him and that hat though

okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.

imagine eventually someone gets tired of how Black Hat treats them. Flug, maybe, likely.

and he snaps at Black Hat- full out yelling at him, chest heaving and so furious, and so tired, and Black Hat just. looks at him.

and Flug, panting for breath, hands shaking, pulls himself up. straightens his back. and looks him in the eye, one second, two, three- and Black Hat doesn’t say anything, and Flug doesn’t say anything.

and Flug nods. tight and unhappy, and he pivots around, marches out of the room. and Black Hat let’s himself crack a bit, because he doesn’t know what just happened.

his chest hurts and it’s like there’s a damn storm inside of his head, churning away, every word of Flug’s rant repeating back at him, mocking him.

and Demencia steps inside. quiet, and Black Hat barely notices her.

“he’s right,” she says, standing in the doorway. and then she leaves too, disappears around the corner, and Black Hat sits there, something cracked inside of him, and he just

doesn’t understand

there’s no connection. Flug told him to show kindness, to be nicer to them, and Black Hat doesn’t understand what he means.

he is nice to them. he lets them live, he feeds them and he shelters them, and every day he refrains from picking them apart like they’re toys, pulling their pieces from each other.

isn’t that kindness?

and so he sits there. looks down at his hands, and all he sees is the monster there’s beneath his gloves, the monster he is.

how far separated he is from Flug, from Demencia, from 5.0.5. from everyone.

and he just doesn’t understand.

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities

What do you think Killua?”

Omigosh I had so much fun sketching this out. Gon-chan in Killua’s clothes makes me melt. If you want an inked and full color version then down’t worry, it’s coming…sometime. I was actually planning on giving this to an AMAZING artist online so I’m trying really hard to make sure it looks good. 

I’m probably gonna change my profile pic to Gon’s face in this pic sometime soon, you know, when it’s finished.

Any tips or advice is welcomed!

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Black Hat and Flug go shopping for food and Black Hat is DISGUSTED with Flug's taste

Does this work?

I call it:

Hey Black Hat, what the fuck?? 

417 words of bullshit

Flug thought back on all his choices in life. He just, really contemplated them, wondering how it was that he had reached this point. Where had he gone wrong? Was it becoming a scientist instead of a lawyer like his mom had wanted? Finally deciding to go for that doctorate? Applying to work for a demon?

Actually, no, it was pretty obviously that last one. His bad.

Now though, he stood staring as Black Hat, famous criminal, known villain, probably on several watch-lists, stood in front of his grocery cart in their local Walmart, smiling widely and holding out an entire birthday cake.

“It’s not anyone’s birthday is it?” Flug asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No,” Black Hat replied, “but I want it. So…”

“You don’t need –  “

“Oops,” Black Hat said, tossing the cake into the cart. “Slipped right out of my hands.”

Flug sighed, and just continued forward.

This repeated several times, with various foods – from anchovies to pistachios, and even what looked like an entire leg of beef. Where did he even get that?

“Oh no, I’m not touching that,” Flug said, reeling back from it slightly and scrunching up his face as Black Hat approached from out of nowhere again, smiling widely and brandishing the hunk of raw meat.

“Okay,” Black Hat replied, shrugging, smirking and dropping it in the increasingly filling grocery cart of ridiculous groceries.

“Please tell me you at least cook – “ But Black Hat was gone again, racing down another isle like an overly excited child.

Flug was starting to wonder if he was just doing this to freak him out.

When Black Hat came back again with a cantaloupe, Flug just watched in disbelief. He sighed, not reacting, and just continued on his way. When Black Hat began to hover behind him though, he wondered if refraining from reaction was the best choice. He did it anyway though.

Finally, he reached the breakfast isle, smiling slightly as he picked out his favorite box of cereal.

“Urgh,” he heard behind him, and turned to see Black Hat making a disgusted face, sticking his long tongue out. “You don’t actually eat that filth do you?”

At that point, Flug just threw the box directly at his boss’s head and turned to leave, ignoring Black Hat’s indignant yelp and his “Wait Flug come back, I didn’t mean it. Well I did because that’s disgusting but – wait Flug please, Flug, dear, Flug,” as he marched straight out of the store.

