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I’m sad and there’s not enough hanahaki and Gabriel Reyes fanfiction out there. This is an idea I want to expand upon someday but right now this is the only thing that would come out from my fingers.

Talon team bonding over Amélie taking care of flowers, kind of (Amélie/Gérard and Reaper76 implied).

Widowmaker remembered Gerárd Lacroix coughing lily petals before he died. 

When she remembered how much she loved him, how much she would always love him, it was too late.

Amélie left lilies at Gerárd’s grave whenever she could.

When they, Talon, stole Gabriel Reyes’ corpse they found dead roses in his lungs.

Black, withered, dry.

The flower were thrown away and Amélie picked them up before they could notice. Before she herself could really notice what she was doing.


Years later, Amélie found herself watering a garden of blue roses, behind an abandoned house in Paris.

Sombra helped her from time to time, always suggesting to bring Gabe to admire how beautiful it looked.

Would he remember?

Would he care?


Reaper remembered feeling whole once upon a time.

Whenever he left blue roses, directly from Amélie’s garden, at Jack Morrison’s grave, he swore he felt like Gabriel again.

knb rakuzan headcanons (req.)

REQUESTED: RAKUZAN HEADCANONS // DEALING WITH WIFE’S PREGNANCY [Check out the first part of this headcanon request: Rakuzan Wedding Headcanons]

Lately, I’ve been on a Rakuzan rampage


  • Originally, he wanted to get her a full-time nurse but because she declined, he spends a lot of time off work and always asks close friends to check in on her, especially in the last months of the pregnancy.
    • Initially, Akashi was in shock, like SEVERE shock because he honestly didn’t feel ready to be a dad (this was an unplanned pregnancy, although they were already married - he just didn’t feel ready yet???) 
    • Akashi eventually goes ALL IN on being a dad and is like aLRIGHT is it gonna be a boy?? a girl?? Gotta start making baby shower plans!!! 
  • He really wants a girl, but he’s declined to know the results of the ultrasound initially. Then his wife ends up telling him because she’s super excited and then he gets super excited because it’s A GIRL and she’s gonna be Daddy’s Little Princess.
  • Super caring with his wife, like OVERLY caring, kind of extra by bringing her flowers sometimes but he does extensive research online (and actually goes to several doctors’ offices to ask in his spare time LOL) 


  • Basically started crying when his wife told him and then he was like “OMG why am I crying when my wife is pregnant” 
    • He already takes good care of his wife, so there were just some minor readjustments they had to make and he became WAY more careful engaging in any physical activity whatsoever and always asks if her feet are swollen or if she needs water
  • Begins to cook more meals because as a couple, they tend to go out and eat a lot (Mibuchi is a FOODIE - someone fight me on this), but he believes homecooked meals are so much better for the soul and thus he begins attempting to be a cooking husband. 
  • Whenever his wife feels sick or is actually super nauseous, Mibuchi is good at just holding her and whispering comforting words saying things like “it’s going to be okay - our baby is just being a bit naughty right now” and then he rUBS her tummy!! 


  • Honestly he went in shock for like a good 30 minutes and then he goes to the restroom, washes his face, and reemerges like a NEW MAN he’s like, I’m going to be more responsible, going to joke around less, gonna be A DAD.
    • He goes to the mall the next day and buys a dad cap LOL
  • Hayama becomes more grounded but he was always really caring towards his wife - he was just more of the child in the relationship, but now he realizes his responsibilities so he takes initiative for a lot more things (like cleaning the toilet lmao)  
  • He lowkey hopes that he gets twins because he thinks they’re double the fun but then he looks at diaper prices and he’s super overwhelmed and is like “lol jk, wife, i hope we have like one child for awhile because i don’t want it cutting into our food bills” 


  • He encourages his wife to eat a lot more so that it can help feed the baby bUT he decides to splurge on food because it has to be healthy, vitamin-filled food, and it can’t be ANYTHING remotely harmful to her body.
  • Actually suggests for his wife to attend those breathing/yoga classes that help her relax before birth and is the comforting husband there who holds her and tells her she’s doing great (lol nebuya is super cute) 
    • He also encourages her to go on like juice cleanses for a day and then prepares amazing meals for her to eat later just to “detox” and he and Akashi read pregnancy magazines together LOL 
  • Nebuya wants a lot of kids so he’s lowkey like, “this is only the beginning, i’m going to be sO much better at preparing for my wife’s pregnancy” but lowkey he’s kind of afraid since he feels like he’s very young. 


  • He reads a lot to his wife during her early pregnancy and he keeps this habit on with his kids eventually. 
    • Initially, he was very surprised because, like Akashi, the pregnancy wasn’t meant to happen until later in their marriage, but he immediately covered it up in joy and began to hug his wife. 
  • He’s not really knowledgable about the food and everything that his pregnant wife is supposed to eat, but he helps her the best as possible by always stopping by the grocery stores to get those pregnancy magazines.
  • Sometimes, he just likes pressing his ear against her belly and hearing the insides of her and the baby and he’s just like “wow, fatherdom is so close yet so far” very cheesily and his wife just shakes her head LOL 

king and queen of the woodland realm

mooooses replied to your post “I was really confused at first by everyone saying the colonel says…”

*gasp* what if the baby is dead? What if that’s why William is already a few screws loose? What if William blames himself and the baby’s death is how mark learns of the affair and wants revenge for the death of the child he loved whether it was his or not AND for his friend and wife betraying him!?

omg yes! mark finding out the kid isn’t his like that is. fucked up. and it looks like damien was the one that told him about the affair (celine’s pretty pissed at him), so maybe that’s why?

