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GLOOMVERSE THEORY: Wallis DOES NOT want Harold living on the streets!

I recently got this ask on my Wallis askblog ( @askwallisgloom ) and I decided that since this is something I feel… Pretty passionately about, I’d write up my thoughts on it!! As always, this is just MY theory, it may or may not be canon, only CQ can say that! So, here we go-

Wallis does not want Harold living on the streets.

Despite their differences and arguments, Wallis and Harold do love each other. Seeing his little brother out on the streets would probably hurt Wallis a lot.

Personally, I believe that Wallis HAS tried to get Harold to live with him before, but Harold… Really, really does not like accepting help. Probably because he thinks he’s a burden or something. This is shown here:


Where Harold is visibly uncomfortable at Assy offering to buy him stuff. 

So Harold has PROBABLY declined offers for help- ESPECIALLY from Wallis, someone he might feel a lot of guilt around- before.

As a more… Obvious pointer, though, please follow me through this look into the finer details~!!


We can see here that Harold stole $400. Enough money, in Wallis’ humble opinion, to need to be paid back- And how he does that is, of course, by forcing Gloom to work for him.

Now is a fantastic time to point out that Wallis has an unlimited supply of workers, it’s not like he NEEDS the extra help. He’s also a brilliant actor.

Moving on, we have this:


Assistant’s weekly paycheck is $600- $200 whole dollars more than what Harold stole. And in Wallis’ own words- “Whatevs. It’s not even that much.”

So, we can deduce two things from this.
1. If Wallis doesn’t think $600 is much, he certainly wouldn’t think $400 is a lot.
2. Harold would have completely paid off his debt by now, and yet, Wallis hasn’t made any indication that he wants Harold gone.

Those are the basics, but for a deeper look, I’d like to point you in the direction of this interaction:


Wallis hasn’t been working Harold very hard at all. In fact, the worst he’s done, is force Harold to be more HEALTHY. If he was truly upset about his money being stolen purely for the fact his money was gone, wouldn’t you think Wallis would be working him WAY harder??

If we take into consideration that for the most part, Harold MAY have some form of depressive disorder- Or at the very least, is stuck in a rut in his life- Wallis forcing him to be active and do something is probably the best thing he could do. Keep in mind that Wallis has 3 definite layers to his personality:

1. Flashy angry show persona, the main one we see throughout the comic.
Less flashy, normal, “I think I’m pretty great” persona.
The ‘real’ him, who doesn’t think he’s very good at all, and probably has a few self esteem issues.

I think it’s… Fairly safe to assume that anything Wallis does shouldn’t be taken at face value, since he’s buried his real feelings so deep down. This in mind, it’s very plausible that Wallis’ true intentions to HELP his brother are cleverly hidden by a guise of “Wanting to be repaid”- Something that fits his top, and foremost, persona.

Moving on from this, we have this exchange:


This is proof that Harold’s condition and situation has been on Wallis’ mind for longer than he lets on. Wallis always has trouble articulating how he feels, so for this interaction to even HAPPEN is a show of how much this means to him- Even if he does run away from the conversation before it can be continued.

Wallis was mad that Harold stole his money, yes- But he wasn’t mad that he was down $400.

He was upset that Harold didn’t think he could just ASK for help.

Honestly, I believe that Wallis’ anger towards Harold was just misdirected anger at HIMSELF- After all, who was it that separated himself from his brother? Who was it that made Harold’s limbs disappear? Who was it that saw, with his own innocent eyes, his brother scream for him to get away?


Here we can see that Wallis notices that Harold is upset by this on a personal level, and is probably… Projecting a bit onto Assistant. He immediately moves forward to try and remedy the situation, and ‘comfort’ his brother to the best of his ability.

…On a more speculative note, you could see this as Wallis indirectly promising Harold that he’d help him, too.

In conclusion-

Harold and Wallis love each other. They have their disagreements, and they have things that they don’t like about each other, but when it comes down to it they only want the best for the other. Neither of them is a “bad guy”- They’re just two kids that happen to be a victim of circumstance.

And Wallis absolutely would not want his brother living on the streets.

Roman Godfrey


Your Boyfriend, Roman letting you sleep with Peter

Living With Peter And Roman Gets Jealous So He Convinces Peter You’re Going To Leave Him

Roman Finds Out You’re A Mermaid

Being Forced To Be Roman’s Partner For A Project

Peter Sets Roman Up With You On A Blind Date

Being Roman’s Best Friend And He Over reacts When He Finds Out You Spent The Day With Peter Because He’s Jealous

Roman And Olivia Find Out Yo Had A Daughter With Roman After A One Night Stand And She Was Born With The Caul So Roman Demands You Both Live With Him To Keep Olivia Getting Her Hands On You

Being Shelly’s Best Friend And Roman Falls In Love With You

Getting Sick Of How Your Best Friend Roman Treats You So You Get Revenge When You Get Home

Stopping Roman From Being Part Of Pryce’s Upire Experiment

Owing Peter And Roman A Favour

Roman And Peter Help You Through Your Panic Attack

Roman Saves Your Life By Turning You Into A Upire

Catching Roman Masturbating

Teasing Roman Godfrey

Owing Roman A Favour After he Catches You Stealing

Arguing With Roman And Having Angry Sex Afterwards

Roman Godrey Keeping You As A fresh Blood Supply

Roman Catches You And Peter Having Sex In The Woods And Makes Fun Of You

Roman Getting Jealous And Bumping Off The Boys Who Like You

Spending Roman’s Birthday With Him

Working For Roman Godfrey

Your Family Disaproving Of Roman Because You’re A Werewolf And He’s An Upir so You Keep Sneaking Out To Meet Each Other

Romans Skips A Party You Aren’t Invited to And Spends The Night With You Instead

Being New To Hemlock Grove High And Catching Roman’s Attention

Roman Taking You To The Beach During The Summer Holidays  [Part 2]

Being Invited To A Ball So Roman And Peter Can See You In A Dress

Admitting to Peter And Roman That You’ve Never Had A Sleepover Before And They

Being Pregnant After A Night With Both Roman And Peter   [Part 2]

Being Best Friends With Roman Godfrey And He Takes You To Prom When Your Date Stands You Up Where He Admits He Loves You

Being A Year Older Than Roman And Finally Saying Yes When He Keeps Asking You On A Date

Roman Get’s Jealous When He Sees You With Someone At A Bar, Not Realizing It’s Your Brother

Being Forced To Help Roman Godfrey Pass Science

Roman Picks You up For Work And Get’s Jealous When He Sees You With A Co-Worker

Roman Being Jealous when You And Peter Start A Family Because He Has Feelings For You

Agreeing To Go On One Date With Roman But He Becomes Obsessed With You

Going To Roman When You Are Sad And He Comforts And Cuddles You Until You Smile For Him

Having A Game Of Teasing With Roman Only For It To Escalate To A Pranking War

Trying To Run From Peter And Roman Only For Them To Do What Ever They Want When They Catch You

Helping Roman Godfrey Study At The Library Only To Get Locked In With Him And Things Get Heated

Roman Catches You Making out With Peter After You Broke It Up With Roman

Fighting With Roman And You Leave Him Only for Him To Hunt You Down

Comforting Roman After Peter Leaves And He Tells You About Nadia

Hiding Your Child From Roman And When You Finally Tell Him About Her He Falls Asleep With Her In His Arms Because He Refuses To Be Without Either Of You

Hanging Out With Roman And Peter Who Start A Contest To See Who Can Turn You On

Having A Sleepover With Shelly Only To Be Woken Up By Roman

Returning To Hemlock Grove After Leaving to Search for Shelly

Visiting Roman At Work

Roman Getting Jealous And You Tease Him

Roman Throwing You A Birthday Party With Shelly

Roman Getting Jealous When Ever He Sees You with Your Girlfriend

Teasing Roman And He Decides To React

Owning A Rival Company And Slowly Falling In Love With Roman

Being New At Hemlock High And Roman Decides To Make You His

Peter And Roman’s Reaction When They Find Out You’re Alive

Untitled Smut With Strong-ish Language

Being Shelly Godfrey’s Best Friend And Finding Out Roman Is In Love With You

Untitled Smut With Swearing

Catching Roman Godfrey’s Attention

Being An Angel And Being Rescued By Roman Godfrey When You Fall

Confronting Roman Which Makes Him Determined To Wind You Up More

Being A Witch And Roman Godfrey’s Mate

Roman teasing you because knows you like him

Asking Peter how to get Roman’s attention

Keeping your relationship with Roman a secret from your brother, Peter

Being Sheriff Sworn’s daughter and having sex with Roman in one of the cruisers

Roman visiting you everyday at work

Telling Roman you’re pansexual 


The Quirky Witch

Naughty Little Thief

Don’t Go Where The Upir’s Play


“A smart alec witch, how original” “I’m kind of a big deal.”

“Is that my sweater/shirt” “You’re seriously a man-child.”