“The sight of thee at Christmas Time
Spreads hope and gladness far and wide
O christmas Boy
O Christmas Boy
Thou tree most fair and lovely”

Secret Santa for me boy, @heyahchow

I know nothing of Hellboy

New Years Eve: Also Known As How Marinette Broke Chat

So, this ridiculously fluffy piece is my gift to @mr-hawkmoth, as a thank you for all the amazing pieces they right and things they post! :D You are really awesome, and I think you should get more love! Sorry for how poorly written this is, but I hope you enjoy it! ;) Pairing is MariChat, with a bit of reverse lovesquare at the end XD

“You know, you’re kinda becoming a stalker, kid.”

Adrien glared at his kwami, the tips of his ears burning red with embarrassment as he lingered in the shadows of the statue of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

It was New Years Eve, and his father had been called away on pressing business the day after Christmas, meaning Adrien had been alone for most of the week. Normally, he would have been taking advantage of this sudden freedom, but Nino, the only friend he was close enough with to actually call up at a moment’s notice, had already left town to go and visit his grandparents in the countryside. While so many of his schoolmates had shown up to celebrate Christmas with him, not once had he really spent time with any of them outside of the presence of his best friend, aside from Chloe.

At one point he almost thought about calling her, only to remember that the last time he’d spent New Years with her, he’d had to hide in the men’s restroom at the hotel when midnight struck just to avoid having to kiss her. Adrien wasn’t oblivious, he knew how she felt about him, but he also knew that while her friendship with him was genuine, her pursuit of him was shallow at best. No way was he going to encourage any misunderstandings this year just because he was lonely. Thus, he had been wandering around the city as Chat Noir, trying to distract himself from the ceaseless boredom that had been plaguing him, when he had found himself headed towards the bakery by the school.


An image of the spunky girl who sat behind him at school flashed through his mind, and Chat felt his heart lighten immediately. She had been kind enough to make him a beautiful hat for Christmas this year, and even though it hadn’t been fixed with Ladybug’s miraculous, Adrien had really been touched by the amount of time and thought she had put into it. Honestly, he had been quite disappointed when he realized that her gift to him had been destroyed entirely, and hadn’t been able to even thank her for it yet as a result. Landing in the park, strategically out of sight behind the statue dedicated to Ladybug and himself, Chat debated with himself.

I mean, I do need to thank her… plus, her family was so welcoming the last time I was over. And maybe we could play some video games! I have been practicing— maybe this time I could actually beat her!’

Mind made up, he released his transformation, and had been in the middle of explaining things to Plagg when he heard her voice from across the street.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be careful,” Marinette called cheerfully, a box with the bakery’s name stamped on the side carefully balanced on her hip. “It’s only a few blocks, I’ll be back before you know it!”

And so he found himself hesitating, watching as she headed off along the sidewalk to make what was probably a delivery to someone.

Leave it to Plagg to find a way to turn the innocent circumstances into opportunity to tease him. Although… maybe stalking Marinette wasn’t such a bad idea. It was already close to midnight, and the direction she was headed was not well lit at the moment, making a lone girl easy prey for unsavory individuals. Decision made, he transformed once more and chased after her, surprised to realize that while he had been debating on what to do she had managed to vanish from his sight.

By the time he did catch up to her, the direction she was headed became pretty clear, and Chat felt himself frown in confusion.

Why is she headed to my house?’

Concealing himself behind a tree, he watched as she approached the locked gates to the mansion’s compound and pressed the intercom button. He felt a little bad for not being inside to answer her, but his instincts were urging him to keep her in sight, and so he watched as she shifted nervously from foot to foot, waiting for an answer that wasn’t going to come. She tried the intercom a few more times, and as the minutes ticked by with no response, her face dropped into a frown.

Great,’ he thought with a hint of sarcasm, ‘I’ve upset her.’

