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Jensen's princess waist

i’m so pISSED, list e n

this son of a bitch is built like a gotdamn brick shithouse, but his waist?? is so teeny tiny??? like wtf the fu k bro

[x] if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to wrap your greedy lil arms around this guy, you’d reach around him and be like “wait, that’s it?? where’s the rest of you???” bC HE SO SMOL!!!

[x] look how fucking teeny, it’s infuriating.

like he’s got these massive fucking shoulders and giant arms that could kill you, but his waist and his hips are so smol and tiny and his legs are so skinny but also muscular???

[x] this dude has everything okay, just listen to me. he’s all huge and dense and muscular as fuhhhhk but he’s also soft around the edges and has a layer of pudge with lil belly rolls and chin chub and love handles. but then he’s also super thin and lookin’ skinny with his itty bitty waist and tiny hips and long longs??? boi ho w

[x] like idek what to tell you, the guy is a physical enigma of beauty

[x] his shoulder-to-waist ratio??? it’s insulting.

[x] look at him move around with he tiny lil self, omfg


like just look how his shirt strains over his massive freakin’ arms and then lays so nicely over his tiny lil waist. imma cri Real Life Jesus Tears, fam

[x] and here we have,,,,,,this. you can see his ribs poking out with his dorito-shaped lookin’ ass. he’s out here tryna be chris evans. y’all I’m done.

  • Christine: The Phantom of the Opera is real and he is my teacher!
  • Meg: The Phantom of the Opera is real and he is terrifying!
  • Managers: The Phantom of the Opera is not real but there is definitely some real person being terrifying!

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on a sweet note, what if the game ended with boris and the others getting through to bendy and he just melts into this little tiny bendy self as his friends give him hugs, and then when henry's about to leave, bendy runs and hugs his leg, and the game ends with you picking him up and just saying. 'You're okay now bendy....you're okay.'


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I had a question about the stark and vinegar au. Big!Steve seems like he actually wanted to be with Tony but in MCU he quite obviously dismisses Tony several times and doesn't see him as a crush or even as a friend. I guess I kinda just wanted to see stark and vinegar from Steve's point of view? Maybe see some 40s!Bucky and Tiny!Steve both taking Tony and loving how he's so pliant and sweet and gorgeous too tbh because I could always use some of that.

I mean this is an AU so we’re looking at MCU with rose-colored glasses here tbh. (I mean that’s the only way to look at it the MCU is a clusterfuck.) Also Stark and Vinegar is strictly stony I only answered that stuckony ask because it caught me off-guard.

The thing is Steve liked Tony but was so focused on helping his friend that he kind of tunnel-visioned on it and everything besides helping Bucky fell by the wayside. He’s sorry it happened but Bucky needed him. And his entire life has been a series of ‘what if’s. He’s disappointed but he knows how to deal with Tony becoming another what if.

(And then he sees his tiny self taking care of Tony, adoring him, watching Tony adore him back and kiss him and let himself be kissed. He could have had that. He could have had Tony. God, he made such a mistake and fucked everything up royally.)

((skinny!Steve notices him looking one time, sneers at him before turning and claiming Tony’s mouth in a deep, filthy kiss that surprises a moan out of him as he goes weak-kneed. skinny!Steve presses his thigh between Tony’s legs and rubs and Tony whines and rolls his hips against it until skinny!Steve unbuttons his slacks to get a hand on him. big!Steve has to look away, hot with anger and regret. He could have had that, had Tony soft and pliant beneath him. But he fucked that up.))

Let’s talk about the “pep talks” in CACW - Steve and Wanda’s chat in her room and Tony and Peter’s chat in his room.

I see folks talk about the mentoring parallels, or even suggest that the talks are identical. I DON’T see anybody talk about the key, crucial difference between them.

One of the mentors was talking about sustainability, and one of them never talks about it.

Look. Superheroes are just like any other caregivers: counselors, social workers, nurses, paramedics. If they’re gonna address what taking care of other people is really like, they’ve got to figure out what’s sustainable for them… not just physically but emotionally and mentally. Caregiving is brutal fucking work. Burnout and compassion fatigue and spiritual damage are always hovering close.