"Oh yes. We’re on.”

Fake Texts:

Roman asks you out

Roman and Peter talk about (Y/N)

Kings Masterlist

Business and Pleasure - Part 15

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,833

Warnings: Swearing, angst

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

By the time you arrived back in New York, you were pretty sure that you had cried out all the tears your body could possibly produce. Your eyes were dry and bloodshot, and you couldn’t stop the constant shivering that had started sometime during the flight back. You spent the entirety of the flight trying not to cry. You hugged your knees to your chest as best as you could in the cramped plane and stared out the window. Thankfully, you had plenty of music on your phone, so you simply plugged in your headphones and tuned out the rest of the world.

Once you landed and collected your baggage, you realized just how late it was. The sun had set during the flight, and it was now well past midnight. You could have easily called a taxi, but you weren’t sure that you could handle being stuck in the back of a taxi for the ride back home. You didn’t want to have to make awkward small talk. All you wanted was to curl up in bed and sleep. 

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Imagine being nervous to find out you have a bed scene with your best friend, and crush, Tom in your new movie because you know he can make it all very realistic.

“Don’t worry, love.” his smooth voice almost made your heart calm down – almost though “I am not going to do anything you don’t want me to.” he said with a slightly mischievous grin and you bit your lower lip.

Pull away too soon” you thought to yourself but in the end shook the thought off.

“I would never doubt it, Thomas.” you giggled as you leaned back in your chair, playing with a page from the script “You are ever the gentleman, all of the years I’ve known you.” you smiled at your best friend and he gave you back an adorable one as well.

“A gentleman at times and a really bad boy when needed.” he winked at you and you giggled, hitting his shoulder “Don’t worry, (Y/n), really I promise I won’t take it too far. Or at least I will try to.” he added the last part with a shrug and you rolled your eyes.

Please just take it as far as you can” you let your thoughts run wild so much you had to take a large sip of your coffee to fight the bllush away.

“Tom” you glared at him though you couldn’t never really be angry at something like this. Being in love with your best friend had a lot more disadvantages than you actually thought at first, and you had began to discover all of them during all these years of knowing Tom. And now you were going to work with him, you knew the boundaries of this friendship were really going to get blurry.

You shook your head “You better, bad boy. Because I will prove to you how little you know your best friend.” you said looking at him from the corner of your eyes.

“Is that so?” his eyebrows shot up as his interest peaked “Perhaps, we should really practice first then.”

“Oh you wish, William.” you smirked at him “It’s not like we need to anyway… right?”

“Why- why are you asking, (Y/n)?” he frowned, finally getting a little serious until realization downed and his eyebrows shot up “Wait you- you have done a bed scene before, right?”

“Well, excuse me Mr Hiddleston if I’ve put my singing career first all this time and finally managed to catch up with acting too! It’s not like a crime or anything.” you huffed, shaking your head although truth was you couldn’t help but feel even more nervous at the prospect of that scene alone. Not to mention it being with the man you had feelings for but didn’t want to reveal a thing.

“No, of course not darling. You know I was the one that supported you on that.” he said, placing a hand on top of yours and despite everything you caught yourself relaxing.

“Just wait till the fans hear this.” you breathed out with a chuckle “They’ve been shipping us for so long, even if they knew we are only friends. It seems like every time we mentioned it, it just made them want to see us together even more. They didn’t care, we are just OTP to them.”

“Yeah, yeah they actually have.” you glanced at him when you heard the tone in his voice. It sounded almost longing, nostalgic and you knew there was something more there but you didn’t have time to try to decipher it because he cleared his throat and put on back a smile that could be convincing to others but not you. He was an amazing actor, yes, but he could never fool you.

“And now not only are we going to be in the same movie but you are practically going to take my v-card on camera? Wow I am sure it will break the internet!” you laughed, taking another small sip of your coffee.

“I’m- what?” his eyebrows shot up as he stared at you in disbelief and you frowned at him until it downed on you.

“No- Tom, no!” you all-but-shrieked “For the love of, Hiddleston! I’m really starting to think I don’t know you here. I didn’t mean literally!” you shook your head, huffing.

He just mumbled an “Oh” and laughed nervously, taking a sip of his own drink and placed it back next to his own script.

“But-” the smile returned on his lips “Now that you mention it, can you imagine the posts?” he asked and a giggle left your lips.

“The fans’ or yours?” you raised an eyebrow at your friend and he erupted in laughter.

“Why are you saying that? I haven’t started teasing them that much… yet.” he shrugged “But now that we got the script… a little sneak peek wouldn’t be bad, right?”

“You little-” you stopped yourself, laughing “You know, now I really understand why the picked you for Loki.”

“Oh come on! Hey do you have your phone?” he asked and you nodded your head “Remember that photo you had accidentally sent me of you in your bed?” and oh boy how could you ever forget that “How about you post it with something about practicing huh?” he smirked as he already leaned over your seat to try and take hold of your bag that had your phone.

“What?!” your eyes widened “Tom, no! I may be decent enough in it but it certainly not meant for the internet with the caption you have in mind! Tom!” you screamed, a giggle leaving as he tried to get it from your bag. You grabbed it and held it to yourself but he man was not having any of it.

“Come on, love. They’re going to love it, especially my comments on it.” he grinned the smile that made you weak on the knees.

“Tom, I said no! Nothing will make me give you that photo.” you shook your head furiously.

“Nothing?” he breathed out, getting more serious and only then did you realize his face was inches away rom yours “Are you sure about that love?” he whispered and you really caught yourself wondering about the answer you were going to give him. Could you say it? And even more: What was he really going to do about it?

“A kiss probably?”

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Fenris and Anders being more similar than either of them realize, except for their political stances. But you know what, the more I think about their characterization the more I find myself realizing and appreciating their differences–particularly, in the one thing that’s supposedly their main similarity: being runaways and rebelling against oppression.

Anders is practically a born rebel. He was a rebel long before Justice, long before he was even an adult. More than a decade before the story of da2 starts he was just a frightened 12 year old who was dragged to the Circle in chains, and he responded to this by swimming across a lake and evading Templars for months. And he showed the devil’s persistence as he got older, escaping over and over even in the face of repeated failure. Not even being thrown into solitary for a year stopped him from escaping again once he got the chance. Not only does Anders seem uniquely suited to rebellion, he seems uncrushable, and practically incapable of sitting down and shutting up in the long term, even if it was save him a lot of anguish.

Fenris… is about the opposite. While we don’t know much about his early life, I highly doubt Danarius would have selected a rebellious slave to be his bodyguard (since, you know, a rebellious slave in this position might kill him). Leto almost definitely yearned for freedom for himself, but he was (according to World of Thedas) quiet and unassuming for the most part. He gained freedom for his family via the least rebellious route imaginable, on Danarius’s own terms. And the memory loss only enhanced that. For years, he thought of nothing but following orders. When he escape, it wasn’t even intentional on his part, and he was ready to go back to slaughtering on Danarius’s command in a heartbeat after months of freedom. Freedom was practically forced upon him. 

And I think this causes a bit of a disconnect in audience perception. He’s so angry when Hawke meets him, so certain of himself and his principles, so firm in his independence… or is he?

If you romance Anders, he says “You’re the best thing in my life, but there are things more important than my life.” And he means it. Anders, for all his emotional dependency on Hawke, has goals outside of Hawke and will make decisions (aka chantryboom and being a part the whole mage underground) in spite of them, even in a romance.

If you romance Fenris, he says, “Nothing could be worse than living without you.” On the friendship path before the final battle, he will say you are the only friend he has ever had. These lines sound… worrying to my ears. They don’t sound like the lines of an independent person with goals outside of Hawke. 

In fact, Fenris’s independence and resistance–after more than six years of freedom–crumbles in an instant if you tell him you won’t help him fight Danarius. He could fight, he could decide he’d rather die than be a slave again. Instead, he just bows his head and follows. 

But this is not to rag on Fenris, or call him weak. He’s had to go through a whole journey to achieve the ability to be angry, and to fight back. It’s a pretty damn good plot, and it means he has a different kind of strength to grow your own wings like that instead of starting out with them. But my point is the contrast.

Anders lives and breathes freedom and independence; Fenris barely made it to this point. Anders rebels; Fenris survives. They both have a whole set of differences in character that run deeper than their political beliefs, and honestly this post just is talking about ONE of those differences.

What Hurts The Most Pt. 2

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 2592

Warnings: NSFW! 18+. Graphic smut, oral (male and female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up!), swearing, some angst and some fluff.

A/N: Thank you for the great feedback and love I have received! I appreciate it more than you know! This is an emotional roller coaster my friends… 

Read the first part here to get caught up!

One month later…

You were drunk.

