him and rose just give me rose now

Running Errands

‘Mmmm…cabbage…cabbage…’ Qrow thought, searching for one of the many ingredients on Summer’s errand list at Patch’s farmer’s market.


“I’m so sorry to ask you to do this, baby, since you just got back last night, and if I could go by myself I would, but–”

“Short-Stack, calm down! Don’t worry! It’ll give me a good excuse to look for some maintenance supplies and dust cartridges for myself. Besides, you could use a break from the girls.” He winked, grabbing his wallet and shoving it into his back pocket.

“Thank you so much, Qrow. This way I can get things cleaned up and have the house in order! It really hasn’t been, since…” Summer trailed off, glancing over to Taiyang, and formerly Raven’s, door. Her eyelids heavily hung on her face, and Qrow could see dark circles starting to show on her face.

An ache grew in his heart, feeling the crushing absence of his twin sister. It had been three months, and his brother-in-law still refused to come out of his room, leaving Yang in the care of Qrow’s wife, Summer. Muddles, negative emotions began to fester in his chest. How Raven could just abandon poor, sweet Yang and her husband was beyond him. Matters were only made more stressful with Qrow and Summer’s own offspring, Ruby, coming into the world. He tried not to blame Tai, but when he entrusted his ‘Short-Stack’s safety into the blond huntsman’s hands, along with his tiny ‘Petal’, a sense of regret and hate resided in his chest. His family was in the hands of his depressed, recluse of a brother-in-law, and though he sympathized with him, had grown increasingly bitter towards him in the last few weeks.

Two children for a new mother was just too much to handle by herself, especially a ball of energy like Yang, and Summer’s frantic exhaustion was the evidence for it. Blinking back his hurt feelings and building anger, he simply stroked Summer’s head and allowed her silky hair to run along his palm. She moaned in response to his touch and leaned her head against his chest.

“Feels good…” She mewed, which elicited a chuckle to rumble against her head.

“Well, we will be back in a few hours. Clean the house, and then why don’t you relax? Take a nap.” He leaned in closer to her, voice growing husky and deep, “Then maybe we can share a warm, stress-relieving bath tonight.”

Summer whipped her head to meet illuminated, maroon eyes and a crooked smile; his crooked smile. Her cheeks flushed and a similar smirk laced her lips in response.


Planting a quick kiss against her soft lips, Qrow walked over to Ruby’s crib and picked up his sleepy, quiet daughter. Her feathery, thick hair brushed up against his neck, tickling him slightly. Qrow wondered if she would keep her feathery hair, a trait from her father, or if it would turn to silk like mommy.

“Yang,” Summer called. ‘Go with your uncle to help him with the errands, okay sweetie?’

A thunderous clap of feet against hardwood raced toward Summer. Turning the corner into Summer and Qrow’s bedroom, Yang jumped up and down to see her Uncle.

“WE GO OUT?” She hollered, excited to leave the house she had been cooped up in for the past week.

In unison, Summer and Qrow put a finger to their lips and shushed the loud child. Yang cupped her mouth in response. Qrow giggled at her, his adorable little firecracker of a niece, whose hair was as blonde as Tai’s and yet ever wild, like her mother’s. She was the best blend of the two.

“Yes, sweetie,” Qrow nodded, “you have to use your inside voices around Ruby, though, Yang. She’s sleeping right now.”

Yang nodded, mouth still covered by her hands. Together, the trio left the house, with Yang leading the way in a display of cartwheels, jumps, and “UNCW QWOW! WOOK! WOOK WUH I CAN DO!”


‘Ah, there it is.’ Final item on the grocery list done, Qrow heard a loud yawn come from his shins as he payed for Summer’s dinner ingredients. He turned to see his niece leaning up against a wooden beam that held the vegetable stand up.

“Tired, kiddo?”

A half-lidded, groggy face turned up to him, only yawning again in response. Shifting her weight, Yang threw herself against his leg, tugging on his pants.

“No more. No more walking. Sleepy.” The little three year old had done spectacular while on their outing, and Qrow knew that soon after the exhaustion would come a tantrum. Yang and tantrums usually caused major destruction, breaking and burning everything within a 5 mile radius.

Shuffling his bag, he leaned down to be level with Yang. “You’re doing great, Firecracker. We need to pick up just a few more items. How about I carry you and you can take a nap like Ruby?”  The infant SEW shifted in Qrow’s arms, nuzzling under his chin and seemingly trying to get even closer to her Dad. Yang eyed Ruby, starting to look jealous of all the attention she realized the little baby was getting, and furiously nodded her head.