Shoulders slumping, Chat watched as she pressed her face into the gaps between the bars, looking for something that she apparently didn’t find. Body drooping with apparent defeat, the girl turned to go back the way she had come, but this time her pace was much slower.

Chat waited until she’d put some distance between them before he started to follow her again, this time on foot. Ducking from shadow to shadow, his thoughts raced. Why had she come over to his place with a delivery from the bakery? Did she get the address wrong? Why had she looked so upset? Did she think he had called in a crank order and then just not answered? Anxiety bubbled around his heart at the thought of another misunderstanding coming between them, especially after she’d been nice enough to give him a Christmas gift when none of his other friends had.

So distracted was he by his own thoughts, it took him a moment to realize he could no longer see Marinette in front of him. When it finally registered, he froze, eyes darting around to try and see where she had disappeared. Unease crept over him as he vaulted up to the nearest building, head whipping back and forth trying to locate movement. Unfortunately, even with his night vision, Chat couldn’t find a trace of her. Twisting around to retrace his steps, concern turning into panic, he was almost to the next roof when he heard them.

A group of voices, distinctly male.

And one rather annoyed female voice.

It had come from the alley around the other side of the building, and he quickly made his way to the edge of the roof. Looking down, he could see Marinette blocked into the darkened breezeway by 3 men. Sharp eyes taking in every detail, he noticed the leering expressions on their faces as they looked at the girl, and could smell the liquor coming off of them from where he crouched, ready to move if need be. Disgust choking him as he practically read their intentions, Chat couldn’t help but glance back at Marinette’s face, to see how she was handling the situation. Her expression made him want to flinch back, pure fury radiating from every line of her body.

Apparently, the males below were to dense to read the situation, and Chat listened as the one directly in front of his friend rasped suggestively, “Seriously babe, it’s almost midnight- don’t you want luck in love for the new year?”

“Yeah, and with three of us…” another one slurred, eyeing her like a piece of meat.

“…we can guarantee you’ll get lucky.” The last one finished the vulgar innuendo while moving uncomfortably closer to her, hand reaching out to grab her.

Oh hell no. Chat felt time slow to a crawl as the lecherous hand drew closer to Marinette, outrage and fear suffusing every fiber of his being. Moving on pure reflex, the need to protect the girl below from harm driving him forward, the outraged super hero could only think of one thing as he landed quietly behind the drunkards.

He was going to break that hand.

Before he could follow through on that thought though, a loud crack followed by a shriek of pain echoed around them. Emerald eyes widened in surprise as the man who had been reaching for the seemingly helpless young girl dropped to his knees, his now broken hand still clenched firmly by the not-so-distressed damsel.

His friends were equally frozen, but shook it off much more quickly than Chat could. Both lunged for her at the same time, growled curses and insults spilling from their vile mouths. Marinette, still holding the injured hand of the leader, ducked a wild swing from one while simultaneously bringing her foot up to slam into the throat of the other. Off balanced, the first stumbled to the ground, his own momentum and inebriated state leaving him kissing nothing but concrete, while the second fell backwards, clutching at his throat as he gasped for breath.

Fury still spilling from every inch of her, the girl wasted no time ins turning on the hapless brute behind her, who had yet to regain his bearings and had barely managed to roll over. Finally releasing the leader from her iron grip, the deceptively petit Marinette swung her leg out once more, this time whipping in a full revolution that had her foot making contact with both men’s jaws in quick succession.

Both fell to the ground, unconscious, while the third was still wheezing for air, eyes wide and fearful as he watched how easily she dispatched his buddies. When she finally looked back in his direction, the man squeaked in terror, quickly getting to his feet and running past Chat and into the night.

For his part, Chat Noir could only stare in amazement, heart thumping in his chest. He hadn’t moved an inch, his eyes wide and jaw hanging open as she effortlessly took down her attackers. Not only had Marinette not needed him, Chat was pretty sure she hadn’t even noticed him. Even now, she had yet to look up at him, and instead had made her way over to the side of the alley bending down to collect something he hadn’t noticed when he first came upon them.

The box.