Looking down at the whiskey in your glass, you tried to remember what number you were on. Raising the glass to your lips, you downed what was left with ease and motioned to the bartender for another. He smiled at you as he refilled the tumbler with the amber colored liquid. Taking your drink between your hands, you turned on the barstool to look at the party going on behind you. Tony’s parties were always this way. Lavish, cheerful, and full of people with money in their pockets. There was good music and people dancing. The merriment of the evening was in celebration of some new software Tony had created. Again.

You really should have been in a better mood than what you were. You had put on your favorite dress, took time on your hair, and put on make-up. You chose the heels that made your legs look a mile long and your ass look fantastic. But here you were, sitting at the bar, scowling at the happy people around you.

There he was. You knew Steve would make him come. It really wasn’t his scene either, but if Steve asked you to do something, you normally did it. Bucky was sitting on a couch on the other side of the room, sitting next to Wanda. Was her hand on his arm? Did he just laugh at something she said? You raised your glass again, letting the whiskey burn a path to your stomach. You swiveled your bar stool back around before you threw up.

“Ya know, Jack is everyone’s friend in the beginning, but has been known to make enemies quick,” Sam said pointing at your drink before sitting down on the stool beside you. You glanced at him as he ordered two waters and leaned his elbows on the bar. He looked over at you, “How many of those have you had?” You shrugged as an answer, taking another sip.

“I believe that is her fifth,” Vision stated while settling himself on your other side. Shooting a glare at Vis, you looked back over to see Sam frown at you. You rolled your eyes and hopped off your stool. You finished your drink and slammed the glass onto the bar.

“Goodnight gentlemen,” you said over your shoulder as you walked away.

You punched the button for the elevator and chanced a glance in Bucky’s direction again. Steve had joined their conversation, all of them with smiles on their faces. You turned back to the elevator. You blamed the feeling in your stomach on the alcohol. The tears in your eyes, you blamed on yourself.

You were woken up by the bed dipping next to you. You rolled over and slowly opened your eyes. Bucky was sitting on the other side of the bed. You couldn’t have been more shocked and he must have seen it on your face, because he was frowning at you.

“H-how did you get in here?” you croaked out. You sat up and pulled the blanket around you.

“You never changed your keycode on the door.” He said while fidgeting with the corner of the blanket.

“Ok, why are you here?” It came out harsher than what you had intended but you weren’t a morning person.

He didn’t answer right away. He turned his head and looked around your room. You knew what he saw. Your clothes were in laundry baskets and you had books and papers strewn around various surfaces. He bent down and picked up a drawing that was at his feet. He studied it a second before turning back to you and pointing at the paper, “Is this a memory or in the future?” You looked away from his face and looked at the drawing. It was a sketch of Bucky looking out a window, his hair falling over his brow and he had a small smile on his face. It was in the future. In your sketchbook, the drawing was continued on the next page and it’s of you outside playing with yours and Bucky’s young son. Apparently, your visions can be wrong.

It hurt.

“I don’t know, I just saw it and had to draw it.” You said before getting up and going in the bathroom. You closed the door and turned to the sink. Running the cold water, you grabbed a handful and splashed your face. You turned the water off and leaned against the sink. You let your tears mix with the water dripping off your face. You gripped the edges of the counter as racking sobs took hold of your body. Hanging your head, you cried. You cried so hard that you didn’t hear the bathroom door open or Bucky’s boots scrape across the floor to take you in his arms. When you connected with his solid chest, you cried even harder. His strong arms hugged you tight and he was murmuring soft words into your hair. You gripped his t-shirt in your hands and held on. You let out all the heartache, the anguish.

Finally calming down, you pushed away from him to look up at his face, “Why are you here?”

He wiped the tears off your face with his thumbs, “I’m worried about you.” He tucked your hair behind your ears. “Steve said that you are skipping gym sessions and Wanda mentioned that you haven’t been meeting with her to strengthen your abilities. I saw the video of the mission you went on with Sam. That could have ended up a lot worse than it did. And the drinking…”

You cut him off by pushing yourself farther away from him. You pulled yourself together and faced him fully. “You don’t get to have a say what goes on in my life anymore Bucky.”

He crossed his arms over his chest and stared down at you, “I have only ever wanted you to be the best that you can be.” He said, getting angry. “But you see it as me wanting to keep you under my thumb. Or what is it that you said? That I will never see you as part of the team? Well, when you get your head out of your ass and start being a part of the fucking team, I will see you that way. Quit thinking that you can do it all on your own and rely on other people.”

“I’ve only ever had myself to lean on, you fucking know that,” you said shoving him away from the door so you could get away from him.

He followed you back into your room. The way he said, “You had me,” stopped you in your tracks. You turned around to look at him. He looked sad as he dropped his arms to his sides in defeat. “You have me. You will always have me. I love you.”

Your feet moved before your brain registered what you were doing. You practically launched yourself at him, fusing your lips to his. You placed both hands on each side of his face as his arms went around your back. The kiss was slow, letting the hunger build. His tongue tangled with yours before his teeth sank into your bottom lip. A soft moan left your lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. He took his time, savoring the feel of your lips against his. Bucky’s metal hand started lifting your shirt to strip it off, leaving you only in your panties. He crashed his lips on yours again while his hands smoothed over your naked back.

You moved your arms down to strip him of his shirt. Leaning forward, you placed soft kisses across his collar bones. You traced the muscles on his stomach with your fingers and dipped them in his sweatpants at his hips bones. Lowering to your knees in front of him, you tugged his pants down his legs and looked up at his face. He was staring down at you, bottom lip between his teeth. You brought your hands up and wrapped them around his thick cock and gave a slow pump. He closed his eyes and placed his flesh hand behind your head, tangling his fingers in your hair. You swiped your thumb over the sensitive head, smearing the pre-cum that had formed. You leaned up and took him in your mouth, swirling your tongue along the tender underside. His soft groan turned into a moan when he hit the back of your throat. His hand tightened in your hair as you set a torturous pace. His metal hand clenched into a fist at his side when he opened his eyes to watch your lips around his cock. Wetness pooled between your thighs at the intense look on his face.

“Fuck,” he grunted when you gave him a hard suck. He started to move his hips, thrusting himself into your mouth. You loved when he did this, lost in the pleasure you were giving him. All too soon, he pulled your hair and popped your mouth off his cock. “Get on the bed, doll face,” he said, wiping your bottom lip with his thumb.

You crawled your way onto the bed and sprawled out on your back. Bucky placed his knee on the bed and bent to tug your panties down your legs. Tossing them aside, he lifted your leg and placed a soft kiss on your ankle. He trailed open mouthed kisses along your calf, the side of your knee. Spreading your thighs, he licked a path to your pussy. He stopped, hovering over where you wanted his lips the most. You whimpered when he blew warm air across your clit.

“Tell me what you want,” he said, a smirk appearing on his lips.

You knew that Bucky loved this game. He loved hearing you tell him how good he was making you feel or how you wanted him to do something. You tunneled your fingers through his hair, scraping your nails across his scalp, “Fuck me with your tongue baby,” you said breathlessly.

With a growl, Bucky licked straight into your cunt. His tongue entered you repeatedly, sending lightning bolts throughout your body. You cried out when his fingers started to rub circles on your clit, matching his tongues rhythm. You gripped his hair harder, grinding your hips against his face. His metal hand grasped your thigh to hold you in place. His tongue and fingers switched places, burying his fingers deep as his tongue gave your clit quick flicks. He easily found your sweet spot, relentlessly stroking across it with each thrust of his fingers. You moaned long and loud when he sucked your clit between his lips. Your legs began to shake and you tried to close your legs around his head because the pleasure was too much, too sharp. But his metal hand held you still.

“Bucky… p-please baby.” You cried, arching your back. “Please let me cum.”

He looked up at you as his metal hand left your thigh to run his fingers across your nipples. When he rolled one between his fingers, your orgasm hit you hard. You slammed your eyes shut, screaming out your release, legs quaking around Bucky’s shoulders. He removed his fingers but gave your clit soft licks, bringing you down from your high.

You opened your eyes when you felt him climb over you. He lowered himself to his elbows, his face inches above yours, your bodies were skin to skin. You wrapped your legs around his hips, as he kissed you softly. Bucky readjusted his hips to align himself with your entrance, pushing in slowly. Your quick intake of breath made him pull back to look at you.

“Are you ok?” he asked, while stopping his movement.

You smiled up at him and tightened your legs around his hips, pushing his cock fully inside you. Cradling his face in your hands, you brought his lips down to meet yours again. You both sighed into the kiss when he pulled out and pushed back in. He ground his pelvis against yours, the hair at the base of his cock rough against your clit.

“I’m perfect, don’t you dare stop,” you said against his lips.

Bucky groaned, burying his face in your neck as he quickened his pace. You wrapped your arms around his head and whispered naughty things in his ear. His teeth nipped at the tender spot below your ear, causing your walls to clench around him. He moaned low, his thrusts turning more rough, deeper. He reached his metal arm down to wrap around your lower back, angling your hips into his thrusts.

“Doll, please tell me you are with me, because I’m not going to last much longer.” he said, adjusting his knees for better leverage. “You feel so damn good.”

