him and tali

I swear if i can’t romance Vetra im going to riot

A good way to predict which ME companions I’m going to favor is look at their overall spikiness

there is a high correlation between spikiness and how often they’re on my team

“Fun facts about Mass Effect” is going to be the title of my autobiography.

Mass Effect Brotp Prompts

We need more mass effect brotp fanfics!
Although it’s awesome to read about your favorite romantic pairing wouldn’t it be fun to write about your favorite Normandy relationships? Brotp is gender inclusive, don’t leave out the ladies! Here are some head cannons for inspiration.

  • Drunk Tali teaching EDI about the emergency induction port and why it’s not a straw.
  • Liara and James continuing to stay in touch via online poker matches.
  • Jacob takes a shower on the Normandy, for fun Kasumi hides his clothes and he has to get either Garrus or Jack to help him find them again.
  • Tali notices Joker sings in the shower when he thinks everyone is asleep. Eventually she decides to sit in the mess hall and sing along. Joker is embarrassed at first, but he allows it to keep happening on the condition that Tali tells no one.
  • Joker and Miranda have an awkward conversation while they’re waiting for Shepard in the com room.
  • The dream that Kaidan has the night Ashley died on Virmire. (Or visa versa)
  • Jack and Miranda’s relationship after the party and how they might stay in touch, I.e insulting yet encouraging emails about their work in the war and beating cerberus.
  • Legion and EDI having theoretical conversations about why organics do certain things/what it was like for EDI to be all alone during her creation compared to the Geth.
  • Wrex being fatherly protective of Liara/ Zaeed being fatherly protective of Kasumi
  • Ashley, Samara and Thane having a conversation about their religions/beliefs and how it brings them peace.
  • Grunt trying to get Garrus to help him replace all of Shepard’s fish before she notices he ate a few of them.
  • Drunk Tali teaching Legion to play pattycake for some odd reason and then dragging him into watching fleet and flotilla. In order to reinforce the positive interaction with creator Tali'zora Legion quotes it every time he and Tali talk and she doesn’t know why.
  • Liara teaches Garrus, James and Kaidan all a formal (samba, foxtrot, ballroom dancing, take your pick) dance to woo their love interests on different nights of the week, Garrus is already pretty good so he and Liara practice harder moves together.
  • Garrus and Ashley getting overly competitive at the shooting range.
  • Garrus and Jack doing shots.
  • Expand on the conversion after Liara tells Wrex she’s of Krogan decent.
  • Kaidan meets Jack on the Citadel and they end up talking about all of the ultra powerful biotic things that they can do. They end up playing regular matches at the arcade together to see who’s more impressive.
  • The conversation with ____ that finally brought Ashley around to like aliens.
  • The missing conversation between Thane and Kaidan in the Hospital in mass effect 3.
  • Grunt trying to ‘bond’ with Garrus dispite the fact he hates Turians.
  • Any squad member playing with Urz or Eezo because Varren = adorable.
  • Kaidan and James continue the push up contest after random debates.
  • Wrex’s minimal conversations with the Normandy crew, in me1, especially Garrus.
  • Tali and Mordin singing together watching fleet and flotilla
  • Things about Javik’s personal life

Prompts are good for writing, drawing or just reading. Add the characaters in that I you want! Swap people in and out! I need more mass effect stuff on my dash so if you use a prompt or even just drew inspiration from this post please tag me (spectre-status-recognized) or tag it as mass effect brotp so I can see/read/reblog your awesome work!

We Figured It Out

Summary: Will prepared the biggest surprise for his and Nico’s one-year anniversary.

Part 7 (and final part) of my solangeloanthology​​​​ fic, Cheer Him Up. Written for solangelo​​​​ week, with the prompt “Family”.
Thanks one last time to carpedm87​​​​ for beta-reading!
All the chapters here, also on AO3 and fanfiction.net
Word count: 1,092

Will had insisted on planning everything for their first year anniversary. He had made a few deals at the hospital to get them both the day off, and it had only gotten better from there.

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treasure map (tony/ziva)

word count: 11k

fanfiction.net | ao3

“Flight ZJ374 to Paris is now boarding.”