“UP!” She bounced on her heels, and mid bounce, Qrow caught her. A giggle escaped the girls lips as she snuggled up against her uncles chest. Throwing her arms around his neck and wiggling her legs, she found a comfy position, and cued Qrow that he could pick his bag of food back up, and continue to shop.

Looking at his list, his legs began taking him towards the weapons shop. A few new gears and some dust cartridges would be coming home with him, along with some more dust ammunition for his wife.

Feeling both daughter and niece rub their faces against his neck, Qrow’s heart warmed, overjoyed and feeling very blessed for his tiny, perfect family.

I will color this sometime tomorrow. For right now, it is just a line art.

As always, Ruby clings to Daddy’s necklace. I haven’t done a piece with Ruby, Yang, and Qrow in a few weeks, so I hope you all enjoy this!

You are free to color this if you like. Just please give me credit.

every time i feel like life isn’t worth it anymore i just think about axl rose and all the times he could’ve given up on everything but he didnt… just knowing that he made it after all the trauma and shit he’s gone through gives me so much hope? look at him now, he looks so much happier and healthier than he did back then. i’m so happy that he’s here, he makes me feel so safe and calm and i love him so much

hell of a first date

Summary: It’s hard to top a first date that starts with meeting in the back of a police car.

Pairing: Twelve/Rose

Rating: K+ or light teen // Word Count: 876

Note #1: for the lovely @caedmonfaith​ on the occasion of her birth ♥ Happy birthday!! Have this little bit of ridiculousness :D

Note #2: based on a pair of prompts that can be found at the end of this ficlet and for the record i was picturing a young Capaldi here like… this because of reasons :)


“I demand to know what you’re charging me with. I was doing nothing illegal,” the man protested in a loud voice, Scottish accent prominent.

“You refused to move when asked,” the exasperated police officer answered.

Rose craned her neck to get a better view out the back window of the patrol car she was in. The officer who had picked her up had ahold of a man’s arm and was dragging him towards the car.

“Not illegal. You can’t arrest me.”

“I can bloody well do what I like. You were being a public nuisance.”

“I was just sitting there.”

“On the ground! In the middle of a busy train station!”

“Good place to think. The noise is excellent at drowning out the more annoying thoughts in my head.”

“Just get in the damn car. We can argue about it down at the station.”

“But I’ve done nothing!”

The door to the car slammed shut as he shouted that last bit and he huffed as he sat back against the seat.

“So then, did I hear right that they’re arresting you for sitting in the middle of the train station?” Rose asked brightly, turning to face her seatmate.

He startled, apparently not having realized there was someone else in the car as he’d been glaring out the window at the cop. “You’re naked,” he said.

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Mr. Styles

Y/N is a stylist who recently started dating the shops favorite client, Harry Styles. She’s not sure how to take his generosity but she knows how to take a few other things…

“Would you like any of these?” Harry nods towards the lingerie section of the shop, knowing damn good and well he already bought every single piece of silk, lace, and satin that they offered.

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agoddamnrayeofsunshine  asked:

I can't handle all the angst man, so like how about having a craft day for the Voltron family. Origami and flower crowns for everybody.

HAHHAHA Lately there has been less angst! WHICH IS GOOD!! Actually there isn’t any angst prompts left anymore in my inbox! *dances around* Though I know this was sent during the angst spree of The Voltron Family XD

Saturday afternoon, the whole family was out in the park. It was Hunk who requested it, so of course who was Keith to deny his lil baby such request? They were seated on a blanket on the grass. Little Pidge was sitting on Daddy Shiro’s lap while Hunk and Lance gathered some flowers from the park’s garden…

Shiro: *sees them* You’re not allowed to pick the flowers! *horrified*
Lance: *carrying the flowers* B-But everyone’s doing it, Daddy Shiro! Look! *points at the other children picking flowers*
Shiro: That doesn’t mean you need to follow them, Lance! Hunk, I expected better from you. 
Hunk: *pouts* I’m sorry. But the flowers are so pretty. I’m.. *teary eyed*
Keith: *places a hand on Shiro* Let them off, Shiro. They can’t exactly put the flowers back anymore now, can they? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *sighs* You’re right.
Keith: *waves at Lance and Hunk to sit down beside him* Might as well use those flowers for something. How about we make flower crowns?
Hunk and Lance: *lights up* FLOWER CROWNS??!!
Shiro: I think there are some wires in the car. *chuckles* Here, take Pidge. *hands Pidge to Keith* I’ll go get them.
Lance: *throws himself at Shiro* *kisses him* I love you.
Shiro: *chuckles* Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now let go of me, Captain. Or you won’t get your flower crowns.
Pidge: *turns to Keith* Can I make them too, Daddy Keith?
Keith: Of course you can, sweetheart.