“I’m with you baby… let me feel you cum.” You moaned.

He raised up to watch your face. The smile that was on his lips was your undoing, you gripped his shoulders are you came with a startled cry. Bucky closed his eyes and groaned when your walls contracted around him. He buried himself as deep as he could get and came with a shout, his hot spurts of cum spilling inside you. You smoothed your hands down his sides as you both settled.

Bucky leaned down to give you a quick kiss before rolling over, bringing you with him. You leaned on an elbow and looked down at his content face. Reaching up, you brushed away the hair that had stuck to his face. “I love you too Bucky,” you said softly.

He turned his head to look at you, “I know we always agreed that you would never use your abilities on me, but I want you to right now. I want you to see how I feel instead of me telling you.”

Nodding slowly, you placed your hands on each side of his neck and closed your eyes. Pushing yourself into his mind, you became overwhelmed with emotion.

You… you were what was all over his mind. Past, present and future. You saw the hurt from missing you, you saw the good times and the bad. You saw the future he wanted with you. His first memory of you was the day they rescued you from HYDRA. He was the one that unstrapped you from the table and carried you out of the facility. You saw the moment that he knew he loved you. It was a rainy day spent in, he walked into your shared room and seen you dancing in your underwear, using a hair brush to sing the song. That memory faded into what he wanted his future to be. You were outside playing with a little boy who had your hair color and his daddy’s eyes, while he watched out of the window.

You let go of his neck, returning to yourself. Bucky reached up and wiped the tears away that you didn’t realize had started to fall. You quickly got out of the bed and grabbed the drawing that Bucky had seen earlier and searched for your sketchpad. After retrieving it, you sat back down on the bed next to him and opened it, finding the other half of the drawing. You put them together and turned the book to show him.

He chuckled and traced the page with his finger, getting a little teary eyed himself, “You’ve seen it.”

You dived into his arms, nuzzling your face into his neck. Never letting go.

It didn’t hurt anymore.

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so, Lobdell did it again. i’m furious.

in today’s Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 we got this scene

did no one tell Mr Lobdell that rebirth isn’t a reboot but a continuation of new52 and DCYou? did he forget what he wrote in his own series???





make up with 


and Roy

wasn’t his best friend

not at all, he never even considered him that, uh-uh


I’m so angry guys, why does Jason have to have like two people he cares about at a time? what the hell? why all the progress he made with becoming part of the batfam again is being erased? why must Jason be deprived of normal long-lasting human relationships in his own series???

ugh pls give Jason new writer who will appreciate him and will manage to write a good story about Red Hood that keeps up the quality for longer than one volume

premise: a character who suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks after having seen the stuff of nightmares that no one in his life can imagine… and to make things worse, a witch plays with his exact fears and exaggerates them. His anxiety and fear grow, and instead of his friends helping him they continue to blame him, yell at him for not being accountable and spit angry words. The character tries to improve nonetheless, tries to take accountability for his mistakes and continues to try to be his best self (despite hating himself)… now his friends are actually opposing him, blaming him, keeping secrets from him. Note, all this while, his anxiety and panic attacks have not been addressed, and have only been getting worse and worse with the growing fear and lack of support. 

playing quidditch with draco would include...

pairing: draco x gryffindor reader

  • him being so cautious of even slightly bumping into you, let alone knocking you off your broomstick during a game
  • him getting mad at his own team players for being rough with you even though you assure him it’s fine and you can handle yourself
  • “it’s just part of the game, babe. don’t get angry.”
  • “i know, but-”
  • “draco, it’s fine. look, i’m ok.”
  • “alright, but just… be careful.”
  • “i always am.”
  • everyone knowing how tough you are but draco still insists you need to look after yourself more when you play
  • “i know you’re the best player, y/n, everyone does… but you’re still mine, and i still need to protect you.”
  • you kissing him on the cheek to calm him down after someone makes either him or you lose
  • him surprising you by buying you the broomstick you’ve always wanted
  • “well you’ve been going on about this model for ages, so i thought i’d get it for you.”
  • “draco, you really didn’t have to. this is perfect, babe. thank you so much.”
  • “anything for you… you deserve it.”
  • him marvelling at how skilled of a player you are
  • when you play against slytherin, he still cheers you on even though you’re in a different house
  • him picking you up after you fall off of your broom
  • … and giving daggers to whoever made you fall, whether they’re on his team or not
  • him getting distracted during really important practices/games because he can’t stop looking at you
  • when he’s watching you on in the crowd he gets everyone to chant your name
  • being so proud of you whether you win or lose
  • “you did so great, babe. honestly, you amaze me every time you get on the pitch.”
  • sneaking off to the quidditch pitch in the middle of the night to have a one-on-one game
  • … but ending up just chasing each other around on your brooms
  • him losing the game for slytherin after he goes to help you back onto your broomstick instead of catching the snitch
  • “dray, what are you doing? you could of won!”
  • “you were falling, winning’s the least i care about right now. are you alright?”
  • “as much as i find your consideration super sweet, you really shouldn’t of done that. i’m ok, draco, really.”
  • “good… i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • you sometimes getting mad at him for thinking you can’t take care of yourself in a match
  • secretly loving how protective he gets of you during a match
  • meeting before each game you play against each other so that he can tell you how wonderful of a player you are and you can tell him the same
  • him always coming to watch you practice
  • … mainly because he wants to make sure everyone knows your his and that no one flirts with you during practice
  • you becoming really good friends with ron and oliver during gryffindor practice and draco being jealous
  • “you’re suppose to be practicing quidditch, not pick up lines, weasley.”
  • “draco, babe, stop. we’re just talking.”
  • “remember to keep your distance, wood. not only are you on the same team but that’s my girl you’re-”
  • “dray! stop it.”
  • you never really being able to talk to a male team mate without him making himself known
  • “there’s my girl. just thought i’d come by to wish you luck.”
  • “babe, i just saw you. 15 minuets ago.”
  • “… even more luck then.”
  • him letting you catch the snitch even though he knew that meant his team losing
  • him being secretly terrified of you during a game where you’d play each others teams
  • you secretly being jealous of the attention he’d get from slytherin girls
  • “everything alright, babe?”
  • “fine, draco… fine.”
  • “what?”
  • “nothing… i see you’ve got a few fans over there.”
  • “and you’re jealous, are you?”
  • “pssh, please.”
  • … then you making him kiss you in front of them
  • “i’m your number 1 fan, draco, just remember that.”
  • going to the three broomsticks together after each practice
  • … and him insisting on paying every time
  •  him and ron holding you on their shoulders after you catch the winning snitch
  • all of the girls being jealous of how supportive he is of you
  • snape having to keep an eye on him during big games so that he doesn’t use magic against someone who might hurt you
  • him thinking you’re really badass when he watches you practice
  • him thinking it’s cute when you get pissed at someone from the opposite team
  • “y/n, you know you’re the best player in gryffindor, don’t waste your time thinking about one small match… besides, you’re adorable when you’re angry.”
  • “shut up.”
  • both being so incredibly proud of each other when you get the positions you wanted after try-outs
  • more people turning out to the matches you and draco were playing against each other because they wanted to be there if something happened
  • when you ref for slytherin you let him off or pretend you don’t notice when he should obviously get a penalty, and him doing the same for you
  • when he refs for gryffindor he sends anyone off who even slightly hurts you
  • being in the daily prophet together after having an article written about the two of you being the ‘quidditch power couple’
  • … and in the photo you’re both stood by each other, wearing your quidditch uniforms, holding your brooms, draco’s arm is wrapped around you, and he’s giving you a kiss on the cheek
  • you and him both keeping a cut out of the article without the other one knowing
  • him being really mad at blaise for cheering on a slytherin that pushes you out of the way of the snitch
  • if he loses a game you always know how to cheer him up ;)
  • … and if you lose, he really knows how to cheer you up
  • when he can’t be at one of your matches he worries so much about whether you’re ok
  • you kissing him good luck before every one of his matches
  • his team mates making fun of him being so gentle with you during practice
  • both of you being known as the best players in your house
  • blaise and the rest of his team mates being mad at you for sometimes making him late to practice because you wanted to spend time with him
  • draco telling them to stop being so grumpy
  • you feeling really disheartened for him when slytherin loses because you know he tried his best
  • always walking to practice together
  • him being mad at the ref if you get sent off
  • draco always talking about how good of a player you are to blaise after every match or practice
  • “…i mean, i know i’m bias, being her boyfriend and all, but isn’t she just the greatest player hogwarts has ever had? … and the cutest…”
  • him getting really angry and argumentative with any teacher that gives him detention when he’s suppose to watch you practice
  • you doing the same
  • him thinking you look really cute in your quidditch uniform
  • … and you sometimes wearing his because you know how much he likes it
  • borrowing each others brooms sometimes
  • everyone being extra scared to mess with you during practice or a game because they know not only are they messing with you but there also messing with draco
  • oliver wood offering to give you extra training only because he wants to maintain your skill but draco getting jealous and protective
  • when you do train with oliver, draco always gets really paranoid that he’s only doing it because he thinks he likes you
  • … and draco coming to ‘pick you up’ after practice with oliver because he wants to make sure he doesn’t flirt with you or that oliver’s not trying anything
  • “draco, even if he did like me, which he doesn’t, you know nothing would ever happen between us. i’m only interested in quidditch. and you.”
  • going on dates to watch ravenclaw play hufflepuff
  • him thinking it’s really cute when you cheer on your ravenclaw/hufflepuff friends, or get mad and shout at the ref
  • critiquing matches together
  • teasing him by saying the ravenclaw captain is better than him
  • “you know i’m only teasing, dray… but seriously, you might want to think about upping your game.”
  • “and you might want to think about wiping that smirk off of your face.”
  • him being able the get the best seats for you to national and international matches because of his father
  • knowing each others favourite players
  • … but he always says you’re his favourite player
  • “yeah, krum’s good, but he’s nowhere near as good as you, y/n.”
  • “if that were only true…”
  • “it is to me.”
  • you kissing him in front of everyone after he wins for slytherin
  • “congratulations, draco.”
  • “thank you, sweetheart.”
  • the crowd of people around him all ‘woo’-ing and wolf-whistling you both after you kiss him
  • you always asking him if you could see the snitch he caught
  • him giving you the snitch as a gift because he knew how much you liked it
  • jokingly asking him to sign your broom after he wins the match
  • … and he actually does it
  • … but you secretly quite like it and look at it all the time
  • quidditch basically just having a big role in your relationship & lives
  • … and him knowing it’s your dream to become a professional quidditch player and play for england
  • “i just know it’s going to happen, y/n. you’re the best player i’ve ever seen.”

