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Thoughts on POTC5

Not that anyone cares, but I’m very conflicted about how to feel with the new Pirates movie. Spoilers ahead, obviously. Overall, the plot was cool, I really liked the villains, and the stunts and special effects were incredible. But one thing is bothering me so much that I really can’t overlook it, even in light of all the super cool features I just mentioned.

They undid Jack Sparrow’s entire origin story??

Like, I get that this isn’t a big deal for people who aren’t massive fans like I am, but the reason I love Jack Sparrow so much is that he is the definition of chaotic good. Jack Sparrow became a pirate because he refused to carry slaves on the cargo ship the Wicked Wench, and so as punishment, he was chained to the ship as it was lit aflame, and left to die (which is when he made a deal with Davy Jones to resurrect the Wench and turn it into the Black Pearl). 

In the flash-back seen between Salazar and Sparrow, there is a purposeful shot revealing that the ship Jack is on is, in fact, the Wicked Wench. However, it is clear that he is not in charge of this ship (until the captain dies, of course). At first, I was thinking this was pre- East India Trading Co. Era, but in the middle of the scene, Jack hoists a pirate flag on the ship. So now, apparently, the Wicked Wench was always a pirate ship? I mean, this can’t have been post-slave incident, because after that the ship became the Pearl. 

So, essentially, the script writers just…skips over that narrative, I guess? Not to mention that in this movie, Jack gets his compass from some random ass dude, when it was canonically mentioned in the second movie that he got the compass from a barter with Tia Dalma…

And you know what? It pisses me the fuck off. Jack Sparrow isn’t some “accidental” pirate who just so happens to inherit a compass. He was a purposeful, decisive young man who took a stand against a system he knew was wrong, and died for his beliefs. He may be spineless and cunning at times, but he does have a heart. He literally laid down his life for those slaves, and its a damn shame that we don’t get to officially see that.

Now, I’m not saying that this movie completely erases that narrative; this flash-back might somehow weirdly fit in the given timeline, but the fact that it wasn’t properly explained or explored is just shitty. What they essentially do is, they give the super-nerds, people who love this universe, a small glimpse at this origin, but then leave it up to the audience to either decide that this new information replaces the canon story we’ve been told before, or they must figure out some odd way to fit it into the story we’ve been told with The Price of Freedom. Either way, it’s just thrown in there. I would have totally been fine with the scene if they weren’t on the Wicked Wench. Like, if they were on just a regular ship, I’d totally believe everything. But no, the scene takes place on a ship that will later become the infamous Black Pearl, and you’re telling me it was a pirate vessel from the beginning? Bullshit. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t see the movie. Please, go see the movie. It’s a great movie! Johnny Depp is such a great man and I was so incredibly thrilled to see him on screen reprising one of his best roles. Go and make your own judgements for yourself. Just know that Jack Sparrow has much more depth than what we’re given in this movie.

June 20, 2017 - the day that my dream came true.

I’ve been a fan of Johnny Depp since Public Enemies for his ability of acting and showing emotions through his eyes. I then become his fans for his kindness, his caring, his sense of humor, his skill to explain a deep feeling into words that no one can’t, the way he treat his fans with respect and love. He became my inspiration- he has been my biggest inspiration ever since.

I was saving my money in a hope that someday I can use it for a trip to encounter him.

I’ve heard he told his fans in Shanghai where the POTC5 world premiere was held, as well as his fans in Paris that he’s gonna promote it in Japan next month. Without any confirmation from the studio nor anyone else …. I booked my flight to Japan. (I live in Thailand) I booked my room to stay in Japan. I prepared everything as if I was sure he’s gonna be there.

I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the confirmation. Than around June 10-12, Japanese media confirmed that he will be there. But how could I be sure that i’m gonna meet him? Nothing can confirm that. Japan premiere is unlike other premieres. It’s very hard to attend it. You have to sign in an application and wish you could get the ticket.  And one more thing, people who have the right to take an application must have an address in Japan. I asked everyone I know who lives in Japan to apply it for me. But no one was lucky enough to get the ticket.

Desperately, I asked Johnny team, explained to them about everything, about how it’s my only chance, about how much effort I put into this… his team contacted Japanese staffs for me, Japanese staffs contacted me, and they gave me the ticket. I don’t know how can I thank them enough. It’s everything I ever needed.

June 19, we were informed that Johnny will arrived at Haneda airport around 9:30 PM - 10 PM, so we went to the airport since around 4 PM. We were standing waiting for him like many hours, the airport security didn’t let us sit! It was very exhausting. 10 PM…. he hadn’t arrived yet. 11 PM…. 12 AM… 1AM.

Johnny finally arrived at 1AM, he walked towards me, he was standing in front of me asking for Jerry’s permission if he could sign anything for his fans. ‘No’, Jerry said. The disappointed Johnny then walked away. I was very happy that I could get so near to him. But also sad that I couldn’t even say a word to him.