When Shiro got back with the wires, he was in charge of cutting them, then reminding the kids to be careful not to hurt themselves with it. Keith started telling them how to make the crown. Pidge was back on Shiro’s lap and he was helping her make her own.

Pidge: *hands the flower to Shiro* Put this one next to the yellow one.
Shiro: *receives it* Okay. But it’s a bit too small, maybe if we put a lot of—
Lance: Hunk! That’s mine! You can’t get that flower! 
Hunk: What? But I picked this myself, Lance.
Lance: No you didn’t. You picked the roses, I picked the danlions. 
Keith: Dandelions.
Lance: What Daddy Keith said.
Keith: Why can’t you two just share? There are plenty of flowers for everyone.
Lance: *crosses arms* Okay. But share me your roses, too.
Hunk: *smiles* Of course, anything for you, Lance. *gives him flowers*
Keith: *glances at Shiro and Pidge*
Pidge: *struggling to put her flower crown on top of Shiro’s head* *giggles* There! All done now!
Shiro: *gasps* Oh my goodness. Do I look pretty now?
Pidge: *arms wide* The prettiest! *claps her hands together*
Shiro: *smiles and blushes* Thank you, cupcake.
Pidge: *giggles and gives her Daddy Shiro a peck*
Keith: *sneakily snaps a photo* *whispers to himself* So fricking precious.
Shiro: *turns to Keith* Did you just–
Keith: Yeah. *glares* What if I did? What’re you gonna, huh? *huffs*
Shiro: *laughs while shaking his head in disbelief*
Keith: *winks* I’ll send you a copy later.
Hunk: Daddy Keith can you help me tie this up? I’m done! *hands over his work to Keith*
Keith: Of course. *ties the thing for Hunk* Look how pretty this is. *tries to put it on top of Hunk’s head*
Hunk: *stops him* No! That’s for you! 
Keith: For me? *blinks in surprise*
Hunk: *nods* Yep! Put it on put it on! *is actually the one to put it on*
Keith: *embarrassed* H-How do I look?
Hunk and Shiro: Beautiful.
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Stop making fun of me, Shiro. You have one on top your head too. 
Shiro: *chuckles* I’m not even kidding! 
Lance: I’m done I’m done!!! *places his own crown on his head* *stands up and goes around to show his whole family* How. Do. I. Look? *blows kisses*
Shiro: Gorgeous. *smiles*
Hunk: The most gorgeous, Lance. 
Lance: *flips his imaginary long hair* Tell me more~

Suddenly they realized that most of the people in the park were staring at them. It made Keith uncomfortable until one little kid approached him.

Lil Boy: Can you help me make one, too? *points at Keith’s crown*
Keith: *nervous* *touches his crown* *looks at Shiro smiling at him* *looks back at the little boy* Of course. *pats the place next to him* Come sit.
Lil Boy: *beams* sits excitedly beside Keith* Thank you! I want daisies! 

Suddenly other kids from the park went to their place and began asking to teach them to make crowns as well. It overwhelmed Keith but Shiro was too busy taking photos. “Gotta document the husband doing something cute with the kids” XD

You’re No Good For Me

Originally posted by shoutwiththedevil

It was no secret that Axl had a bad temper. It was no secret that he could get violent. But he had never actually hit you and you never thought he would. Oh how wrong you were. 

You picked yourself off from the floor, holding your stinging cheek from where Axl slapped you. You looked up at the angered red head who seemed to not even notice what he had done. Slash stood behind you with wide eyes that were hidden behind his curls. He saw the anger boiling up inside you and grabbed your arm before you could do anything stupid. “It’s not worth it.” He whispered in your ear. Axl glared at the both of you one last time before storming off, mumbling to himself. 

You huffed and grabbed your cheek again, turning to face Slash. “C-Can I stay with you… just until he calms down?” You asked hesitantly. 

“Of course. You’re always welcome.” He assured you, wrapping an arm around you and walking out of yours and Axl’s (mainly Axl’s) house. 


