settle for his loved ones.” He took his blade to an older gentleman. 

“Leave him alone.” You step out from the back of the crowd. 

“Well Hello, Beautiful.” He releases the man and walks towards you, moving his hair out of his face. “Who might you be?”

“(y/n)” You reply, never failing to break eye contact to try and show you weren’t afraid of him. You were though. You knew he probably had explosives throughout the building so you needed to be careful.

“Well tell me, (y/n)” he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you to him, holding the knife to your throat. “Where is Harvey Dent?” You didn’t answer and he shook you, starting to grow angry. “Where is he?!” He raised his voice. 

“No.” that’s all you said. You honestly didn’t know where Harvey was but you couldn’t let this thug know that.

“Well..” he placed the blade on your cheek and gently drug it to your jawline. “I suppose you’ll do as collateral for now.” A smoke bomb was released and you were gone.

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a quick witch au klance drabble
for @catnippackets‘ witch au that i’m in love with.

“Stop, stop! I have a knife in my hand!” Lance, however, didn’t care. Sure Keith had an actual, real life knife in his hand that he was using to carve a taper candle with, but Lance would be damned if he didn’t get in there and kiss the neck in front of him. Keith struggled a little, holding the knife and candle up above the bed. The flames on the other candles around the room flickered with the movement, casting warm shadows across the two witches.

“Come on, I was almost finished!” Keith managed to get the blade far enough away so that his boyfriend’s limbs didn’t hit it as he wrapped around the other like a koala. A koala that likes kissing necks so much he’s willing for risk life and limb for it. Keith stretched upwards with his hands until he bumped into the table at the head of Lance’s bed and slide the candle on before the knife.

“You could’ve at least waited and let me put shit down.” He chided, pushing the other boy’s head away from his own as they both laughed.

“But you’re so pretty when you focus and stick your tongue out a little.” Lance’s pout was audible from where he was muttering into Keith’s shoulder. The breath warmed more than just skin.

“But I don’t want to stab you on accident- again.”

“But you wouldn’t because you loooove me-” Lance cut himself off and quickly nuzzled into his boyfriend’s neck again. They hadn’t said it yet and even jokingly stating it made Lance feel uncharacteristically uneasy and unsure of himself.

“Yeah,” Keith whispered, “I do love you.”

Keith shifted in his boyfriend’s arms so that they could press their foreheads together. It was a rare moment of silence between them, filled only with the faint sound of rain and surf outside of Lance’s window and the occasional crack from a candle.

“I love you too.”

cute first date idea

“Cute first date idea: hand to hand combat”

requested by anonymous

“Colton. Get in the cabinet.” You hiss, hearing the car pull up. His eyes go wide, and you open the cabinet door. He climbs in, and grabs a towel to hold against his mouth, to keep quiet. You give him a frantic look, images of the past flickering behind your lids.

“You know the rule. If I don’t get you by the time you count to 20,000, you run. Quietly, and invisible.”

“Quiet and invisible.” He says with his familiar lisp. You smile, and cup his cheek for a fraction of a second.

Men dragging you from your camp. Burning it to the ground. Using you as Z bait.

You made a vow, on the day you escaped, to never go back there. To keep Colton safe.

You’ll die before they get him.

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Seventeen. You were negotiating with an obsessive psychopath in order to save a seventeen year old girl’s life. What made it worse was that you had given your partner, Derek Morgan, your firearm and bullet proof vest and currently only had handcuffs on you to try to subdue the unsub with. You were trying to save the girl’s life so you were waiting for the perfect opportunity to get her away from him before trying anything on him. Hopefully you could be faster than him because he was holding a knife against the girl’s neck.

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Brune holds the knife gingerly. “I- umm….I…stab him?”She queried. “I guess in…the stomach….” she trails off. She frowns at the knife.

Set chuckles. “Not a bad start.” he nods. “Begin with whatever you can reach. Stomach or side are good. Don’t both with the chest, the ribcage will get in the way. Stab whatever you can get a good shot at. When they go down, go for the neck. Don’t stab it, though. Start at one ear and drag the blade across to the other. Go as deep as you can, but don’t bother trying to cut through the grizzly bits. That’ll slow you down. A slit ear to ear. It’ll get the arteries and they’ll bleed out quick. They’ll let you go to have any chance to save themselves.”

Everybody has a dark side


Aiden climbed in through his window to find his apartment in disarray and blood splattering the walls. “Oh no… Please don’t-” He started but his thoughts were proved correct when he looked into his bedroom to find a girl covered in blood on his bed. “For fuck sake… They finally got her.” He mumbled, setting the bag of stolen money on the floor by the couch. “I’m going to have to clean this up now.” He said as he went to get the bleach and a bucket. It was when he bent to get the bucket that there were quick footsteps behind him coming his direction. The blond almost jumped out of his skin when  he glanced up and the small brunette girl stood behind him, wearing one of his shirts, now blood soaked, and holding a bloodied knife. 

“Hi Aiden!” She grinned, the shirt stopping just above her knees. That was all she had on. While if it were anyone else, it would have been a major turn on, but given it was her and she was in his apartment uninvited, the appeal was gone. Aiden sighed and ruffled her hair. 

“Hello Tahlia. How did you get in here, and why are you wearing my shirt?” He asked and moved to fill the bucket with water.”

“Because I broke in, silly. I put it on because I wanted to take a nap then this guy opened the door and when I saw it wasn’t you…” She moved one of her feet to draw a circle on the stained floor, looking down at it like a scolded child before looking back up at him with a proud grin. “I stabbed him 47 times!”

So, I’ve been watching a lot of Jaltoid Games lately, in my free time, and so I felt like making some pixel art of Jaltoid! (Hooray!)

Both Emi and Dalton have a normal sprite, and then an alternate one (Dalton’s is him holding a stab-knife, and Emi’s is her wearing glasses).

(Also, here’s a link to larger versions of the images, because these are pretty small: http://imgur.com/a/fdvMa )