June 20, ‘this is the day’, I thought. I woke up earlier, very excited to go to the premiere. We were the first group that could go into the premiere after the press. I found the best position and waiting for him there. He was the last person to go on the stage. Then he walked down the stairs and walked the red carpet signing autograph to his fans. Luckily, it’s very limited and small premiere, so I knew for sure that I would finally get his autograph.

He walked along the line until he got near us, and then Jerry pulled him to the other side for an interview. I was like ‘wth!?!’. He went far and far away from us. So I was so worried he would never come back here. I asked Jerry if he would come back. Jerry promised that he would.

Finally, the time had come. He walked back and started signing an autograph again. He was like a few metres away from me. Then when he saw the painting (which I painted it myself and brought it for him to sign), He looked so stunned, starred at it and said ‘Wow!!!’. He asked me something like ‘ did you draw this?’. I said yes. He kept starring at it and signed it ( at the point, he held my hand and I didn’t know that at all until I saw the video. omg.) and then I said ‘Johnny, I come from Thailand, may I have a hug?’…. ‘REALLY????’, he said, looked at me in the eyes, he bend his head towards me, touched my shoulder and kept starring at me with his big brown eyes like asfdajdkgladjak;sfak;fjaksdJSKD;, can you just stop doing that i’m gonna die? lol…

but before he or I could say/do anything, Jerry pushed him away, and he was like pointing at Jerry and stumble like ‘But he… he…… he……’ 

But that was enough. I think being starred by him was even better than a hug. It’s like he really cared what I wanna say to him. He knew that I will cherish this moment forever and he made it to be the best moment for me as much as he could. It’s like the time was stopped and there was no one else but him and me.

And he liked my painting!!!! OMG. I always like painting and drawing, but my works are rarely get praised by anyone. I mean they were all like ‘you’re pretty good at drawing’, but no one ever acted like him when they saw my works.

And when he walked away, and I could finally remind myself that it really happened, that he liked my painting, that he looked at me like that. I was crying. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I really wish he know how much it means to me.

He is literally the best thing that ever happened to me.

Every time I log in, tumblr -for some peculiar reason- has to promote to me a confession blog post or another confession blog post. And quite frankly I’m tired of blocking them.

Three things over the latest confession in long line of the same ridiculous confessions that tumblr forced on me prompted this post.

1. I don’t understand how  Johnny Depp went from the hottest man in HW to “ehhhh he’s so ugly” in one year. It’s tightly connected to 2. But how much of a crime is it to not be beautiful? Seriously (even if I don’t agree with it) when did it become a crime to grow old and look your age?

2. The abuse accusations that were never proved, never went to court, he was never charged, police found no evidence of this so called abuse. I know it’s trendy to make someone the face of whatever is evil, but in this case it doesn’t commute because of the lies from Heard’s side. Just look a little closer and you’ll be surprised by all her lies. It’s actually scary that anyone still believes her unquestionably.

3. Johnny Depp is one of the best actors working. Just because he’s too old for you, or you feel too ashamed to masturbate thinking of him doesn’t make him a bad actor. I feel as if we’ve reached an age in which everyone parrots the same things again and again, and they think if they repeat them long enough they will become truth. Lies are lies. Opinions are opinions. And just because you don’t like Johnny Depp any longer doesn’t mean your current favourite “boy toy” (because that’s how social media treat their favourites) is a better actor.


“Winona Forever” tattoo - quotes

- I remember thinking about it 3 months after I met her. I knew she was the one. That night, I told my mom about it, she cried. My sisters cried. My niece cried, I think. The guys thought it was cool. So I went out 5 months later, took Noni with me and that’s pretty much it - Johnny

- I thought it was so cool. Like, I never knew a guy who would ever do that for me. He looked like he enjoyed it. I started crying, Johnny was trying not to scream. He was laughing, even Mike got a little emotional. I just couldn’t stop thanking him for it. But I gave him a bigger thank you when we got home that night! - Winona

- I was thrilled when he got the tattoo. Wouldn’t any woman be ? - Winona

- She was saying, `I’d never seen anyone get a tattoo before, so I was pretty squeamish I guess.’ Depp chuckled and said, `She kept taking the bandage off and staring at it afterwards.

- Depp told me he plans to have his tattoos pickled after his death as keepsakes for his & Winona’s children. - Interview Man

- Q: Do you ever think about Johnny’s tattoo?
A: Yeah.
Q: When you were breaking up, did you think about the tattoo?
A: Yes.
Q: Well, now that you’re thinking about the tattoo…
A: What do you want me to say? It’s like “It’s there. Oh, well”. If I hated him, I’d probably say something mean. I’m still in love with him, so what can I say. He’s a great guy, but I try not to think about it. - Winona - March 1994


- Holy shit?? Holy shit it was everything I wanted and more
- I was scared the wizarding world would be ruined for me if this sucked but oh my god it just made me love it even more
- credence my poor bby I loved him so much T_T 
- Colin Farrell as Graves was SO GOOD
- Johnny Depp was ew af but is only in the movie for 5 seconds but I’d have rather not had him in it
- There were several moments in this movie that gave me goosebumps and several times I was almost in tears purely because I have wanted this for SO LONG.
- I was wondering how they’d make a muggle one of the leads but Jacob ended up being one of my favourite characters. 
- Queenie was adorable as FUCK I loved her and want to be her best friend
- The music was perfect, the action was perfect EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GODDAMN MOVIE WAS PERFECT.

anonymous asked:

hi, do you have any good recommendations/inspirstions for men's 90's fashion? 👀 i adore your blog btw, keep up the great work!! 😌💕

hi! thank you  😚 😚 💋

Mostly actors from the 90s tbh…I can post more men’s style too if you want!