lol this is super long and wasn’t requested but i was bored and thought this was a really cute idea. i want to do more of these types of imagines so expect some of these in the future.
also, i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted. it’s because i’ve been working on part 3 of distant and it’s taking forever to get right, but will hopefully be out later this month. thank you guys for reading my stuff, i really appreciate it :)

laschatzi  asked:

As we were flailing over Colin's ability to express so much just with his face, I'm thinking of another scene for you to analyze: Show us the exact moment (you can see it in his eyes!!) when the guy tied to that tree turns from being a poor scared blacksmith to that completely different person, the angry, dangerous pirate Captain Hook.

YESSS!!! Let’s go way back!!

To where it all began!!

Look at him. 

Pulling out the soulful tortured puppy eyes. 

Putting on the humble charm.

He’s really selling this whole “weak and frightened blacksmith” routine.

And they’re eating it up. Completely falling for it.

Lowering their defences and oozing sympathy for this “poor defenceless guy” while mourning the loss of those lost in the tragic tale he’s spinning.

All except one lady.

Emma smells a bullshitter.

She pulls the nice cop on him.

“Listen up… you’re good but not that good. I’m not buying it… so if you give me the truth now, things might go a little smoother. Cos honestly? I know you’re lying through your teeth.”

And he tries, bless him. 

He’s probably gotten so used to the opposite sex falling for his tactics that he’s stopped trying so hard - that or he’s just become so confident they’ll all fall for it.

Ha! Killian, you done fucked up, matey.

She’s giving him a sympathetic smile but her eyes are screaming “gotcha”.

You’re not fooling Emma Swan, Killian.

And he’s thinking he’s safe. Crisis averted. 

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The Outsiders Headcanons: Dallas getting home from a rumble.

-Most times it’s in the middle of the night so he tries to sneak inside without waking you, knowing that you’d be angry with him for getting in a fight.

-However, he still wakes you cause the boy can’t be quiet/gentle if his life depended on it.

-You’d scold him and tell him that he’s gonna get himself killed if he keeps it up.

-“One of these days you’re gonna get your head kicked in, Dal.”

-“Will you stop worrying about me? It ain’t a big deal.”

-Trying to keep him still while you attempt to clean him up a bit.

-“Will you stop that? I don’t need you to take care of me.”

-He secretly wants you to take care of him so when you finally stop due to his whining he throws subtle hints for you to help him again, this time no whining.

-Kissing his busted lip on purpose because you’re fed up with his poor decisions but making it seem like an honest mistake when he gets whiny with you yet again.

-Him going on and on as to how he kicked the socs asses and how all the injuries were worth it.

-Eye-rolling becoming your new talent.

-Dallas getting annoyed each time you do it.

-“If you roll your eyes at me one more time they’re gonna roll into the back of your head.”

-Trying your best to convince him not to fight anymore, but that obviously isn’t successful.

-Him being so proud of winning that he rein acts parts of the rumble, attempting to show off for you.

-Him wanting you to attend the next fight, once again as an attempt to show off, but you refuse.

-You calling him stupid and stubborn for never listening to you.

-Him finding you being angry at him and caring for him amusing, causing a smug smirk to be permanently on his lips as you attempt to knock some sense into him.

-Eventually you give in and let him ramble on about the fight, realizing that it gave him a sense of pride and excitement, in an almost gruesome way. Nonetheless, you did enjoy seeing him be so passionate about something because that didn’t happen often with Dallas.

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Penny Sleep Cuddling Headcannons PART 1

God I was being an idiot writing this on tumblr mobile when halfway through the app crashed like

I couldn’t write for a while because I was so angry

But I eventually got back to it though and I like the results! Enjoy!


- Penny likes to be close to you and cuddle, but it’s at night when he visits your place when it’s the best

- His chest is pressed to your back tightly as he’s either spooning you or having you lay on top of him

- His arms are wrapped around your frame, and his legs are intertwined with yours

- There’s just,, no space between you both at all

- His buries his face into the back of your neck/head to breath in your scent with each inhale, and he l o v e s it.

- The boi purrs like a damn motorboat, but the sound dwindles down to the softest of rumbles in his chest as he dozes off

- Penny can actually smell/feel other feelings as well; not just fear, so when he senses that aching love that’s radiating off of you when cuddling, he has to be close to you RIGHT NOW. He’s just amazed at how a small human such as yourself can control him with these incredibly strong, powerful feelings.

- Did I mention there’s no space between you too at all? Sorry I need to say it again like

- He’s just so protectively close and he’s purring so loudly and nuzzling you and he loves you

- He’s just a giant clingy cat tbh

- He’ll breath heavily though his nose as a way to process all these affectionate feelings running through him. The warm air would hit your skin and you’d giggle at how it tickles you which only encourages him more

- Kissing your head every minute or so then getting back to pressing his face to you

- Sometimes the feeling would fill him up so much to where he couldn’t be able to express it with silence. He might begin to whimper and whine, literally curling his body around you in an attempt to cover every inch of you with him. He just wants to be close to you and protect his precious little human mate. He just loves you so much

- It would make your heart melt and that would only create even more of that aching love feeling which he can sense

- It’s hard to fall asleep when he can’t find a good position for him to rest. He’s constantly pulling your legs closer to his or readjusting his hands to rub your belly or side softly in a comforting way. His face can’t stop shifted around to nuzzle every spot on your head and neck, but his soft kisses make up for it

- Balls your shirt in his hands in a pulsing motion like children do

- Or he might slip his hands underneath to softly caress the warm skin there, stretching his hand out as far as it can go to touch as much of your belly/back as he can.

- Might even start rocking you back and forth slightly and damn that’s relaxing

Oath | Character Profile

A/N: This is something that I should’ve written a long time ago, but somehow always left aside. I hope it will help to get a better understanding of the story and the motives behind the characters’ decisions. If you have any questions regarding any of the characters, please ask me. I left the reader character out because I think you got a clearer picture of her. I will add more things later if I omitted any. 