The declaration came wedged in between its Hebrew and Arabic equivalents, echoing throughout the bustling airport terminal. Tony forced open his heavy-lidded eyes, still filled with sleep at this early hour, and rose from his seat in the boarding lounge by Gate 7, slinging the trusty go-bag over one shoulder and grasping for Tali’s tiny hand with the other. He gently swung her into the air off of her seat, and she squealed with delight at the motion.

Tony’s solemnity melted away at that wonderful sound. It made his heart full – there were very few things that could do that to him.

“Ready, Tali?” he asked her, bending down a little so she would know the words were meant just for her. “Got Kelev?”

The little girl nodded at both, Kelev tucked soundly under her arm. There was no going anywhere without Kelev; Tony had learned as much from a few near-misses over the past few days.

Tali nodded to both questions and squeezed Kelev tightly with her little fingers.

They joined the queue of chattering tourists and businesspeople, feeling entirely out of place. There were two young people reciting from their Hebrew-French dictionaries directly in front of him. Behind him, a man and a woman, both in suits, discussing something in even-toned, bored-sounding voices. Where the young people moved with jittery excitement and the suit-clad pair moved with something akin to stoic professionalism, Tony moved up the line with purpose. This was no vacation – this was a mission.

Different than any other mission he had gone on before, but a mission nonetheless. He had exchanged his SIG and badge for formula and diapers, and a partner for a toddler, but his brain was still in his head. And when it came to solving mysteries, his brain was all he ever really needed. He had always considered himself fairly good at finding people who were missing.

Especially if those people were Ziva.

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Just A Hobby Of Mine

Summary: Will invites Nico over to his apartment for a date.

Part 4 of my solangeloanthology​ fic, Cheer Him Up. Written for solangelo​ week, with the prompt “Dancers”.
Thanks again to carpedm87​ for beta-reading!
All the chapters here, also on AO3 and fanfiction.net
Word count: 1,609

Tonight’s date was particularly important, in Nico’s mind.

They had been together for six weeks now—after that second date in the jazz club, that label had just come naturally. Together. It still made Nico giddy just to think about it. In that time, they’d had more dates, even if it was difficult to find moments with their jobs at the hospital. At least they also saw each other there: even when their shifts didn’t match and it was just five minutes between one’s arrival and the other leaving, it was worth every millisecond. Will had come to Nico’s apartment twice—once because Nico had invited him over, and another because he wanted to surprise Nico with a basket of freshly-baked brownies and had come straight from his home.

But in that time, Nico hadn’t seen Will’s place yet. He knew Will walked to the hospital, and walked by the Jackson’s café on his way there, so that gave him some indication that he lived nearby, but Nico didn’t even know where Will lived. Until tonight, that was.

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Separation Anxiety (Chapter 9)

(This is the final chapter of this story.)

Things begin to fall into place.

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Chapter 9 - The Beginning

One Month Later – Saturday Afternoon

Tony walked into the door of their apartment, the cake balanced precariously on his left arm, bags slung over the other, smiling as he took in the now familiar sight before him: Ziva and Tali sitting together in the living room, usually engaging in some sort of play, both turning to greet him as he came into the apartment.

When they’d come back from Paris, Ziva and Tali had moved into his apartment. It wasn’t ideal, since it was only one bedroom, but they’d decided on the plane that they would look for a house, and buying a house wasn’t exactly an instant affair. Currently, they were in the process of purchasing a house, but they knew when they first came back that they’d be staying at Tony’s apartment for at least a couple of months, and planned accordingly, which meant buying two beds.

A toddler bed for Tali, of course, which they’d stuffed into the corner of the living room and blocked off by a portable partition wall, and a queen-sized bed for Tony and Ziva, because Tony still hadn’t upgraded to a bigger bed since the last time Ziva had stayed there. The day the new bed had been delivered, they’d dismantled the old one and just put it off to the side, leaning it against the bedroom wall, deciding that they would take it on to their new house and use it for a guest room, or maybe it would be suitable for Tali when she got older.

It was cramped quarters, but it was temporary, and what mattered was they were together.