It had been a week since the fight with Axl and you still hadn’t talked to him. You were kind of annoyed that he wasn’t making an effort, but then again, neither were you. You weren’t really sure who was at fault anymore. Hell, you couldn’t even remember what the fight was about. All you thought about was that he actually hit you. You had a similar temper and if roles had been reverse, you probably would have done the same. 

“Holy shit.” You heard Slash say from the living room while you were getting something to drink. 

“What?” You asked. 

“You better come see this.” He told you. 

You sighed and put your glass on the counter, walking out to him. “What?” You looked out the window and saw Axl standing by a limo, dressed in a white suit and holding a huge bouquet of roses. “Oh my god.” You whispered, going to the front door and walking outside. “What are you doing?” You asked Axl when you got to him. 

“I know none of this makes what I did okay, nothing ever will. But I love you Y/N. I can’t imagine my life without you. I should never have hit you, but if you give me a second chance, I promise I will never do it again and I will spend the rest of our lives making it up to you.” He told you.

“Axl… I really don’t know.” You said quietly, looking at the ground. “It’s not that you hit me, honestly I probably would have done the same, it’s just the way you looked after. Like I didn’t mean anything to you, like I was just some random who pissed you off.” 

“You mean everything to me. I regret everything I did and if I could, I would go back in time and fix everything. There’s nothing in this world that would make up for that but I’ll try my best.” He stepped closer and held out the roses to you. “Please, just give me one last chance?” 

You looked up, taking the roses from his hands and finding tears brimming in his magnificent green eyes. “Okay.” 

He looked back at Slash who nodded. You followed his gaze and gave Slash a questioning look. He gestured for you to look at Axl. When you did, you found him on one knee holding the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. Your heart skipped a beat. “I don’t deserve you but maybe I can work towards it. Will you let me?” 

Now your eyes clouded with tears and you smiled, nodding excitedly. “Yes, yes of course.” He stood and wrapped his arms around you. When he let go of you, he took your hand and slid the ring on. It was a perfect fit. 

The Lonely Blue Box
Author: atimelordswife
Country: USA
Team: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Event (rating): Conservative Curling
Words: 1,011
Summary: After saying goodbye to Jackie after the Battle of Canary Wharf, the Doctor learns a lesson.

Written for the 2014 New Who Fic Olympics.

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i have a theory for Lion after seeing Buddy’s book just now. but like. it might sound really weird and kinda gross. we just have to remember that although rose is human-shaped, she’s 100% alien. ok so here goes:

lion is steven’s brother.

it could make sense - rose created another gem hybrid. when you put it in context, it’s not more weird for her to mate with a lion than a human. the only difference being, she didn’t become half of lion and did not give him her gem. which threw me off at first, but then i remembered that there has been an official statement, i think it was by rebecca sugar herself, that Rose could’ve had steven without sacrificing herself.

so maybe that’s why she was chilling with seven regular lions. they are litterally her pack. i have to admit that this would be a really weird thing to explain to the target audience, which makes it less likely to be possible, but idk. to me it makes sense somehow! or maybe i’m just crazy haha


Nursey gives Dex flowers all the time. And Dex blushes so red. He gets embarrassed if they’re in public, and pretends to give out to Nursey, but Nursey knows he loves it.

Tuesday July 18 2017:

Rose: Ford’s going crazy

Jay: C-can I feel?

Rose: Sure??

Jay: Oh wow you’re right… he’s a wild one. *he smiles*

Rose: Yea… *she looks away* I’m giving him up for adoption.

Jay: Wait! What?

Rose: Jay, I’m trying so hard here. I’m trying not to love you. It hurts me more than you imagine but there are more important things now than my own feelings. Just stop sending me mixed signals. Stop looking at me the way that you do. Stop being this way… it just makes everything harder. How am I suppose to care for a baby when I can’t care for myself? You don’t really act the part of caring why so much interest?

Jay: Rose I fucked up okay? But don’t blame this baby. I shouldn’t have done this. I should have just stayed with you but Ivy was in a hard place and I guess things just happened.

Rose: “Things” don’t happen. *she begins to raise her voice* Why didn’t you leave me in high school? You could have caused a lot less suffering. But NO, you decided that you needed it all. Now I’m stuck here with this feeling.

Jay: If you want I’ll leave you alone, I don’t know what else I could possibly do Rose. You’re asking me to do the impossible.

Rose: You know what… please leave. I’m-I’m not feeling very *her water breaks*

Jay: Oh! OH!

