him and johnny depp were the best


- Holy shit?? Holy shit it was everything I wanted and more
- I was scared the wizarding world would be ruined for me if this sucked but oh my god it just made me love it even more
- credence my poor bby I loved him so much T_T 
- Colin Farrell as Graves was SO GOOD
- Johnny Depp was ew af but is only in the movie for 5 seconds but I’d have rather not had him in it
- There were several moments in this movie that gave me goosebumps and several times I was almost in tears purely because I have wanted this for SO LONG.
- I was wondering how they’d make a muggle one of the leads but Jacob ended up being one of my favourite characters. 
- Queenie was adorable as FUCK I loved her and want to be her best friend
- The music was perfect, the action was perfect EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GODDAMN MOVIE WAS PERFECT.


“When we were on set of Edward, they shared a trailer. Sometimes they wouldn’t come out. I got kind of worried because I didn’t wanna walk in there and see something I didn’t wanna see! But what I heard from people near the trailer, they were just doing boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Ok, what’s that? I’m 37! I don’t know that stuff! But you know, Johnny is a sicko and he’ll tell you anything that him & Winona do, so yeah. Not that I over heard or anything (rolls eyes)”

- Tim Burton (May 1991)


I love this moment so, so much, and let me tell you why.

Johnny Depp and his best friend Bruce Witkin have been playing in bands together since they were like 16 years old. And through the path their lives took them on, they ended up in a room with Paul McCartney, one of their biggest childhood idols, watching him play their guitar, hanging out and jamming with him. And they were totally geeking out. In the bottom gifs, they just have this moment of ‘…Holy shit, John!!!!!!’ ‘Holy shit, Bruce!!!!!’ ‘Can you believe this????!!!!’

Obviously Johnny became a huge star in his own right, and Bruce has been with him every step of the way, but this just shows that they’re still those two little punks from South Florida, jamming in their garage geeking out over their musical heroes ♥♥♥

Amber Heard says her Husband abused her and has a witness, her best friend and neighbor. 
And i can understand that you do not want to believe johnny’s friends cause they weren’t there, but to not believe the bodyguards and the police who said that there were no bruises or broken glass and that Amber Abused him, is weird.
Your excuse is now “oh he destroyed hotel rooms before, he is so violent he must me an abuser!” Even though he never hit one of his Girlfriends before


And now you are saying “That was so long ago, that doesn’t count anymore”
Really? why do you keep bringing up Johnny Depp’s Violent behavior then?

Now i am not saying that he didn’t do it and i do not defend him, i am just arguing with YOUR OWN arguments.


So yesterday was the Black Mass Premiere and I had the one of the best premiere experiences by far with one of my utmost favourite actors; Johnny Depp. I was extremely lucky whilst he was signing to get a few moments with him and tell him just must I love his films and him in everything and he was so flattered and humble the whole time and thought we were mad for camping for him but touched all the same. He said some extrmely kind things to me that really meant a lot to me and despite the madness of the premiere just really made the effort to spend those moments with me and he even rubbed my shoudler twice, overall this entire experience was just so overwelming and made me cry tears of joy. I was very lucky to have a friend of mine capture the moment on camera for me so I can always treasure It. p>

So it went a little like this :
Me : johnny you are such an inspiration to me
Me: I camped out since yesterday morning so I could see you
Johnny : ahaha, you are mad
*touches my shoulder*
Me: you are my inspiration and I love your movies
Johnny: * touches shoulder * you are my inpairation * smiling at me *