Black Tiger

Originally posted by lordhuarrache

  • Original character        
  • Jungkook’s father        
  • Leader of the most influential gang in the city
  • Used to work alongside Yoongi’s father, but betrayed him and started his own group. He ended up killing Yoongi’s whole family, main reason why Yoongi is so keen on bringing him down.
  • Selfish, greedy, doesn’t care who needs to die to get what he wants; treasures bloodline, but not more than he treasures his own kingdom; knows no mercy, will kill you if you take a wrong step;     
  • At one point looked at Yoongi like he would at his own son      
  • Was always against Jungkook going to college and living a normal life; saw in him a future leader and pushed the idea into the child’s brain;
  • Was highly disappointed and disgusted when Jungkook said he wanted to leave his group
  • Considers human relationships and feelings a great weakness·        knows no kindness, shows no love   
  • Is feared by most of his men, partly why nobody ever leaves·        
  • Usually prefers to order people to do his dirty work·        
  • Has a superiority issue        
  • Was once very skilled in gun shooting and fighting, but with age they faded        
  • Wants to get rid of Yoongi, but has a trace of respect for him       
  • Kept Namjoon by his side and trained him to become his heir, just in case Jungkook bailed (which he did)        
  • Is now proud to see his son came back to his senses, and know his greatest weakness       
  • His way of treating people could bring his downfall

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • raised by the most powerful family at the time
  • always looked up to his father
  • had a younger sister he treasured a lot
  • lost all of his loved ones in a single night at the hands of Black Tiger
  • his father committed suicide to keep them safe
  • he only survived because he was out of the house with some friends, came back to nothing but ashes
  • always had a feeling Black Tiger was not to be trusted, especially after he left his father’s group
  • believed his father’s kindness was his greatest weakness
  • swore not to make the same mistake
  • hates betrayers more than anything
  • is a good strategist and magnificent leader
  • is respected by his men, and he never lets them down
  • is skilled with guns and computers
  • is great at making connections and deals (family trait)
  • would go to great lengths to avenge his men
  • was raised and trained by his father’s most loyal man
  • his training partner had been Hoseok ever since they were kids
  • came to trust Hoseok the most out of his group
  • doesn’t like to share much information about his life
  • can be ruthless, but never to the same extent as Black Tiger
  • has moments in which he sees his little sister in Y/N
  • has gained power on his own, but his father’s name always followed
  • always puts his group’s safety and well being before everything else
  • didn’t feel nor believe in love ever since his family was murdered
  • hardly ever smiled
  • is always aware of his whereabouts and has a plan B for everything
  • doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses
  • his father would be proud of him

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • was the kid of Mr. Min’s most trusted man
  • grew alongside Yoongi and trained together
  • was always meant to be part of the group, even before that tragic night
  • dreamed of being the best shooter and eventually became one
  • is skilled with pistols and shotguns
  • knows how to make all sorts of drugs
  • is the group’s most trusted doctor
  • can use his skills for torture as well
  • knows how to get answers out of people
  • finds pleasure in inducing pain
  • shows no mercy as a trainer (and not only)
  • can be very cold and aggressive
  • is Yoongi’s confidant
  • the only one whose opinion and ideas Yoongi listens to
  • didn’t quite trust you at first but came to admire your dedication
  • is the only member in the group without much drama in his past

Park Jimin

Originally posted by sugaglos

  • was an orphan turned delinquent before Yoongi took him into the group
  • was always fascinated by gangs and guns
  • never met his parents and had no intention
  • is a womanizer and proud of it
  • very skilled sniper
  • loves the power that comes with the shot
  • he was added to the group before Taehyung, but they always trained together
  • owns a nightclub that he usually visits when he’s bored
  • loves gambling, but never when he’s on the losing side
  • runs some gun and drug smuggling businesses
  • never went against Yoongi’s words
  • would probably kill you if you messed with his people
  • is usually the one to stop Taehyung from doing stupid stuff
  • he watches your every move with doubt ever since Taehyung fell for you, afraid you would stab them in the back once you regained your memories
  • he can be your best friend and worst enemy in the same day
  • is more on the chill side, but with deep darkness in his heart

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by missbaptan

  •  was abandoned by his mom on the side of the road when he was 6
  • lived in the lowest conditions for most of his childhood
  • became involved in gangs as a teen, but always got in trouble and was kicked out of them
  • ended up being added to the group two years after Jimin, after he stumbled across Hoseok (he needed money at the time and planned on attacking the first person that came his way, not knowing who he was up against)
  • was close to death so many times he became immune to the fear that came with it
  • the only thing he actually fears and detests is abandonment
  • has major trust issues
  • became really attached to Jungkook while they worked together, but his betrayal turned them into enemies
  • he put locks to his emotions every time he got hurt
  • at first he only wanted you as a form of revenge, but then he actually fell for you
  • was denying falling in love with you because he was too afraid of the feeling
  • turned from sweet angel to possessive demon after your memories of Jungkook came back
  • would go to great lengths to keep you by his side
  • his love is genuine, but his demons change it into something else
  • never wants to hurt you, but always ends up doing so
  • doesn’t like making promises because he knows he can’t keep them;  and also considers them like chains around his ankles
  • loves freedom and venturing into the night
  • his rage outbursts are no joke
  • would not want him as your enemy
  • loves torturing and playing with his victims
  • feels no remorse
  • is skilled in several martial arts and very good with guns
  • owns a hotel where he wears the mask of a respected CEO
  • mood swings are not foreign
  • has a strong aura and his mysterious, always changing attitude fuels his power of attraction
  • would never back away from a fight
  • is blinded by his feelings for you at times
  • is the one Yoongi’s most worried about
  • would most likely not listen to any advice or opinion that comes against his way of thinking
  • his smile could go from sweet to creepy in one second
  • 80% of the time your worst nightmare
  • sweet, sweet poison

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by sugageek

  • came from a poor family, but after gaining the attention of Black Tiger for his remarkable intellect, he became a member of the group
  • was always on the second position of a possible leader -after Jungkook- and hated that
  • trained twice as hard to gain recognition, but somehow Jungkook always ended up getting the praise
  • swore to do anything it takes to get the leader’s position
  • was offered a smaller leading position under Black Tiger; had to manage a smaller group within the gang
  • ruthless just like his role model
  • doesn’t care who dies to get what he wants
  • is close only to Jin, his friend since the moment he stepped into the group
  • hates anyone that brings dirt to his image
  • loves power more than anything
  • has good strategies, but he 9/10 times falls behind Yoongi
  • when angry, he makes the sloppiest plans
  • only hates Yoongi because of the competition, but inside he’d want Jungkook dead more than him due to personal traumas
  • wants Black Tiger to notice him and lowkey hates him for not doing so
  • would use you against Jungkook any given time
  • master of covering his tracks (think back to how he planned to kill Jungkook without anyone knowing, then played the hero)
  • would most likely have the same fate as Black Tiger
  • his greatest weakness is himself
  • owns a few buildings, one of them being a hotel

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by yoongichii

  • one of the best med student in his school
  • son of a renowned doctor, good friend of Black Tiger’s
  • was somehow forced into the group by his father
  • the doctor of the group
  • Namjoon’s sole confidant and friend
  • is still afraid of Namjoon (especially when he’s angry)
  • actually has a heart
  • will never take part in torturing the victims, but would provide the necessary things
  • knows his drugs
  • heard of Hoseok and admired his work
  • has no desire for power whatsoever
  • always ends up cleaning after Namjoon
  • never wanted any of this, but it doesn’t bother him either
  • would fight for that is right (from his point of his view)

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by 7bboys

  • son of Black Tiger and inheritor of the group
  • always hated the mafia but never had a way out
  • feared his father for most of his life
  • born shooter, excellent fighter
  • fast learner
  • different from his father in all aspects
  • never had the love of a mother (she died shortly after giving birth to him)
  • always wanted to lead a normal life, go to school, make friends, go to college, get a job, die of old age
  • isn’t afraid of running in front of a bullet
  • has a strong body (considering all the beatings he took)
  • his gentleness contrasts his rough upbringing
  • found the love of his life when death was just around the corner
  • found the courage to go against his father (and almost died, again)
  • is ready to give up everything for you any given moment
  • finds shelter only in your arms
  • never knew the meaning of ‘home’ until he met you
  • you smile gave him life
  • has no problems in doing house chores, even though he handled guns more than vacuum cleaners  
  • hates Taehyung for hurting you, but is also grateful for all he did for you
  • wouldn’t be able to kill any of Yoongi’s men even if he often says it
  • felt more comfortable working for Yoongi
  • found friendship and family within that group
  • always blamed himself for “the incident”, for betraying them
  • had to lie to you to keep you away from danger
  • is good at negotiating and knows when and how to make a deal
  • would never let you down
  • his heart is capable of the purest love
  • thinks of Yoongi as his role model
  • most of Black Tiger’s men respect him and would rather have him as their leader
  • is haunted by the thought of you being part of the mafia world now
  • his only weakness is you
  • doesn’t have any buildings under his name, but would inherit everything from his father

The Reader aka Y/N

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  • was raised only by her mother
  • never knew her father, nor the reason why he left them
  • hardworking, helped her mother a lot as a kid
  • never had lots of friends
  • studying came first
  • lost her mother -to a disease- while she was in high school
  • had to move to a smaller apartment which she could afford with the little money she made 
  • had a boyfriend that left her with deep scars; never quite had any interest in dating after that
  • introvert 90% of the time
  • kind, always there to help, fast learner
  • very sensitive, but tough whenever the situation asks for it
  • on the defensive side rather that the offensive one
  • very down to earth
  • chill, but will punch you in the face if you cross the line
  • jeans over dresses
  • no strong makeup
  • clubs aren’t her thing
  • found it hard to trust Jungkook at first, but then poured all her love over him
  • always knew Jungkook was keeping something from her, but decided it was best to let him decide when the time is right to tell her
  • has moments of -crazy- bravery
  • her knowledge in psychology let her see behind the mask of everyone around her
  • felt pure hatred towards Namjoon when she woke up, even without knowing exactly the reason why
  • was allured by Taehyung’s aura, felt protected around him, sincerely fell for him
  • started to question her feelings as memories came back to her
  • always felt a stronger love towards Jungkook without even remembering him
  • is torn between burning romance, and sweet love
  • before regaining her memories, she had more questions than answers
  • low-key hated Jungkook for having to part ways again
  • wants to end Black Tiger only to bring Jungkook back to her again
  • fears Hoseok more than Yoongi
  • got along really well with Jimin before he started threatening her not to fall for Taehyung
  • adapted well to the mafia life
  • started to doubt everything around her after regaining her lost memories
  • has an inner love for cars, speed, the adrenaline rush
  • hates hurting people, but will do it for the ones she loves
  • can be easy to manipulate at times
  • won’t break easily
  • hates to give up
  • her strong love -for both men- is her biggest weakness 

Let’s talk about an Alma Lives AU - just for a moment.