Rose: What do you mean OH? Help me into the fucking car. I’M HAVING THE BABY!

Wishing on Stars: Prologue

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: M; NSFW
Warning: n/a
Summary: He wanted her to leave a mark. He wanted to be marked by her. He wanted to be marked as hers. He wanted to belong to her and he wanted her to belong to him. He wanted a lot of things in fact: her hand in his and cuddling together and sharing lazy kisses and her wearing his sweatshirts and-

But this was just a good shag between mates. That’s all it was.

Beta: The lovely hanluvr (aka Bria).

Next: -Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3-

Rose flopped down on his lumpy mattress and let out a long sigh. “I need to get laid.”

John didn’t bother to look up from where his eyes were focused on his textbook, but was unable to keep the frown from turning his lips downwards. Tonelessly, he said, “Then get laid.”

Rose pursed her lips. “S’not so easy, you know.” John wanted to disagree. He was positive there couldn’t possibly be a short supply of men who wouldn’t give an arm and a leg for a chance to shag Rose Tyler. 

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fic: the right answer

super late birthday fic for the always-brilliant tkross​ :D

They’ve been playing this game for weeks, now.

Neither of them acknowledge it out loud, of course. And actually, she doesn’t think that either of them are quite sure about the rules. But ever since Krop Tor, Rose has noticed a distinct increase in casual touching and flirting and, well, looking. 

She’s not opposed to this change - far from it. But - 

The Doctor seems reluctant to go very long without some form of contact, and though she privately admits that they both get a bit clingy, now and then, after a close call, lately it’s been getting ridiculous. To be fair, their close call with Satan has probably been their closest so far, and it’s not that Rose isn’t grateful that he wants to sit next to her and stand next to her nearly every second of the day, but she’s maybe getting a little bit confused as to why it stops there.

She’s not sure how far he intends this to go. And sometimes, she’d just like to know, really. Whether at some point he’ll be sleeping next to her, too.

Which, again - not opposed to. Definitely not.

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Anonymous asked: I am dying for a fanfiction where dean asks cas out every day, and cas keeps saying no (highschool). thanks


All of Castiel’s beloved classmates were smirking impishly at him as he entered the classroom just in time for his first class of the day; English. At first he wondered if maybe he had some toothpaste on his face, or if he was perhaps wearing his sweater backwards. Soon enough, he found out that those weren’t the reasons why they were staring at him with smug faces…

Castiel gasped as he slid into his seat and noticed the blackboard. Large white letters spelled out the words that caused all of Castiel’s fellow students to curiously eye him.  

‘Castiel Novak, please go out with me. Dean Winchester.’

Face turning bright red, Castiel proceeded to hide his head in his hands. Apparently Dean was not planning on giving up so easily…

During the past three weeks, Dean had asked Castiel out almost every single day. Castiel had rejected him over and over again, but Dean proved to be rather persistent.

It wasn’t that Castiel wasn’t attracted to the guy; quite the opposite. Dean was beautiful, and charming, and clever. The problem wasn’t that Castiel didn’t like Dean, the problem was that Dean liked everyone. He flirted with anything that moved, and Castiel was not at all interested in being one of Dean’s many flings.

When Dean entered the classroom and came to a stop at where Castiel was sitting, winking down at Castiel and making his stomach flip, Castiel stubbornly shook his head.

“I said no, Dean.” He muttered, narrowing his eyes.

Dean looked disappointed but shrugged, didn’t push Castiel any further; he never did. He simply asked once a day, but otherwise he let Castiel be.

Castiel sighed, sinking lower in his chair. It was going to be a long week…

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So the week of Sardonyx is over and the Crewniverse beat me to the punch with Garnet approaching Pearl about her recent actions (previous to the lying to form sardonyx. I couldn’t predict that)

I was gonna go all out and make it an awesome wall of sound but seeing as this song is now superfluous, I just did a quick one take demo, seeing as I HAD finished writing it…


Old friend, I know you’re hurting
You can’t pretend that this is working
I can see it in your eyes, your smiles are masking cries
And your voice breaks when your strength wavers.

I know that you’ve been trying
To disagree; that would be lying
But the thing that Steven needs is not the same as you or me
Didn’t Rose love that earth is full of different flavours?

I can see her in his face too
Maybe we should do like humans do;
And take it a day at a time
We’ve made it this far; I’m sure we’ll be just fine.