”Frank John Hughes, who played Wild Bill Guarnere, had a special duty that required his wearing his uniform/costume off the set. Looking exactly like an American paratrooper of 1944, complete with his set of jump wings, his pant legs bloused into his Corcoran boots, and a Screaming Eagle patch on his shoulder, Hughes reported to Heathrow Airport.* VIP guests were due in from the United States and he was to escort them to the movie set.”

* In uniform, Hughes attracted many looks of admiration, especially from women. 

––Tom Hanks on Frank John Hughes (Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends)


How am I supposed to explain to you, how much that last weekend means to me?! HOW?! Well… I’ll try my best. ;)

At the three days of the AnimagiC convention in my home country last weekend I got the chance to see, hear and finally meet my fave mangaka of all time, Nobuhiro Watsuki-sensei, and his lovely wife, Kaworu Kurosaki (author of some of the stories her husband’s drawn), not at least once but for SEVERAL times during the whole event! (You can see him and his wife left on the photo above. She was ALWAYS wearing kimonos! So beautiful! - At the right side you can see Shinichiro Watanabe, director of Cowboy Bebop etc.!!!) We also had the chance to see and hear the german voice actor of Kenshin, René Dawn-Claude. He’s such a handsome fella… And his voice when he’s screaming the attacks in japanese language… Well… *coughs* Let me say I love it… ;)

The first day we had the chance to attend a really well prepared and detailed panel about Watsuki-sensei and how he’s working as a mangaka. We saw photos of his actual working place! I didn’t know, for example, that he’s still working with ink and pencils. He said he dislikes all things digital - and that impressed me massively. Same here, actually ;). He’s still working “analog” and his works are brilliant nonetheless. Watsuki-sensei also is a big nerd like us! He’s got a huge cupboard with tons of figures in it (anime/games)! A usual working day is REALLY hard for him, we learned. He only gets four or five hours of sleep per day! I wouldn’t survive this…

And - of course - he told us EVERYTHING we ever wanted to know about Rurouni Kenshin. The Q&A surprised me again, because there were A LOT of very intelligent, interesting questions asked.

After that panel was the first signing. It was IMPOSSIBLE to see the full panel and to get in the line for an autograph IN TIME. But Watsuki-san was about to give another signing the following day. And so we managed to be there two hours beforehand to make sure, that we could meet him at least once. And OMG… It was so… so…

I don’t think I can really put into words, what it means to me to actual meet my fave japanese artist and to THANK him, for this wonderful and heartbreaking story of Himura Kenshin, to tell him, how much his story inspired me to write and to draw for myself. I was so happy that he decided to visit his fans here in Germany. And I REALLY TOLD HIM THIS! The interpreter translated my words immediately for Watsuki-sensei and his wife. And they were so happy, Watsuki-san bowed nonetheless and was smiling!

There was a little discussion about my request for a signature of him at my own fanart - since I was the only person out of hundreds of fans who had brought one with her exactly for that purpose. And the convention crew wasn’t so sure whether Watsuki-sensei would like to do such a thing or not. But then I asked him right away, when I stood in front of him. I said that it would be a great honour for me, if he would sign my drawing. At least: It was he himself and his Kenshin who inspired me to create it! The interpreter translated my words and OF COURSE and OMG it wasn’t a problem at all! Watsuki bowed (until his head nearly hit the table before him) and his wife was all going: “Omg! It is SO BEAUTIFUL! SO BEAUTIFUL!”  ………………………… I still can’t believe this…

They gave me the autographs and Watsuki-sensei himself verified my drawing and acknowledged it as RUROUNI KENSHIN by writing it - which made me proud beyond any words. (See photo above! :))) ) After this… I was a crying mess. I shed real tears of joy, guys, let me tell you.

I’m so HAPPY that we got the chance to meet him! So happy! I can’t describe it. I simply can’t.

The AnimagiC also gave us the opportunity to watch all three Kenshin-movies with Takeru Sato as Kenshin as a “Triple-Night” - and we really did it. We sat seven hours on the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve ever came across - but it was so worth it. I knew the movies already. But it was a complete different thing to watch them on a huge screen than at my labby. Takeru Sato… Once again he managed to knock me off my feet. He’s such a brilliant actor guys. Switching from the all smiling “Oro?!”-uttering cutie to the frightening, determined Hitokiri Battosai in an instand: Not a problem for Sato-san. It was overwhelming.

That whole weekend was so unique and unforgettable for us! I cannot be thankful enough for it. And now I’m looking forward to draw Kenshin. Again. Finally. I’ve drawn him many, many times in the years between 2003 and 2010. But now, with the face of Takeru Sato, I want to draw him again - i feel the URGE to draw him! At least once! I just have to. ;)

God, what an experience, what a damn good weekend! Thanks again to the everlasting Merlin to my Arthur, merlination, for travelling with me! Without her I wouldn’t have been able to survive all this. THX, bb! :D