Pastries and candies spilled out in various directions on the ground from where the box looked to have been thrown against the wall. Chat watched her pick up a half-crushed macaroon, anger fading to be replaced with…

“Don’t cry, Princess,” he murmured, the sight of her tears urging him into action finally. She jumped upon hearing his voice, blue eyes flashing towards him as he knelt beside her.

“Chat Noir…?”

He ignored the question in her voice, instead asking, “What were you doing out this late?”

She had stopped crying, but at his question her expression twisted once more with sadness. Her gaze dropped back down to the ruined sweets below and she shrugged.

“I have this friend and… well, I found out earlier that he’s spending New Year’s Eve alone. So I wanted to take him some treats, and…” she replied, a light flush to her cheeks as she avoided looking at him.

“…and see if maybe he wanted some company.”

Chat felt his heart stutter within his chest even as he kept his expression neutral. That’s why she had gone to his house. Sweet, thoughtful, awkward Marinette had been thinking of him, gone through all this trouble for him, just to make sure he wasn’t lonely. His thoughts were interrupted as she continued, having taken his silence as a request for more details.

“B-but he wasn’t home, and so I was just going to take them by tomorrow. But then these,” here she gestured at the bodies still lying in the alley with them, annoyance clear in her tone. “These goons, well… they thought they were entitled to a kiss just because it was New Year’s Eve, and I tried to just leave but… I mean I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, but they ruined the treats I had made for Adrien and now, I mean…”

A sigh left her lips as she fell silent, clearly worn out by the events of the night as her gaze drifted to the hands in her lap. Chat’s brain was racing though. Because not only had she been trying to do something nice for him, she had kicked three grown men’s asses for him, for ruining the gifts she had made for him. And, oh how she had kicked their asses. Honestly, Chat didn’t know anyone besides Ladybug who could move with so much grace and strength at the same time. Yet, here was Marinette, wrecking three guys like it was nothing, all in his name. Not to protect herself, although that’s what he had initially thought, but simply because they had destroyed something that had been made for him.

That she had made for him.

He felt himself swoon a little at the thought.

Chat smiled, reaching for her hands and drawing her to her feet. She met his eyes as he winked at her, a plan having already formed in his mind.

“Well, purr-rincess, I don’t think you need to worry about your friend!”

At her puzzled expression, he adopted a stage whisper as he continued, “I’m pretty sure I saw him making his way towards your place earlier while I was on patrol.”

He felt triumphant at the look of delight she was giving him. Based on where they were, it would be easy to make it back to the bakery and de-transform before Marinette got there. Besides, that was where he had wanted to be in the first place, no harm in using his “inside knowledge” to cheer her up right now.


“Pawsitively!” He thrilled at the light giggle she let out at his pun, feeling giddy in the face of his accomplishment. He was about to bid her a good night, so he could make his way over to the bakery when he heard muffled shouts coming from the surrounding buildings.


“You had better get home! You don’t want to bring in the Mew Year with the embodiment of bad luck!”


He turned to go, but felt a tug on his hand. Looking back, he saw Marinette smiling at him as she stepped closer.


Chat was frozen as she lifted his hand…


and soft, warm lips pressed with aching deliberateness to his knuckles, the dark sweep of her lashes standing out against her pale, freckled cheeks as her eyes closed with the action. Even through the leather of his glove, Chat could feel the heat of her mouth, the tickle of her lips as they slowly pulled away and she pinned him with her sapphire gaze once more.

“Happy New Year, minou,” she murmured, smiling at him softly.

Chat could only nod, face flushing as she released his hand after giving it a light squeeze, and made her way around him and out of the alley. He couldn’t move for several moments, mind sluggish under the engulfing realization that was Marinette.

Marinette, who just kissed his hand like he did Ladybug’s.

Marinette, who beat up three thugs because they ruined a gift she made for him.

Marinette, who had thought of him when he was all alone.

Marinette, who had made him a beautiful Christmas gift.

Marinette, who played video games with him and welcomed him into her home.


Jerking back into awareness, Chat quickly vaulted to back to the rooftops, sprinting in the direction of the bakery so as to make it there before the girl who, after what he saw tonight, clearly had a good handle on a number of things.