Old friend, how do you do it?
How do you pretend there’s nothing to it?
I know you’re not alone, but out of everyone I’ve known
You’re the only one who lives so freely

You have seen as much as I have
And we have been to limbo and back

But Rose, she was my rock, now I’ve forgotten how to walk
Without her absence in my steps

I can see her in his face
And it makes me feel so out of place
It makes me just want to go home
But Rose is the only home I’ve ever known

*spoken* I know it’s easy for you to say things that you don’t really mean when you feel this way. But can you honestly say that if you could bring Rose back, that you would give everything up that you have now?

*spoken* I… I couldn’t… I… I wouldn’t!

Doesn’t that boy have so much about him?

It’s hard to believe he’s only half gem

But ain’t it a shame that that’s the thing that makes us doubt him?
When after all, he brought us closer
To them (gems or humans idk it’s up to you)
And that’s something not even Rose could do

Yes I… I suppose that’s true…

*spoken* Garnet… What do I do now?

Just take it easy
And know that we’re on your side;
These things take time

Ooooh, you know,
He has never felt her touch,
But ooooh
I have never known one love so much…

And that is because of you.
And me, and Greg,
And Amethyst too
And that’s what Steven has the power to do, the power to do

Yes, I know that’s true.

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things i would prefer from big finish than everything they’re doing right now:
  • river adventures without involving the doctor holy fuck what a concept it’s like the lady can’t do anything without somehow him appearing
  • rtd who adventures with all the companions and doctors–come on give me more nine/rose/jack, give me more ten/rose, more ten/martha, not just ten/donna–who are a great team but not the only great team
  • pete’s world stories approved by rtd tyvm
  • maybe a story about how rose traversed the dimensions to get back to the doctor, idk sounds like something that would interest a shitton of people
  • martha and mickey meet up with any doctor i mean come on it’s begging to be done
  • if you need to go off of shitty moffat ideas then for god’s sake amy and rory solving mysteries of a supernatural kind in the 30′s and 40′s
  • please
  • stop
  • with
  • the
  • shitty
  • ideas

thereisnothingwrongwithbeingmad  asked:

NinexRose - “i got cursed and turned into an animal and taken to the shelter and ended up getting adopted by someone who is really hot OH NO” AU or “my best friend got turned into a frog and now i’m being the best wingman/woman/person ever by carrying them around to bars and getting hot people to kiss them in hopes of hooking them up with their true love” AU. Whichever the muse likes better.

It wasn’t technically unheard of for something like it to happen- everyone had hear of it, after all, back when their parents or grandparents were kids- but it wasn’t the sort of thing that happened anymore.  After all, the last of the wicked witches and evil fairies, and wicked stepmothers had been vanquished ages back.  They’d even gotten rid of the monarchy, so there weren’t any princesses to kidnap or kings to enslave.  Mostly everyone just used magic for normal stuff- heating lunches when the breakroom microwave was on the fritz or keeping street lamps from burning out every time a vampire walked by them.  And while your grandmother might complain that things had been so much better in her day, you couldn’t really deny that the number of wolves eating little girls was way down.

It wasn’t outside the realm of possibility though…

Neuf (the ninth child of a woman who lived in a shoe and had so many children… well, you know the rest.  She’d named them all after their birth order to keep them straight) sat down at his usual seat at the local tavern and set the frog on the bar next to him.

“No amphibians on the bar unless you want me to pop them into the stew,” Rose, the owner, said.

In the old days, Rose might have been a lost princess or a dragon’s ward, but these days she just ran a clean pub for the local misfits and used a bit of magic to keep the weathered wood of the bar and tables from getting sticky.

“It’s Jack,” Neuf said, nodding at the frog.

“What’s Jack?” Rose asked.

“The frog.”

Rose frowned at him.  “Neuf, sweetheart, nobody turns people into frogs anymore.  It’s bad taste.”

He rolled his eyes.  “When has bad taste ever stopped Jack?  He did it to himself.”

“Did what to himself?”

“Turned himself into a frog.”

Rose blinked in confusion.  “Why would he do that?”

Neuf shrugged.  “I don’t speak frog.  Best I can tell, he was trying to cast a spell to find his true love.”

That made Rose sigh in pleasure.  “Aww, that’s sweet.  Like the old stories.  I suppose a princess’ll have to kiss him, will they?  Or… well… it’s Jack, so maybe a prince.”

“That kind of business is camp, Rose, not sweet.“

“Where’d he even find a spell like that, eh?  No one does that kind of thing anymore.”

Neuf blushed.  “One of my books.”