So, like, let’s say- let’s say Kanda is able to talk him down. He still kills everyone else in the lab, the project is still ended, but he doesn’t try to kill Kanda, not really, so Kanda doesn’t end up killing him back. Instead, Alma collapses in the middle of the room, cries his eyes out, and still doesn’t tell Kanda about their past lives because he’s realized that Kanda doesn’t remember, not like he does. And Kanda doesn’t cry, but he covers his eyes and doesn’t look at the dead bodies all around them.

They’re taken out of the lab, and both of them are all sharp edges and bared trauma. Kanda is still reluctant to speak, because he hasn’t killed his best friend but he’s still lost nearly everyone else he knew; Alma, meanwhile, is still tight and angry and secretive, reluctant to fill in the gaps for Kanda like he normally would. (Noise, whose experience is affected almost not at all, guides them both because being under Tiedoll has taught him a thing or two about handling traumatized children.)

They’re assigned to Tiedoll, the best with children and the most comforting, and in some ways it’s the same but in many ways it’s different. At first, they’re both quiet, they keep to themselves and each other, and they distrust him just for being a part of the Order - but of course, Tiedoll doesn’t care for the Order. He cares for them. So they get used to him, and then they get used to everything else.

And this, see, this would be one of the best parts of an Alma Lives AU - Kanda and Alma discovering the world together.

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{PART 1} Betrayal // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary//Request: You find out you’re pregnant, and before you can tell Jay - he admits that he hasn’t been honest with you.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3: Final}

You sat stationary in the parking lot of a 7/11 about two and a half miles out of town, staring blankly at your pitiful expression in the reflection of the car windshield with something so small yet so important held between your fingers on your lap. As you waited for the egg timer on your phone to count down to 0, you couldn’t help but feel the unfamiliar feeling of absolute terror mixed with a hidden element of excitement as you said to yourself; “Am I really pregnant?

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Father III

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“This is getting out of hand.”

“What is getting out of hand?” Asked Pomona.

“Those two.” And Neville pointed at Harry and Malfoy, who were attending breakfast again after two days of absence.

“Last night, I actually dreamed of them. I was smashing their heads together while shouting ”and now kiss”.” He made some aggressive movements with his hands to underline his words.

“Who should kiss?” Asked Malfoy.

“Your mom.” Answered Neville.

Malfoy opened his mouth, offended. “My mother does not…”

“I was joking, I was joking. Djeezus Malfoy, loosen up a bit.” Neville was angry, and suddenly he sprang to his feet and stormed off.

“What was that all about?” Asked Harry looking confused. He hadn’t followed the conversation.

“Nothing you can help.” Said Poppy with a sad look on her face. “Pomona, could you save me some breakfast? It appears I’m needed for damage control.”

“Sure.” Pomona gave her wife a strange look. There was something off about how Poppy looked when she followed Neville.

Like she was on her way to a bad news conversation.

“Its not fair!” Neville kicked a metal trash can. The bang resonated loudly in the greenhouse.

“It’s. Not. Fucking. Fair.” He emphasised every word with another kick.

Poppy grabbed his hands and pulled him back before he broke one of his toes, something he’d done many times before.

“No it isn’t, life isn’t fair.” She sounded stern and calming, but didn’t say anything else to calm him down.

Life was almost never fair, and sometimes it was downright cruel. No nurse could offer words of comfort when it was. No one could.

After a while Neville started to calm down, and his bottom lip began to tremble. Silent tears ran down his face. His shoulders slumped in defeat.

“You really care for them don’t you?”

“Yes. Fucking yes.” Neville’s words were interrupted by sobs here and there. “Do you know how many nights I’ve spent guarding Malfoy’s room to make sure he wouldn’t fling himself of the astronomy tower while no one was looking? Do you know how often I had to make him dittany extract because he kept tearing up his mark? Do you know how hard it was to see Harry slip away into his depression? It’s infuriating that those two can make each other happy but don’t. I want to leave something good in this world before I die, is that too much to ask for?”

“No.” Said Poppy, even though she knew better. She had seen so many people die who left nothing but broken families. She feared Neville would be no different. “No of course that’s not too much to ask. But you know you’re not responsible for their happiness, right?”

“Yes of course I know that, but I need something else to focus on. Anything better than this.” He looked down at his trembling hands.

“It’s not certain it will kill you. Miracles haven’t left the world yet.” Poppy knew she shouldn’t try to give him hope, but she hadn’t fully accepted his fate yet herself. Couldn’t accept that Neville really was going to die at twenty eight, twenty nine if he was lucky.

“I wish the miracle that is keeping me alive right now would bring them together, instead of buying me more time.”

A year had passed since Neville had been diagnosed with a rare magical autoimmune disease. He should have been dead within weeks but more than a year later he was still alive.

The trembling in his hands told him that it wouldn’t be long anymore though.

“Poppy? Why is this happening to me?” Neville sat down on the floor and held his shaking hands in front of his face. 

Poppy kneeled down next to him and clasped her hands around his shaking fingers. The slight tremble in his voice caused by suppressed tears made Poppy do something she had sworn to never do in front of a patient.

She cried. 

“I don’t know Neville. I honestly don’t know.”

After some minutes peace had returned to the great hall again, but not for long.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Asked Harry sharply. Malfoy had gotten up as soon as he’d seen him eat the last bites of his full english breakfast.

“Class preparation. I’m days behind schedule now and…”

“And you are going to add some more days to that.” Harry got up and followed Malfoy. They had agreed he would stop teaching until he had a plan for handling the upcoming case.

“I am not. You wanted a plan, well I have one. It is not failing my students over small personal matters.”

“Small personal matters!” Harry called out loudly, and he made several students turn their head. Harry got an angry glare from Malfoy and continued in a whispered but still angry tone. “Small personal matters? Malfoy your father is suing you for all you’ve got for no reason other than being an utter arsehole! That is far from a small personal matter.

“Let me be the judge of that Potter. I have given it enough thought the last three days. I know what I have to do.”

“No you don’t. You promised me we’d talk about this! This is not talking, this is declaring and expecting me to go along with it. But I won’t accept it.”

“And I am not asking you to accept it nor am I declaring anything!” They had reached the dungeon stairs now and Malfoy swiftly turned around. His whispered angry voice was much more impressive than Harry’s.

“Have you ever stopped to think that he might have more reasons for doing this, other than “being an utter arsehole”? Because I did my fair share of awful things, I can promise you that. The entire reason my parents joined Him at all was to keep me safe, to keep me out of harm’s way. I never refused or protested or rebelled against anything they wanted me to do. I bloody well nearly murdered your best friend! Part of the blame falls on me and I walked free while my father got a life sentence. It’s only fair of him to ask me to take responsibility in his trial.” Malfoy turned around again and descended the stairs.

It took Harry several seconds to let his words sink in, but when they did…

“Malfoy!” Malfoy did not respond, just kept on walking. “Malfoy!”

“Draco!” Harry ran after him while Malfoy, no, Draco, froze on the spot.

“Don’t think a “you’ve redeemed yourself over the last years” speech is going to make me change my mind. Whatever is coming will come. I’ve waited long enough for the other shoe to drop.” Harry skidded to a halt just as Draco started walking again.

“Don’t do this.” Harry tried to stop him by putting a hand on his shoulder. Draco pushed him away.

“Don’t do that. This is my choice, my past, my mistakes, my father and my case. You have nothing to do with it.”

“Yes I do.” Said Harry defiantly.

“No you do not, Potter. You walked into your forest alone, now let me walk into mine.” Harry thought he heard a small crack in Draco’s voice, but he didn’t care.

“Don’t compare this to what I had to do, that was completely different.” He had a cold edge in his voice. No one should, no one would, ever understand what it was like to willingliy walk into your own death. To learn you’ve been raised for the slaughter… Draco might be facing prison time, he wasn’t facing death.

“That was a bad metaphor and I shouldn’t have used it.” Draco regretted his words but didn’t turn around to face Harry. “You need to know I was raised for him, for my family. And though the chances of me surviving Azkaban are very slim, if this is what he wants me to do in order to pay for what I did then I’ll do it. Because I know I deserve at least part of the blame.”