His heart being one of them.

Fanfic Time

Aight. Let’s do this shit.

I’m gonna be really sappy with this one. So let’s see how this goes.

Title: A Little Color In His Life

Pairing: Rainbow Hat X Dr. Carver

Warnings: Short. Possible OOC? I’m still getting used to writing Rainbow Hat.

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vld characters meet the sorting hat
  • pidge: the hat hasn't even touched her head before shouting "slytherin!" her hufflepuff brother claps and cheers from his table, happy to see his little sister in a place where she can follow her dreams.
  • keith: much like pidge, the hat almost immediately decides he's a gryffindor. lance watches jealously as he's loudly accepted by his new housemates.
  • hunk: another very quick decision, this time for hufflepuff. he goes to sit by matt and waves at pidge and keith, on opposite ends of the room. lance is cheering the loudest for him.
  • shiro: the hat takes its time with him. "you could go far with slytherin," it says. "no thanks," he replies, thinking of keith. "gryffindor," he silently prays, figuring someone needs to be there to keep keith in check. "interesting," the hat says. "ravenclaw!" it announces finally, much to everyone's surprise. keith, matt, pidge, lance, and hunk give him a standing ovation. shiro is confused, but not disappointed. he takes his seat, smiling graciously at the people who greet him.
  • lance: the hat is silent for a long time. "gryffindor, gryffindor, gryffindor," lance whispers to himself. "why?" the hat asks. "it's the best," he answers. "hmm," says the hat. "why not slytherin? your ambition could take you far." lance scoffs. "no. no way. that's the lame house. sorry pidge," he adds, though she can't hear him. the hat is silent for several moments. "then i suppose you'll have to be... RAVENCLAW!" this surprises everyone, but shiro, pidge, matt, and hunk all applaud for him. he goes to sit by shiro at the ravenclaw table. he wonders if he's really good enough to be in ravenclaw, let alone the same house as his hero. but as time goes on, he settles in and proves himself to be a true ravenclaw.
Are you scared?

Where it all begins. My first Villainous fic! Black hat is evil, after all. I will suffocate you all in Villainous mwahaha! Also, I kinda skipped the Woy fic because I just had so many ideas for this,, aaah, I should rly finish it. Anyway, hope you likey! ~Bun

Prompt: Black hat does his usual cruel round of scaring the others, but when Dr. Flug acts odd he demands to know why.

Black hat slithered around a corner in silence, a malicious, pointy toothed smile on his face. He crept into the laboratory unnoticed. He’d just scared the living hell out of 5.0.5, and Dementia had been attack beforehand. Now all Black hat needed for a perfect scaring streak was the anxious Dr. Flug. This should be easy.

He slipped under desks, pinning his sights on the scientist. He crawled forward, coming close as Flug sighed and reached up to grab a box full of scrap. Black hat rose in silence, hands shaped into claws, ready to strike.


Black hat would have laughed at the overly dramatic squeal had it not taken him by surprise. He knew he was terrifying, but a simple “Boo” couldn’t have been enough to summon such a fright.
Black hat took a step back, watching the scientist. He was clutching his ribcage is if he’d just had broken it. He slowly turned, and Black hat couldn’t help but note the slightly pinker hue in Flug’s neck.

“S-Sir! Oh, um, I’m sorry I screamed so loud- y-you… scared me…”

Black hat also noticed the hesitation to state what he’d done. Flug was never a good liar.

“You aren’t the only one, Flug, I’m a master at scaring all.” He leaned closer, taking delight in how Flug leaned back in fear. “Striking fear into the hearts of everyone that gazes upon me is my favourite thing to do~”

Flug gulped. He seemed less tense then before, though. Just after Black hat startled him his frame was as unmoving as a statue. Now, he seemed to be breathing again. Ugh. Flug rubbed his arm awkwardly, then turned, motioning how he still needed that box. Black hat pouted in thought. As Flug reached up to grab the box once more, Black hat’s hand went for the ribs. Dr. Flug squealed once more, less loud but still there.