Rose’s eyes widened.  “You?  Mr. ‘polish the glasses yourself, Rose’?”

It was true- Neuf was known for being very anti-magic.  He regularly espoused the virtues of “elbow grease” when Rose snapped her fingers to make the glassware sparkle.  She usually rolled her eyes and ignored him.

“What did you have it for then?  Looking for your own true love?”  Rose leaned forward to give her friend a peek down her bodice (if he wanted it) and a flirtatious smile that had her tongue caught in the corner of it.

Neuf’s ears went even redder.  “Of course not,” he said gruffly.  “Don’t believe in that stuff, me.”

That caught Rose by surprise.  “You don’t believe in true love?”

Even if the witches and wolves were gone, their world was built on the basis of true love.  To not believe in it was like… not believing in sunsets or snow.

“No, it’s not that I don’t believe in true love, I do.”  His blue eyes met hers as he said this last, and Rose shivered at the intensity there.  “But you can’t find it by magic.”

“Well, it looks like Jack is going to have to try,” Rose said.

The frog had climbed the side of Neuf’s tankard and dropped into the ale there.  The tankard was now only half full and the frog was swimming in circles.  Rose reached in and plucked the creature out, setting him on the bar.

“Shouldn’t you two be out there trying to find him or her then?” Rose asked as the little green frog staggered across the top of the bar, leaving slime and beer behind.  “You’re not going to finish that drink, are you?”

“God no, throw it out.  Jack’ll owe me once he’s back.  And I brought him here ‘cause I figured you could help.”

"I’ve been single the entire time you’ve known me.  What gives you the idea I know anything at all about finding true love?” Rose asked, annoyed.

“Well… you seemed the most likely candidate to be Jack’s true love.”

Rose stared at him with her mouth open for a moment.  “What!?” she finally managed to get out.

Neuf shrugged.  “I mean, look at the pair of you.  You look exactly like the ones in the old stories- beautiful blonde maiden-” he ignored Rose’s sarcastic snort, “and handsome blue-eyed prince.  Match made in storybook heaven, right?”

“I am not Jack’s true love,” Rose said, flatly.

“What makes you so sure?”

Now it was Rose’s turn to blush.  “I just know, okay.  Jack and me are friends, got it?  Nothing more.”

“Oh come on and give it a try, I can’t keep a frog as a roommate, he can’t pay rent!  Just one kiss.”

Rose scowled.  “I’m not putting my mouth on that filthy thing.”

The frog suddenly jumped up and down like an excited puppy.  Any doubts Rose might have had to the creature’s identity before vanished.  It was Jack, and he’d just thought of a filthy joke about her poorly phrased objections.

“Come on, Rose, why won’t you try?” Neuf wheedled.  “You and Jack always dance together and you’re close.  Would it be so bad to be his true love?”

Finally Rose exploded.  “I already know who my true love is, Neuf, and it’s not Jack bloody Harkness!”

That made him sit back.  “You… you do?  Is it Mickey?” he asked, thinking of the one ex he could remember her ever having spoken about.

“God no.  My true love is too bloody daft to have even noticed me.”

Neuf blinked.  The idea of Rose Tyler’s love being unrequited was beyond foreign to him- he’d been mad for her since first he’d walked into her pub.  It was why he’d brought Jack by today- to ensure that she was happy, and would stay in his life, even if she wasn’t with him.

“Who’s your true love, Rose?” he asked, quietly, leaning forward on the bar.

Rose looked supremely unhappy.  “You can’t just tell your true love that kind of thing, can you?  It doesn’t work that way.”

It took Neuf several seconds to work out what she had said, and what it meant.  “Me?  I’m your true love?” he whispered.

Rose wouldn’t look at him, and that seemed to answer his question.

“Rose,” he whispered.  Suddenly he leaned across the bar and, taking her head in his hand, kissed her with twice the love he thought his heart could hold.

“It worked!” came a loud, cheerful voice from beside them.

Rose and Neuf broke apart to see Jack Harkness stretched at length on the bar, completely naked.

“Get your arse off my bar,” Rose said without surprise.  “I have no idea where it’s been.”

Neuf, displaying significantly less sangfroid just stared with his mouth open.

Jack took pity on his old friend and, once he’d swung his legs down off the bar, patted him on the shoulder.

“It was a spell for finding true love.  Not necessarily my true love, silly!”

Give me a pairing and a prompt and I’ll write you a short fic!