Tonight, however, the apartment would feel even smaller, as most of the NCIS team plus Tony’s father were coming over for Tali’s second birthday party. Tony had been to the grocery store to pick up the cake, along with some paper plates and napkins, since Ziva had forgotten them on her last trip.

“Abba!” Tali cried, running toward him and wrapping her arms around his legs. Ziva strolled up behind her, leaning over to kiss Tony as she took the cake out of his hands, earning her a grateful grin. The last thing he wanted to do was drop it, which might have happened with the way Tali had almost knocked him off balance.

They weren’t really planning to have too grand an affair, but it had been a while since the whole gang had gotten together since both Tony and Ziva had decided not to return to NCIS, though Vance had offered both of them the chance to return, if they wanted to. Tony had been the first to decline, stating that the job was too risky and he needed to be around to protect his family; they came first.

Perhaps another opportunity that didn’t involve the potential to be shot at would arise, but for now, he was content to stay at home with his family and take some much needed time for them.

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Some thoughts on what I’d like of Mass Effect Andromeda’s companions. Going with the idea that the characters’ trip to Andromeda is a one-way journey, made up of a multi-species ragtag band of misfits, I’ve got a few ideas kicking around. I have no idea how plausible any of them will be (because we’d need more details about the plot than just ‘ANDROMEDA!’ for that), but I figure why not.

The first thing that comes to mind is a male quarian, as a bisexual romance option. I see him as one of those quarians who Tali mentions in ME1, the ones who don’t come back to the Fleet from the Pilgrimage. He met the greater galaxy and preferred it out there. As a result, he’s got an individualistic streak to him, far great than anything Tali had. That’s why he goes to Andromeda - the Fleet is far away and he can start entirely fresh. I’d also figure that he’s made attempts to adapt and kick-start his immune system somewhat, since he’d never be in a fully clear environment as a result of leaving the Fleet, so we can get away from the concerns about suit ruptures. Not able to survive independently of the suit, but able to handle being out of it for short periods.

A female turian huntress, also a bisexual romance. C’mon, this is obvious. The turians are supposed to be equal in terms of gender treatment, yet we didn’t get to see any until ME3′s DLC? Not in any way fair. Let’s get one center stage. Lady turians for everyone! She’s our war vet character, the one who’s seen a lot of action and been around the block a few times. She doesn’t abide stupid questions but appreciates those attempting to learn. Since she’s seen enough of the Milky Way, she comes along to Andromeda. Despite her experience, there’s still a desire within her to see more.

An asari who is expressly NOT a love interest. She has no interest in the PC romantically at all. Preferably, I’d like to see her as being an exploration of how the asari culture’s lack of a gender distinction has impacted their society in contrast to other species, though that’s probably asking a lot of what I assume is a nearly-if-not exclusively cisgendered writing staff. But in terms of personality, she’s got similarities to Matriarch Atheyta, just younger. That’s why she’s there - this is taking a chance and doing something new and different, not just riding on the protheans’ coattails.

Based on some analysis of the screenshots, it seems likely we’re getting a krogan, and I’d like her to be female as well - honestly, female krogan should have had a larger presence in the galaxy, krogan women who decide that since they’re infertile, they’ll take out their anger and rage on the galaxy, or even the ones who decided like Bakara to see if alien science could help them. I’d like her on the young side, being brash and outspoken and the first to reach for the weapons. Plan A is shoot things. Repeat plan A as necessary.

It might depend on the timeline of things, but I think it’d be neat to see a human who’d been adopted by aliens, who views their own species through an alien lens. Like, maybe a child adopted by salarians (they seem to be the kind who would say innocently ‘let’s adopt this alien and see what the results are’ and still love the kid, in their own way). I’m gonna go with male for the time being, but I don’t have a particular preference here. Gimme a Spock-esque experience in my sci-fi story!

Those are the top five that come to mind for me, anyway. I could probably come up with more, but I’d rather not get carried away - I think filling the cast up with a dozen characters or more hampers their ability to develop and play a part in the story. I’d love more, but I’d rather keep the cast small.