He turned, seeming to shrink as Black hat adressed him.

“Did I really scare you?”


“Or is it something else?”

“I-I don’t know w-what you’re talking about S-sir… W-what else could it b-be…?”

Doesn’t he realise how high his voice has gone? Is he trying to make it that cripplingly obvious?!

“Flug, are you ticklish?”

Ah, there it is. Black hat didn’t even need an answer, he’d already seen it- that delicious shine of dread that reflects off his eyes, how his body tenses in defence, the deepening redness in his neck.

“Are you?”

“I-I don’t think s-”

“I think you’re lying.”

“W-w-well let’s not b-be so quick t-to judge-”

“If you won’t answer, I’ll answer myself.”


But it was too late. Black hat moved forward with intense speed, his hand latching onto Flug’s side. A quick squeeze sent Flug spiralling into nervous, muffled giggling. He tried moving backwards, away from the grinning, amused monster looming above him, but he collided with the wall. Black hat ducked so as not to hit his head on the shelf, and to get closer to Flug.

“I dislike liars. They deserve to be tormented.”

Flug let out a small yelp as Black hat placed his hands on their sides, already squirming. He shivered as one hand curled into a claw, tense as he felt the somewhat foreign, tingling sensations ripple through him. Black hat reveled in the anticipation, how the wait was making Flug so much more anxious.

“AH! Hehehmhmhmhm-”

It was a good thing he wore the paper bag, if he’d not then Black hat would have been able to see the entirety of his already bright red face, alongside the smile spreading across it. At least he couldn’t get bullied about his smile; He knew Black hat would find some way to use it against him, even if it is just to fluster.
Black hat started by circling his fingers over Flug’s sides. Flug resisted by trying to keep his mouth shut, hands grabbing on and weakly pushing back Black hat’s arms. Black hat put a little more pressure, hoping to bring forth the laughter. No luck. Black hat shot his hands up to the ribs, and with one quick sweep Flug had burst out laughing.

“Whoa. I think someone misplaced your “funny bone”, Flug. I’ve never met someone with such sssentsssitive ribsss~“

He murmured near Flug’s bright red neck, elongating S’s for emphasis and for his breath to tickle gently. It worked, as Flug flinched away from his breath, giggling hysterically. ‘He’s kinda cute- wait no! No gross, kind thoughts.’ Black hat thought. He growled, irritated at how Flug’s sweet giggling was like music. He dug in harder, Flug yelping and giggles turning to cackling.

“How are you so cute?!”
Black hat growled. Flug made a small, gasping sound, hiding his goggles behind his eyes. Whoops. Didn’t mean to say that out loud. It seemed to have an excellent embarrassing effect on Flug, though, so why not go deeper.

“We’ll have to fix that, we’re villains after all. Can’t have someone as unbearably adorable as you in our group.”

“W-whahahat abohohohout 5.0.5?”

“Eh? Ugh…”

Black hat huffed, that hadn’t embarrassed him, that distracted him. He noticed him flinch again and smirked.

“I’m not talking about 5.0.5, I’m talk about the giggling mess infront of me.”

Bingo. Black hat chuckled softly as Flug whined and hid his eyes and a hand, making sure he breath made contact with the sensitive neck. He was getting bored of the ribs, however, and it seemed Flug was becoming numb there, from the slowly calming tone in his laughter. He slipped his hands down, experimentally poking Flug’s tummy. He squeaked and covered it with his arms, pushing himself into the wall. Black hat’s smirk grew.
With a small motion, Black hat had Flug’s arm’s pinned above his head and a hand poised above. He wiggled his fingers, smiling cruelly as he watched Flug squirm and stare warily at his hand. He made a move to attack, but moved back before contact, laughing at the squeal Flug made.

This’ll be good.

“NAHAHAH! S-SIHIHIR-! P-p-plehehease-!”

“What’s wrong, Flug? Tum too ticklish~?”

He yawned, as if he weren’t driving the sensitive man to madness below him. Flug just shook his head, laughing loud and squeakily. He tugged hopelessly at his arms, deciding to just give in to the torment and hope for mercy soon. At least this wasn’t his worst spot. He wouldn’t be able to stand it if Black hat found his worst s-


“Don’t tell me what to do.”