Steve is engaging Wanda directly on the issue of sustainability - specifically on the issue of limitations. Not being destroyed by one’s mistakes. Acknowledging the fact that one person can’t always protect everybody, it’s impossible.  “If we can’t find a way to live with that, next time maybe nobody gets saved.” Steve is sharing his hard won understanding of what works for him… when he loses somebody on his watch, he pushes past his own guilt and grief because there’s somebody else out there who might be helped by his future actions. He is still capable of good. He focuses on them to keep going.

I won’t call stoic soldier Steve a paragon of flexible mental health… but here he has great wisdom. He has humility, and that’s the key. He can admit that he failed, and accept it, and know that he still has gifts that help others. That’s something he knows deep in his bones. This humility allows him to collaborate well with others so that individual, personal limitations are better compensated for.

In the other scene, Tony listens to Peter reflect back to him exactly how Tony feels about being a superhero - saving the world is entirely up to him. The language may sound parallel to Steve’s, but in reality its meaning is completely different. “When the bad things happen, they happen because of you,“ Peter says. Now that some event has given Peter his hero identity (and ever since Tony got his, way back), evil and tragedy is now entirely about them. It’s about their ability to stop it. They are defined by their failures. This is in no way sustainable.

This is built on an immature narcissism that can be grown out of. Peter is a sweet kid who takes on too much. Hopefully he’ll grow past this soon. Tony hasn’t gotten there yet. Tony still has no ability to face his own limitations with any peace. This has been his trajectory for a while and we are watching him crumble because of it. His panic attacks about it overwhelm him and he won’t get help. He has been comprehending the depth of possible threats for years but has only ever conceptualized the solution coming from him and his tiny self alone. So, since he thinks the solution must come from him, he sees his own limits as betraying the whole world, and refuses to acknowledge or address them. He doesn’t know how to truly collaborate with anybody else. Despite being surrounding by compassionate, gifted people, Tony puts it all on his own shoulders, and so he finds only inadequate solutions.

Tony unilaterally leaps at the Accords partly because of this issue - because he intuits that they somehow address limitation, and he craves some resolution to this pain he’s in. But he still doesn’t do the work. He doesn’t look at ALL the consequences and the structure of the Accords. He still won’t let go of the narcissism that underpins every decision he makes. He hears Peter reflect that youthful short-sightedness back to him and he has no wisdom to offer to counterbalance it.

Steve imparts practical guidance to a young Wanda struggling with her own gifts and limits. Tony sees in Peter a kindred spirit at about the same level of emotional maturity.

To Love Love

This fic is dedicated to the ever lovely and talented @juanitawritings, who needed some brightness in her day. I hope this does the trick! 😘

AO3    FFN

She had always loved love. Something about its ability to work magic. Something about the connections it fostered and its ability to withstand the tests of time.

She loved love that was all-encompassing; love that didn’t tickle your soul but engulfed it in flames. She loved love that filled you to the brim with security and warmth.

That is, until Ryan died.

After that, her vulnerability, her weaknesses, became too great to bare to the world. So she hid. She went on pitiful dates she knew would never work out; she went on with her life as if a part of her soul wasn’t missing. But it was a lie because she would never feel complete when refusing to recognize love as important to her.

She went out with James and thought they were good; they could work. She wanted to move fast but fast was too fast and spiraling was still spiraling. She picked fights to make him leave, to set him free, and yet he never left. Instead, he proposed.

But he was never who she planned to spend an eternity with. In all reality, she planned to spend it with no one. She couldn’t be torn down again by the monster that was love. So she ran.

And apparently she ran into the very thing she had been trying to repress–the part of her soul that needed more. She ran into him.

Literally. The first time she met Owen was when she, quite literally, ran into him.

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an actual serious thought on Choro in “Iyami Has Arrived” now I’ve had six days to process it and to top this week off before we head into “Oso and Todo” country: on first viewing the scene I just reblogged a gifset of made me feel kind of… weird in a good way; am I witnessing Rising Fappyski (with help from his brothers) actually effectually keeping Oso in check??? the same could be said of him being the one to restrain Iyami and him figuring out what was going on with the word boomerangs, though the latter was less of a shock since there was a similar moment all the way back in “Godmatsu”. even so both were tiny glimmers of him being The Smart One, like his F6 self - when I word it that way, you can probably see where the weird feeling comes in

but on reflection I’m able to look at those parts of the episode in context: the thing about Choro is he’s never been effectual or responsible in society, despite desperately wishing he could be seen as such. plenty of people more eloquent than I am have described his character development in season 1 cour 2 as him accepting, in his own subtle way, that he doesn’t have as much control over how others (or at least his bros) see him as he’d like, and we got to see the effects of that development in both “Matsuzou and Matsuyo” and this week’s ep