My fave 90s boys/men are definitely River Phoenix (I love him!!!), Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. Not very unpredictable I know! But they had the best style imo & they all shared the love for long hair! If you want to look like a 90s boy let your hair grow! 

River was always wearing either plaid or floral shirts and he only wore thrift store stuff..the 90s were pretty much unisex, whatever worked for boys worked for girls too (the way it should actually be, am i right?)

brad pitt wore amazing clothes tbh…he looked like he honestly didn’t give a fuck at all when he lowkey did (different to river, who genuinely didn’t give a fuck lol)

especially early 90s brad was amazing (and btw he dated so many different people??? he’s always with someone else on pics from the 90s lmao)

and johnny…what can anyone say about 90s johnny?? it’s hard to choose a picture bc he looks so good on every single one of them

but you know who could also serve as an inspiration for a 90s look but in a neo-90s sorta way? harry styles dresses a lot like a mix between the three above, even the hair and the floral shirts! i’ve seen pictures where he looked a lot like river phoenix!

I’ll post more men’s fashion, i promise! xx


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I love this moment so, so much, and let me tell you why.

Johnny Depp and his best friend Bruce Witkin have been playing in bands together since they were like 16 years old. And through the path their lives took them on, they ended up in a room with Paul McCartney, one of their biggest childhood idols, watching him play their guitar, hanging out and jamming with him. And they were totally geeking out. In the bottom gifs, they just have this moment of ‘…Holy shit, John!!!!!!’ ‘Holy shit, Bruce!!!!!’ ‘Can you believe this????!!!!’

Obviously Johnny became a huge star in his own right, and Bruce has been with him every step of the way, but this just shows that they’re still those two little punks from South Florida, jamming in their garage geeking out over their musical heroes ♥♥♥

We Got Married; Minyul Edition.

His nerves were practically through the roof today, his palms sweaty as he wiped them against his jeans. Eyes darting back and forth between his phone and the door of the sushi restaurant they chose to have the newlywed couple meet up at. The worst part of being on a reality show was the fact that no matter how scripted it was, it was so easy to tell how you were really feeling. And, in Minho’s case? He was pretty much an open book when showcasing how he really felt.

With a quiet sigh he reached a hand into his pocket to pull out a piece of paper that gave him his clue as to who his wife would be. Eyes scanning it, re-reading it over and over again, doing his best to process the information in his mind. Why were these always so vague? It was almost always impossible to figure it out.

A picture of the black pearl from that one movie with Johnny Depp in it? Was this some kind of trick question, because it most definitely had to be. There was no way it would be Kwon Yuri. They wouldn’t have been so obvious with their clue. Or, maybe they did it on purpose because the producers knew he would think too much into it and completely confuse himself. Folding the picture and stuffing it back into his pocket, hearing the bell on the door ringing to indicate someone had entered.

Lifting his head up to stare at the entrance, his heart speeding up quite rapidly at the thought that his wife could be walking through that at this very moment. If only there wasn’t some dumb wall where the booths were placed at blocking his view of anyone who walked in.


“When we were on set of Edward, they shared a trailer. Sometimes they wouldn’t come out. I got kind of worried because I didn’t wanna walk in there and see something I didn’t wanna see! But what I heard from people near the trailer, they were just doing boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Ok, what’s that? I’m 37! I don’t know that stuff! But you know, Johnny is a sicko and he’ll tell you anything that him & Winona do, so yeah. Not that I over heard or anything (rolls eyes)”

- Tim Burton (May 1991)


So yesterday was the Black Mass Premiere and I had the one of the best premiere experiences by far with one of my utmost favourite actors; Johnny Depp. I was extremely lucky whilst he was signing to get a few moments with him and tell him just must I love his films and him in everything and he was so flattered and humble the whole time and thought we were mad for camping for him but touched all the same. He said some extrmely kind things to me that really meant a lot to me and despite the madness of the premiere just really made the effort to spend those moments with me and he even rubbed my shoudler twice, overall this entire experience was just so overwelming and made me cry tears of joy. I was very lucky to have a friend of mine capture the moment on camera for me so I can always treasure It. p>

So it went a little like this :
Me : johnny you are such an inspiration to me
Me: I camped out since yesterday morning so I could see you
Johnny : ahaha, you are mad
*touches my shoulder*
Me: you are my inspiration and I love your movies
Johnny: * touches shoulder * you are my inpairation * smiling at me *