He replied, squeezing Flug’s hip. Flug’s legs gave way and he slid down the wall to the floor, Black hat following him down. He continued cruelly pinching and squeezing Flug’s hips, Flug laughing hysterically and rocking left and right in desperation. Black hat cackled, finding his dramatic reactions amusing to no end. Pulling down his arms, Flug gave a sudden push at Black hat, who fell onto their bum, having crouched solely on their ankles. Flug wrapped his arms around himself protectively eyes squinted shut and back hunched as they recovered.

”… You pushed me.“


Dr. Flug peeked up with one open eye, giggles still flowing out their mouth. He gulped when he came into eye contact with his boss, whose expression wore rage.

“O-ohoh- oh no- uh, I-I’m sorry S-Sir! I-I didn’t k-know what I w-was doing, it j-just h-happened-”

Black hat raised a hand to put a stop to Dr. Flug’s worried babbling, and stood up. Flug remained on the floor, unsure if he should get up, when Black hat offered a hand. Flug carefully took it watching Black hat’s face, which showed no expression. Then he was yanked up, face thrown against Black hat’s chest, strong, evil arms wrapping around his waist.
Black hat hissed in his ear, Flug shivering and whimpering.

“You should know by now not to trust me, Idiot. ESPECIALLY if you’ve just pushed me!”

And Flug fell into a sequence of begs, squeals and apologies as Black hat dug his fingers into the hollows of his hips once more, tracing up his spine every now and again. Looks like mercy doesn’t exist here.

Upstairs, Dementia peeked around the door leading down, listening to the mingled laughter of a tortured scientist and sadistic boss. She grinned, knowing that she was probably the cause as she thought of the last thing she said to Black hat.

“Scare me like that again and I’ll tell Flug and 5.0.5 your secret! Or better, I’ll show them~!”
Accompanied by wiggling fingers, it was enough for the mortified monster to blush and recoil, grumbling and snarling. He must of went to take it out on Dr. Flug by “finding out” he was ticklish. Ah well, Flug will find out too, eventually. It’ll be fun seeing him go revenge crazy, if he hopefully does! Dementia giggled, closing the door, leaving the two to their own, laugh stricken devices. There’ll be plenty of time to bully either of them later~

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sakura-kagurazaka  asked:

Bless you for your McCree art (and of course your Mercy wonderfulness)

Thank you so much for your continued supportive messages! <3

I love McCree, but I don’t draw him too often (even though I’d like to, but hats… hats are annoying to draw).

Also, I’ve been wanting to draw Blackwatch McCree, so this is for all the McCree fans out there! \o_o/

Have even more Magnus Chase Headcannons, because they’re fun, and I love my sunshine son.
-He prefers cardigans instead of hoodies, he buys plain ones and sews patches onto them. Alex likes to help him pick the patches.
-He wants one of ‘the viking hats with horns’ even though he knows they’re not accurate. Really he just wants to wear it when he meets Percy and Annabeth’s other friends.
-Magnus definatley has freckles, and dimples. The longer he spends in the sun the more freckles he gets.
-He has a few bracelets that he fiddles with sometimes. One of them Alex gave him, it’s a pink and green friendship bracelet and another Sam gave him, its a green rubber hotel valhalla band.
-He asks Sam for book recomendations. She has the best taste in books and he really apreciates it.
-He’s trying to learn how to write/read in runes.
-Magnus did some research on greek and roman gods when Annabeth told him about them.
-He bought Alex mint and strawberry cheesecake oreos as a gift once. (He didn’t want to get flowers as that’s such a cliché)
-One time he let Sam put a flower crown on him and take photos of him. She sent this photo to Hearth, Blitz and Alex and it’s now his contact picture on all of their phones. He complains (but secretly he doesn’t mind).
-Blitz is the only one Magnus asks for fashion tips.
-Blitz made Magnus a pair of slipper socks because Magnus hates having bare feet.