Choro has accepted that even if he can’t be a professional, respectable manager out there in the world, he can be the responsible one of his brothers. I’m incredibly proud of my best boy and can’t wait to see what other ups and downs he’ll have this season

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Hi! i just binge-read like all of your winter iron stuff, and while I loved them, i especially loved your kid-fics, like the one where tony and Bucky are dads and the one were Bucky gets shrunk and attaches to Tony. Do you think you could do one where the reverse happens, and Tony and maybe everyone but Bucky shrinks, and Bucky has to take care of them but he's really overwhelmed and tiny Tony makes it better cuz he imprints on Bucky like Bucky did?

I’m really sorry this too so long, anon! It’s short and probably not quite what you had in mind, but…

“No, nuh-uh, don’t you dare hang up on - Fury? Fury?!” Bucky yelled futily into the phone. Fury, having disconnected the call, did not of course answer.

Snarling, Bucky very nearly threw his phone into the wall, but a tiny tug on his pant leg - as well as a gurgle from the infant in his arms - made him think better of it.

Taking a deep breath, Bucky adjusted his hold on baby Steve, then addressed the child who was still tugging on his leg. “Yes, Tony?” he asked, doing his best to keep his frustration out of his voice.

Tony - who couldn’t have been more than four or five - fidgeted nervously, then raised his arms. “Hug?” he offered shyly, eyes wide and hopeful.

Bucky bit his lip - the sight of his boyfriend’s tiny self offering him a hug making him want to cry a little - then crouched down to Tony’s level. “You want a hug?” he asked, carefully rearranging Steve when the baby started to pitch sideways.

Tony shook his head, eyes going impossibly wider. “N-no… I th-thought… maybe you want a hug?” he asked, looking unsure of himself. “Hugs are nice when you’re up-upset. Do you not want…?”

It was too much. Barely choking down the ‘aww’ that wanted to escape his throat, Bucky wrapped his free arm around Tony and hugged him close.

“No, sweetheart. I’ll always want hugs from you,” Bucky assured, kissing the top of Tony’s head, and then Steve’s for good measure.

Tony beamed up at him in delight, then wrapped his little arms around Bucky’s neck and kissed the side of Steve’s head, too.

Steve gurgled happily and tapped Tony’s face, giving him a gummy little grin.

Bucky sighed, the tension that had been building since that damn baby bomb had gone off draining from his shoulders.

Okay, maybe this wasn’t so bad. He could do this. He could totally -

Another little hand tapped his back. Bucky turned around as best he could while crouched down and holding both Tony and Steve, and found Sam staring back at him.

“Bruce pooped,” Sam said, his tiny nose wrinkled. “And Thor’s trying ta put Natasha into the dishwasher.”

Bucky was going to kill Fury.

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Please please pleaseeeeee a little drabble about the baby bots? Love your works! :3

Baby Bots? Well here you go…

Referring and inspired by this post

“Good morning Sir.”

Tony’s eyes snapped open at the familiar voice that seemed to be a lot closer than usually and sounding a lot less electronic. It took a second for his eyes to focus in on a tall man standing above him. Said man had the lightest shade of blue eyes he had ever seen, lighter than the sky on a quiet fall day. The next thing he noticed was the light blonde hair that seemed to spike out over his hairline. His hair wasn’t long but it there was just enough extra to not be considered a buzz cut.

But from what little he could see of the man above him, aside from his ridiculously straight (perfect) facial structure and flawless pale skin, he had no idea who this stranger was…


He blinked, “JARVIS?”

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MTMTE#40: Tailgate, Cyclonus, Getaway

There’s a lot of speculation and theories being batted around following the release of #40, so I’m not at all surprised to see one paricular set of interactions falling under the radar in light of these.

I’m talking about: what is Getaway doing with Tailgate?

Getaway takes Tailgate to Mirage’s new bar, and even though we only get a single page between the two of them, it’s filled with material to analyze. We see Getaway trying to ‘comfort’ Tailgate after telling the bragging minibot what Cyclonus seems to actually think about him and has been said behind his back. Cyclonus and Tailgate’s relationship has already been quite solidly analyzed and established in canon and fan discourse, so I won’t go deeper except to point out a couple things.