A Place For Us To Dream || Midnight

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (57/65)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!

Special Note: This chapter – along with the the previous one and the next one – is dedicated to badwolfrun. MK, you’ve been an unending source of support and inspiration while I’ve been working my way through this story, and the lengths you go to review it and make sure I know how much you love it are honestly the only thing that keep me posting sometimes. Thank you <3

I hope I do your favorite episode justice.

Everyone screamed as the shuttle rocked from side to side, sending them all flying. It was a few moments before everything settled and the lights flickered out.

Ooooow, Rose groaned inwardly.

My Wolf?

I’m alright.

Rose picked herself up as everyone else did the same, checking themselves over. “Everybody okay?” She asked, rubbing her neck.

“Earthquakes,” Hobbes rationalized.

“But that’s impossible,” Dee Dee protested. “The ground is fixed. It’s solid.”

“We’ve got torches,” the Hostess called as she fished one out. “Everyone take a torch. They’re in the back of the seats.”

“Oh Jethro,” Val said, going for her son. “Sweetheart, come here.”

“Never mind me.” Jethro held up his torch, pointing it toward the front of the bus. “What about her?”

They all turned to see Sky hunched up among the remains of the front row, which had been ripped out of the floor.

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For Your Pleasure

Pairing: Ten/Rose 
Rating: M
Warning: n/a
Summary: “Well, geez, did you want me to wave a bloody sign around saying, I want to have sex with you?” “That would have been helpful!”

Notes: I’ve reached a follower milestone so this fic is a special thank you to all the people who follow me. You are all so wonderful and I appreciate every single one of you. Enjoy~

The Doctor watches Rose out of the corner of his eye as she wrings out her hair, tiny droplets of liquid plinking onto the grating of the console room floor. Her clothes are completely soaked through, the viscous, sludgy substance clinging to her like a second skin.

She’s frowning which is very much not good. Frowning and limping and dripping the gooey rain water of Dreterin all over as she takes slow and measured steps towards the hallway. She’s also determinedly not looking his way. He feels his fingers twitch by his side.

“Uh, are you alright, Rose?” he asks meekly.

“Dandy.” The word is spoken in a flat tone and she still doesn’t turn his way.

“It’s just…you’re limping. Did you hurt you’re ankle?”

“Twisted it, yeah. Bloody rock.”

“Would you like me to look at it?” He scratches the back of his neck. “In the med bay? I’m sure I have something that’ll stop it from smarting.”

Rose finally turns to give him a weary look, the bags under her eyes seeming more pronounced then ever. “Honestly, all I want right now is a hot shower.”

“Okay,” he says, a bit reluctantly. “I suppose I should as well.” He plucks at his own drenched suit, grimacing. “Afterwards maybe…if it’s still bugging you that is, you’ll let me treat it in the med bay? I’d have it fixed in a jiffy.” He tries to hide the mounting desperation in his voice, but he’s unsure how successful he is.

“Sure thing.” But the words lack her usual warmth and the Doctor feels his eyebrows drawing together in concern. Before he can ask, however, she’s already limping her way down the hallway. He closes his mouth with a sigh.

Ruffling a hand through his hair, he makes his way to his own en-suite, rinsing off in the shower quickly before donning a new, clean suit. When he’s made his way back to the console room, he’s disappointed to find that Rose isn’t back yet. He idly flips switches and turns knobs as he waits for her, thinking about places he could take her. The great barrier reef or a planet covered in reefs?

Better make it the planet, he decides, as he remembers the look on Rose’s face.

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Original Imagine: Imagine cooking dinner for house party. Damon come a hour before that to help with cooking and it ends in that, that he tells you, that he loves you. And when it looked like you two are going to make out, come other guest that wasn´t waiting next the door

Author: ♪ Bere ♫

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1054

Warnings: Reaaaly sweet and cute Damon – sometimes funny Damon, maybe some beginners mistakes :) and the biggest warning – my first imagine to this page and first with TVD…

You were making spaghetti for party, that will be at your house. It´s you birthday and this day you will have a little party for few friends and next friday you will at the party to Mystic Grill. Elena and Caroline makes it, but you are acting like you don´t know it.

Dresses in grey sweatpants and white tank with your hair tied up in a ponytail you were standing in a kitchen. Cake was ready in the fridge, but now, maybe one hour before guests come you start to cooking. You just set up all ingredients when someone knock at the door. You go to the door and open it. You smiled for yourself and wondered how can he looks so good everytime you see him.

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