Draco started walking again.

It doomed on Harry that Draco really wouldn’t change his mind if he gave him a speech. He really did believe it was fair of his father to ask him to give up his life. Draco had resigned, given up, accepted that this case, this re-trial, reliving everything, really was the other, inevitable shoe dropping.

It was his time to pay.

Well screw that. Thought Harry as he closed the gap between him and Draco. As he shoved the other man against the wall despite being smaller than him. As he pulled Draco’s tie down, hard, to level their faces for something better than any speech could be. “You stay the hell out of that forest you hear me?”

“I can’t.” Draco quickly pulled his tie loose from Harry’s hands and stood upright again. Harry’s nose was pressed into Draco’s chest as the tall man wrapped his arms around him. “But it’s nice of you think that I can.“

“It’s stupid of you to think that you can’t.” Harry’s voice sounded muffled, and suddenly Draco laughed, despite everything. Because Harry bloody Potter was talking against his chest, sounding like he cared so much, so much, about what would happen to him.

“Are you laughing at me?” Harry looked up at Draco. The torches lighting the hallway danced in his emerald eyes.

“No, I am laughing at us.”

And he bridged the last inches that still separated their faces.

And he kissed Harry like he’d never been kissed before.

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My giftee is the amazing bulletblaze, who is one of the kindest, and most caring person I’ve ever known. When I discovered you like magical!Stiles as much as me, I decided immediately, that I want to do something with him. Thank you for being here, my dear.

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“Listen, you can do it. Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Derek’s voice was flowing over every single and tiny parts of Stiles.

He felt himself uncomfortable, like if he’d be a buzzing, overcharged ball of energy waiting for explode. He was angry and dissapointed, because even if he tried his best, he was not able to call the source of his magic.

“Are you seriously quoting Goethe, Derek?”  shouting back to his partner,“ Why I’m not surprised… But you definietly don’t help me here. You just sounds like a strange mixture of Yoda and Deaton. Which is weird as hell, because now I imagine Deaton with green skin and floating ears. And that is…”



“Don’t forget to breathe.”

“Wait, wha…?”

Derek’s lips brushed his mouth as lightly as a feather, and Stiles felt how all of those uncontrolled energy turning into something steady, strong and safe in his inner-self. 

The magic around him was creating a radiant shape what looked like a wolf. For a minute the spark was staring at his wolf’s rubyred eyes, while the animal embraced him and the triskele medallion what he got from Derek, - and Stiles knew this was Derek’s wolf. He learnt on that exact moment, that not only he’s Derek’s anchor, but Derek is his too. 

by @ritarmandi

anonymous asked:

hc's for the paladins after finding their s/o passed out from training too hard?


  • he’s levelheaded most of the time and thank god for that
  • because everyone else on this list is a freak
  • yes, he worries 
  • they told him they felt weak compared to everyone else and defenseless. everyone had their own source of protection, but they were just sorta of dwindling around not knowing what they would do in case of an emergency
  • theres also fact that their boyfriend was literally the leader of the paladins and all-around better at combat then they were
  • they admired him a lot so they desperately wanted to be at least somewhat closer to his level
  • so they took it upon themselves to train 
  • this lead to their obsession to be self-reliant and now here they are currently
  • laying in bed, sore as all hell and shiro scolding them ( very gently lmao ) about taking proper care of themselves
  • it actually irritates them
  • they get mad and yell at him
  • a few minutes of silence
  • and then they apologize because they didn’t mean to blow up they just feel so weak and useless
  • he smiles and tells them that they can train together and its okay to rely on protection every once in awhile
  • awwwhhhhhh …… they hug ……………


  • bin ch  you know hes gonna get so mad about this
  • hes worried but i mean …… he cant express that without anger coming through 
  • he first gets them to their room and tends to whatever cuts and bruises they have also giving them some water and a snack he had hunk prepare
  • then he Goes Off
  • its not like screaming but they can tell hes mad because his voice raises and hes like gesturing wildly and glaring at them
  • obviously this instigates a fight unlike what happened with shiro. his s/o starts yelling back at him probably raising their voice higher 
  • most likely starts crying out of frustration
  • they just wanted to be strong enough for him
  • hes been so reckless and he’s always been the one keeping them safe. they want to do the same for him. they don’t want to lose him.
  • they were just scared and they wanted to be strong
  • he’s quiet and he listens and his glare softened into a look of distress and concern
  • he tells them they can be strong but they shouldn’t be training themselves until they pass out he just wants them to look after their own well-being
  • he grabs their hand and smiles and they cant help but to blush and smile back ( WHILE ALSO AVOIDING EYE CONTACT THEN THAT MAKES KEITH EMBARRASSED AND HE AVOIDS EYE CONTACT TOO FUCKIN DWEEB )


  • he’s a Wild Man
  • yeah, hes felt completely in adequate more times than he can count and he constantly feels like he might be below everyone else in terms of skill
  • i mean, he was only bumped up to fighter pilot because keith was kicked to the curb
  • but he doesnt want them to feel like that
  • so when he finds them on he ground, completely knocked out and dehydrated, he knows very well what happened
  • the conversation is sorta awkward once they wake up
  • he’s asking them questions on if they’ve been eating and if they’ve had any water to drink or if they’re sleeping right
  • they just reply with short, curt answers ( clearly too embarrassed to actually talk at the moment )
  • he starts getting frustrated and ends up going off but its ??????? not irritating ????????? just the way he does it makes them feel guilty for making him worried instead of mad because they think he’s telling them what to do
  • the concern he shows comes off less angry and more just exasperated because he wants to understand why they started feeling so down about themselves
  • so they tell him all their worries about not being brave, not being strong, not being reliable or lacking certain skills
  • he just throws himself on them and hugs them so tightly before they can even finish
  • yeah, he gets it but he’s encouraged by everyone around him and he wants them to feel encouraged too


  • he’s immediately panicking, but he’s also quick to react.
  • he takes them to their room and when they wake up he’s not really prying he’s just like “hey you hungry it’s almost dinner”
  • of course they are they fuckin love his cooking its always made with a special kind of love
  • although talking about their worries is always a good idea, they feel comforted by the fact that he’s not trying to make them talk. he’s letting them decide when they’re ready
  • it probably doesn’t take too long maybe the next day theyre telling him everything that was on their mind. they can’t really go out training since he’s sort of banned them from it for awhile and he’s been so thoughtful to their feelings they feel like maybe they should just tell him
  • he’s hugging them and patting their head and making little jokes about it just so they smile
  • he tells them not to worry because he knows they can do great things and being a paladin isn’t that cool anyways ( hes lying and they know he’s lying but its the thought that counts )
  • “you already got so many amazing qualities about yourself that will make you an awesome part of our team. we’re together. i’m always going to worry about you. that doesn’t mean you’re weak.”
  • they spend the day together just looking through weird books around the castle that they cant at all figure out how to read
  • or plotting pranks on the other paladins
  • keith is the best target because its easy to get a reaction from him. well, an angry one. 
  • lance is also a really good one. they love hiding when he’s on a hunt to find out who pulled that prank on him


  • she’s kind of a mix of lance and hunk with this.
  • she won’t force them to say whats up but they can tell she’s under a huge amount of stress about it
  • pidge takes the time out of her day to check up on them from then on and checks constantly if they’re taking care of themselves
  • she’s like a hawk its sort of fuckin weird ………….
  • this progresses into a weird sort of stalking? not like creepy but her s/o gets this chill when they feel her watching them
  • this turns into a stupid game of “im going to hide from you because im tired of you constantly watching me please stop we arent in a horror movie”
  • when pidge is confronted on this she’s just …….
  • “huh ?????????????? whatever could you mean ???????????”
  • “cut the crap”
  • “i have a very logical explanation from this and ill tell you ……… AFTER THE BREAK”
  • jokes aside when they finally do talk about it its like awkwardly emotional because i dont think either of them really like talking about feelings so seriously
  • theyre both so use to cracking jokes 
  • pidge just smiles kinda sadly at them and tells them that it’s okay and they’ll never be a burden to her or anyone else on the team
  • she’s not really good with combat unless she’s in her lion either, but she can understand the need for them to be
  • “maybe ask keith he’s kind of a freak about combat training”

Can I just say that I love the way the crying scene in episode 7 was handled? Yuuri is feeling anxious and completely overwhelmed because his A) his final score depends on the program he’s about to perform, which determines whether or not he goes on to compete in Russia. B) His entire family is watching and expecting him to do well, and C) Victor’s career and credibility as a coach is directly tied to how well Yuuri does. Victor remembers feeling anxious as a young skater just starting out, but he’d never dealt with the stakes that Yuuri is dealing with right now. Not only does he not know why Yuuri is so anxious, he himself has no idea how to help, as a coach or just as someone who loves Yuuri.

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