Getaway informs Tailgate that Cyclonus has been basically gossiping to the other bot about Tailgate’s emotional state on his deathbed, and Tailgate is absolutely crushed because Cyclonus “promised he wouldn’t tell”. Given what we know and speculate about Cyclonus’ character (honor being a huge driving factor), this should have been a huge red flag for anyone paying attention. Cyclonus likes the minibot. Period. Proof positive in that he actually spends time with the little guy (#13, Cybertronian Homesick Blues). Tailgate’s reaction while he was dying is easy enough to guess at: he’s prone to panicking and easily excitable, and though a braggart feels he still has to prove himself in the eyes of the ones he respects the most. Cue a lucky, and spot on, guess from Getaway to begin compromising Tailgate’s relationship with Cyclonus. And immediately after doing that? Getaway starts pouring Tailgate another drink despite his protest.

Getaway has been friendly with the minibot from the get-go (#30, World, Shut Your Mouth Part 3: Predestination: A Beginner’s Guide), complimenting him, stroking his tiny ego and self worth, and getting lots of engex into him in the process. In the real world, these would all be hugely worrying red flags for a relationship. A new friend who seems to totally get you, is always quick to praise you, telling you out of concern for your emotional well being things they heard from your other very good friend and gosh they just wanted to make sure you knew, right? Here, I’m here for you, have a little more, you’ll feel better.

Getaway also takes time to hang out with Tailgate, which must absolutely thrill the minibot because gosh, people like me! We’re having fun, they want to be around me! When you have the self-worth issues Tailgate does, this is a huge thing. Having friends is great, and Tailgate is very good at making friends, but Cyclonus seems to be the friend he most looks up to and admires, probably for how very different they are. Getaway zeroes in on this insecurity and tries to foster a deeper connection based on him and Tailgate being the same kind of person, and much more compatible than Tailgate and Cyclonus.

The question remains: Getaway is either a really shitty, gossipy friend, or he’s up to something and for some reason wants to drive a wedge between Tailgate and Cyclonus.

Makes You Feel Insecure. Part 2. (Muke - 2/4.)

Requested - Yes. 

Prompt - His apology for making you feel insecure.

Warning - This may contain cute apologies that might make give everyone a case of feels.

Words - Varies.


Part 1. 

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You brought this upon yourself, but daddy!ashton and baby girl Irwin spending the day together because they've missed each other so much and she just does not want to fall asleep because she's afraid he's gonna be gone on when she wakes up


daddy!ashton going all out with planning a super fun day for baby girl irwin because it’s been so so so long since he’s last saw her due to touring so he takes her to all these cool places and buys her all this stuff that he knows she doesn’t need and knows that you’ll scold him for buying because baby girl irwin already has three of whatever ashton’s bought her but he can’t help but feel the need to spoil his little girl because he’s missing out on her growing up because of his career and although he loves what he does as well as all his fans so so much, he hates the consequences that come with being internationally famous and he hates having to be away from his daughter and you for such long periods of time so he feels like it’s the least he can do and at the end of the day, baby girl irwin is so close to falling asleep but every time she feels her little eyes begin to shut, she forces them open and ashton is half laying on her little princess bed which is all sorts of shades of pink as such, with a frown on his face as he strokes her hair and tells her ‘go to sleep, sweetheart’ but she just shakes her head of little golden blonde curls before clutching at his shirt with her tiny hands and she honestly has the saddest look on her face because she’s so afraid that he’ll be gone again when she wakes up and when a very concerned daddy!ashton asks her “what’s wrong?” she tells him only for ashton to pull her tiny self into his arms, holding her close as he releases a soft sigh, his head shaking slightly before he mumbles quietly “i’m not going anywhere for a while, princess” and so to make baby girl irwin feel a little more reassured, ashton promises to not leave her side for the remainder of the night and he doesn’t, but you do find him half hanging off her bed the next morning, sleeping in an awkward position but both sleeping soundly

When I  asked for doodle ideas last week, pyladespunk suggested “ the tiniest Enjolras you can possibly imagine.” I thought Enjolras might be a little lonely on his own tiny self, so I gave him Jehan for a companion (because if there’s anyone who would willingly be shrunk down for the sake of a friend, it’s probably him), and then I started thinking about housing arrangements …. Things may have gone a little downhill from there.